Folkestone Maxim A-Reit Securities Fund Awarded 4 Star Rating

Folkestone Maxim Asset Management is pleased to announce that the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund has been awarded a ‘Superior’ 4 out of 5 star rating from SQM Research which is an upgrade from 3.75 stars.

SQM Research’s rationale for the upgrade was:

“The ratings upgrade has been driven by the skills and experience of the core investment team which is led by Mr Winston Sammut. Moreover, the addition of Ms Pham is viewed favourably.

As a result in the change of ownership of the Investment Manager, the investment team members are also able to capitalise on the resources across the broader Folkestone Group. Furthermore, the Fund’s performance over the recent periods has been strong, with the Fund outperforming its benchmark and the broader peer group over the year to 30th June 2014 as well as on an since inception basis.”

Mr Winston Sammut, Managing Director of Maxim Asset Management said “we are delighted to have received an upgrade in rating from SQM Research to 4 Stars. We are a benchmark unaware, high conviction manager of A-REIT securities and it is great that SQM Research have recognised that active management in the A-REIT securities sector can add value.”

Mr Sammut said “SQM Research has recognised the benefit of the acquisition of Maxim Asset Management by Folkestone in April 2014. Folkestone is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer and is active across the office, retail, residential and real estate social infrastructure sectors – childcare, healthcare and government assets. We can tap into Folkestone’s extensive knowledge of the real estate market which is critical in our top-down analysis of the A-REIT sector.”

In the year ended 30 September 2014, the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund returned +14.28 per cent (on an After Fee but Before Tax basis) outperforming the S&P/ASX300 A-REIT Index return of +12.28 per cent by 200 basis points.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in relation to the Fund or the SQM Rating.

Kind regards

Managing Director

About Folkestone Maxim Asset Management
Folkestone Maxim Asset Management is a boutique investment manager, specialising in A-REIT securities and real estate debt. It was founded in 2003 and acquired by Folkestone in 2014.

About Folkestone
Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with $813 million under management, offers listed and unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activities focus on value-add and opportunistic (development) real estate investments

The SQM rating contained in this document is issued by SQM Research Pty Ltd ABN 93 122 592 036. SQM Research is an investment research firm that undertakes research on investment products exclusively for its wholesale clients, utilising a proprietary review and star rating system. The SQM Research star rating system is of a general nature and does not take into account the particular circumstances or needs of any specific person. The rating may be subject to change at any time. Only licensed financial advisers may use the SQM Research star rating system in determining whether an investment is appropriate to a person’s particular circumstances or needs. You should read the PDS and consult a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision in relation to this investment product. SQM Research receives a fee from Folkestone Maxim for the research and rating of the Fund.

Raw Global Alpha Fund – September 2014 Monthly Report

Dear Investors,

Historically, September has not always been the easiest month for investors to navigate, with events such as the Lehman Brothers collapse and World Trade Center attacks still firmly in our minds and in September 1992 the UK was ejected from the exchange rate mechanism. Almost on cue, and following a period of calm, markets began to fall mid way through the month as a raft of deteriorating global macro-economic data unsettled markets. We know the Fed will shortly end QE, which in turn may increase the odds of increased market uncertainty and heighted volatility. In the UK, uncertainty was also caused by the Scottish independence referendum and the accounting scandal at Tesco. Our own funds, like many others, suffered somewhat from the September effect with all funds, bar the RAW Cash Deposit Fund, down on the month. In particular, the RAW Global Alpha Fund was negatively impacted by the significant and persistent rise in the US Dollar during the month, which in turn hurt the commodity component of the Fund. However, by month end, the internal capital protection measures built into the RAW UK Equity Fund and RAW Global Alpha Fund were triggered. This had the effect of reducing market exposure going into October. Lastly, we are delighted to report total assets under management at RAW Capital Partners have passed £50 million for the first time. We would like to thank all our investors for their support in helping us achieve this very important milestone. Richard Avery-Wright Chief Executive Officer Cash FundGilt FundBalanced FundEquity FundGlobal Alpha Fund

RAW Capital Partners Limited is an independent boutique asset management company incorporated and based in Guernsey. The co-founders, Richard Avery-Wright and Dennis Stoller, have a strong previous track record and share a combined experience in financial markets of over 40 Investment strategies created by the founders are backed by sound logic with the emphasis on carefully analysing potential investment returns for a given unit of risk. Our mission is to maximise investment returns in both rising and falling markets via the application of consistent, repeatable and disciplined investment processes.

Pie Fund Manager Donates Fees

Source:; Published: 13 October 2014

PIE Funds, based in Takapuna, says it will donate its annual management fee to the trust on money invested in its Global Small Companies Fund until 31st December 2014…

…As of September 2014, PIE’s Global Small Companies fund was worth $40 million. The fund invests mainly in funds run by 10 managers overseas, with PIE charging a 1 per cent management fee on top, plus a 10 per cent performance fee on positive returns. According to its financial statements in the year to March the fund paid management fees of $115,603 and performance fees of $152,368.

…The fund is the newest offering from PIE, with its other three funds focused on New Zealand and Australian shares already closed to new investment. Those funds had strong returns in the year to March, delivering bumper fee income for PIE. Combined management and performance fee income for the fund manager was $6.7m.

To read the full article please click here.

Nanuk Global Alpha Fund Quarterly Report – September 2014


The Fund reported a loss of 1.69% in September which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 8.84% and a 2-year rolling return of 12.3% p.a.

The key contributions to the negative performance were long positions in the solar stocks, and small cap positions listed in HK and the US.

This month’s interest question: which country is aiming to become the largest solar market in the world this year? The answer can be found in the attached report.

The Fund remains close to market neutral at the end of September, and we are looking to protect capital whilst selectively exploiting short opportunities.

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and regards,

Melanie De Cressac
Business Manager


NTA Securities Highlights for October 2014

Highlights for Oct 2014
NTA Securities’ capital base continued to be fully deployed to Australian SMEs, providing strong cash flows and excellent return on equity throughout the quarter.

This monetary strength was reinforced by no loan covenant breaches and the receipt of all interest payments as set out in the loan documents. The corporate loan book continues to be defined as stable.

The risk profile of the loan portfolio remains strong with the loan to value ration at less than 40%.

BDO, NTA Securities’ auditor, is to finalise the Company audit for the financial period through until June 30 2014 by 30 October 2014.

Demand for corporate loans by well managed SMEs who can provide strong security to support a loan facility continues to be strong.

NTA Securities has received strong demand for loan finance for corporate clients but has not been in a position to approve corporate client applications due to existing capital being fully deployed.

NTA Securities are of the view that this continued strong demand for corporate loans provides an ideal opportunity to eligible investors to participate in the demand and achieve superior returns.

NTA Securities Series 2 – Secured Note
NTA Securities has launched a “Secured Note” to eligible investors. Key features include:
2 year term
Interest rate 9.5%
Coupon paid quarterly December, March, June, September
Principal amount $10,000
Minimum investment $100,000 (ie minimum 10 Notes)
Additional investment in lots of $10,000
100% participation (ie no application fee)
Independent Trustee

Investment Performance

Month Quarter Inception Annualized
Coupon Series 1 0.76% 2.34% 3.89% 9.37%
Qtr Coupon Payment 2.34% 3.89% 9.37%
Benchmark* 0.11% 0.11% 1.02% 3.69%

*S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Interest 1-5 Year Index
June 30th Quarterly coupon payment paid by 15th July 2014.
September 30th coupon payment paid 5th October 2014.

NTA is a Australian public company (unlisted) and is in the business of providing loan finance to approved corporate applicants.

Auditor: BDO Sydney
Trustee: Lowell Capital, Melbourne

Security is registered under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth).

Once a registration is correctly lodged electronically it is said to be perfected. Only on completion of this process will the funds be forwarded to the successful applicant.

A Note From Our Directors
Australian macro economic climate remains very positive. The dollar at near seven month low, the Reserve Bank reiterating a period of stability for interest rates at historical lows and the Christmas retail business cycle upon us is positive for SME’s.
Demand for capital by SME’s remains strong. Eligible investors can take advantage of the positive climate in Australia and support Australian SME’s by subscribing to the Series 2 – Secured Note Issue. We look forward to receiving your enquiry for the Information Memorandum and subscribing to the Secured Note.

Thanks in advance,
— Lindsay, Stephen and Anthony.

Sky Investment Strategy September 2014 Performance Update

Dear Investor,

During September the Sky Investment Strategy returned 8.4%. For the twenty nine months ended 30 September 2014 the strategy generated a 96.2% return. Please click the link below to view the update.
If you would like more information about the strategy please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alex Shevelev

Sky Funds Management
Level 12, 32 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
PO Box R1329, Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225, Australia

Samuel Terry Fund Performance Summary – September 30, 2014

Dear unit holders,

As usual, I attach the Fund’s monthly report and fund summary.

I have also attached an announcement from White Outsourcing concerning their new custody business.

So far this month, the Fund is down 2.1% in $A and is down 0.7% in $US.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Fred Woollard


Acure Funds Management Ltd Closes Their Offer Oversubscribed

Acure Funds Management Ltd is pleased to announce that Outback Unit Trust settled on the purchase of 55% of the units in the Apartment 66 Unit Trust (Outback Newman) and OTC Carnarvon Unit Trust (Outback Carnarvon) after the completion of an oversubscribed offer. Acure Funds Management Ltd as trustee for the Unit Trusts look forward to delivering quarterly distributions to all unit holders.

As part of the roll out of a network of the BP supported Outback Travel Centres(OTC) in the Northwest of Western Australia, the Vendors and 45% Owner, have commenced construction of a new Outback Travel Centre in Karratha.

Acure Funds Management Ltd have commenced putting together an Information Memorandum(IM) to acquire 51% of the Karratha property.

Below is a Summary of the recently settled transaction.

  1. Purchasing 55% of the properties that operate as Outback Travel Centre Carnarvon and Newman for $10.45m in equity
  2. Current Vendors are retaining 45% – $8.55m
  3. Total valuation of properties – $26.25m
  4. First year Forecast Distribution – 14.1% payable quarterly
  5. Average (7yr) Distribution – 15.8% pa payable quarterly
  6. Projected IRR – 17.4%
  7. First year loan to value ratio (LVR) – 35%
  8. Weighted Average Lease Expiry – 14.6 years

If you would like to register your interest in Acure Funds Ltd management please click here.

Castle Point Ranger Fund: +2.21% (vs. perf hurdle +0.67%) in September 2014

Dear Investors,The latest Ranger Fund monthly Fact Sheet is now available. Please click here to view or alternatively paste this link into your browser - the month of September the Ranger Fund benefited from positive performance by Paperlinx, Vista Group International, Boom Logistics, Swick Mining and Tower. The performance of the Fund was hindered by positions in A2 Milk Company and Corporate Travel Management.

Should you wish to discuss or clarify any aspect of fund performance or positioning, please feel free to contact us (on or 09 300 6060).

Kind regards

The Castle Point Team

Level 4, 29-33 Shortland Street, Auckland1143, New Zealand

Connexion signs agreement with automotive giant Continental

6 October 2014, Frankfurt, Germany: Connexion Media Limited (ASX: CXZ), an innovator in the connected car market, has signed an agreement with German automotive group Continental Aktiengesellschaft for the supply of radio and music content.

The deal is the first signed by Connexion with a Tier 1 automotive supplier and is expected to provide a platform for the company to pursue direct deals with other third party vehicle manufacturers.

Continental’s Interior division will integrate the miRoamer radio and music service in its state of the art infotainment hardware systems that are expected to be sold to a number of automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Commercial terms have been agreed between the two parties and remain confidential. Connexion will receive revenues based on Continental cementing distribution agreements and shipping the miRoamer service to its automotive manufacturer customers.

The agreement includes an archiving provision for up to 15 years from the date the final miRoamer-enabled production vehicle is shipped.

“Continental is one of the household names of the automotive industry and this deal is an excellent platform opportunity for Connexion,” said Connexion Media CEO and managing director George Parthimos.

“It is further validation that we provide among the world’s best web connected vehicle audio technologies.”

Continental is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers with sales over €33 billion in 2013 and 186,000 employees across 49 countries. As well as interior products such as infotainment and security the group manufactures brake systems, components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation and tyres.



George Parthimos                                                         Rudi Michelson
CEO & Managing Director                                              Monsoon Communications
Connexion Media Limited                                               (03) 9620 3333
0401 616 433                                                       

About Continental
Continental Aktiengesellschaft was founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871 manufacturing soft rubber products, rubberised fabrics and solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. It has since grown into one of the top five automotive suppliers worldwide with 186,000 employees across 49 countries. The company is comprised of five divisions including Chassis & Safety, Powertrain, Interior, Tyres and Contitech.

About Connexion Media

Connexion Media Ltd (ASX:CXZ) is a technology company specialising in developing and commercialising software apps and services for the web connected car, mobile device and connected consumer electronics markets. It is based in Melbourne Australia, with a sales office in Cambridge UK.

About miRoamer

miRoamer is a category-leading digital media platform for vastly improved internet radio and music entertainment. It can be installed in a variety of consumer electronics including car radios, smart phones, gaming consoles, televisions and stereo systems. Users get media content from a common platform using as many electronic devices as they wish. miRoamer enables access to favourite content providers and stations as well as customisingthe access. miRoamer is licensed by some of the world’s big and prestigious automotive and consumer electronics companies.

GWAAM World Fund – September 2014

Please find attached the September monthly update from GWA Asset Management on our international equity fund.

Performance in absolute, and relative, terms is pleasing and we have generated an attractive long term live track record utilising our ‘wealth weighted’ philosophy which dates back to 2005.

We currently offer separately managed accounts in Australia and have decided, with our partner Channel Capital, to establish an Australian Wholesale trust. We will be offering the first $5m of this trust to sophisticated and institutional investors on a discounted fee basis.

If you wish to hear more about the fund, and the firm, please contact Robert Swift at GWAAM on 0419 120 708 or Glen Holding at Channel Capital on (07) 3259 7611


Level 42, 120 Collins St,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

miRoamer Android app launched at Paris Motor Show

3 October 2014, Paris, France: Connexion Media Limited (ASX: CXZ), an innovator in the connected car market, has launched its new miRoamer radio and music service Android app at the Paris Motor Show.

The app is one of the first in the world to demonstrate the new MirrorLink® v1.1 standard, meaning it will work on a number of next generation hardware products across both new vehicle and aftermarket sectors.

The app is being demonstrated in a number of next generation MirrorLink® v1.1 enabled vehicles at the Paris Motor Show.

MirrorLink® specialises in connectivity between smartphones and car infotainment systems with a simple cable or wireless connection providing drivers with access to phone applications using a vehicle’s navigation screen and dashboard buttons.

MirrorLink® identifies best in class apps that work across mobile devices as well as a range of different vehicle head units with different control schemes. Companies that use MirrorLink® include Volkswagen, Sony, Alpine, Panasonic and Pioneer.

The miRoamer radio and music service app aggregates global content providers including other aggregators, global AM/FM radio services, a platinum service featuring additional options such as genre-based content and virtual storage of music.

The miRoamer app will be the first product to include Connexion’s revolutionary cloud-based data analytics and telemetry service, providing unparalleled insight into vehicle performance, geolocation, and other valuable driver and vehicle-specific information.

The miRoamer app is in the final stages of obtaining formal MirrorLink® v1.1 certification from the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). The certification will be for a global market release.

The miRoamer Android app will be available to download from Google Play.


George Parthimos                                           Rudi Michelson
CEO & Managing Director                                  Monsoon Communications
Connexion Media Limited                                   (03) 9620 3333
0401 616 433                                       

First to the Holy Grail of Online Gaming with VGW in the US

The lines between gaming and gambling online are becoming increasingly blurred.  As both gain global acceptance a key market, the US, is still cautious with online gambling and has been regarded as the holy grail for real-money gaming companies.  An Australian company, VGW, has raced ahead have found a validated model to legally reach US players.

Laurence Escalante, Founder and CEO of VGW is bullish about the company’s position. “VGW has created the world’s first, legal, US-wide, real money online casino platform that has been approved by both Facebook and Paypal, the world’s largest social network and online payment platforms.  This places us as a first-mover in the massive US market with the ability to generate considerable revenues”

Targeting the Open US Market

VGW operates inside the world’s largest social network, Facebook.  Facebook has among the strictest criteria for acceptance of gambling, gaming and lotteries and VGW has had their model validated by one of the biggest companies in the world. “Facebook and their lawyers officially approved our Sweepstakes business after three weeks of due diligence on our model, business and legals,” said Mr Escalante.  “This was followed by approval from Paypal for payment processing which historically have not processed online casino payments.

This has seen the company have its first profitable, cashflow positive week in September hitting US$15,000 in daily gross revenue for the first time.  The notable part of this is that 99% of revenues have been from the US.  “The largest revenue producing states are California and New York.  This hasn’t ever legally happened in the US before VGW and we are the first to achieve this.”

Primed for rapid growth

The next phase for the company is user acquisition and retention.  Facebook ad targeting and promoted posts have allowed VGW to reach high-value spending players.  Once in the VGW ecosystem, players have maintained their use, with stable recurring revenues and extended player lifetime.  “This retention has been the most significant factor in us being able to generate an effective user acquisition ROI and allowed us to scale our revenue base.”

In July, the casino site had been completely rebuilt to be significantly faster, and able to scale to 200,000 Daily Active Users.  Reaching this benchmark would make VGW a significant market player on the radar of gaming giants in the US and Asia.

Future-proofing the company

With this aggressive expansion planned, the company has taken steps to have the right team with the expertise and influence to capital on its market position.  VGW has an ASX-experienced CFO and strengthened the board with two online casino veterans from multi-billion dollar gaming businesses – Mansion Group, one of Asia’s largest online gambling groups, and Harrah’s Online Caesar’s online real-money casino.

This corporate development provides investors with additional comfort when approaching the company.  “VGW is currently closing a $3 million round from Asian and Australian investors.  We have had sufficient support and demand for a $10 million follow-on round from US investors”, said Mr Escalante.

VGW is targeting a NASDAQ listing in 2015.  “Funds raised from the IPO allows us to extend our presence in US, Canada, UK and Western Europe.  This provides a platform for creating significant shareholder value through strong & reliable cash flows on a global scale.”  Investors are invited to participate in next phase to capitalise on this opportunity.

Kahne qualifies for a highly sought after R&D Growth Grant; announces a call for subscriptions and has begun a rolling close

Source:; Published: 2nd October 2014

Kahne Ltd is pleased to announce that it is one of the companies which qualified for the new R&D Growth Grant by Callaghan Innovation. This grant provides 20% public co-funding for eligible R&D expenditure up to $5 million a year, for up to four years.

“These grants are helping a large number of innovative companies that produce world-leading, high-value products and high-quality jobs for New Zealanders to invest even more in innovation, boost growth and increase exports,” Mr Joyce says.

Following the positive response Kahne has received, the company is calling for subscriptions and has begun a rolling close. Kahne’s Sentinel monitoring system enables livestock producers to drive efficiencies into dairy and beef farming operations. Kahne is preparing for commercial rollout and raising NZ$5m, expected to take the company through to profitability. NZ$5m buys 29.4% stake in Series B preference shares, (NZ$12m pre-money, fully diluted). For investments completed by 31 October (minimum NZ$100,000), Kahne will grant the right to subscribe for additional shares (on a 10:1 basis) at the same issue price for 10 years.

The round will remain open until filled. On offer to qualified investors, not the general public.

To learn more or request documentation, please confirm you are qualified and contact Susanne Clay, CEO at

Retirement Living Today Ltd (RLT) – CEO Interview

Introducing Retirement Living Today: a suite of specialised websites and directories for 50+ and Baby Boomers through to Aged Care

• Retirement Living Today (“RLT”) is Australia’s most ambitious and comprehensive communication platform targeting the 50+ demographic
• With 4.7 million Baby Boomers in Australia, this significant $50 billion spending community is ready for a 21st century solution to engage with this lucrative and underserviced market
• RLT is a new media company delivering the ultimate in hybrid TV and internet play, with a leading edge formula of streaming video, interactive content and rich media
• RLT offers a suite of specialised websites and directories for 50+ and Baby Boomers through to Aged Care.
• The platform addresses significant and critical demographics, exploiting their inter-relationships
• RLT is set to revolutionise the way marketers engage with an audience that Nielsen refers to as “Australia’s Most Valuable Generation”

Please listen to RLT’s Chair and Director, Ms Sandra Hook. – CEO Interview

Stitch is one of Australia’s most exciting early-stage internet start-ups, attracting investment from Silicon Valley and New York venture funds and attracting interest in international publications from the New Yorker and Forbes magazine through to the San Francisco Chronicle and the BBC.

Stitch is online companionship reimagined to meet the needs of older adults.

There is something even worse for a senior’s health than either smoking or obesity, and that’s loneliness. The biggest demographic change of our age is people living longer, healthier lives, and living for decades longer in their own homes.

But as people age, their social connections are inevitably lost, through divorce, relocation, illness and death. And this is one of the biggest hidden epidemics of our time: seniors who say they are lonely are 45% more likely to die than their socially-connected counterparts.

Unfortunately there is no service available today which meets this need for older adults. Which recognises that what someone needs when they are in their 20s is very different from when they are in their 60s, 70s and even 80s.

Now there is. Stitch allows older adults to find companionship in a range of different ways, which goes far beyond romance. With outstanding early stage results and significant enterprise partnerships in the pipeline, Stitch is poised to become the trusted destination for older adults around the world who need a little more companionship in their lives.

Please listen to CEO, Mr. Andrew Dowling.

The West Winds Gin Triumphant in New York

The West Winds Gin has taken a coveted Double Gold Medal in New York World Wine and Spirits competition, announced in New York overnight.

The win, for The West Winds Gin’s ‘The Broadside’ is further recognition of the unashamedly different and uniquely Australian gins being produced by the Tailor Made Spirits Company, based in Western Australia.

Released on World Gin Day in June 2014, this naval strength gin boasts a flavour profile that is a tribute to the region and the provenance of its ingredients. A combination of Margaret River sea salt, sea parsley and lemon myrtle is added to traditional botanicals to create a product for Australia’s sophisticated gin lovers that also honours the Margaret River area.

Paul White, distiller and CEO of the Tailor Made Spirits Company said of the win, “We have seen our other gins with double gold in San Francisco in 2011 and 2013, and now a win for our next gin in New York in 2014 is a fantastic result. This win tells us we are making gin that is world class, distinctive and beautiful, and it recognizes our approach to creating innovative and eciting flavour profiles that reflect our commitment to the Margaret River region and to the provenance of our products”.

Jason Chan, the palate behind The West Winds Gins said, “the double gold is validation of why we set out to make gin in the first place- to create artisanal gin that is individual, original and speaks to the bounty of produce available to us that represents the Margaret River region, and Australia more broadly. To see so many international awards and judges acknowledge the quality of our work is a wonderful result”.

The Broadside will be released under a new name for the Australian market late in 2014, a name that captures the essence of its Australian and Margaret River heritage.

The Broadside was the ultimate naval offensive tactic. Whilst the West Winds Gin folk don’t wish to be offensive, they did want to assert their flavours on the palate-salty, savoury and citrus notes all based on a naval strength gin. Navy-strength gins must be greater than or equal to 57% alcohol as the Royal British Navy stipulated that gunpowder could still be fired if 57% gin was accidently spilled on it. This was the same era when sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, a Royal Navy doctor, invented the gimlet so sailors could mix gin with their daily lime ration to prevent scurvy.

About the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition
The New York World Wine and Spirits Competition is part of the Triple Crown of Wine and Spirits Competitions (the triple crown includes The San Francisco International Wine Competition and The San Francisco World Spirits Competition). It is one of the largest trade events for the food and beverage industry and has been running for 12 years attracting thousands of professionals from restaurants, bars and clubs, food and beverage buyers and professionals from throughout the United States and the world.

About the West Winds Gin
The West Winds Gin story began back in 2009 when James Clarke, and his mate, Paul ‘The Doctor’ White, hatched a plan over a long dinner to utilise the 150 litre pot still Paul had imported from Germany to make an Australian gin. Paul and James then teamed up with spirit industry identifies Jeremy Spencer (ex Brown Foreman and formerly of Woodford Reserve and Appleton Estate Rum)and his partner in crime Jason Chan (ex 42BELOW world cup champion and partner in Seamstress and the Greenhouse) and created The Tailor Made Spirits Company. Just a month after launching, they entered the 2011 San Francisco International Spirit Awards and won Double Gold for the West Winds Gin The Sabre- a feat that has placed them at the head of an emerging group of artisanal distillers from across both the old and new worlds. In 2003 they repeated their success in San Francisco, affirming their reputation as trailblazers in the world gin arena.

For Further information about the win, or to arrange images or interviews, please contact Pete Dillon,

To read the full article please download the document below.

Clinical Trial in Dogs is now open for accrual

ASX Release; Thursday 02 October 2014

PhamAus Limited (“PharmAust”or “ the Company”) (ASX:PAA& PAAO) is pleased to announce that following reformulation of PPL-1 into “soft-gel” capsules to improve palatability for dogs, the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Homebush NSW, with principal investor Dr Angela Frimberger, announced today initiation of accrual of canine patients. This announcement is intended to alert dog owners with pest diagnosed with cancer that the trial is open for recruitment.

The trial evaluates the drug PPL-1, which has shown promising anti-cancer results in vitro and in mice. Previous safety studies in dogs have shown the drug is extremely well tolerated. The trial has been approved by the Director General’s Animal Care and Ethics Committee for the treatment of dogs with soft tissue sarcomas, melanomas, and lymphomas, using PPL-1 in a “soft-gel” capsule.

To view the full ASX Release, please click here.



Indoor Skydive Penrith Construction and Operations Update

ASX/ Media Release; Thursday 02 October 2014

Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited (ASX: IDZ)(ISA Group) is pleased to announce that iFLY Downloader’s performance during its first full quarter of operations was in line with expectations and supportive of the ISA Group business model.

Revenue from the tunnel operations for the period was $1.6m with an average occupancy over the period of 69.8%. Weekend occupancy was high throughout the period with an average of 85%. Midweek occupancy averaged 63.8% which was in line with expectations. The aim now is to steadily grow the mid-week market through the implementation of special educational and mid-week programs and corporate packages. A feature of the period was the school holiday occupancy rates which exceeded our expectations peaking at 97.6%.

The technical operations and performance of the facility during the period has exceeded management expectations. Of particular note, the average electricity kWh consumption per hour is lower than anticipated. All operations at Penrith are undergoing constant improvement as we listen more to customers leading to enhancements in team training, professional marketing and IT.

To view the full ASX/Media Release, please click here.

International technology entrepreneur Hans de Back appointed to Crowd Mobile Group board

On 29 August 2014, Q announced it was acquiring the Crowd Mobile Group.

Q Limited has been advised by Crowd Mobile Group that it has appointed international technology entrepreneur Hans de Back in the capacity of an advisory board member.

Mr de Back brings significant experience working with early stage companies across multiple high-tech industries, including mobile, gaming and social media. He holds a master degree in corporate law from Amsterdam University and has extensive international experience having worked with globally active companies throughout Europe, North & South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Mr de Back is currently the Managing Partner at Incubasia Ventures, which is an unlisted investor and incubator working with innovative and scalable technology companies. He currently holds non-executive directorships for Moko Social Media (ASX: MKB) and iCollege (ASX:ICT). Previously, he co-founded and was CEO of TriScreen Media Group and Cliq Digital, which is a leading provider of mobile games, apps, software and entertainment content.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr de Back said:

“I am very excited to be joining the board of Crowd Mobile. The Crowd Mobile business operates in an exciting and high-growth segment of the market in which I have significant experience. The company has built a large band portfolio and is very well positioned to capitalise on the substantial growth opportunities in the market. I look forward to working with the experienced management team to contribute to the company’s strategic direction and to support the CEO, Domenic Carosa, in achieving these growth ambitions.”

Later this year, Q Limited shareholders will be asked to approve the purchase of Crowd Mobile. Upon receiving approval, Mr de Back will be appointed as a non-executive director of Q Limited.

Jeff Beaumont

About Crowd Mobile

Crowd Mobile is a global mobile management and micro job business that operates in Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands & Switzerland. It provides entertainment services to users through their mobile phone and tablet devices. It has a number of brands and an experienced management team.

Domenic Carosa-CEO- +61-411 196 979

CAVATAK Immunotherapy Combo shows more Anti-cancer Activity

ASX and Media Release, 30 September 2014

CAVATAK Immunotherapy Combination Demonstrates Superior Anti-cancer Activity Presented at the European society for medical oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress

•Preclinical studies show CAVATAK combined with checkpoint inhibitor agents provides significantly greater anti-tumour activity than checkpoint inhibitors alone
•Data suggest an anti-tumour immune response
•Results strengthen CAVATAK ‘s potential role as combination therapy with checkpoint inhibitors, a major new class of anticancer immunotherapies

30 September 2014, Sydney, Australia: Viralytics Limited (ASX:VLA, OTC:VRACY) overnight announced at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress in Madrid that preclinical studies have generated further evidence of improved CAVATAK anti-cancer activity when used in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors, a new class of cancer immunotherapies with blockbuster potential. CAVATAK is a proprietary formulation of a common cold virus that hass been shown to preferentially infect and attack cancer cells.

To view the full ASX and Media Release please click here.

NTA Securities opens $5M Secured Note for investors

NTA Securities provides working capital and debt finance to Australian Companies looking to grow their business. The debt facility will be setup as a 1st ranking security registered under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth).

  • After 3 years of running the debt financing structure, the experienced management team at NTA Securities opened the first Debenture in 2013 to investors to participate. NTA secured $1.3M from investors who are now enjoying 11.5%pa return.
  • Now the $5M Secured Note is open for investors to participate, offering 9.5%pa return for 2 year period.
  • Offer Closing on 25 November 2014
About NTA Securities:

• NTA Securities provides working capital and debt finance to Australian Companies
• Leveraging existing debt finance business experience
• Tapping into increasing demand for debt finance as the major banks withdraw
• 1st ranking security registered under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth)
• Disciplined credit approach, rigorous due diligence and regular monitoring

Pie Funds Management – a small New Zealand based fund manager, which has consistently outperformed the market

Source: The Motley Fool; Published: 15 September 2014

Lessons from the master investor who has outperformed Warren Buffett since 2000

Mohnish Pabrai is a name many investors would never have heard of.

Yet he is one of the true investing legends. His long-only shares fund has returned a total 517% to investors since its inception in 2000, compared to 43% for the US S&P 500 index.

Interestingly, his fund apparently doesn’t charge management fees, but instead takes 25% of returns that are greater than 6%. A lesson many active Australian fund managers should put into practice in my opinion.

Here are a number of his most important lessons.

  1. Read Warren Buffett. According to Pabrai, he started by reading Warren Buffett’s letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, and other books on Buffett.
  2. Treat shares as part ownership of businesses, much as Buffett recommends.
  3. Practice patience. Pabrai is following in the footsteps of Charlie Munger, where “money is made not in the buying or selling but in the waiting”. He says if he can find a couple of investment ideas a year, that’s plenty.
  4. Follow a checklist when researching companies. Some estimates suggest Pabrai’s checklist is over one hundred check points. One group relates to leverage (or debt levels), while a second group considers the durability of the business’s competitive advantage.
  5. Where does he get most of his ideas from? Where else but the financial filings of other value investors he admires, like Berkshire Hathaway, Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group, and Marty Whitman’s Third Avenue.

One I admire is Pie Funds Management – a small New Zealand based fund manager, which has consistently outperformed the market. Here are some of the stocks Pie Funds currently hold and think have a great future ahead: Titan Energy Services Ltd (ASX: TTN), M2 Group Ltd (ASX: MTU), Vita Group Limited (ASX: VTG), WDS Limited (ASX: WDS) andVita Life Sciences Limited (ASX: VSC).

To view the full article please click here.

Dimerix Bioscience Receives Human Ethics Committee Approval to Commence Phase II Kidney Disease Trial

29 September 2014 Melbourne, Australia –Dimerix Bioscience Limited today announced receipt of ethics committee approval under the Clinical Trial Notification scheme of the Australian Therapeutic Goods administration to commence its Phase II clinical trial of DMX200 in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Recruitment of patients at the Austin Hospital is expected to commence shortly. The study will investigate the effect of DMX200 on proteinuria in patients with pre existing chronic kidney disease. The DMX200 treatment involves patients who are currently treated with irbesartan, an angiotensin receptor blocker, also taking propagermanium, an anti-inflammatory molecule which acts through the chemokine 2 receptor. The study will be completed under the supervision of Professor David Power, Director of Nephrology at the Austin Hospital, as Principal Investigator.

The therapeutic rationale for DMX200 was developed from Dimerix’s core patented technology, known as Receptor – Heteromer Identification Technology (Receptor – HIT) which can be used to elucidate receptor (or drug target) interactions. Applying this technology to receptors such as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR’s), Dimerix is able to identify differences in signalling behaviour when receptors interact as heteromers, as expected in vivo, compared with the traditional analysis of single target receptors in isolation.

Executive Chairman, Dr James Williams said “This is an exciting step for Dimerix as we focus on establishing clinical proof of concept for the DMX200 therapy in an area of unmet clinical need. We look forward to working with Professor Power and his team at the Austin hospital.”

For more information please contact:
Dr James Williams
Executive Chairman, Dimerix Bioscience Limited

About Dimerix:
Dimerix’s lead therapy, known as DMX200, is targeted at treating patients with chronic kidney disease. The initial focus is to provide a treatment for persistent proteinuria (abnormally high levels of protein in the urine) caused by chronic kidney disease. The intention is to target rare forms of kidney disease for which Dimerix believes it may be able to obtain regulatory approval in major jurisdictions for an “orphan drug”. Information on

Dimerix is available at its website

Folkestone Enters Joint Venture to Develop Stage 2 of Millers Junction, Altona North

Dear Investor,

Folkestone is pleased to announce that it has entered into a 50/50 joint venture (“JV”) with Wilmac Properties to develop Stage 2 of its Millers Junction Project (“Project”) located at 330 Millers Road Altona North, Victoria.

The JV will develop approximately 60 strata style office/warehouse mews with an anticipated end value of approximately $30.0m. Wilmac Properties will manage delivery of the Project on behalf of the JV.

Formerly called Millers Road, Altona North, the Project is the last remaining in the original Folkestone portfolio, prior to the recapitalisation and restructure of Folkestone in 2011. The Stage 2 commencement is a natural progression of the development foreshadowed in November 2013, when Folkestone announced commencement of Stage 1 and the sale of 8,063sqm of land to Aldi Stores. Stage 1 comprises a 21,639 square metre large format retail centre consisting of Bunnings, Officeworks, JB Hi Fi, PETstock, petVET, Repco and a café which was pre-sold to the Folkestone Real Estate Income Fund at Altona North.

Mr Ben Dodwell, Head of Real Estate, Folkestone said “we are excited to be joining with Wilmac Properties to deliver Stage 2. Wilmac are an experienced developer with a successful track record in delivering this popular product around Melbourne. This scheme is a logical inclusion to the new Millers Junction precinct which will include a mix of retail and business uses in a classic urban renewal area. We anticipate that this will be well received by local resident businesses in the area.”

Folkestone currently holds its investment on balance sheet and no further equity investment from Folkestone is forecast to develop the Project. Folkestone continues to develop its masterplan for Stage 3, the residual 4.4Ha parcel north of Cabots Drive.

For further information contact:

Managing Director

Head of Real Estate

About Folkestone
Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with $813 million under management, offers listed and unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activities focus on value-add and opportunistic (development) real estate investments

Big Decisions: Executives Rely More on Experience and Advice Than Data to Make Business-Defining Choices

Source: PwC Global press room ; Published: Wednesday 10 September 2014

• Highly data-driven companies are three times more likely to report significant improvement in making big decisions, but only 1 in 3 executives say their organisation is highly data-driven.
• More big decisions are made opportunistically than deliberately, and big decisions have big impact on future profitability; nearly 1 in 3 executives value those decisions at $1 billion+
• Many executives sceptical or frustrated by the practical application of data and analytics for big decisions, especially in emerging markets

The great majority of executives around the world – 94% – say management of their company is prepared to make significant decisions about the strategic direction of their business, but barely one-third relied primarily on data and analytics when they made their last big decision. Executives’ intuition or experience and the advice and experience of others in their organisation were the decision making modes of choice for 58% of executives. However, of the executives from highly data-driven companies, 43% report significant improvements in decision making over the last two years. All executives said top priority over the next two years is to make investments in the quality of data analysis to make better decisions.

According to Gut & gigabytes: Capitalising on the art & science in decision making, a new survey report by the Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by PwC, executives make big decisions frequently and review them often. More than three-fourths of executives make a big decision each quarter and 43% review them every month.

To view the full article please click here


Smart Send releases new smartshipper website

As part of our commitment to helping small businesses get their shipping right, Smart Send has just released a new site called Smartshipper (  The site will provide shipping tips and advice for the Australian e-commerce community to help them with their shipping requirements.
It will be regularly updated with new content and we look for it to become a ‘go-to’ source for startup, small and medium sized merchants.  In particular for the current season, one of the articles is about planning for the upcoming Christmas Shipping rush.

Connexion Accepted to Car Connectivity

Media Release, 24 September 2014

Consortium’s coveted MirrorLink® Developer Fast Track

24 September 2014, Melbourne, Australia: Connexion Media Limited (ASX:CXZ), an innovator in the connected car market, has had its miRoamer radio and music service app accepted as a partner to the Car Connectivity Consortium’s (CCC’s) MirrorLink® Developer Fast Track program.

MirrorLink is the leading industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity and is designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars. It’s also the only OS- and OEM-agnostic standard for car-smartphone connectivity. Ultimately MirrorLink gives consumers freedom of choice and peace of mind when it comes to using their favourite devices in their favourite cars.

The MirrorLink Developer Fast Track accelerates apps on the path to MirrorLink certification. This benefitsmiRoamer by allowing Connexion direct access to technical support, inclusion in the CCC’s marketing and communications from the CCC, promotion of the app among CCC members and a potential reduction in test lab costs.

“Being selected by the CCC for this program reinforces our position as a global leader in connected car appdevelopment,” said Connexion Media CEO and managing director George Parthimos. “The technical and marketing support we will receive in bringing miRoamer to MirrorLink is invaluable and provides us with another excellent platform for the radio and music service.”

The MirrorLink Developer Fast Track identifies best-in-class apps that already work across mobile devices and show promise for working across a range of different vehicle head units with different control schemes. To achieve MirrorLink Certification, apps  first must comply with regional driver distraction guidelines; the MirrorLink Developer Fast Track helps developers overcome this and all of the associated challenges in creating a more enjoyable and responsible connected-driving experience.

“The CCC welcomes Connexion to a growing team of MirrorLink Developer Fast Track partners, which now includes app publishers from all corners of the world, including Asia, Europe and North America,” said MirrorLink Evangelist Antti Aumo. “miRoamer is an excellent example of the kind of app that will thrive in the MirrorLink ecosystem, and we are excited help Connexion bring miRoamer to MirrorLink’s global user base as quickly as possible.”

MirrorLink certified partners include Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Alpine and Volkswagen.



George Parthimos                                  Rudi Michelson
CEO & Managing Director                        Monsoon Communications
Connexion Media Limited                         (03) 9620 3333
0401 616 433                              

About Connexion Media
Connexion Media Ltd (ASX:CXZ) is a technology company specialising in developing and commercialising software apps and services for the web connected car, mobile device and connected consumer electronics markets. It is based in Melbourne Australia, with a sales office in Cambridge UK.

About miRoamer
miRoamer is a category-leading digital media platform for vastly improved internet radio and music entertainment. It can be installed in a variety of consumer electronics including car radios, smart phones, gaming consoles, televisions and stereo systems. Users get media content from a common platform using as many electronic devices as they wish. miRoamer enables access to favourite content providers and stations as well as customising the access. miRoamer is licensed by some of the world’s big and prestigious automotive and consumer electronics companies. 

About the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)
The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink™ global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The organization’s more than 100 members represent more than 80 percent of the world’s auto market, more than 70 percent of the global smartphone market and a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors. For further information, please visit

Monsoon Communications
Level 12 15 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
p: 03 9620 3333

Crowd Mobile signs NTH for launch into France, Belgium & Austria

On 29 August 2014, Q announced it was acquiring the Crowd Mobile Group.

Q Limited has been advised by Crowd Mobile that it has executed a supply agreement with NTH AG to launch Crowd Mobile services into France, Belgium & Austria which will provide consumers with a seamless mobile product engagement and mobile payment experience.
Under the supply agreement, Crowd Mobile will integrate its Micro Job Platform with the NTH’s Operator Billing platform to expand Crowd Mobiles’ global reach and connectivity to mobile operators. The service makes it easy and convenient for consumers to complete transactions via their mobile devices, and it offers a compelling offering that will help Crowd Mobile to reach a wider global market.
This agreement increases Crowd Mobile presence in Western Europe. Crowd Mobile already operates in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands and this agreement allows Crowd Mobile to target and reach customers at scale and monetize their products and services through a frictionless payment option that is secure, faster and more convenient than a credit card.
Crowd Mobile CEO Domenic Carosa stated “We will continue to form strategic relationships which will help expand our presence into Western Europe, particularly non-English speaking markets which are a growth focus for us. This strengthens Crowd Mobile’s ability to monetise our key products”.

Jeff Beaumont

About Crowd Mobile
Crowd Mobile is a global mobile entertainment and micro job business that operates in Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands & Switzerland. Crowd Mobile operates in the “sms & App” market, providing services to users through their mobile phone and tablet devices. It has a number of brands and an experienced management team. The Crowd Mobile website is located at
Domenic Carosa (CEO Crowd Mobile)

Insync Global Titans Fund – August 2014

US equities quickly recouped losses from the earlier mid-summer sell-off to push through 2000 and close at new all-time highs; buoyed by a dovish Fed and solid macro data which continues to suggest economic recovery. The Nonfarm Payroll grew by a further 209,000 jobs in July, while the ISM Manufacturing report was a robust 57.1. In Europe, ECB President Mario Draghi recently re-affirmed his commitment to “use all available instruments needed to ensure price stability”, seemingly opening the way for further stimulus including ABS and possibly even QE bond purchases before year end.

The Fund’s unit price increased by 0.8% in August. Key positive contributors for the month came from our holdings in Express Scripts, Sanofi, Gilead Sciences, Nestle and Disney. The main negative contributors were Reckitt Benckiser, Zimmer, Deutsche Boerse, Rolls-Royce and BSkyB. The Fund continues to have no foreign currency hedging in place as Insync consider the main risks to the Australian dollar to be on the downside.

Insync’s philosophy is to invest in the more predictable growth companies and to include downside protection strategies. This can occasionally result in short term underperformance of equity benchmarks but our strategy has delivered positive absolute returns during previous market downturns. We look for exceptional businesses with high ROIC, strong free cash flow, solid balance sheets and a long track record of returning cash to shareholders through growing dividends and/or share buy-backs.

To view the full update please download the document below.

YPB lifts anti-counterfeit game with US acquisition

Source THE AUSTRALIANTim BorehamSeptember 23, 2014

YPB Group (YPB) 42c IN glorious hindsight, YPB chief John Houston would not have listed the anti-counterfeiting mob via an existing shell company, former sapphire explorer AUV.

Generously, YPB’s backers left some crumbs for the residual AUV holders who took advantage of the largesse and stampeded out of YPB when it relisted at 20c apiece on August 7. “While our guys were escrowed, the shell guys smashed the shares,’’ Houston says.

OK, Houston we hear you loud and clear. But since then YPB stock has traded as high as 40c on YPB’s China-focused charter to smash the $1.8 billion counterfeiting market. YPB’s core product remains RealProtection, an invisible tracer that can be applied to anything from fabrics to food.

In the lead-up to listing, Houston was contacted by the US-based David and Sam Gonen, who run the tech incubator Curious Minds.

YPB acquired their brainchild Brand Reporter, a white-labelled, app-based product that enables brand owners to trace and detect knock-off goods.

While YPB has owned Brand Reporter for less than a fortnight, Houston says the likely pricing will be $1000-$5000 a month per company. “If we get 1000 brands at $1000 a pop — which is not impossible — that’s really good revenue,’’ Houston says.

In a fortunate coincidence YPB secured the services of Gold Coast-based marketing guru Randall Griffis. A criminologist and former intelligence agent — keep that one quiet — Griffis was willing to relocate his family to LA to run Brand Reporter.

One question is if Brand Reporter has such promise, why did the Gonens sell the IP to YPB for $US485,000? Houston says there’s a chasm between incubating an idea and commercialising the product — a point not lost on the Gonens, who took $US360,000 of the proceeds in YPB scrip.

We retain a spec buy, but expect a capital raising — sooner rather than later — to fund the expansion of Brand Reporter in the US and China.

ALS (ALQ) $5.77

WHEN a $2.77bn global assay testing group reports that things are pretty crook north of the Black Stump, should the entire mining services sector take note?

Formerly Campbell Brothers, ALS says that a mere eight weeks after guiding to a half-year profit of $74 million for the six months to September 30, this number is likely to come in at $64m (36 per cent below the previous year’s $100m).

The malaise is more pricing than volume driven, with revenues expected to be $755m compared with $745m in the previous period. It’s worth pointing out that ALS business covers 55 countries, across minerals, life sciences, environmental and energy. In other words a lot of it is non-resources stuff.

But the malaise is driven by the minerals division, with revenue down 25 per cent and in line with the global exploration decline.

As one of the bigger members of the sprawling sector, ALS won’t provide succour to its peers — although none of them are quite the same. For instance we haven’t heard much of late from explosives house Orica (ORI, $19.55), which also has a September 30 balance date. On balance, ALS is a long-term buy.

Ardent Leisure (AAD) $3.10

THE leisure operator is in the Australian Shareholders Association’s good books after acceding to a plea by the small investor’s champion to increase the size of its share purchase plan.

As is the norm, Ardent in early August announced a $50m insto placement, accompanied by an SPP capped at $15m.

Initially the raising was pitched at only a 4 per cent discount, $2.41 per stapled security, but Ardent shares took off after its well-received full year numbers.

With 30 per cent of easy gains on the table and holders rushing the offer, management agreed to lift the SPP cap to $20m. While ­applicants still face a scale back, the concession imbues that extra element of fairness.

Ardent argues that with 65 per cent of its register held by the instos, the placement proportion isn’t out of whack with its spread of holders. The ASA had less luck with their entreaties to QBE Insurance, which on Friday closed a $160m SPP as an addendum to a $650m insto placement.

As with Ardent the offer was at a 4 per cent discount but an ensuing share run means there’s a quick 20 per cent up for grabs. Buy.

The Australian accepts no responsibility for stock recommendations. Readers should contact a licensed financial adviser. The author does not hold shares in the stocks mentioned.

DLA Piper Advises on AU$305 Million Acquisition Of Ezidebit

SOURCE: DLA Piper News; PUBLISHED: 17th September 2014

DLA Piper has advised on the acquisition by Global Payments Inc of Ezi Holdings Pty Limited (Ezidebit) for AU$305 million.

Founded in 1998 and based in Brisbane, Ezidebit is the largest Australian non-bank merchant acquirer and technology-enabled payment solutions company, and has grown to become a market leader in recurring payment solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Ezidebit focuses on enabling Australian and New Zealand merchants to efficiently process payments through a variety of direct debit, BPAY and eCommerce payment solutions. Ezidebit focuses on specific vertical market segments, such as recurring payments, including childcare and health and fitness, and services more than 16,000 businesses that, in turn, collect payments from over 1.25 million consumers transacting over AU$3.3 billion annually.

Global Payments is one of the largest worldwide providers of payment solutions. Its acquisition of integrated payments company, Ezidebit, expands its presence in Asia Pacific and is its first foray into Australia.

DLA Piper represented the founders and shareholders of Ezidebit, advising on all aspects of the transaction and more broadly on the competitive “dual track” exit strategy and process, including initial public offering (IPO) and private equity options.

Partners Bryan Pointon and David Ryan led the DLA Piper team which also included partners Lyndon Masters and Peter Jones, senior associates Kelly Morrison and James McCarthy and solicitors Alex Samson, Elliott Cheung and Matthew Blunt.

Bryan Pointon, DLA Piper partner and Asia Pacific and Australian Head of Corporate said: “The financial technology and payments space has been active for M&A and equity capital markets transactions. We are delighted to have worked with the founders and the Ezidebit management team on this very successful transaction.”

Contact information

Lauren White
Media & Communications Manager
DLA Piper

Datacom acquires strategic stake in Australian health informatics company SmartWard

Media Release, 18th September 2014

September 18, 2014 – Datacom, one of Australasia’s largest independent business technology solutions providers, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in the innovative Canberra-based Australian health informatics company SmartWard.

Datacom is now also the exclusive supply and support organisation for the SmartWard solution in this region.

SmartWard is an Australian-developed software system that automates nursing records and manages nursing workflow, while improving quality of patient care. It also provides decision-support for doctors, nurses and other medical staff, increasing the time that they spend with patients, helping to reduce errors and assisting hospitals to manage overall costs.

Mark McWilliams, Director of Investments at Datacom says, “We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with SmartWard. This team of Australian innovators has developed a unique software system that is keenly focused on improving health outcomes. We are looking forward to combining our organisational capability with SmartWard and working in unison to rapidly apply the benefits of their solution to address the needs of healthcare providers in our region.”

Datacom is also announcing the appointment of Dr Keith Joe as Chief Medical Information Officer for Datacom Healthcare Solutions, a new business unit for the company.

“Dr Joe is well-known in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare sector with an outstanding background. He is a practising Emergency Physician, Founder and Director of the GeoHealth Directory and recent Clinical Director of the Australian Centre for Health Innovation. It’s a boon to bring his depth of experience to our solutions-focused drive into the healthcare sector,” says Mark McWilliams.

Dr Joe says, “We now have an enterprise technology solution that understands and meets the workflow needs of clinicians, with inbuilt automation, quality and safety; and productively uses technology at the bedside to benefit the patient.”

Lindsay Bevege, Chief Executive, SmartWard says, “Datacom are the perfect investor and go-to-market partner for us. Datacom will install and support SmartWard in major hospitals and their investment enables us to accelerate both the roll-out of the technology to customers and the development of further functionality in the core technology.”

Clinical trials carried out in 2013 at two campuses of Eastern Health in Melbourne, by Deakin University’s Centre for Clinical Nursing Research, found that SmartWard reduced the amount of time that nurses spent on documentation, and freed them up to perform more high-value tasks such as spending time with patients.

Specifically, nurses increased the proportion of time spent at patient bedsides from 32.8% to 48.1%, and increased the amount of time spent interacting with patients from 7.9% to 23.6%. These improvements have massive implications across the healthcare sector.

A review of these results by Deloitte Access Economics found that redeploying the saving in nurse time to patient care could provide significant benefit to hospitals by healing people more quickly, minimising readmissions and avoiding treatment errors. Extrapolating the results of international meta-studies, Deloitte Access Economics estimated that the reduced length of stay would save hospitals $50,000 per bed pa.  If delivered across a 600 bed hospital annual improvements of around $30M could be expected with a payback on the SmartWard solution within 12 months. Extend these numbers across the region and there is scope for huge benefits within the health sector.  The SmartWard Solution could also help reduce waiting lists for hospital treatment.

The Deloitte Access Economics review noted that the redeployment of nurse time to patient care increased job satisfaction while effectively shifting nurses’ time away from low-value administrative work toward high value clinical care. The ready availability of highly accurate data on patients would also facilitate higher quality care at lower total cost.

The strategic investment supports Datacom’s long term strategic plan to invest in the development of new capabilities via solutions for vertical market segments such as health, education and local government.

                                                                  —– ENDS ——

Media enquiries please contact:

For SmartWard
Lindsay Bevege
Chief Executive

Kevin Crouch
External Relations Manager

Erica Lloyd
Communication Director
Datacom Group


About Datacom:

With 3775 people, and revenues of AU $825 million Datacom is one of Australasia’s largest professional IT services companies. Datacom has extensive expertise in the operation of data centres, the provision of IT services, software engineering and application management, payroll and customer service design and operations. Founded in 1965 and operating across Australia and New Zealand -Malaysia and the Philippines, Datacom has a successful 50 year trading history of consistent growth, profitability and a track record of delivering innovative, value-for-money technology-based solutions, with many clients in relationships spanning decades.

About SmartWard;

SmartWard Pty Ltd is a start-up company based in Hall village in the ACT.  Co-founded by the SmartWard inventor, Matt Darling and current Chief Executive, Lindsay Bevege, it now has 12 staff, mostly focused on system development.  SmartWard has been funded by private investment from people wanting to help realise its potential to transform hospital care by simultaneously improving the quality of care, while lowering costs.  SmartWard has also received a major grant from the Australian Government through Commercialisation Australia and earlier start-up grants from the ACT Government.

RAW Capital Partners launch new cash fund

Source:; Published: Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Financial services companies from both Jersey and Guernsey have combined skills to launch a cash deposit fund aimed at Trustees, Company and Fund administrators and private clients.

The Fund represents a unitised version of JCAP’s successful cash pooling model utilising their Trident software.

The Investment objective of the Fund is to generate a better return than is typically available on one month bank deposits whilst reducing counterparty risk through diversification of banking institutions.

The RAW Cash Deposit Fund offers investors several significant advantages when compared to traditional cash solutions.

To view the full article please click here.

Fusion Payments Ltd – CEO Audio Interview

Fusion Payments Limited (FPL) is a software services company providing an integrated suite of mobile banking, payment, recharge and security solutions to Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

FPL white labels its cloud-based solutions via a “clip” model to partner MNO. FPL systems are battle hardened servicing over 20m users and handling in excess of $500m recharge pa having provided solutions to Telstra for the last 10 years.

With offices and clients in Australia, Asia and expanding into the LatAm and the Middle East. The initial focus of this growth strategy is on Direct Recharge in Indonesia enabling prepaid customers to recharge their airtime account directly from their handset. Annual prepaid revenue in Indonesia is estimated at over $8Bn. FPL has successfully deployed Direct Recharge on the XL network, which has 60m customers.

Please listen to Chris Eyles, CEO.

Martin Aircraft pre-IPO Capital Raising Closed with $6.5m, $1.5m oversubscribed

New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company Limited (“MACL”), which is developing the world’s first practical and commercial flying Jetpack, have closed their pre-IPO fundraising round early having raised $6.5m, with NZ$1.5m of oversubscriptions.

Axstra Capital, a Sydney based Corporate Advisory Firm, managed the pre-IPO capital raising and Managing Director Reuben Buchanan is very pleased with the result.

“We are very happy to be able to close the pre-IPO ahead of schedule,” he said. “This result gives us a strong indication of the positive investor interest for the Martin Jetpack story here in Australia. We can now focus our attention on the next step which, as previously foreshadowed, includes an IPO and listing of the company on ASX.”

The pre-IPO funds raised will be used to continue the commercialisation program for the Jetpack as well as to pay for ongoing and IPO costs. The company is seeing increasing interest and enquiries from around the world in its product due to its unique advanced technological capability of the Jetpack, when compared to its competitors.

As previously advised, John Diddams has been appointed a Director and is managing the due diligence and IPO process for the Company. Norton Rose Fulbright, Bell Gully and PwC have been engaged to advise Martin Aircraft in this process as the company looks to raise further funds through an IPO to commercialise and manufacture the Jetpack to meet with current global demand.


  • Total of $6.5m NZD raised from a mix of sophisticated and high net worth investors
  • Over $1mNZD invested from Asia based venture fund
  • Pre-IPO share price was $0.30 NZD (circa $0.27 AUD)
  • Investors were predominantly Australian, with several out of the USA, NZ and Asia
  • Martin Aircraft now has over 125 shareholders


Martin Aircraft has now opened their pre-registration site so that interested investors can pre-register to receive the company’s prospectus as soon as it becomes available. CLICK HERE to pre-register.


For further information, please contact Reuben Buchanan from Axstra Capital on (02) 8234 4409 or email


Martin Aircraft was founded by Glenn Martin in 2008 and is based in Christchurch NZ. The present prototype aircraft will be the basis for the first commercial release of a Jetpack in 2015, suitable for a Government and Agency market under the banner of “first responder” to service markets such as the fire service, search & rescue, disaster recovery and border security. The Jetpack has fly-by-wire and VTOL (vertical take-off & landing) capabilities, is highly manoeuvrable and can lift 105 kgs making it suitable for many commercial uses.


Axstra Capital is a Sydney-based Corporate Finance firm that specialises in capital raisings and corporate transactions for private and small cap ASX listed companies. Axstra Capital holds an AFSL No 390786. Founder Reuben Buchanan has 20 years’ experience in the investment and finance industries. He founded several successful businesses including Wealth Creator Magazine, MBE Education and Wholesale Investor (co-founder). Since 2005, he has raised in excess of $55m for public and private ventures in Australia.


John has over forty years of financial and management experience as CFO, CEO and director of both private and public listed companies. John is the principal of a CPA firm that provides corporate advisory services to SME & mid-cap companies, including management of the process to raise equity capital, manage the due diligence process and list on the ASX. John is currently a Non-executive Director of Indoor Skydive Australia (ASX:IDZ) and was instrumental in their successful IPO in January 2013.

John has a B.Com from UNSW, is a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Totus Alpha Fund Performance Summary – August 2014

Dear All,

Please find attached the August 2014 performance summary for the Totus Alpha Fund.

Founder’s Series Units were up 2.0% (post fees) in August. The ASX 300 Accumulation Index was up 0.6% for the month.

If you have any questions about the fund or would like a meeting to discuss it please let me know.


Ben McGarry
Portfolio Manager
Level 17, 60 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Castle Point Ranger Fund Update September 2014

During the month of August the Ranger Fund benefited from positive performance by Paperlinx, Wellcom Group, Vista Group, Boom Logistics, Swick Mining and Tower. The performance of the Fund was hindered by positions in A2 Milk Company and Emeco Holdings. In August, the Fund added a new position in Vista Group. To view the latest Ranger Fund monthly Fact Sheet please download the document attached below.

Should you wish to discuss or clarify any aspect of fund performance or positioning, please feel free to contact us (on or 09 300 6060).

Kind regards

The Castle Point Team

P:+64 9 300 6060
Level 4, 29-33 Shortland Street, Auckland1143, New Zealand

VGW Holdings Ltd – CEO Interview

VGW has created the world’s first, legal, US-wide, real money online casino platform. This is through a Sweepstakes real-money gaming model that has been approved by both Facebook and Paypal, the world’s largest social network and payment platforms.

Cashflow positive on less than 100 daily real-money players, VGW is looking to aggressively expand across the US, Canada, and UK to grow revenues exponentially.

Please listen to Laurence Escalante, Founder and CEO.

Nanuk Global Alpha Fund Monthly Report – August 2014


The Fund reported a profit of 0.5% in August which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 16.4% and a 2-year rolling return of 13.9% p.a.

The long book contributed positively and the short book was flat, which was pleasing in a month where most global indices were up.

A couple of questions to stimulate your next dinner party conversation:

  1. How many nuclear power stations would it take to provide equivalent power to that of China’s solar generating capacity installation target for this year alone?
  2. How many square kilometres would need to be covered with solar panels to meet this year’s target?
The answers can be found in the attached report.

On a more serious note, the Fund remains close to market neutral at the end of August, and we have increased the number of stocks in the portfolio after welcoming Tristan Patience as a portfolio manager.

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and regards,

Melanie De Cressac
Business Manager

VGW Shareholder Update – September 2014

Dear Investors,

Sincerest thanks for your support.

We have recently engaged a professional investor relations firm to keep you better informed on our progress, and from here on our updates will follow this format on a monthly basis.

We have much to report, and a full account of our progress covering our wins, our challenges, financial and team updates, can be found HERE.

Summarized highlights include:

  • Hit our first profitable, cashflow positive week in September
  • Facebook and their lawyers officially approved our Sweepstakes business model after 3 weeks of due diligence
  • Hit $10,000 USD / day in gross revenue
  • Launched a complete rebuild of our casino site for greater scale, security and stability
  • Reduced operating costs and improved our gross margins
  • Fine-tuned our marketing strategy
  • Strengthened our team, including an ASX experienced CFO
  • Renewed and strengthened our board, with 2 online casino veterans from multi-billion dollar gaming businesses
  • Engaged 2 mandated capital firms (Perth & Singapore) to assist close our current raising. Do check out our full update for complete details, and feel free to contact me with further questions and information

Thank you again for your support, and looking forward to our ongoing communications.

Laurence & The VGW Team

Investors Central Limited Release New Prospectus and Announce Investment Highlights

Dear Investor,

This Prospectus continues to provide an opportunity for Australians to participate in a proven investment vehicle with attractive returns ranging from 9% to 16% PA with interest paid monthly.

It is pleasing to report that 2014 was a successful year for Investors Central Limited with its 100% owned subsidiary Fin One Pty Ltd (Finance One) reporting strong growth. Summary of 2014 highlights of Finance One:

  • Earned Income up 71% to $6.48M (2013:$3.77M)
  • Net profit before tax up 78% to $1.83M (2013:$1.02M)
  • Net Profit after tax up 78% to $1.27M (2013:$714K)
  • Total Equity up 104% to $2.49M (2013:$1.21M)
  • Loan Book Carrying Value up 61% to $19.10M (2013:$11.82M)

Investors Central has also introduced brokerage for securities, brokers and financial advisers. Investors Central may pay brokerage to securities, brokers and financial advisers, but only in circumstances where it is permissible to do so under Division 4 Part 737A Corporations Act. In such circumstances, the brokerage paid will not exceed 2.5% of the Application Money invested and will only be paid upon the issue of the Preference Shares.

Raw Global Alpha Fund – August 2014 Monthly Report

Dear Investors,

August marked the completion of our first full month with our expanded range of investment strategies. We are delighted to report all of the funds finished the month up, ranging from +0.07% for the RAW Cash Deposit Fund to +3.23% in respect of the RAW UK Gilt Fund. The RAW UK Gilt Fund benefitted from UK interest rate expectations shifting from an expected rise in interest rates in Q4 2014 to late Q1 2015 at the earliest. This helped Gilt prices move higher, particularly at the long end. The Gilt Fund also drew strength from a steep rise in global bond prices during the month due to a combination of geo-political and deflationary concerns. The RAW UK Equity Fund (+1.25%) was led higher by contributions from Clinigen (+18.50%), Bovis Homes (+10.40%) and AstraZeneca (+6.50%). The RAW Global Alpha Fund (+1.13%) also benefitted from rising global bond prices and benign equity markets. The RAW UK Balanced Fund finished the month +1.31%.

Richard Avery-Wright
Chief Executive Officer

Cash FundGilt FundBalanced FundEquity FundGlobal Alpha Fund

RAW Capital Partners Limited is an independent boutique asset management company incorporated and based in Guernsey. The co-founders, Richard Avery-Wright and Dennis Stoller, have a strong previous track record and share a combined experience in financial markets of over 40 years.

Investment strategies created by the founders are backed by sound logic with the emphasis on carefully analysing potential investment returns for a given unit of risk. Our mission is to maximise investment returns in both rising and falling markets via the application of consistent, repeatable and disciplined investment processes.

GWAAM World Fund – August 2014

Global equities rebounded strongly in August from the decline in July. The USA equity indexes rose by nearly 4% in local currency terms.

European equities were buoyed by record low yields on sovereign bonds reflecting strong hints that the European Central Bank was about to provide additional liquidity to the very economically depressed region.

Generally equities remain supported by a search for yield and low inflation expectations.

Prospects for equity investors at these valuation levels look reasonable, especially in comparison to bonds.

Please see attached for the full report.


Level 42, 120 Collins St,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Sky Investment Strategy August 2014 Performance Update

Dear Investor,

During August the Sky Investment Strategy returned -2.5%. For the twenty eight months ended 31 August 2014 the strategy generated an 81.0% return. Please click the link below to view the update.

Sky Investment Strategy August 2014 Performance Update

If you would like more information about the strategy please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alex Shevelev
Sky Funds Management
Level 12, 32 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

SQM Research Report on Global Wealth Partners (GWP) Ltd

 Investment Opportunity

Global Wealth Partners Fund Ltd (“GWP”) offers offer investors a simple investment vehicle listed on the ASX, providing diversification with global asset exposure.
GWP will invest in four underlying funds managed by leading U.S based investment managers that predominantly invest in global equities (“Investment Partners”).
Each of the funds has a proven track record of protecting and growing capital through variable market conditions over the long term but to date have not been open to retail investors in Australia.

Why invest in GWP?

• Global diversification
Australian investors, particularly SMSFs, are typically underweight global assets. Diversification to global assets can reduce concentration risk by diversifying away from the banking and resource sectors which dominate the Australian stock market.

• Track record
GWP will invest with four leading global investment managers with outstanding track records of protecting and growing capital in all market conditions.

• Privileged access to leading investment managers
GWP provides access to investment managers which only manage money for the wealthy and institutions (with usual minimum investments of between $1m and $5m).

• Strong alignment of interests
The investment managers hold significant personal investments in each of their respective funds. All of the managers only manage one fund. Employees of Moelis Australia, GWP’s portfolio manager, will be investing between $10m and $20m.

• Flexibility and simplicity
Avoids set up, administrative and taxation complications of investing overseas.
Low minimum investment of $2,500
Liquidity to buy/sell on the ASX

Who is the Manager?

GWP will benefit from the oversight and management experience of Moelis Australia Asset Management (“MAAM”). MAAM is owned by Moelis Australia Group and part of NYSE-listed, leading global independent investment bank Moelis & Company.

The Offer

GWP is seeking to raise between $100m and $300m in an IPO at an Offer price of $1.25.
The offer closing date is 5.00pm on Monday, 15 September 2014.
The expected listing date for the GWP IPO is Friday, 26 September 2014.

RetirementLiving.TV for the Unstoppables

Investor News

Thursday 28 August, 2014

Dubbed the “Unstoppables” the next generation of 50+ consumers are free from limiting beliefs about age-appropriate consumption says Retirement Living Today CEO, Mike Farley. “With more active minds, fitter bodies and entrepreneurial power, this group is increasingly becoming the face of fashion, beauty, design and media.“

UK marketers have coined the term “Superboomers” to describe this demographic whose wealth and health means they are embracing a boundary-less lifestyle, in which cultural and societal conceptions of age, beauty, fashion, relationships and careers are re-imagined.

In Britain this group of “Superboomers” hold 75% of UK’s wealth and account for 24% of the population .

Similarly, in Australia the “the Unstoppable” boomer generation comprise a rapidly growing market. Their buying power is equally as impressive, with adults 45+ accounting for a total of $4 billion of disposable income each week, holding almost half of the nation’s wealth.

“RetirementLiving.TV, a brand new digital destination for Boomers was conceived to serve this growing and active audience. Just two months old, we are actively investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). RetirementLiving.TV is already showing strong exponential growth in audience reach with a unique audience of approx. 13,000 UAs for the month of August, ranking up just over 47,000 page views. Simultaneously, the number of page views per person (2.90) and time spent on site (2:59 min) indicates ‘stickiness’ and a genuine interest in the offering” says Farley.

With 13,000 names already on the newsletter database RetirementLiving.TV have already surpassed database numbers of more established publisher such as Fairfax’ The Senior (10,000), Get Up & Go magazine (10,000) and The Retiree (5000). With a plan to grow to 30,000 subscribers by November 1 2014, Retirement Living Today will indeed become a real contender as a targeted publishing and advertising resource.

RetirementLiving.TV is building relationships with Australia’s tier one travel companies and is receiving very positive feedback as many of these companies consider the 50+ market their primary target and welcomes a media player who can and will speak directly to this audience.

With visitors spending an average of 1:30 min looking at articles, special offers, videos and advertorials the site provides an attractive platform to potential advertisers.

In September, Retirement Living Today will launch its next growth phase and expand the site to include three user-friendly video directories featuring retirement villages, aged care facilities and a full suite of complimentary services. As a first in Australia, Retirement Living Today is able to produce, publish and distribute engaging video content to a targeted 50+ audience.

Retirement Living Today provides rich media through bite-sized video segments and has specialised in low-cost production of TV-style commercials for online use. With the first round of investment almost fully subscribed, Farley says there is a short window for investors to become involved.

For more information contact Mike Farley, CEO.

Mike Farley
CEO – Retirement Living Today


[1] Superboomer study from The Future Laboratory, commissioned by Huawei, 2014

[1] ABS, Household Income and Income distribution 2009-2010. Cat. No 6523.0. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra


Smart Send ‘Shipping Integration for eBay’ released

The Smart Send ‘Shipping Integration for eBay’ provides eBay sellers with an ‘on-platform’ shipping solution for their eBay businesses.

  • eBay Compatible application
  • Provide ‘real time’, ‘fixed’ or ‘free’ shipping quotes in their eBay listings
  • Include ‘exclusion zones’ for expensive regional or remote destinations
  • Seamless booking process from eBay checkout to Smart Send
  • Tracking numbers updated instantly in ‘My eBay’
  • Tracking email sent to buyer
  • Competitive pricing options across all the major carriers in Australia providing B2C services

For further information on this exciting solution please watch the short video below.

Martin Aircraft appoints John Diddams to board in preparation for potential ASX listing

New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company Limited (“MACL”), who are developing the world’s first practical flying jetpack, have recently appointed John F Diddams to the board as a Non-Executive Director.

John is the principal of a CPA firm that provides corporate advisory services to SME & mid-cap companies, including management of the process to raise equity capital, manage the due diligence process and list on the ASX.

John’s initial role as a director will be to assist Martin Aircraft through the IPO process and has been appointed as chair of the Due Diligence Committee.

John’s most recent IPO was Indoor Skydive Australia Group (ASX:IDZ) which listed on the ASX in January 2013. IDZ was the best performing IPO of 2013 (Deloitte Corporate Finance IPO review), with its shares up 175% from the listing price outperforming other high profile IPO’s including Freelancer (up 156%), Virtus Health (up 50%) and Veda Group (up 44%).

“We are pleased to add John to our board,” said Jon Mayson, Chairman of Martin Aircraft. “With his background and track record of successful ASX listings, we feel that John is a perfect addition to our board given what is intended in the coming months.”

John Diddams remarked “I’m pleased to be working on such an exciting project and look forward to working with the MACL board and other advisors to achieve the goal of a successful and timely IPO and ASX listing”.


Martin Aircraft has also completed a 10 for 1 share split. This changes the pre-IPO share price from $3.00 NZD to $0.30 NZD. This has been done in order to give the company more flexibility when pricing the IPO offer.

“A pre-IPO price of $0.30 is more attractive to Australian investors,” says Reuben of Axstra Capital who is the lead advisor to the IPO.

“Sophisticated Investors who may have participated in other speculative pre-IPO’s can see how a $0.30 share can increase to $1.00 and beyond once the company is listed and starts producing revenue and profits.”


  • $2.5m of pre-IPO capital has been raised in 2014 from Australian investors
  • More than 40 deposits have been placed for a jetpack representing over $6m in potential revenue
  • The company already has over 120 shareholders including founder Glenn Martin and NZ venture capital firm No8 Ventures
  • Discussions are on-going with a number of key potential first responder customers for the Jetpack
  • Funds raised at the IPO will go towards scaling up production of the Jetpack to meet with current customer demand
  • Other areas of potential revenue include a display team, an unmanned jetpack (UAV), parts and maintenance division, Jetpack Experience and Jetpack Simulator


For further information, please contact Reuben Buchanan from Axstra Capital on (02) 8234 4409 or email



ABOUT JOHN DIDDAMS:                                                                                                              

John has over forty years of financial and management experience as CFO, CEO and director of both private and public listed companies. John is the principal of a CPA firm that provides corporate advisory services to SME & mid-cap companies, including management of the process to raise equity capital, manage the due diligence process and list on the ASX. John is currently a Non-executive Director of Indoor Skydive Australia (ASX:IDZ) and was instrumental in their successful IPO in January 2013.

John has a B.Com from UNSW, is a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

ABOUT MARTIN AIRCRAFT:                                                                                                

Martin Aircraft was founded by Glen Martin in 2008 and is based in Christchurch NZ. The present prototype aircraft will be the basis for the first commercial release of a Jetpack in 2015, suitable for a Government and Agency market under the banner of “first responder” to service markets such as the fire service, search & rescue, disaster recovery and border security. The Jetpack has fly-by-wire and VTOL (vertical take-off & landing) capabilities, is highly manoeuvrable and can lift 105 kgs making it suitable for many commercial uses.

Raw Global Alpha Fund – July 2014 Monthly Report

Dear Investors,

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of funds. We now have five distinct but complimentary investment strategies to choose from, ranging from Cash and Fixed Income, through to Equity and Global Macro. And, to further compliment the range of investment solutions, we have also launched a Balanced Fund, which invests in all of our strategies. The RAW Capital team has many years of experience in financial markets and have learned many things along the way. One of the most obvious observations is that markets constantly evolve and do not always behave as one would wish them to. Our investment strategies, therefore, are designed to not only capture the upside in markets, but also limit the downside and with lower volatility than an equivalent investment in a passive-based approach.

We very much look forward to updating you over the coming months with our progress.

Richard Avery-Wright
Chief Executive Officer

Cash FundCash FundCash FundCash FundCash Fund

Folkestone Delivers Strong Profit In FY14

Dear Investors,

Folkestone (ASX:FLK) today announced its full year result for the year ended 30 June 2014.


  • Net profit after tax of $3.2 million, up 168% on FY13
  • Strong growth in funds under management of 29% to $813million
  • Launched three unlisted real estate funds
  • Folkestone Education Trust raised $45 million and acquired 27 centres and 5 sites
  • Secured its first exposure to the Sydney residential development market
  • Continued strong sales at the Officer residential land sub-division
  • Pre-sold Stage 1 retail development at Altona North into a new Folkestone fund
  • FLK equity raising of $25 million significantly oversubscribed
  • Total Shareholder Return of 37.5% in FY14

Please click on the links below to read Folkestone’s:

Kind regards

Managing Director

About Folkestone

Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with $813 million under management, offers listed and unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activities focus on value-add and opportunistic (development) real estate investments

Nanuk Global Alpha Fund Monthly Report – July 2014

The Fund reported a loss of 1.3% in July which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 17.0% and a 2-year rolling return of 14.0% p.a.

US and European equity markets were down in July, and clean energy related equities performed particularly poorly. The Fund’s gains in June on exposure to solar LED solid state lighting and solar were reversed during the month. As mentioned previously, as a long-term theme we continue to believe in is the improving fundamentals of selected LED component manufacturers, despite improving financial performance not yet being translated into stock prices.

The Fund however did see positive contributions from long positions in fuel cell and residential solar inverter manufacturers, with the Canadian fuel cell business Hydrogenics being a particularly strong performer. An interesting recent trend we have witnessed is that of fuel cell technology reemerging in 2014 after being widely dismissed, and of particular interest has been the opportunity associated with this technology as a means of energy storage. For further details on fuel cell technology and the opportunities present within this sub-sector, do please read our attached Monthly Report – July 2014.

The Fund remains close to market neutral at the end of July, and we continue to see a variety of interesting opportunities both long and short across a range of industries.

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.

Andrew Kleinig
Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Connexion Media Successfully Completes Capital Raising

Connexion Media Limited (“Connexion”) are pleased to announce that the offer of shares pursuant to Connexion’s Replacement Prospectus dated 2 June 2014, the First Supplementary Prospectus dated 3 July 2014 and the Second Supplementary Prospectus dated 21 July 2014 closed at 5pm on 8 August 2014.

As at the closing date, Connexion has raised $3,335,864.

It should be noted that the second supplementary prospectus contained withdrawal rights, which may be exercised by any applicant who subscribed for shares prior to the date of the second supplementary prospectus for one month from the date of the second supplementary prospectus. Accordingly, the total amount raised by Connexion pursuant to the offer could drop below the amount stated above.

Connexion is working towards completion of the acquisition of Miroamer Pty Ltd and the conditions required to be reinstated to official quotation.

Connexion would like to thank all those who participated in the raising and the confidence they have in Connexion to bring value to their investment.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me.

George Karafotias


Retirement Living Today’s media channel servicing the ‘Unstoppable’ over 50s demographic

What connects people like Sandra Bullock, Elle McPherson, Daniel Day Lewis with each CEO of the Top 20 companies in Australia?  They are all over 50.  In addition, and this is not incidental, they are all wealthy.  It cannot be underestimated, the over 50 market is a major force in wealth, spending and population growth over the next decade.  Recent HILDA research identified that 78% of wealth in Australia is controlled by the over 50s.

Over 50 doesn’t mean over the hill

Wealth, health and lifestyle means that the old perception of ‘old’ is no longer true.  These ‘Zoomers’ and ‘Unstoppables’ are positive, stylish and confident, liberated by their freedom and increased spending power.

Michael Farley, CEO of Retirement Living Today, a media channel aimed at this demographic highlights the common misperception, “Over 50 doesn’t mean choosing a retirement home.  Retirement is a time of empowerment.  People are more lifestyle orientated with interests including cars, boats, real estate, travel, fashion and just about every consumer product or service available.  They focus on experience with restaurants, the arts, festivals and sports. Life truly begins at 50.”

However, the market does not serve this group well.  For example, Baby Boomers are under estimated by brands with 94% saying they dislike the way advertisers communicate with them.  The secret?  Over 50s dislike being marketed to as over 50s.

“It is multi-faceted audience driven by a variety of needs, motivations and desires.  They can now master their lives because they have time and money to do so,” continued Mr Farley. “For marketers, brands and advertisers connecting with Australia’s largest sector of consumers remains elusive”.

Retirement Living Today – With a focus on ‘Living’

Media channels are designed to attract audiences, and the over 50s audience is severely underserviced.  If the content does not suit them then advertisers can’t reach them.  Mr Farley explains how his company meets the market “Retirement Living Today is building a suite of specialised websites and directories for all over 50 niches from Baby Boomers through to Aged Care. Streaming, quality interactive content and comprehensive directories help people get the most out of their life.”

Retirement Living Today is an entertainment platform to engage audiences then feeds them with a combination of branded content, relevant information, and a dedicated marketplace.  “This niche focus generates data that offers unique insights and leads brands to refine their approach to this market. Current offerings targeting this market are unsophisticated and narrow.  Retirement Living Today is an authentic voice in the market.”

Designed for Ubiquitous Consumption

Media brands that understand the market are multi-channel, multi device plays.  Retirement Living Today content can be accessed on web, mobile and internet TV.  This follows the megatrend for omni-platform media consumption, encouraging high-growth and future-proofing the business.

“Technology allows refined messages to go to targeted, age-specific or interest-specific groups wherever they want, whenever they want.  This on-demand consumption is delivered through a platform that advertisers and marketers gravitate to because it has been built to deeply resonate with this important and lucrative audience.”  Retirement Living Today promises to change the shape of media to the over 50s market unlocking value in this key demographic.

Retirement Living Today has not only shown promise to its target demographic but also to investors. Chairman of Retirement Living Today, Sandra Hook explains, “Our company is generating a library of valuable content targeted to the largest demographic with the greatest projected growth in the country and with the most wealth to spend.

Retirement Living Today has been developed with multiple revenue streams including unique video directors, high-value display advertising, an extensive marketplace, unique subscription video directories, lead acquisition and commissions among others that will ensure its commercial potential is maximised.  This is extremely attractive for corporates and investors alike and we have experienced a lot of interest since listing on Wholesale Investor”.

The growing over 50s market is a global phenomenon and these Unstoppables, now have a place to stop and find out how to get the most from their lives.

TFS Sandalwood to supply Nestle subsidiary

Source:; Published: August 14, 2014

Australian Sandalwood producer TFS Corporation will supply oil to a pharmaceutical company owned by global giant Nestle.

The deal was finalised with Nestle’s wholly-owned dermatology group Galderma in February, but chief executive Frank Wilson confirmed the arrangement to investors in the US overnight.

Shares in the company rallied on the news, gaining 17 cents, or 9.3 per cent, to $1.99 on Thursday.

Under the long-term supply agreement, TFS will supply pharmaceutical grade oil at a price of $US4,500 ($A4,868.81) per kilogram as it develops acne and eczema treatment products.

“Total orders to date of 470 kilograms, or $2.3 million, are being used in commercial scale production trials for skin products that will initially launch in the US in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014,” the company said in a statement.

To read the full story please click here.

GWAAM World Fund – July 2014

Global equities were mixed in July. Political tensions in Russia and the Middle East provided reasons for profit taking in the Northern Hemisphere Summer.

Equities remain supported by a search for yield and low inflation expectations.

Prospects for equity investors at these valuation levels look reasonable, especially in comparison to bonds, but we repeat our comment from June that higher volatility in equity markets is now likely.

To see the full report please download the document below.


Level 42, 120 Collins St,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Westlake Funding – A “Secured, Insured, High Yield, Fixed Interest Investment”

Westlake Funding Ltd is offering wholesale investors the opportunity to invest in Westlake for a fixed term on a fixed yield with the possibility of additional upside for investor’s.

Debtor finance, often referred to as factoring, has long been recognised as a useful cash flow tool for growing businesses globally.

Businesses experiencing growth in industries such as manufacturing, wholesale trade, transport and service industries, often with “blue chip” clients, regularly find themselves in “cash flow distress” because they outgrow their capital base or because their customer’s payment terms are longer than their supplier’s payments terms.

There has been consistent growth in the appetite for debtor finance in Australia over the last decade, with debtor finance increasingly being seen as a mainstream finance product rather than a niche market, or a lender of last resort.

As the SME finance market is severely underserviced through traditional banking channels, SME’s regularly find Debtor Finance or Factoring essential to the growth and development of their enterprise.

Australia’s Debtor Finance Funding Gap

The significant hurdle to the growth of most privately owned Australia factoring and debtor finance businesses is the lack of access to reliable working capital.

Ben Andrews, Financial Controller at Westlake Funding Ltd, a specialist Wholesale Funder of Debtor Finance or “Factoring” businesses highlights the market opportunity.

“There are few SMEs that know a lot about debtor finance or in some cases even that it exists, let alone understanding the extent to which it can assist their business’s cash flow and the growth of their business. But at the same time many smaller Factors and similar debtor finance businesses have limited access to capital to service this growing market, to assist more Australian SME’s and to grow their own client base.

Westlake Funding has identified a glaring gap in the market in servicing these Factors and debtor finance companies by providing them with a stable source of reliable wholesale funding.”

Capitalising on SME credit Demand

The Debtor Finance Businesses that Westlake Funding support in turn provide working capital through debtor finance to Australian SME’s on the basis that ALL receivables, that is all invoices and the underlying credit risk, are credit insured with a rated international credit insurer and the benefit of that insurance is assigned directly to Westlake.

Mr Andrews is very bullish about future opportunities. “There are a number of private debtor finance companies in the market ready to exploit the funding gap between banks and SME businesses. Debtor finance is ideal for most businesses who sell on credit terms longer than their supplier’s credit terms, and there are an increasing number of businesses that fall into this category.”

Mr Andrews continued, “We aggregate this demand with our wholesale facility and overlay a proven risk mitigation process over the transactions; but further than that, our philosophy is simple, if it is not insured it is not funded.” “Each debtor, that is each customer funded through Westlake Funding Ltd.’s model is fully credit insured by rated trade credit insurers and the benefit of that flows directly to Westlake and as such to the benefit and security of Westlake’s Investors.”

Market and Investor Demand

Westlake Funding Ltd is offering Investors the opportunity to invest in Westlake’s project by way of “redeemable / convertible Preference Shares that offer a high fixed yield for the duration of the investment term”.

Investors have the option to either redeem their investment at the end of the prescribed term, or to convert to ordinary equity in Westlake. At all times, the funds invested by the Preference Shareholders are used ONLY for funding “credit insured receivables”.

Current Ordinary Shareholders have undertaken to fully underwrite ALL the operating expenses of Westlake.

This means that all operating cost are either paid out of the profits of Westlake Funding Ltd, or out of Ordinary Shareholder Equity, resulting in Preference Shareholder Investments being quarantined and used ONLY for funding credit insured trade finance transactions. This can often dissipate investor funds and reduce the end value of their investment, this is not the case for Westlake’s Preference Shareholders.

This and other highlights of the investment, have contributed to strong interest In Westlake Funding Ltd. since publishing its capital raising offer on Wholesale Investor.

“Investors can opt for high yield returns at different fixed terms up to five years, with regular, reliable quarterly interest payments and the return of all their capital at redemption” Mr. Andrews commented, “The initial $10M funding round is only the tip of the iceberg in satisfying the demand for debtor finance businesses already being experienced by the company.”

With a combination of High Net Worth Individuals, Fund Managers, Self-managed Super Funds and International Investors indicating interest, Westlake Funding is positioned to rapidly capitalise on the opportunity of SME debtor finance sector.

Coretrack (ASX:CKK) Latest Announcements

16/07/2014 - Coretrack Raises $2 Million - PDF

07/08/2014 – Capital Raising Fully Subscribed for Coretrack Ltd - Shares available on Market now - (ASX:CKK)

07/08/2014 - Coretrack Wins Case Against Strange Investments (WA) Pty Ltd - PDF

Coretrack (ASX:CKK) has developed disruptive, Game Changer technology for ceramic proppants made primarily from CCP’s (aka flyash), the abundant by-product of coal-fired power plants. The major commodity used in any oil and gas well is proppants, i.e. a $10 million well requires ± $2 million of proppants.

Ecopropp’s high strength, lightweight ceramic proppants are engineered for shale wells deeper than 2 kilometres, therefore do not threaten water aquifers that are often located less than 300 metres deep.

Expansion is planned in the rapidly expanding US shale plays, where many wells use lightweight ceramic proppants due to ever increasing well depth. The majority of ceramic proppants currently come from China or Georgia, which increases our competitive advantage and profit potential.

Sky Investment Strategy July 2014 Performance Update

During July the Sky Investment Strategy returned 0.9%. For the twenty seven months ended 31 July 2014 the strategy generated an 85.7% return.

Please click the link below to view the Sky Investment Strategy July 2014 Performance Update.

If you would like more information about the strategy please do not hesitate to contact me.
Alex Shevelev

Sky Funds Management
Level 12, 32 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

NTA Securities Highlights for July 2014

Highlights for July 2014

All available funds as per NTA Securities liquidity mandate were fully deployed to Australian SMEs with no cash drag on the business.

There has been no change in the underlying approved corporate client base and there has been no breach of loan covenants. NTA Securities have received all interest payments within the prescribed loan document time frames. The corporate loan book is currently defined as stable.

The risk profile of the loan portfolio is defined as strong, reinforced by the loan to value ratio at less than 35%.

RBA keeps rates at historical low – 2.5%

The low RBA cash rate continues to work in favour of the net borrowers at the expense of deposits. With no change expected in the cash rate in the near term (many economists have the view that there is a 50% chance that the cash rate may fall in the near term), the coupon, paid quarterly, offered by NTA Securities and backed with a first ranking security over the loan applicants’ company assets at a loan to value ratio of not greater than 65%, continues to offer an attractive alternative to eligible investors.


NTA Securities continues to receive requests for loan finance from corporate clients. Many of the businesses requesting loans are excellently managed and have substantial security which meets NTA’s security requirements.

Loan application demand continues to exceed NTA Securities’ capital.

We expect that this demand for loan finance from Australian corporate clients will continue in the medium to long term. The cash rate has been at 2.5%, a historical low, since August last year and the Reserve Bank’s July minutes show no sign of changing course in the near term.

The Reserve Bank reiterated “the most prudent course is likely to be a period of stability for interest rates”.

Investment Performance

                                         May 14     Jun 14      Jul 14
Coupon Series 1               0.79          0.76            0.79
Coupon Payment                                                2.34%
Benchmark*                                                         0.21%

*S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Interest 1-5 Year Index quarterly return as at 31 July 2014

Coupon Series 2      To be released soon


NTA is a Australian public company (unlisted) and is in the business of providing loan finance to approved corporate applicants.

Auditor: BDO Sydney
Trustee: Lowell Capital, Melbourne


Security is registered under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth).

Once a registration is correctly lodged electronically it is said to be perfected. Only on completion of this process will the funds be forwarded to the successful applicant.

A Note From Our Directors

NTA Securities is 100% committed to creating unique finance solutions to SMEs and fixed income investment solutions for Wholesale, SMSF, Family Office and Institutional investors. We want to hear from loyal customers like you. Follow us on Twitter at @ntasecurities and let us know what you think about our lending products and fixed income investments. Your feedback makes us better.

Thanks in advance,

— Lindsay, Stephen and Anthony.

Contact us now for more information on our next capital raise.

World Famous Shark Shield Opens U.S. Headquarters in Florida, Launches New Website

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (July 7, 2014) – After 12 years of leadership in the Australian market, Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically and independently tested electronic shark deterrent, is pleased to announce the opening of its first U.S. base in Tampa Bay, America’s water sports and spearfishing capital.

Shark Shield’s technology is based on more than 20 years of scientific research by some of the world’s leading shark experts and is used by the Australian Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard and professional divers and spear fishers around the world, among others. The company recently signed Tom Carroll, two-time World Surfing Champion, as its brand Ambassador in the surfing and stand-up paddle board markets.

“When looking for headquarters in the U.S., Tampa Bay was the perfect location, due to the increased popularity of ocean sports in the area,” said Amanda Wilson, General Manager of Shark Shield. “We want to make the ocean a safer place for those who enjoy its wonders and help continue the conservation efforts of ocean advocates.”

In addition to the introduction to the market, Shark Shield has launched a “capital campaign” and is seeking to raise $1.4 million by way of issuing 35,000 new shares. The funds will be used to aggressively grow the untapped U.S. market and launch an innovative product next year.

The three Shark Shield devices create an electronic shark barrier by using salt water as the conductor to produce an electromagnetic field that disturbs those vital (ampullary) receptors used by sharks to find food, communicate and find a mate. There are no known long-term effects to the shark from the electrical field, but the discomfort is enough to discourage interaction with humans. As a result, many professional divers and fishermen use Shark Shield as their most important piece of equipment.

Shark Shield is currently being sold in dive shops and outdoors/ocean equipment stores in Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The price of the products vary depending on model but, on average, retail $599 to $699.

About Shark Shield: Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent designed to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter. Shark Shield devices create a powerful electrical field which induces spasms in predatory shark’s highly sensitive electrical receptors. Shark Shield products are personal safety devices which provides peace of mind to enjoy your ocean sports, such as diving, kayaking, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, while supporting the conservation of sharks. For more information please visit

Bioactive Laboratories Closing their Fundraising Round Early

Bioactive Laboratories, a developer of a world first anti-inflammatory & pain relieving agent that is gentle to the stomach, closes their current fund raising campaign early.

Rick Ferdinands MD describes this fund raising experience: “Bioactive are grateful to the Wholesale Investor team; it’s the most effective platform to meet qualified investors in Australia. We are now able to close this fund raising campaign early and get on with business”.

As there are a number of investors who weren’t aware of the closure, Bioactive Laboratories have extended the deadline to Friday, 22nd August 2014.

As you can imagine with the strong response to the campaign, the company have already commenced the next stages of their strategic plan featuring the TGA registration completion, production trials and further customer engagement.

For those who could not make it to the Melbourne Showcase in July, you can view Rick’s presentation at

Zomia Resources’ Sakai Gold Project – A potential of 1 million ounces of gold identified

With the initial round of capital raisings complete Zomia Resources is now focusing on updating the previous feasibility studies on the Sakai Gold Project. Extensive mapping has been undertaken and a potential of 1 million ounces of gold has been identified beneath the current reserve of 150,000 ounces.

Further capital injection will allow testing the depths beneath the current reserve. We continue to invite interested investors to invest at the initial price of 10 cents per share with an attached option per share at 10 cents.

Zomia Resources has recently executed a legally binding transaction (Lao government approved) to acquire an initial 64% with the right to acquire up to 90% of the Sakai Gold Mine located 54km north-west of Vientiane. The project consists of a fully granted mining license running to 2018 and extendable to 2028.

Totally Environmental – CEO Interview

Totally Environmental has recently secured the IP for unique food composting technology from Sweden and merged with Kompost West AB, the producer of the award-winning, world-class organic food waste recycling machines installed in over 100 locations worldwide. In Australia alone, 4 million tonnes of food waste is directed to landfill each year. The byproduct of this is methane, an environment damaging gas 21 times more harmful than your car exhaust.

State Governments around Australia are seeking rapid and direct action. New South Wales announced its Waste and Resource Recovery Initiative for NSW; a $465.7 million package over 5 years to transform waste and recycling in NSW. This includes the $70 million ‘Organics Infrastructure Fund” and program. This infrastructure fund and incentive program aims to recover food from households and businesses. Totally Environmental has recently been approved by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority as an approved supplier, our customers are now eligible for multiple funding grants when purchasing our equipment under this scheme.

The product range features food composters that treat food waste “onsite at the client’s premises” reducing the volume of waste by up to 90% converting the remaining 10% into natural compost within 24hrs. The value proposition centres on environmental benefits as food waste diverted to landfill is reduced, and financial efficiencies as there is a lower requirement for the collection, cartage or disposal of the waste food. The financial value is enhanced as the output compost can be used by the client on their own grounds, or turned to a revenue stream as Totally Environmental can distribute through retail and wholesale channels.

Totally Environmental also has plans to also modulate its largest 2.5 tonne capacity per day machines and create larger small scale food waste processing plants capable of processing up to 15 tonnes of food waste per day. As part of the companies 18 month roll out plan across Australia and New Zealand the company is setting up a new assembly factory in Tullamarine, Melbourne to support its planned rapid growth strategy. The company is establishing its own Export Division in early 2016 to deliver its technology globally.

Please listen to Cliff Benns, Managing Director.

University of Melbourne joins with CMB to launch innovative programme for young Australian entrepreneur

CMB Capital is excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership with the University of Melbourne’s MAP (Melbourne Accelerator Program) to help young entrepreneurs. The partnership, called the Ingenium Cadetship, offers students the opportunity to take part in a 12 week paid program. The program places them in 3 rotations through CMB and its 12 portfolio companies to learn from some of the best Australian and New Zealand startup entrepreneurs. Each student chosen will also be paid $12,000 and have the chance to pitch their startup business to a group of investors at the end of the program. If successful, CMB will also lead a seed funding round for them.

Having just completed the initial rotation over July, the program has exceeded all of our expectations. Some of the highlights and experience gained by the cadets include:

  • Both cadets who spent 3 weeks with the Roller team in Melbourne (Liam and Kishan) were offered part time business development roles and have been responsible for generating significant revenue for Roller
  • Shahed, who spent his 3 week winter rotation at CMB’s Sydney head office has had the opportunity to sit in on pitch presentations to high net worth investors for 2 different companies that CMB is looking to invest in
  • The cadets had the opportunity to spend 2 hours with Andy Sheats, the CEO of, to discuss his experience and insights into creating and building a business
  • CMB has held a number of master classes for the cadets to help prepare them fine tune their pitch presentations as well as plan for the growth and expansion of their start up businesses

There will be a 3 week rotation in the lead up to Christmas and a 3 week rotation in January before the cadets have 2 weeks to focus on preparing for the pitch day to be held in mid February 2015. If you would like to more information or are keen to be involved with the program, please let me know.

CMB wants to take the lead in giving young Australian entrepreneurs a leg up. We have had excellent feedback from major Australian corporates (including a number of CMB advisory clients) and hope to expand the program for corporate clients next year.

Australian Companies Excel at the Singapore Showcase Lunch

Wholesale Investor is pleased to announce that Singapore Showcase Lunch on Friday, July 25th was a tremendous success!

With investors coming to the event from different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, the attendees far exceeded our initial expectations. The number of investors in the room was also complemented by the quality of the companies presenting.

We would like to thank our corporate & support partners PwC, DLA Piper, NZTE, Bansea, Austrade & the Australian High Commission for their continuing support. We would also like to thank the companies who presented and all of the attendees for being a part of one of our biggest showcases to date.

A particular congratulations must go to Austrade and the Australian High Commission for hosting a Cocktail Party at the Residence of the Australian High Commissioner on Thursday, the 24th of July. This event was a great opportunity for the companies to meet and network with private investors and investment groups leading up to the showcase presentations held on the next day.

If you would like to be a part of our next event in Singapore, as an investor, presenter or support partner, then please email James Campbell at for further information.

Folkestone Fund Acquires Development Land for New Residential Masterplanned Community

Folkestone is pleased to announce that it has established the Folkestone Truganina Development Fund which has acquired an 80% interest in a 52.5 hectare residential master planned community in Truganina (“Project”), one of Melbourne’s fastest growing areas.

The Fund will develop, in joint venture with ID_Land (20% of the Project), approximately 680 residential lots and a 3.1ha town centre on land at Doherty’s Road, Truganina1. ID_Land will manage the delivery of the Project on behalf of the joint venture.

Truganina is located approximately 20 kilometres west of the Melbourne CBD in Melbourne’s Western Growth Corridor. Truganina is part of the City of Wyndham, which is the fourth fastest growing LGA in Australia2.

The Project is strategically located along Doherty’s Road, and is located less than 1.5 kilometres from the new Tarneit railway station which is due to open when the new Regional Rail Link becomes operational. Truganina also provides easy access to the Princes and Western Freeways linking the west with the CBD and major employment zones.

The Project is located within the Truganina Precinct Structure Plan (“PSP”) which is awaiting approval by the Metropolitan Planning Authority and the Victorian Minister for Planning, following the completion in April 2014 of an Independent Panel Report into the PSP3.

The Project is being acquired on a staged settlement basis with a series of payments required between now and 2016.

Folkestone is underwriting the Fund offer of $18.25m. Folkestone will retain a co-investment of 20% of the Fund ($3.65m) following completion of the third party capital raising which will commence after the PSP has been approved by the Minister.

Mr Greg Paramor, Managing Director, Folkestone said “the Truganina Project provides exposure to the fast growing western corridor of Melbourne. We believe the affordable price point for the residential lots, together with its proximity to the Melbourne CBD, access to major freeways and the new Regional Rail Link, and the major employment zones in the western corridor should underpin the demand for our Project over the coming years.”

“We are delighted, once again, to be joint venturing with ID_Land, following the success of our Potters Grove, Officer project in the south-east growth corridor of Melbourne. ID_Land is one of Melbourne’s most innovative and dynamic developers who specialise in land sub-division and medium density development” said Mr Paramor.

This is the third development fund launched by Folkestone and our first residential land sub-division development fund. This is consistent with Folkestone’s strategy of providing quality real estate investment opportunities via both income and development funds for our clients.

For further information contact:

Managing Director

Head of Real Estate

Ai-Media Expands with Melbourne Office


Ai-Media Expands with Melbourne Office

4 August 2014

Speech-to-text innovator Ai-Media has strengthened its service capability by adding a Melbourne office to its growing national and global operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and London.

Ai-Media CEO Tony Abrahams said: “Our investment in Melbourne is an important milestone in our global expansion. We are delighted to be able to additionally service our broadcast, education, corporate and government clients from this dynamic city.”

Senator The Hon Mitch Fifield, Assistant Minister for Social Services, welcomed the investment. “I’ve long been a supporter of innovation in disability and co-sponsored a motion in the Senate in 2011 in support of the sort of work that Ai-Media does. It’s been great to see captions move from television into education and benefit people beyond those with a hearing impairment, including autism, English as an additional language and also for teacher improvement…. Ai-Media is a great business,” he said by video at the office opening.

Associate Professor Janet Clinton of the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education said: “We have enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with Ai-Media investigating opportunities to use speech-to-text to improve teaching and learning. Ai-Media’s Melbourne office cements this relationship for us.”

Professor John Hattie, Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, sees a big potential benefit from using Ai-Media’s technology in school classrooms: “Providing classroom transcripts facilitates feedback to teachers that is meaningful, in real-time, and impact-focused. Teachers have an opportunity to evaluate their teaching, and grow from the evidence of impact.”

Ai-Media provides captioning for television broadcasters including Foxtel, Nine Network Australia, Fox Sports, Australian News Channel (Sky News), and innovative teacher training and education solutions for schools and universities through its Ai-Live and Visible Classroom products.

Tony Abrahams, Ai-Media CEO

RAW Capital Partners Quarterly Update: Q2 2014

Following on from the Q1 2014 performance of +6.38%, the RAW Alpha Fund declined 1.38% during an essentially flat second
quarter. During the quarter, modest gains in Equities and Bonds were insufficient to offset losses in Currencies and Commodities. Weekly and monthly Fund performance during the period was characterised by low volatility. Overall, returns were consistent with other funds offering exposure to global macro themes, but lagged the more volatile trend-following peers.

To read the full update please download the document below.

Lypanosys’ Eczema Treatment, the new Breakthrough in Dermatology

The prevalence of Eczema worldwide is high and growing.   In Australia alone GPs treat 1.8 million cases of eczema per year.  In the US, approximately 10% or 35 million people suffer from the disease at some stage in their lives and many of these suffer on an ongoing basis. With no effective products available for the convenient, safe and chronic treatment of Eczema this is one of the largest unmet market opportunities in dermatology today.

Lypanosys, a New Zealand drug development company, has demonstrated it has a breakthrough that would disrupt this growing and global market segment.  Andrew Turnbull, Managing Director of Lypanosys, outlines the discovery, “Our lead compound, LYP-010 is a naturally derived product that is being developed as a safe, oral product for the treatment of Eczema.  The current main treatments used by the medical profession are topical steroids and topical calcineurin inhibitors.  These have unpleasant side effects or safety concerns, especially in the long term treatment of sufferers. They are also topical which makes them messy and awkward to apply resulting in poor compliance.”

Convenient, safe and chronic treatment of Eczema

Topical treatments are not regarded as an optimal solution.  The diligence required to apply creams to all affected areas twice a day is unrealistic for many patients and parents of children who suffer from eczema find this very difficult to manage.  “The practicalities of this contribute to the high levels of non-compliance for topical treatments which substantially reduce the effectiveness.  With LYP-010, the treatment is a simple to take oral product and is formulated as a cherry flavoured suspension for children or a capsule for adults.” said Mr Turnbull.

Convenience affects compliance which drives effectiveness but the primary issue facing users is safety.  “Strong steroids can only be used in short bursts to avoid the effects of long term use.  For children, who represent a major segment of the market, there are particular concerns about the safety of these treatments.”

Eczema is an immune system disorder and not just a dermatological problem. Topical treatments only treat the symptoms at the specific site where the ointment or cream is applied but they don’t deal with the underlying immune system issue.  “LYP-010 has the ideal product profile treating the disease systemically with a simple, convenient, oral delivery. Also because it is naturally derived with a history of use as a dietary supplement its safety profile is ideal and much, much better than newer immune system treatments for eczema such as calcineurin inhibitors. There are significant concerns about possible links to cancer with these.”  To this effect, LYP-010 represents a novel product that will be very well received in this market segment.

Capitalising on the market opportunity for Lypanosys

In the US alone, the sales potential for the product is conservatively estimated at more than US$700m per year.  To bring this breakthrough product to market Lypanosys plans to build on the results and body of work from its Phase 2a and earlier studies. “We have completed the preparatory work and clinical trials required by the US FDA and have some good results from a small Phase 2a pilot study.  Now is the time to fund a definitive Phase 2b study to further validate the product’s safety and to prove its effectiveness.  This study is sized for statistically significant efficacy using the results and information from all the other work and is the culmination of more than 6 years of preparatory effort and significant levels of funding. We are very confident that this study will be successful and if so it is likely to lead to the licensing or sale of the rights to this product globally.”

Because of all the preparatory work already completed the safety, efficacy and regulatory risks are largely mitigated. The company is confident that there is a good opportunity for a very good return for investors in a short timeframe. “The investment proposition has been well received with sophisticated investors on the Wholesale Investor platform. We expect to be able to deliver the results from the Phase 2b study within 18 months of funding and expect a licensing deal with a major Pharma or Dermatology company within 2 years of funding.”

With Venture and Pharma Industry veterans backing the company, there is a realistic prospect that Lypanosys can be strong candidate for an exit event supported by multiple market precedents. “Comparable deals in Dermatology support a license deal with a total value well in excess of $200m.  But for us it is also very rewarding to be working on a product that is likely to have such a significant and positive impact on eczema sufferers worldwide.”

Insync Global Titans Fund – June 2014

Key Points: Insync Global Titans Fund

  • Boutique Sydney-based fund manager established in 2009 with an investment team of 3, with additional input from the CEO who is responsible for all operational, risk and compliance management.
  • The Global Titans Fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of 15-30 stocks, targeting exceptional, large cap global companies with a strong focus on valuation and downside protection.
  • Portfolio selection is driven by a core strategy of investing in companies with sustainable growth in dividends, high returns on capital, positive free cash flows and strong balance sheets.
  • Emphasis on limiting downside risk through extensive company research, the ability to hold cash and long protective index put options.
  • Strong longer term track records against cash and MSCI ($A) benchmarks, with limited drawdowns.
  • The Fund is available to retail investors with a PDS dated Sept 2013.

To view the full monthly fund review please download the document below.

Australian High Commission – Singapore promotes: Wholesale Investor Singapore Showcase Lunch

Source: The Australian High Commission Singapore; Published: Thursday 24 July 2014

Wholesale Investor, Australia’s leading private investment platform, will host the Singapore Showcase Lunch 2014 in Singapore on Friday July 25.

Presented in association with principal support partners PwC, DLA Piper, NZTE, Australian High Commission, Austrade and BANSEA; the Showcase will provide over 200 Family offices, High Net Worth and Professional Investors with the opportunity to gain direct access to 12 high growth Private, Pre-IPO and ASX Listed Companies in the Internet, Life Sciences, Cleantech, Technology, Financial Services, Aviation, Property, Aquaculture and Agriculture sectors in one afternoon.

“We are proud to be showcasing 12 leading Australian companies in Singapore. With over 200 registrations for the event, it demonstrates that Singaporean Investors are keen to discover and gain access to the innovation coming out of Australia,” said Steve Torso, Managing Director of Wholesale Investor.

Through its annual hosting of up to 15 events across Australia, Wholesale Investor showcases over 120 companies to a targeted audience. Hosting events in New Zealand and now Singapore, has shown that Wholesale Investor can bridge the gap between local companies and International Investors and Family Offices.

3 examples of the companies being featured are:

MBD Energy Ltd - Multi-faceted environmental company with blue chip strategic partnerships

MBD provides environmental waste management solutions with an emphasis on the clean-up of industrially contaminated waste water to comply with government mandated waste water licensing controls in jurisdictions across the Asia Pacific region.

The company’s technologies, based on the natural bioremediation properties of algae, provide environmental clean-up solutions across a wide range of applications, ranging from heavy metals from power stations and minerals processing, through to waste nutrients from aquaculture and farming. In addition to selling cost-effective industrial waste water solutions, MBD targets the conversion of large volumes of associated algal biomass into commercially viable products including fuel, feed, fertilisers and pigments – and is currently building major projects with blue-chip partners and clients in China, Thailand and Australia.

Australian Seafood Investments Ltd - Pre ASX Listed Offering -Established lobster processing business averaging $18m turnover annually with a distribution licence in China

Australian Seafood Investments Limited (“ASI”) has entered into an agreement to acquire control of a long established family-owned, South Australian-based live lobster processing business which currently exports 90% of its product to China. ASI holds a dominant position in the South Australian Southern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery with 30% of TACC.

Significant growth opportunities are available to it through the sourcing of incremental lobster volume in other Australian Fisheries (States) and expansion into other premium live seafood species suitable for the Chinese market. The company holds an important Seafood Import and Food Distribution License in China enabling it to sell direct to the rapidly emerging retail and hospitality sectors at higher margins.

Long Pipes Pty Ltd - Long life, gas approved and cost-effective pipeline technology with a rapid production rate

Long Pipes has developed the Fluid HighwayTM. This is a light, efficient and durable, impermeable, (does not leak gas), pipeline technology that is manufactured at a rapid rate in the field with no joints or welds required. The composite pipe is strong, flexible and able to withstand extreme temperature variations and high pressure.

The Fluid HighwayTM is a demonstrated, cost-effective technology that has the potential to challenge the global steel, high density polyethylene and fibreglass pipeline industries and become the material of choice for oil, gas, water slurry and hydro transportation networks.


Date: Friday 25 July 2014
Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Venue: Hilton Hotel, 581 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238883
Catering: Lunch and drinks will be supplied throughout the event
Cost: This is a free event for Family Offices, Sophisticated and Accredited Investors, Stock Brokers and Fund Managers

To register for the Singapore Showcase Lunch 2014, please go to:

To view the full release please click here.

Nanuk Asset Management June 2014 Report


The Fund reported a gain of 1.2% in June which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 14.8% and a 2-year rolling return of 14.5% p.a.

As mentioned in past investor letters, despite the broad underperformance across solar and LED stocks in recent months we have retained a high level of conviction given the strong fundamentals that we believe they displayed. However, during June the Fund benefited significantly via its long positions across these sectors, with a holding in SolarCity (who’s Chairman, Elon Musk, is also CEO of Tesla) being a particularly strong contributor to the Fund.

For some further insights into why we remain confident in the long-term outlook for solar and as well other forms of clean energy, please find a very useful summary of the 2030 Market Outlook here published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which outlines how they believe the world’s power mix will evolve from the present to 2030.

Despite further positive catalysts emerging across clean energy and energy efficiency technologies we do see a correction across broader equity markets as a distinct possibility in the second half of the year. As a result, the Fund’s net exposure remains low, even relative to the long-term average of approximately 15% net long.

For some additional thoughts on recent IPOs of renewable energy owning ‘YieldCos’ as well as details on a multi gigawatt scale manufacturing plant set to be built in the US, please read our Monthly Report – June 2014, which is attached. A final piece of reading that may be of interest is ‘The Coming Climate Crash Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession’ written by the ex-Goldman Sachs Chairman and Republican Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, which can be found here

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.


Andrew Kleinig
Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Totus Alpha Fund Performance Summary – June 2014

Dear All,

Please find attached the June 2014 performance summary for the Totus Alpha Fund.

Founder’s series units were down 3.0% (post fees) in May taking performance for the 2014 financial year to 28.5% (net of fees). The broader market (ASX 300 including dividends) fell 1.4% over the month (up 17.3% for the 2014 financial year to June).

If you have any questions about the fund or would like a meeting to discuss it please let me know.


Ben McGarry
Portfolio Manager

New tool can protect local divers from shark attacks

Source: ABC Action News; Published: Tuesday, 15th July 2014

Shark Shield comes from a company that’s been based in Australia for the past dozen years but has recently set up shop in St. Petersburg.

“The bay area and the Gulf of Mexico has a lot of shark activity that we’ve seen increasing in the past three to five years, so there’s a demand for the product,” said Amanda Wilson, general manager of Shark Shield,
Shark Shield was a hit in Australia, where it was invented. Now Wilson hopes it will find users in the United States, where there is an active spear fishing community as well as commercial and leisure divers.
To watch the full story on ABC please click here.

Investors Central – Empowering borrowers with personalised auto-finance Australia-wide

Finance One specialises in lending to clients who fall outside the main stream lenders. Simple errors such as the failure to pay a phone bill on time all the way to bankruptcy, there are many ways why individuals have acquired a poor credit history, however, each person experiences difficulty in obtaining satisfactory credit.

Jamie McGeachie, Managing Director at Finance One, a national provider of auto finance, highlights the growing customer problem “There are entire sections of the community that are deemed unacceptable credit risks.  We empower those who are now no longer recognised by the financial system but have the stability, substance and capability to pay.”

Recognising the difference between borrowers

Finance One specialises in lending to tier one individuals who have fallen temporarily from their premium credit histories.  Mr McGeachie highlights why this market deserves to be serviced; “Unlike the big lenders, we believe that a poor credit history should not exclude you from obtaining credit forever. Provided applicants can demonstrate to us that their financial situation has stabilised over time and that they have sufficient cash flow to make their loan repayments, we can approve the loan.”

There is pent-up demand in this segment for auto finance.  “Feedback we have received from our broker network is that this could be placed very quickly with high quality borrowers at low risk”, continued Mr McGeachie. Finance One has a nationwide network of 320 brokers with activity predominantly from Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Regional NSW. “We receive between 400 and 600 applications per month from our broker network. Due to our rigorous selection criteria only one in five are approved for finance but even with this conservatism, we have increased from $13M under loan management to $21.2M in 12 months.  A 63% increase demonstrates the demand is persistent.”

A traditional approach to credit management

Finance One has developed lending policies to promote responsible lending and has implemented loan management procedures to mitigate the risks associated with borrower defaults. “Our rigorous risk management policies were developed since our core team started lending in this industry in 1997. This ensures funds are distributed to suitable candidates who meet our lending criteria. Our internal systems ensure our clients are micro-managed through the life of their loan.”  Finance One allocates a dedicated customer service person to manage the relationship and build long term rapport with our borrowers. “Because of this approach our defaults are about half the industry average.  Engaging with the client empowers them, and facilitating motor vehicle ownership is the end goal.”  The old approach to finance where lending is personalised is again the new approach with a face given to the facility.

Growing investor demand

With millions of Australians looking for credit in the auto finance sector, this represents a growing opportunity for lenders like Finance One.

Investors Central Limited is an unlisted public company which is the fundraising arm of the Finance One business, a wholly owned subsidiary.  Investors Central has seen strong interest from investors from around the country looking for a high-yield, asset backed security.  “The demand for this kind of product is self-evident.  With terms starting at 11% per annum and interest income paid in monthly instalments, investors are receiving exposure to a secure investment”.  Investors Central paid $2.7M in interest payments to investors last financial year, almost double the previous year.

“Under our new prospectus we are seeking to raise up to $25M over the coming 13 months to finance the demand from brokers nationwide.  Along with our current funds under management, and the fact we reinvest 100% of our profits into our loan book, we are targeting $40M in funds under management at the completion of this financing round and there is demand to sustain this investment.”  The outlook for 2014 and beyond is that the auto industry demand is anticipated to be bullish and Finance One is positioned to capitalise on this with Investors Central driving returns to investors.

China-based anti-counterfeit App maker YPB Group set for ASX-listing

Source: The Australian Financial Review; Published: Monday, 14th July 2014

YPB Group, a company that is making a smartphone App to help Chinese consumers spot fakes by authenticating branded products as genuine, has managed to get its plans for a backdoor listing on the Australian Securities Exchange over the line.

The company, which had been seeking to raise up to $6 million by June 30 needed an extension of time but closed the offer on Friday July 11 having secured $3.7 million, pipping the minimum $3 million needed for the float to proceed. A final listing date is yet to be set but it is expected to be before the end of the month.

According to a statement from the company the greater-Asian anti-counterfeit authentication market is currently valued at $US14 billion ($14.91 billion) per annum and growing at a rate of 20 per cent each year.

At listing, the company will have an indicative market capitalisation of just over $20 million.

To view to full article please click here.

Revolutionary Anti-Counterfeit Tracer Technology Company, YPB Group Highlights Expansion Plans After Its ASX Listing

Counterfeiting has become pervasive worldwide.  Bottled water, milk, shampoo and medication all form part of the $1.7tn counterfeit goods market, and have all been the subject of high profile seized shipments in Asia in recent times.  However, this is not a victimless crime with between 200,000 & 300,000 dying annually from fake pharmaceuticals in China highlighting there is a serious human element to this megatrend.

Product integrity is critical for the maintenance of public health and consumer confidence.  Over US$80 Billion spent fighting counterfeiting worldwide, with US$14 billion spent in Asia alone, to maintain integrity and reduce counterfeiting.

The current incumbent technology is the RFID chip but has several drawbacks. John Houston, Managing Director and Founder of YPB Group explains “RFID is a physical product – it can be removed, destroyed and tampered with.  It is also unsuitable for the FMCG market where margins are tight and solutions have to be at least 90% cheaper.

YPB Tracer Technology

YPB is the only company licensed in China that sells invisible tracer solutions to fight counterfeiting. “Our patent-protected tracer technology is a game-changer in the industry.  It’s a solution that can be applied to any product, which can then be scanned using the YPB Scanner.  If a user gets a green light, they know it’s genuine.” YPB’s technology works for the Brand Owner, but is also viable for consumers with the YPB revolutionary iPhone app.  “It’s low-cost, invisible, indestructible and easy to introduce to the supply chain, all this and still maintains a gross margin of up to 90%.  It is the ideal product for this market”, continued Houston on the technology that has had $10M invested into from inception to today’s position from the founder and private investors.

Investment has gone to operational and sales infrastructure in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.  With this investment, YPB has nine contracts in place, which lock in 3 -5 years of recurring revenue with low ongoing costs.  In such areas as food packaging, textiles, electrical equipment, cigarette packaging, security printing demonstrates the diversity of the product.

ASX Listing Funding the International Growth Strategy

YPB Group is due to be listed on the ASX in late July.  Funds raised from the IPO allow YPB to commence the expansion of its Pan Asian footprint, as well as source further distributors in Asia, US and Australia to add to the existing European distributor.  This provides a platform for creating significant shareholder value through strong & reliable cash flows on a global scale.

YPB plans to go direct to consumer with its patent pending mobile app that can scans tracer-enabled barcodes to determine legitimacy.  This provides the potential to arm over 500 million smartphone-using consumers with anti-counterfeit tools in China.  This positions as an exciting high growth, global business in hands of consumers worldwide.

As an experienced international entrepreneur, John Houston he has successfully grown and exited a number of companies including turning around and selling Inter-touch for US$70million cash at 70x EBITDA to NTT DoCoMo of Japan plus building and running huge mobile phone Companies around the world for Hutchison and Orange.  He was looking for the next big opportunity, which he found in YPB  “Long term growth stories are rare, but YPB’s anti-counterfeit technology ensures we can capitalise on this mega-trend and deliver investment returns for many years.”

Raw Global Alpha Fund – June 2014 Monthly Report

Attached is our monthly performance report for the RAW Global Alpha Fund, formerly known as the RAW Alpha Systematic
Fund 1, for June 2014.

Additionally, I am delighted to announce that we have just launched a new and exciting range of funds. The new funds enable
us to offer a range of complimentary investment solutions with a range of risk and return profiles which cover all of the major asset classes.

The investment solutions now offered by RAW Capital Partners are as follows:

Fund Name Investment Objective  Target Annualised Return  Total Ongoing Charge* 
RAW Cash Deposit Fund  The Fund invests solely in a range of bank deposits with high quality institutional counterparties. There is no yield enhancement through derivatives or structured products. One month GBP, USD and EUR LIBOR, respectively, by 0.50% per annum before fees on any rolling 12 month basis.



RAW UK Gilt Fund The Fund provides diversified exposure to an actively managed portfolio of UK Gilts with differing maturity profiles, provided in a simple and convenient format and delivered at a low cost to the investor. The aim of the Fund is to outperform the FTSE Actuaries Government Securities UK Gilts All Stock Index on a total return basis by 0.20% per annum before fees over rolling three year periods.



RAW UK Balanced Fund The Fund invests in multiple strategies which offer investors diversified exposure to bank cash deposits, UK government bonds, UK equities, and international bonds, equities, currencies and commodities. 5-7% per annum total return before fees on any rolling three year basis.

From 0.45%

RAW UK Equity Fund The Fund seeks to maximise investment returns in rising markets and to help preserve capital in falling markets by investing in a portfolio of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. 8-10% per annum total return before fees on any rolling three year basis.

From 0.45%

RAW Global Alpha Fund The Fund seeks opportunities on a global basis via exposure to approximately 120 global futures markets. 8-12% per annum total return before fees on any rolling three year basis.



*The ongoing charge represents the total costs associated with running each Fund. Charges are deducted from the assets of each Fund and covers all aspects of operating the Fund during the year, including fees paid for investment management, administration, custody and the independent oversight function. The ongoing charge excludes the costs associated with buying and selling assets for the Fund. In respect of the RAW UK Equity Fund and the RAW Global Alpha Fund, the ongoing charge does not include any performance fees, where applicable.

I have taken this opportunity to attach explanatory factsheets for each of the funds. However, if you would like more detailed information, I would be delighted to assist.


Kind regards,

Richard Avery-Wright
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Lypanosys Ltd – CEO Interview

Lypanosys is a drug development company. The company’s lead compound, LYP-010, is a naturally derived, fatty acid based, product that is being developed as a safe, oral (capsule and oral suspension) product for the treatment of Eczema.

There are currently no products available for convenient, safe and chronic treatment of Eczema and with around 10% of the US population suffering from the disease this is one of the largest unmet market opportunities in dermatology today. The market opportunity has been extensively and independently validated with primary research and peak sales in the US alone are estimated at more than $700m.

The company has an open Investigational New Drug dossier (IND) with the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA), has completed Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) work, toxicology, Phase 1 and Pharmacokinetic studies as well as a pilot Phase 2a study. The Phase 2b study in adults has been agreed by the FDA and approved by a central ethics committee in the US. The centres have been identified and the study is ready to go – pending funding.

Several Pharmaceutical and Dermatology companies have indicated that they would like to license or acquire this product following the successful completion of this study. Comparable deals in Dermatology support a license deal with a total value well in excess of $200m. We expect to be able to deliver the results from this study within 18 months of funding and expect to have agreed a licensing deal or trade sale with a major Pharma or Dermatology company within 2 years of funding.

Please listen to Andrew Turnbull, Director and CEO.

Investors Central Ltd – CEO Interview

Investors Central was established to raise capital to fund the expansion of our automotive lending business, Finance One. Since 2010, Finance One has specialised in lending to an industry sector which has up to 4 million Australian’s looking for credit.

Finance One writes loans from $5,000 to $50,000 with the loan book currently at $20.9M. The business has enjoyed steady growth and continues to grow through relationships with an expanding network of finance brokers.

Over the past four years Investors Central has delivered consistent steady growth in both revenue and profit. This has allowed us to continually attract new investors as we grow and pay them fixed interest returns from 11% to 16% through redeemable preference share issues.

To hear the latest on Investors Central straight from the source, please listen to Jamie McGeachie, Chairman / Managing Director.

Sky Investment Strategy Performance Update – June 2014

Dear Investor,

During June the Sky Investment Strategy returned -4.6%. For the twenty six months ended 30 June 2014 the strategy generated an 84.1% return.

Please click the link below to view the Sky Investment Strategy June 2014 Performance Update.

Sky Investment Strategy June 2014 Performance Update

If you would like more information about the strategy please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alex Shevelev
Sky Funds Management

Former Toyota Australia chief John Conomos to float car radio app firm Connexion Media

Source: BRW; Published: Wednesday, 02 July 2014

John Conomos, the former head of ­Toyota Australia, has bemoaned the lack of entrepreneurial culture in ­Australia as he prepares to become chairman of a company that hopes to have its internet radio application installed in vehicles built by General Motors around the globe.

At a time when Ford, General Motors-Holden and Toyota are all ­preparing to shut down their ­car-making operations in Australia over the next three years, the only answer for the remaining car ­component makers who rely on them is to try to become part of their global supply chains.

Original article can be viewed on the BRW website, clicking here

Coretrack Limited is acquiring new oil well technology

Source: ProactiveInvestors; Published: Monday, 30 June 2014

Coretrack Limited (ASX:CKK) has received strong results from independent third party expert laboratory testing undertaken on a new batch of Ecopropp proppants, which are required during fracking operations.

These proppants are expected to produce good flow rates from deep oil and gas wells in comparison to others on the market.

Coretrack has agreed to acquire Ecopropp subject to certain conditions precedent being met and Ecopropp meeting an agreed milestone.

The tests, which were conducted by US based Global Energy Laboratories show exceptionally high pressure thresholds for the
Ecopropp proppants.

The aim of the tests was to determine whether the new mix design with significantly reduced bauxite had a marked effect
on compressive strength.

Testing at 14 000 PSI resulted in 8% of the proppant being crushed compared to the ISO standard of 10% at 4,000 PSI.

A crush ratio of less than 10% is the generally accepted market threshold which means the Ecopropp proppant could potentially test at even greater strengths than 14000 PSI.

Whilst most traditional proppants are manufactured from clay and bauxite, Ecopropp have developed a proppant made mostly from the bi-product of coal fired power stations, flyash, which is mixed with a small amount of bauxite and other materials.

In a secondary test designed to determine the bulk density of the Ecopropp proppant, a reading of just 1.45 grams per cubic centimetre was returned.

This result is significantly below that of some of the major proppant market participants and should deliver cost savings
to Ecopropp customers because it will result in a higher volume of proppant being delivered for an equivalent weight.

Ceramic Proppants are a sand like commodity that are often the single most expensive cost item when hydraulic fracturing a unconventional oil and gas well.

Connexion Media Offering Attracting Interest – Offer Ends Soon

Media Release, 17 June 2014

Technology company Connexion Media Limited (ASX:CXZ) is on track to raise up to $6 million through its public offering, which should see it re-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The funds will be used to purchase Miroamer Pty Ltd and its technology that caters to the web-connected vehicle market, in particular Internet connected software services and data analytical services.

It has an agreement with General Motors relating to its Internet radio product, which allows the consumer to listen to AM/FM radio stations from around the world. General Motors produces around 8.5 million vehicles a year.

Miroamer chief executive Mr George Parthimos said the company had received several significant commitments, including a major investment from Mac Equity, a Perth-based investment firm.

“Investors are excited about our technology, not just in the growing internet radio streaming market, but the potential of the vehicle data analytics collection and subsequent on-sale to business partners,” Mr Parthimos said.

“We are a global player in supplying software services to the connected car market. We are seen as punching above our weight with our multi-award winning technology.

“We have established a strong management group and have solid agreements with the key partners in the global connected vehicle market.”

Connexion Media is offering 30 million shares at 20 cents each, to raise up to $6 million. There is a minimum subscription of $3 million. Lead manager for the Issue is Phillip Capital Limited.

The Offer closes on 3 July 2014 and the company expects to list on the Australian Stock Exchange on 24 July 2014.

Former Toyota Australia Emeritus Chairman John Conomos will be independent chairman of Connexion Media. He will be joined on the Board by former Internode CFO Sean Hapgood.

Further Information
George Parthimos

Shark Attacks Expected to Rise This Summer

Source: Discovery News; Published: Monday, 23 June 2014

U.S. beach goers beware: Shark experts predict that there will be more shark attacks this summer than last, affecting the estimated 200 million people who visit American beaches each year.

The predicted rise is due to three primary reasons, according to George Burgess, who is director of the Florida Program for Shark Research.

“Each year, more people are going into the water,” Burgess told Discovery News, explaining that more people inherently leads to greater chances for shark encounters. “We’re also seeing a rise in numbers of sharks on both coasts.”

The third reason, he said, is that “global climate change has resulted in warmer waters to the north, prompting humans to enter waters earlier in the season, staying in them later” and over an expanded range.

According to the International Shark Attack File, there were 27 shark attacks in U.S. waters last summer. Five of those happened off the shores of Hawaii, with one of the attacks causing a fatality.

Both people and great white sharks love Hawaiian waters, not to mention other U.S. coastal waters. Burgess and his colleagues recently conducted a survey of great white shark populations and found that they are growing.

This is actually good news, because apex predators like great whites signal how the rest of the marine ecosystem is doing.

“If something is wrong with the largest, most powerful group in the sea, then something is wrong with the sea, so it’s a relief to find they’re in good shape,” Burgess said, crediting U.S. regulatory agencies and their conservation measures for the shark population uptick.

Heidi Dewar, a National Marine Fisheries Service research biologist, added, “We determined there were enough animals that there was a low to very low risk of extinction and, in fact, most developments suggest an increasing population.”

Burgess shared that blacktip and spinner sharks are also “doing quite well” with numbers showing that their populations “are reasonably healthy.”

These sharks aren’t seeking out human prey. Like all animals, they become accustomed to a particular diet. In their case, it typically includes fish, seals, sea lions and other marine mammals.

When visibility is poor, however, and someone is out splashing and kicking, it’s not hard to see how a hungry shark could become confused.

“Remember that when you’re in the water off of beaches you are entering a sea wilderness experience,” Burgess said. “Sharks are out there making a living.”

He said that there are simple things beach goers can do to reduce their chances of experiencing a shark attack.

“Stay in groups,” he advised. “Sharks look for solitary prey. Also, stay out of the water between dusk and dawn, when sharks are most active. Go for a sunset walk on the beach and not a swim.”

He continued that people should avoid entering waters around sandbars, steep drop-offs, estuary inlets, river mouths and lagoons. Fish tend to concentrate in these areas, drawing sharks like a loud dinner bell.

Finally, be careful what you wear. Specifically, avoid wearing shiny jewelry at the beach.

Metal and certain other jewelry can reflect up to 99 percent of the light that it receives. The sheen, Burgess explained, can look like shining fish scales, making the wearer look like a giant fish to sharks on the prowl.

CricHQ appoints new director of digital sales and marketing for the Indian market

Source: Indian Television; Published: Thursday, 26 June 2014

MUMBAI: CricHQ, a cricket technology company is on an expansion spree. The company, which is looking at expanding its executive team in India has appointed Karthik Ramanujam as director of digital sales and marketing for the India market.

Ramanujam brings with him over 16 years of experience in ad sales, content and digital marketing, with earlier stints at NDTV Media, Sony Entertainment Television, Ten Sports, Vdopia and Qyuki Digital Media. In his current role, he will support global sales and user acquisition for CricHQ’s online and mobile platforms.

CricHQ CEO Simon Baker said, “We are very bullish about the Indian market opportunity and are building a strong team here to take full advantage of this opportunity. Karthik’s appointment is a significant boost for CricHQ’s India operations and it also sets the stage for more senior level hires in the near future.”

The company plans to hire 15 professionals for its corporate office in Bangalore in the next few months, which are in addition to over 70 professionals currently employed in India. CricHQ currently has presence in Chennai and Kochi. The Chennai office has 50 employees engaged in product development and data capture and analysis; whereas the Kochi office focuses on CricHQ’s global operations. The company aims to expand its India head count to over 400 employees in the next three years.

Bioactive Laboratories Pty Ltd – CEO Interview

Bioactive Laboratories specialises in plant based solutions for human health.

They have developed the first anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent that is gentle to the stomach. Studies show it rivals the drug efficacy and strength of NSAIDs such as Voltaren, without digestive side effects.

Global market sectors worth an estimated $560Billion annually make anti-inflammatories & pain agents the most widely used of all drugs and complementary medicines.

A faster route to market exists, than traditional biotech via the booming Complementary Medicine market to supply bulk powders & extracts.

Profitability within four years is predicted via a conservative financial model. This hybrid complementary medicine/drug development business model, suggests self funding for the development pipeline that includes drug candidates & revolutionary plant based solutions for type-2 diabetes.

Customers such as pharmaceutical & complementary medicine companies have been approached and are anxious to gain access.

To hear the latest on Bioactive Laboratories straight from the source, please listen to Rick Ferdinands, Founder & MD.

ETRAIN Interactive – Engaging and effective training solutions for capital intensive industries

Training has become an integral part of the workplace.  Increased Occupational Health & Safety requirements, together with a growing need for highly skilled labour, have seen an increase in demand for quality training.

For industries such as mining and construction, traditional learning in classrooms is ineffective and costly.   To reduce costs, companies are increasingly turning to eLearning. However, the market is saturated with text-based solutions that provide an incomplete solution.  “With capital-intensive, location-based industries such as mining, it is critical that learners can implement their learning from day one.  Text-based training, particularly in the trades and technical area, cannot assure that learners are adequately equipped to do this.” said Managing Director and Founder of ETRAIN Interactive, Mathew Balic, who counts leading companies such as Barrick Gold, News Limited, and the Australian Government as clients.

Interactive 3D based training

ETRAIN Interactive has developed training simulations that do not rely on text and audio to get the message across. Instead, participants learn through tactile and visual engagement. “This creates better outcomes as participants learn by ‘doing’, continued Mr Balic.

“Our key point of difference with other training simulation companies is that we have a comprehensive suite of online training simulations available on subscription. For companies it means that simulation-based training can be delivered cost-effectively, anywhere there is a computer with internet access. For the equivalent price of a traditional eLearning module, our training simulations can deliver better, more skills-based learning outcomes than traditional eLearning.”

Industry-focused solution

The technical expertise required in mining and construction means that quality training is highly valued.  Personnel may need to upgrade their knowledge of tools and equipment as well as OH&S.  “As technology specialists, our team works closely with customers to create ‘next generation’ training by exploiting the latest in hardware & software to deliver innovative, flexible, and visually rich solutions.”

ETRAIN assists companies to improve their training outcomes and improve efficiencies.  A total of 250 courses in Minerals Drilling, Onshore Oil and Gas Drilling, Automotive, Construction and Carpentry will be completed by Q3 FY 2015.

By making this training available online, companies can deliver training on-demand, and reduce the need for face-to-face contact hours.  Results are outcome based with testing integrated into the training. Modules are aligned to the highly-regarded Australian Qualifications Framework to ensure that the training can be accredited.

Subscription-based model changes the game

ETRAIN Interactive is perfectly positioned to disrupt the training industry with the introduction of subscription-based 3D training simulations.  “Two years of dedicated research and development by ETRAIN has led to the development of proprietary software and processes that enable simulations to be developed at a low cost.”

The system is based on a SaaS licence fee model and ensures a repeatable revenue stream. For ETRAIN it creates a highly scaleable product with high profit margins.  It is this positioning that has shown to be attractive for corporates signing up to become clients, and investors looking to invest in the rapidly growing online training industry.

ETRAIN’s gamification of training is poised to gain new participants quickly.  The outcome for companies?  Greater assurance that the training they’re paying for will deliver a return on investment. And for the next generations of learners? A more flexible, relevant and engaging way to learn.

Booming overseas demand is set to boost heavy lamb prices

Source: Stock Journal; Published: Wednesday, 25th June 2014

TIGHTENING domestic supply combined with booming overseas demand is set to boost heavy lamb prices by as much as 30 per cent to 570c/kg this year, according to a forecast by National Australia Bank (NAB).

In its latest monthly Rural Commodities Wrap, NAB predicts prices will be further buoyed by a weakening Australian dollar, with the bank projecting the dollar to be as low as US85 cents by the end of 2014 and US83c at the start of 2015.

As previously reported by FarmOnline, the impact of reduced lamb supply is already being felt at saleyards across Australia, with prices pushed to $200 and above at Dublin’s SA Livestock Exchange earlier this month.

In NSW, favourable trade lamb prices have been a boon for graziers experiencing one of the best seasons they can remember in the central and southern parts of the State, with prices remaining well above the same time last year for autumn and winter so far.

In a statement, NAB Agribusiness general manager Khan Horne said prices for producers have been tracking upwards since bottoming out in late 2012 and NAB expected this trend to continue.

“Export demand prospects for Australian lamb are likely to remain buoyant for some time to come,” Mr Horne said.

“Exports for the first half of 2014 have been steadily increasing and aren’t yet showing any signs of slowing down.

“Supporting our price forecast is the expectation that supply is likely to tighten this year and into 2015 following two years of drought-driven high slaughter rates, combined with poor breeding seasons.”

The NAB outlook reinforces the forecast issued last week by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) in its latest quarterly agricultural commodities report.

The ABARES report forecasts lamb and mutton producers will enjoy higher prices in the coming year, driven by strong export demand and falling local sheepmeat production.

ABARES said saleyard lamb prices had increased 30 per cent between January and May to around 557 cents a kilogram, the highest monthly average since mid-2011.

On the export front, lamb exports set a new record in 2013 for the second consecutive year, at 214,000 tonnes shipped weight eclipsing the 2012 record of 189,000 tonnes.

“2013 saw a remarkable 41pc increase in lamb exports to China,” Mr Horne said.

“This propelled China past the US to become Australia’s second largest export market for lamb after the Middle East.”

Falling production in New Zealand, one of Australia’s key competitors, has further assisted Australia’s exports and prices, according to NAB.

The NAB report states a dry spring and summer in 2013 led to the lowest lamb drop in the country in 60 years, which suggests exports from the country are also likely to be down in 2014.

As production and exports of Australian lamb boom, domestic lamb consumption has been trending downward since 2009.

Last year, lamb consumption by Australians fell by 6pc.

The NAB Rural Commodities Index eased slightly in May, largely in response to moderate declines in the prices of livestock and dairy.

The Index declined 1.2pc in AUD terms and 1.3pc in USD terms.

Beef, lamb, dairy and cotton all fell 4pc in May in AUD, whereas wheat (+4 per cent), barley (+5 per cent) and sugar (+3 per cent) posted moderate gains.

Advent Energy to acquire 3D seismic in PEP11, offshore Sydney Basin

MEC Resources has advised that investee entity Advent Energy has commenced preparations for seismic acquisition in PEP11 in the offshore Sydney Basin, offshore NSW.

Advent Energy’s wholly owned subsidiary Asset Energy Pty Ltd, with joint venture partner Bounty Oil and Gas, is intending to perform a 3D seismic survey of approx. 225 km2 in PEP11. Pending the necessary regulatory approvals and contracting of a suitable seismic vessel, the survey is intended to take place over a 4 – 5 week period between November 2014 and May 2015.

The PEP11 joint venture participants are Asset Energy Pty Ltd (85% and operator) and Bounty Oil and Gas NL (15%).

To read the full announcement please download the document below.

Westlake Funding Ltd – CEO Interview

Westlake is a specialist wholesale funder of SME trade finance businesses.

Westlake provides a unique opportunity to Wholesale and Professional Investors to receive an above average yield on a credit insured investment. Westlake Funding Ltd is also currently providing established Australian businesses with access to the working capital they need and is currently looking to expand its operations.

The Debtor Finance industry had a total turnover of $63.7 billion in the 12 months to March 2014 and is continually being adopted as a finance product by Australian businesses.

Debtor Finance is a well-established product found in a wide range of industries, particularly manufacturing and wholesale trade, and in recent times has begun gaining traction in other growth industries such as mining services and broader service industries. However the key hurdle faced by the businesses that provide this product is the lack of capital available within Australia to allow businesses to grow at a consistent rate. If these businesses were able to access a reliable source of capital, they could in turn fund more SME’s with the capital they need to operate and grow.

Please listen to Kim Andrews, Chairman.

Capital-raising tool widens the pool of potential investors

Source: On-Market BookBuilds; Written by: Tony Featherstone; Published: June 17, 2014

ASX BookBuild gives resource companies undertaking a placement or IPO an additional tool that optimises price discovery, allows all investors to participate, and improves governance outcomes.

Endorsed by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC), ASX BookBuild is one of the most important financial market innovations in recent years.

This revolutionary capital raising tool allows companies to use the ASX platform to access all interested market participants when undertaking primary placements and IPOs, while also allowing for a priority allocation to cornerstone funds.

The ASX BookBuild facility helps companies promote their IPO or placement to the widest possible audience of local and global investors, secure a larger spread of investors (which is especially important in resource-stock IPOs), and provide a better secondary market profile by allowing any market participant to bid for stock via their nominated broker.

Proven track record

Stavely Minerals recently chose to use the ASX BookBuild facility for its $6 million IPO, in combination with corporate adviser Morgans. Stavely managing director Chris Cairns said: “The main attraction with ASX BookBuild is that any investor could, through any broker, bid for stock in our IPO through the bookbuild process. It’s an effective, democratic capital-raising process.”

Cairns adds: “The downside of only appointing a lead manager for an IPO is the capital raising can become a closed shop, because an investor needs to have an account with the lead manager or another broker associated with the float. You can miss out on investors who cannot gain access to the offer.”

“To its credit, our adviser (Morgans) saw the benefits of using the ASX BookBuild facility to help Stavely provide an opportunity for former Integra Mining shareholders to participate in the IPO, in addition to promoting the offer to its own client base.” Cairns and fellow directors Peter Ironside and Jennifer Murphy helped grow Integra into a 100,000 ounce-a-year producer, and have attracted support for the promising copper/gold explorer Stavely.

Integra’s strong performance helped Stavely exceed its minimum subscription and attract a sufficient shareholder base to meet ASX Listing Rules– a good effort in a challenging capital-raising market for junior miners. Several resource companies have had to abandon their IPOs in the past two years, given the dearth of interest in mining floats.

“In some ways, we were more concerned about achieving a sufficient spread of investors than securing the minimum subscription,” says Cairns. “Using a combination of ASX BookBuild and Morgans was fundamental to our strategy of getting the right spread of investors for the float.”

Cairns expects more mining companies to follow Stavely’s lead and use the ASX BookBuild facility. “There are obvious benefits for companies and investors and also for brokers, who got a 4 per cent stamping fee on the Stavely IPO,” he says. “At the same time, there is resistance to ASX BookBuild among some brokers who see it as anathema to their traditional capital-raising services.”

Broad industry support

Five years in the making, ASX BookBuild was launched in October 2013 with wide support from companies, advisory boards, investor associations, private client advisors, and brokers. And to criticism from some market participants, who have traditionally gained from capital raisings conducted on their spreadsheet, offered to favoured clients first, and not made available to all investors interested in bidding for the stock.

Along with AMEC, the ASX BookBuild facility has been endorsed by the Business Council of Australia (BCA), the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Australian Shareholders’ Association.  Former BCA President Tony Shepherd told The Australian in September last year: “It’s a welcome development as it will make capital raisings fairer and more efficient, and takes advantage of the availability of new technology. Anything that makes the equity market more efficient has to be a good thing.”

Boards favour ASX BookBuild because it improves governance in capital raisings. For example, a Chairman of a mining company that elects to use ASX BookBuild can be certain that all eligible investors had the opportunity to bid for stock, that preferential treatment was not given to a small group of investors at the expense of others, that greater competition for its stock ensured optimal price discovery, and that equity was raised at the best possible price.

Brokers are also increasingly supportive of the ASX BookBuild facility. More and more firms are recognising that, far from being a threat, ASX BookBuild is an additional, value-accretive tool that gives brokers (and their clients) access to more active deals. Moreover, it is a tool that is revenue positive since brokers can earn a stamping fee (if offered) and brokerage on deals they participate in.

In March 2014, BBY Stockbroking CEO Arun Maharaj said: “ASX BookBuild has strengthened the competitiveness, transparency and efficiency of the Australian market in raising capital. BookBuild is encouraging unlisted businesses to access Australian capital markets, and more than ever in a tough economy that has an even tougher outlook, this is exactly what Australia needs. BBY fully supports this initiative and we have the resources to provide corporate advisory for companies looking to use the BookBuild system.”

Adding value to explorers and producers alike

Mining companies, too, have much to gain.

Large resource companies that typically use a corporate adviser to raise capital can instruct their lead manager to use ASX BookBuild to access investors across Australia and in key mining markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Hong Kong.

ASX BookBuild also has clear benefits for small and mid-size resource companies that struggle to secure support from investment banks or large broking firms – or for those that cannot afford high advisory fees.

Instead of promoting its offer to clients of just one boutique broker, a small resource company can promote its offer to all brokers and investors via the ASX BookBuild facility. As more brokers recommend the offer to clients, there is potential for greater research coverage of the stock. Low analyst coverage of their stock is a problem for many emerging resource companies.

In the best interest of shareholders and clients.

The arrival of the ASX BookBuild facility is particularly timely for the resources sector. In a capital constrained environment, mining companies have the opportunity to get the best results in their capital raising efforts by tapping the entire market, rather than a select group of investors who are clients of one particular broking firm.  Few capital seeking companies can afford to ignore investors who may have bid for stock in a capital raising, if only they had been given the opportunity to participate via the ASX BookBuild facility.

With over $90 million dollars raised since launch in October, ASX BookBuild has made quick progress in proving the benefits.

Tony Featherstone is a former managing editor of Business Review Weekly and Shares magazines. He is a specialist writer on small companies and entrepreneurs for The Age online, The Australian Financial Review and BRW.

Acoustic3D Emergence speaker wins the “Good Design Australia” award

A3D received a “Good Design Australia” award for the Emergence speaker range – beating many others, including Harmon-Kardon, in the hotly contested ‘Consumer Electronics’ category. That ‘form follows function’ – the mantra of the design profession – was evident to all judges who voted for it. Our design looks other-worldly because the sound is ‘out of this world’.

Acoustic3D will change the way people listen to sound with a patented, game-changing discovery in audio amplification – the audio hologram. Holograms produce 3D sound of unprecedented clarity and depth, uncoloured and almost 100% distortion-free, recreating the original room acoustics for the listener.

A series of low cost, audiophile-quality consumer and studio systems are production-ready. High-end, electronic systems are currently undergoing final testing for use in concert halls, telepresence rooms and as PA systems giving perfect clarity in halls or airports. The low cost solutions will be repackaged into an Architectural range for use in uses in railway carriages and stations where sound is known to be poor, allowing people to understand broadcast messages easily.

Gold Coast DA Lodged

Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited (IDZ) facilitates a number of indoor skydiving facilities to cross the region in the next 3-5 years. These facilities allowing human flight within a safe environment are currently used by tourists, enthusiasts and military throughout the world including the Australian Military and active Skydivers.

YPB Group Limited – CEO Interview

YPB plans to IPO on the ASX via a reverse takeover of ASX listed AUV Enterprises Limited, the Prospectus went “live”on June 5th 2014.

YPB means “Excellent Brand Protection” in Chinese. By 2015 the Global Counterfeit market will be US$1.7 Trillion, and US$14bn (growing at 20% pa) will be spent on Anti-counterfeit technologies per annum in Asia. YPB is the only Company licensed by CTAAC in China that sells invisible tracer solutions.

YPB’s patented tracer is Invisible, Indestructible and Inexpensive and our recurring revenue model generates up to 90% gross margin on sales.

Please listen to John Houston, CEO and Executive Chairman.

Cloud DC continues to Innovate – OfficeBox now allowing workspace personalisation

Cloud DC continues to innovate with a new feature that now enables the workspace of OfficeBox to be completely personalised with a picture of the end user’s choice. The OfficeBox APP allows the user to choose a picture from whatever hard drive is attached to the device OfficeBox is operating on.

This development by Cloud DC’s own team based at the Innovation Centre on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, is believed to be the first instance in the world that a desktop/workspace environment running on a full elastic cloud platform has the ability to be personalised by the end user on any device at any time and instantly in real time.

To read the full announcement please download the document below.

Nanuk Asset Management announces their performance summary for the fund as at 31 May 2014

The Fund reported a gain of 0.5% in May which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 12.1% and a 2-year rolling return of 12.8% p.a.

Despite growing geopolitical political tensions in parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East most equity indices rose during the month. This was reflected across the Fund’s universe, with solar and Chinese renewable stocks recovering some of the underperformance of recent months.

At month-end the Fund moved to a slightly net short position as we remain cautious about the broad outlook for global equities despite the current attractiveness of some of our longer-term thematic ideas such as the adoption of energy efficient LED lighting.

One of the concepts we have referenced in previous months is the ‘’Industrial Internet’’ and in particular, how ‘’one of the key benefits of the integration of smarter technologies and robust networks is the ability to create energy saving efficiencies and reduce costs’’ (taken from GE’s publication, ‘Industrial Internet: Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines’ which can be found here.) A further article on this topic published by Bloomberg discusses how companies such as Vivint Inc., Nest Labs Inc. and even AT&T are an ever-increasing threat to utility companies, and can be found here.

Please find our Monthly Report – May 2014 attached, and if you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.


Andrew Kleinig
Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Jim Sammons’ Shark Shield Product Review Video Released

The release of the Jim Sammons Shark Shield Product Review Video in the USA is a good example of smart marketing execution. To understand the significance of this relationship, here are some coverage numbers of this USA Shark Shield promotion; THE WORLD FISHING NETWORK broadcast into 40 million homes+ and 10 million paid subscribers; NBC SPORTS broadcast into 80 million homes; YOUTUBE – 14,000 subscribers and 10 million views; FACEBOOK and TWITTER – 12,000 Facebook Fans, 9,000 Twitter followers. To watch the full review please click on the video below.

SmartWard’s revolutionary technology allowing nurses more time for patient care

Australia’s ageing population and the increase in chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are driving relentless growth in hospital patient numbers.  But with minimal growth in bed numbers medical professionals face pressure to reduce the length of stays, which can lead to reduced quality of care.

Lindsay Bevege – CEO of SmartWard, which has developed an innovative management tool to improve efficiencies in hospital wards, explains the critical issue facing the healthcare system, “Nurse costs are the largest single item in hospital budgets.  Their role is to provide patient care, but over 30% of nurse time is lost in admin and paperwork. This is not only an incredible waste of a highly skilled resource, the distraction of nurses from caring for patients means longer recovery times for patients and longer hospital stays – driving up costs and causing needless suffering”.

Realising much needed efficiencies in hospitals

Smart Ward is a game-changer for hospitals.  It frees up nurse time, automates care and provides decision support. Nurses and clinicians can spend more time with patients instead of paperwork. “Our trials completed with Eastern Health and Epworth Healthcare demonstrated that SmartWard can free-up at least 15-20% of nurse time and probably much more.  This equates to freeing up approximately $16-20,000 per bed per year,” continued Mr Bevege.

SmartWard runs on computers at each patient bedside and at all other points-of-care, providing up-to-date information on scheduled activities and patient alerts and allows automatic, real time entry of treatment records.  “This technology changes the way nurses work – from away-from-bed, to beside the bed.  In the trial, it trebled time spent nurses spent interacting with patients from 8% to 24%”.

Global impact for hospital administrators

The strategic value of the tool to hospital administrators is huge.  “It is well-established in international studies that increasing the time nurses spend with patients reduces errors leading to shorter average lengths of stays in hospitals and fewer patient deaths.  Using these studies, we conservatively estimate that $5m in savings can be realised in an average sized hospital through the shorter lengths of stay alone.  This will increase the throughput of patients and reduce waiting lists,” said Mr Bevege.

The reduced length of stay and saving in nurse time represents the low hanging fruit for the business.  Upside to hospital administrators includes automated care planning, audit trail efficiency, as well as demonstrated compliance with best clinical practices the Federal Government’s new National Safety and Quality Standards.

“The data captured can also be pattern-analysed and formatted for clinical and administrative purposes and to refine patient treatment plans – currently impossible in day-to-day clinical practice.”

Simultaneously beneficial to patients, nurses, doctors and hospital administrators, independent research has shown that health care professionals value SmartWard for its safety and usability.

The financial and human cost of preventable errors is a major issue for the hospital system and for the community as a whole.  SmartWard will reduce these. It also fills a gap in the e-Health agenda being pursued by Governments around the world.

The powerful need creates a major market opportunity and investors have gravitated towards the company.  “With approximately 4 million hospital beds and 10 million aged care beds in the OECD the potential for SmartWard is significant.

“$3 million private investment, $2.25 million in Government grants and significant in-kind investment from two major hospital networks has brought us to this point.  We are very fortunate that we have received further interest since listing with Wholesale Investor”.

Infrastructure Logic Pty Ltd (ISL)- CEO Interview

Market Opportunity

Infrastructure Logic (‘ISL’) is building and operating low-cost public WiFi networks to arbitrage the competitive tension that exist between large telco’s who have built high-cost 4G/3G mobile data networks and smaller mobile operators who purchase capacity on these networks to service their retail customers.

In the US, AT&T aggressively rolled out WiFi infrastructure to benefit customers with access to higher speeds but largely to realise a robust ROI from offloading traffic from their overloaded 4G/3G mobile networks to low-cost WiFi networks. This also relieves the pressure on their national 4G/3G network.

In the Australian market, the major Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) are investing heavily in new 4G/3G capacity to match competitively match Telstra’s superiority in data reliability and speed. In late May 2014, Telstra announced plans for its own national roll-out of WiFi which is placing further pressure on the other major MNOs and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to find a competitive response.

ISL Opportunity

The arbitrage opportunity for ISL arises primarily from the growth in smaller telco operators who do not own networks – MVNOs, as well as MNOs that are experiencing capacity constraints in high traffic areas. For smaller operators, the ability to offload mobile traffic to a lower cost network translates to immediate bottom-line profits.

ISL installs small cell technologies, primarily WiFi networks in high-usage/ densely populated areas. It then charges MVNOs and MNOs fees to allow their customers to use the network per megabyte displaced from 4G/3G. End users enjoy significantly faster network speeds available over WiFi and will typically use more data.

The cost of building WiFi networks is relatively small however not all locations are equal in terms of traffic-density and usage. ISL therefore is moving quickly to secure favourable access rights and build out a portfolio of high-traffic locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Please listen to Mevan Jayatilleke , Managing Director.

ENurse – Helping create better nurses for Australia

With over 360,000 nurses and midwifes registered in Australia, nurses are the glue that hold the medical industry together.  Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, crisis care centres and schools from inner cities to the outback all have persistent demand for trained and available nurses.

The importance of high quality nursing

Nurses spend more time in direct contact with patients than doctors therefore the patient experience is highly influenced by the quality of nursing.  If nurses are skilled, efficient and professional, patients are cared for effectively with patient care is at its highest.

Glen Riverstone, Managing Director of eNurse – a dedicated website servicing the professional needs of nurses and their employers – sees the need for improved support for this critical sector of the Australian workforce “With the heightened demand for health services, a structural and ongoing shortage of highly skilled nurses is evident. The emphasis for medical authorities all over Australia is to ensure nurses progress and are retained over the long term”.

eNurse – An online platform for nurses and their employers

The personal and professional needs of nurses, midwifes and their employers has come into focus with the recent nationalisation of Nurses and Midwives Registration.  This has increased employment opportunity countrywide and also increased the annual professional obligations of nurses and midwives who now have to complete and record a minimum amount of Continuing Professional Development.

This has created its own opportunity for companies like eNurse to service this sector.  “eNurse is  a holistic website for nursing.  It centralises their Professional Development file so they can record training, organise their calendar, as well as record expense and tax information.” said Mr Riverstone outlining the basic functionality.  As well as record their training through the platform, eNurse has partnered with several leading international publishers to bring Professional Development content to the market.

“eNurse has a growing repository of courses to ensure nurses regardless of their location can maintain their professional development obligations.  This body of content is continually growing and provides a valuable resource for nurses.”  With value for nurses, comes value for employers as eNurse provides a central location for a large targeted recruitment field.  “eNurse has an engaged and highly profiled database of nurses, which presents an unrivalled opportunity for recruitment through its dedicated job board”.

Technology as facilitator

eNurse has changed the shape of the industry unlocking previously unrealised efficiencies and nurses have realised the value themselves using the platform, “In under 36 months, eNurse has acquired over 27,000 registered members.  They have conducted training, taken roles and even bought specialised equipment for their job all from our single platform”.

eNurse has not only shown promise to nurses but also to investors. “eNurse is generating a rich profiled database of a niche market within the largest group of professionals that has the largest projected growth in the country.  This is extremely attractive for corporates and investors alike and we have experienced a lot of interest since listing on Wholesale Investor”.

eNurse is established and profitable grossing a total of over $5M in sales in only its third year of operation and can be quietly counted as another Australian technology success story.  But there is still room for growth.  “There are still another 330,000 nurses that are using the old systems and methods.  The aim is to continue growing the database”, said Mr Riverstone. “It is our goal to have every nurse on the platform so it becomes the essential tool for their continued professional career”.

ETRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd CEO Interview

ETRAIN Interactive is a technology and training company delivering a world first – online, subscription-based 3D training simulations.

With a global client portfolio, proprietary technologies that enable cost-effective development and a large, experienced team, ETRAIN Interactive is perfectly positioned to disrupt the training industry.

ETRAIN’s subscription-based training simulations are:
- Easy to use and engaging for all levels of computer proficiency
- Easily modified for non-English speaking markets
- Comparable in cost to text-based eLearning and cheaper than long-term, face-to-face training
- Aligned to the highly-regarded Australian Qualifications Framework

As a medium for the delivery of training, the potential of 3D simulations is enormous. The market cap of 3D interactive gaming exceeded $US100 billion in 2013 and is growing. With the obvious benefit of being ‘first to market’, the opportunities for ETRAIN are substantial.

Please listen to Mathew Balic, Managing Director.

State Opposition Leader Calls for Shark Shield Subsidies

Shark culling in Western Australia has created a media storm around the world, generating comments from the likes of Sir Richard Branson. The debate is driving a global increase in education and awareness of the alternative solution’s such as Shark Shield’s scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrents. With the Western Australian State Opposition Leader recommending the broad adoption of the technology, and supported by shark attack survivor Elyse Frankcom, who opposes the Western Australian catch-and-kill policy, Shark Shield’s future is assured.

To see the full story please click on the video below.

Smart Send – Promising to deliver on the growth of ecommerce

The courier and freight industry is highly competitive.  The simple act of shipping parcels and packaged goods from one location to another requires immense infrastructure to facilitate this efficiently.  The high costs involved have discouraged major couriers and freight companies to servicing low volume users.

However, aggregators are increasingly grouping the demands of these users.  Smart Send is a leading freight aggregator with a high volume of freight movements nationwide.  “Over the past eight years we have built relationships with each of the major service providers such as Toll, Couriers Please, TNT and others…” said Managing Director of Smart Send, Steven Visic. “We are a trusted, reliable service provider that can secure major discounts for customers, customers that previously couldn’t efficiently use courier services”

Ecommerce – the industry changer

Ecommerce has become the fastest growing area in express parcel services as they require consistent speed and reliability.  IBISWorld identified the online shopping industry in Australia to be worth $12.4BN in 2013 increasing to $19.8BN in 2018/19.

For online retailers, the industry is the crucial last step in the sale process, with online stores relying on couriers to deliver purchases to customers. The goods sent by these markets are often small in size but high value, introducing a new set of service requirements for the industry to fulfil.

Now with the emergence of ecommerce, traditional logistics companies are having to reinvent themselves.  As this industry is inherently fragmented and price sensitive there is a requirement for smart technologies to identify the best prices for shipping in order to convert more customers.

Smart Send was the first ‘online courier’ in the Australian internet age starting in 2006 and continues to lead innovation in the online sector.  Mr Visic spoke of the company’s technological advantage, “This first mover benefit has created an ongoing advantage as we have sought to remain industry leading with the development of the new Smart Send ‘Smart API’”.

The Smart Send ‘Smart API’ solution

“Smart Send offers a unique, easy to integrate solution which provides merchants with the ability to display ‘real time’ freight quotes in their website checkouts, along with an easy automated process for the seller to book the goods with Smart Send for pickup,” continued Mr Visic.

The ‘Smart API’ allows real time quotes in websites, an automated booking process and real-time tracking.  The solution can be easily integrated to online website checkouts or shopping carts, providing Smart Send with exposure to the growing ecommerce market.

A secure long term outlook

Smart Send has cemented its place in the industry with a growing $2.4m turnover and bookings growing at a current rate of over 60% per month over the previous year’s monthly bookings.  With the Smart Send ‘Smart API’ this represents a potential paradigm shift in demand.

The ‘Smart API’ is offered free of charge to ensure the highest visibility.  By integrating itself into the booking process on website checkouts Smart Send is anticipating increased booking volumes, a higher rate of growth in shipments, as well as exposure to emerging international markets in the near future.

“We have spent the past 18 months with PwC to create a long term business plan and financial plan for this new growth strategy, and the numbers indicate this is high growth, high potential direction for us” said Mr Visic.  Smart Send’s positioning has shown to be attractive for corporates and investors with interest shown through both the PwC and Wholesale Investor networks to date.

Smart Send with its strategic solutions and alliances has created a strong brand that promises to deliver on the growth of the ecommerce industry.

RAW Alpha Systematic Fund I – May 2014 Monthly Report

The Fund posted a loss of 1.11% in May as profits in Equities were insufficient to offset losses in Grains and Soft Commodities.

The System trimmed positions in Corn and Wheat after those markets declined, but the main driver of performance was Coffee, which posted losses in both the Robusta and Arabica contracts.

Within Equity markets, tilts towards Hong Kong and India led the way, with the bulk of the remaining countries also posting gains. Elsewhere, gains in Fixed Income were able to offset losses in Currencies, while Volatility and Property markets provided gains as well.

The Fund enters June with a diversified mix of investments across all Asset Classes, with slightly less directional risk than the last month.

To read the full report please download the document below.

PRM signs strategic alliance with Air Energi

PRM Cloud Solutions Ltd (PRM) has recently signed a strategic alliance with UK-based Air Energi Group that highlights the attractiveness of its cloud based Enverro workforce management application.

EnverroTM is PRM’s cloud-based workforce management application designed for the resources sector. Asset owners, EPC/Ms and sub-contractors alike can track individuals through the mobilisation process, arrange transportation, on-site accommodation and monitor health and safety compliance from a centralised, mobile interface.

Air Energi will use Enverro for its mobility operations and will assist with its introduction and marketing to its customer base in the Asia Pacific.

“PRM has filled a huge gap in the IT marketplace where tracking and analysing capital-intensive resources projects are concerned,” Air Energi Australasia vice president Matt Smith said.

“By adding the Enverro application to our mobility operations, we gain visibility into the full workforce mobilisation process.”

ISL Seed Round closing on Wednesday 18th June 2014

ISL has been talking to carriers for a period of 18 months,  and it would be fair to say that whilst there has been a strong interest in understanding the impact that small cell WiFi is having on the mobile carrier market in the US and Europe and hearing about how WiFi might play out in the Australian context,  there has not been a strong sense of urgency.

The recent announcements by Telstra has changed the game.   Carriers that ISL has been talking to for months now have a sense of urgency resulting in ISL signing of its first two carrier contracts in the last week.

Consequently,  ISL is now shifting its focus to accelerating its rollout plan.

Accordingly we are accelerating ISL’s capital raising plans to focus on a ‘growth round’ of $5m-$6m to fund the national rollout of ISL’s WiFi platform  (noting that balance of the capital cost of this program will be meet from operating revenues that grow progressively as the network expands).

We will therefore closing off the seed round as of Wednesday 11th June 2014 to focus on the Growth Round raising and the pricing discount that ISL is currently offering to Seed Round investors will no longer be available.

Nanuk Asset Management announces their performance summary for the fund as at 30 April 2014

The Fund reported a loss of 2.9% in April, which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 17.1% with a corresponding 1-year volatility of 11.0%.

April saw disparate returns for equities across geographies and sectors. Technology stocks fared poorly and the LED, solar and Chinese renewable energy sectors all fell during the month. Long positions in these sectors were the main contributors to the Fund’s negative performance for the month.

While exposure levels to these sectors were adjusted during the month, the attached monthly investor letter offers further insight into why we believe these sectors provide compelling opportunities in the short and longer term.

The Fund did profit from positions within these sectors and from stocks related to the longer term theme of vehicle electrification. Notable gains made from long positions in West Holdings (a Japanese solar system integrator), Chaowei Power (a Chinese manufacturer of e-bike batteries) and again from Maxwell Technologies (a US ultra-capacitor manufacturer).

Finally, a topic that we have discussed in previous investor letters is our belief that the world is on the verge of dramatic changes as a result of resource constraints and the commercialisation of new technologies, and that this revolution will be less and less reliant on any regulatory assistance. An article that discusses this topic, as well as addressing some of the myths and realities of clean technology, has been produced by McKinsey & Company and can be found here. For those of you that may be interested in delving deeper into the topic McKinsey have also recently published a book titled ‘Resource Revolution: How to Capture the Biggest Business Opportunity in a Century’, the details of which can be found here.

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.


Andrew Kleinig

Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Nanuk Asset Management announces their performance summary for the fund as at 31 March 2014

The Fund reported a loss of 0.7% in March, which has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 24.3% with a corresponding 1-year volatility of 10.1%.

Despite our continued belief in the Chinese government’s long-term commitment to renewable energy, Chinese wind and US-listed Chinese solar stocks under-performed in March and our long positions in these sectors were the main contributors to the Fund’s negative performance for the month. However, the Fund did benefit from its positions across companies such as China Singyes (Chinese solar developer), Waison Group (manufacturer of smart meters in China) and Maxwell Technologies (a US ultra-capacitor manufacturer with significant exposure to hybrid buses and wind turbines in China).

We continue to see opportunities across the value chain in LED technology for general lighting applications. This was exemplified in March by Epistar (a leading Taiwanese chip manufacturer) who reported year-on-year sales growth of 38%.

For some further thoughts on developments in hybrid and electric technology in cars as well as some exciting progress in thin film solar technology, please read our attached Monthly Report – March 2014.

If you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.

Andrew Kleinig

Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Nanuk Asset Management announces their performance summary for the fund as at 28 February 2014

The Fund reported a loss of -1.5% in February, its first monthly loss since July 2013. This has resulted in a 1-year rolling return of 25.1% with a corresponding 1-year volatility of 9.9%

Despite ending the month positive on the long book, the Fund’s overall negative performance in February was driven by our continuing overweight exposure to Asian markets and slight underweight exposure to the US market, in addition to losses on the short book across both stock-specific and hedging shorts.   We continue, however, to maintain a high level of conviction in Asia, particularly across those Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks within renewable energy, natural gas, water treatment and pollution control involved in rectifying China’s serious environmental challenges.

For a more detailed review of the Fund, and some additional comments on the Fund’s use of short positions, please see the attached Monthly Report – February 2014.

Another piece of news we wish to share is that the Fund has recently been renamed the Nanuk Global Alpha Fund.

The reasons for this are twofold. First and foremost, we believe the Nanuk Global Alpha Fund more accurately reflects the performance objective of the strategy, which is to generate alpha for our investors. Secondly, we believe it better reflects the steady growth of our investable universe from an initial relatively narrow clean energy focus to the much wider, more diverse array of companies that we now cover, which, in addition to clean energy and energy efficiency related stocks, now includes companies involved, both directly and indirectly, in water, waste and pollution, agriculture and advanced materials.

Given the change of the Fund’s name, it is worth taking a look back at how our themes and investment universe have evolved over time. When we launched our business in 2009 we assembled a universe of stocks positively exposed to a number of long-term drivers we saw as impacting the world at the time. These drivers, or mega-trends as they were often referred to then, were centred around environmental sustainability – the concept that increasing populations, economic growth, the rise in living standards and increasing urbanisation are placing immense pressure on available finite resources, causing serious pollution problems and contributing to climate change. Our thesis was (and remains) that these factors are transforming a number of the largest and most important sectors in the global economy – in particular, energy, water and agriculture – and that companies exposed to this change will undergo great changes themselves, providing an excellent investment opportunity for those with a superior focus, knowledge and understanding of the complex technological, regulatory and commercial environment those changes create.

We focused the selection of our initial investment universe around energy, the sector most impacted by the trends identified and presenting the largest set of tractable companies to examine. Our initial universe in 2009 carried a heavy emphasis on renewable energy and consisted of a little over 200 stocks with an aggregate market capitalisation of about US$400 billion, split roughly equally between North America, Europe and Asia. From there we looked further up and down the renewable energy supply chain at companies that, while not pure-plays, had a meaningful level of exposure to the themes we were following such that our knowledge and insight could contribute to investment outperformance. We quickly broadened our focus to reflect the transformation taking place across the entire energy industry, adding companies exposed to the transition to natural gas as a cleaner alternative to coal, gas and oil based fuels and those developing solutions to improve energy efficiency including in particular a large number of companies exposed to LED lighting. Other new themes added during this time included motor vehicle electrification, suppliers to a growing, more robust and smarter electrical grid and suppliers of advanced materials such as carbon fiber used to improve aerospace and automotive fuel efficiency. By the start of 2013, our investable universe had grown to a total market capitalisation of over US$1 trillion. While some of the expansion was iterative, much of it was organic, reflecting the role that innovation and investment in R&D has played in allowing technologies to achieve cost parity, opening up the vast un-subsidised markets and driving new business models.

In 2013 we notified shareholders of our intention to include water, waste, recycling, pollution control and agriculture in our investment universe. This was a logical move. While the themes are different, the drivers are generally the same – those regions implementing changes within their energy industry are more often than not experiencing similar pressures in these other areas. We are now investing across a universe of close to 600 stocks with an aggregate market capitalisation approaching US$2 trillion.

Reflecting on the universe we are struck by how much it has changed. Over the past 12-24 months in particular we’ve seen the emergence of trends we probably could not have contemplated when we started the business four years ago. For example, the largest solar company in our investment universe by market capitalisation, SolarCity Corp (market capitalisation over US$7 billion), neither makes modules nor builds large-scale projects, but is essentially a financier of residential rooftop systems, capitalising on the distributed generation revolution taking place across parts of America. We expect these changes to continue. Indeed we see the convergence of advanced software enabled industrial innovation with resource sustainability as one of the important next steps in this evolution. A recent addition, Trimble Navigation Limited, provides another good example of this. Trimble provides GPS based products designed to maximise productivity and efficiency for the construction, mining and agriculture industries. Its core products are incorporated in farm machinery to allow precision planting and harvesting using pre-programmed auto pilot steering, optimising fuel, seed and water use. Its GPS based products are now used in resources extraction and construction, where unmanned aircraft supply geospatial data used in the design phase of major projects. This data is then incorporated with GPS enabled equipment during the construction process, particularly for large-scale civil works, to improve fuel efficiency and conserve materials.

In our view there’s no question that continued innovation, and the business models it creates, will be a far more potent force than subsidies have been in driving greater the adoption of environmentally sustainable and resource efficient technologies. While there’s never been any shortage of interesting companies in our investment universe throughout the history of the Fund, we expect that it just keeps getting more interesting and diverse from here.

A paper more fully detailing the evolution of our universe is attached but should you require any further information regarding Nanuk, please contact me using the details below.



Andrew Kleinig

Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Bold Kiwi colour company poised to paint the world

Source: Business Scoop; Published: Wednesday, 4th June 2014

drikolor Founding Director, Rachel Lacy, wants to change the way the world colours paint, and shes well on the way with the company recently completing one of the fastest investment rounds in recent times. Bold Kiwi colour company poised to paint the world with fastest capital raising in recent times.

· Capital raising round closes in just ten days with backing from Arc Angels member and past investors

· Global opportunities present as leaders in paint world take notice

· Female-led company gets ready to manufacture locally

drikolor® Founding Director, Rachel Lacy, wants to change the way the world colours paint, and she’s well on the way with the company recently completing one of the fastest investment rounds in recent times.

In just 18 months drikolor® has transformed from a start-up with a disruptive technology, to one that has 10 employees, global partners, and a New Zealand-based commercial manufacturing facility readying to open.

The innovative process proprietary to drikolor® delivers colour in a dry, granulated form that can be stirred into paint. Rachel Lacy says it’s as simple as stirring sugar into coffee.

“By simply changing the form of a product you can completely change the way you can sell it, who you sell it to, and how it’s distributed. It’s a world first that lets new retailers get into the paint business, but best of all, anyone can use it.”

Global partners already secured include Les Couleurs Suisse AG, through which drikolor® has the exclusive New Zealand and Australian rights to sell colours from the Les Corbusier Colour Range, recognized worldwide by architects as the pinnacle in colour design.

The company also attracted the attention of Sto, a billion-euro turnover premium paint company, and will be selling Stopaints throughout Australasia.

“Paint companies understand drikolor’s® potential. The current system of using liquid colourants and a tinting wheel is complex, noisy, messy and unreliable. It also requires capital expenditure, trained staff and large retail space with customers experiencing lengthy waiting times for inevitable mistints. Our solution eliminates these problems, while enabling new channels to enter the decorative paint market,which is worth US$50billion globally.”

The latest capital raising has accelerated the company’s growth to help achieve these milestones.

It was backed by past investors who reinvested and a member of Arc Angels, a new New Zealand angel investment organisation that mobilises investment in female-managed business.

Rachel Lacy says drikolor® looked to raise $750,000 in this latest round and understands it to be one of the fastest capital raisings in recent times.

“We were thrilled when we closed the round after ten days, at 133% over subscribed. Arc Angels has a fantastic network of investors and we obviously hit the right note with them.”

Arc Angels Executive Director, Alex Mercer, said part of drikolor’s® appeal is because it is managed and designed by a woman who has tremendous experience in the paint industry.

“The fact that drikolor a new product with few competitors, and are manufacturing locally with enormous potential offshore, all help make it a compelling business to invest in.”

drikolor® is using the latest investment to fast-track its manufacturing plans in New Zealand in record time, and lock in valuable patents.

Managing Director Craig Reid and Rachel Lacy recently returned from the UK, USA and Asia where they met with leaders in the global paint industry. Rachel Lacy says these senior executives were united in their feedback.

“All had interest in drikolor® as we appear to be the only company in the world with this type of technology right now. Through it we are able to control the supply chain from raw material to the end customer.

Interest in drikolor’s® technology from local paint and concrete industries is strong. It allows the ability to change the form in which colour comes, from liquid to dry pigment, creating endless possibilities for a range of industries. The ability to buy colour separately from a base paint, distribute it directly online, or collaborate with high profile interior or fashion designer to develop a colour palette unique to them are just some of the uses for this proprietary technology.

Rachel Lacy says the accelerated growth helped by the recent funding round means drikolor® is well on track to reach its goals.

“We are a Kiwi technology company that’s commercialising very quickly. We’re aiming to be in a range of stores in New Zealand and Australia by Septemberthis year. While we’re focused on achieving our business goals, at the heart of our company we are a collaboration of experts who simply want to change the way the world colours paint.”

Connexion Media takes on the world

Source: Go Auto; Published: Friday, 30th May 2014

Connexion Media takes on the world – High-tech Melbourne company taps massive global automotive data market

MELBOURNE-BASED Connexion Media, which has signed a global deal to provide its Internet-based radio service to General Motors, is now setting its sights on an automotive data analytics market that could be worth $24 billion by 2025.

The company will unveil new products when it attends the Telematics Detroit conference next week.

Connexion’s main product, the miRoamer internet-based FM and AM radio service, has already been selected as one of two such applications to be offered by General Motors in the US and Europe from 2015, and is currently undergoing rigorous certification and compliance testing.

One of the new Connexion products will capture data from the many sensors on a vehicle, allowing the company to analyse the collected data and sell different products to interested parties such as franchised dealers, insurance companies and road safety authorities.

The data can be transmitted to Connexion’s data storage centre whenever the vehicle is connected to the Internet. And, with miRoamer installed in the car, that is likely to be most of the time the car is in use.

“Data analytics is a big, blue-sky area because, as more vehicles are connected to the Internet, the developers of apps can gain access to a lot of in-vehicle data that we could not access before,” Connexion Media chief executive George Parthimos told GoAuto this week.

“We can capture up to 80 streams of data coming off the CAN bus (controller area network bus) in real time. That includes oil pressure, tyre pressures and all sorts of diagnostic information and things like whether a convertible is open or closed and what the ambient temperature is outside the car.

“That can all be fed into a central database that we can then use to provide very targeted advertising based on the vehicle and the environment.

“And we can also package it up and on-sell it to third parties who are interested in buying real-time data.”

Mr Parthimos is quick to add that this would all be subject to the approval of the vehicle owner, who would have to opt in to allow use of the data, which would be randomised and not specific to the driver.

“An insurance company would now be able to find out, in real time, how a Holden Astra owner drives in Melbourne, as opposed to Sydney. That information would give the insurer more data with which to set premiums for Holden Astras.”

Mr Parthimos said privacy laws would prevent Connexion giving the name of the driver and, therefore, an insurance company would not be able to adjust the premium to take account of a driver’s behavior.

Similarly, he said data about the performance of a particular vehicle, like whether it has a tendency to lose traction at the front or lock its back brakes or whether its door locks fail regularly, was unlikely to be collected as manufacturers are unlikely to approve.

“This data analytics is going to evolve over the next five years and we have a product (miRoamer) that can capture and provide reporting on that vehicle usage.”

Mr Parthimos said that, while existing GPS systems could also serve as a communications link for carrying data, the weakness is that drivers do not use GPS every time they drive whereas they use the radio almost every time they drive.

“If this (miRoamer) is running every day, we are generating real time, live data every day. So the accuracy of that data is going to be far, far better than a satellite navigation-based data collection system.”

“What’s going to happen now in the connected car space is that vehicle diagnostics is going to become pro-active, where the vehicle will notify the dealership that there is a problem with the car. And potentially book a service.”

He contrasted this with the current situation of a driver seeing a red light come on in the dashboard and, in some cases, just ignoring it and keeping on driving.

Mr Parthimos said there were three ways that a car could be connected to the Internet.

The first was with an embedded SIM card. This will be compulsory for all cars made or sold in Europe from 2015, when it will be mandatory for all new vehicles to be able to alert safety authorities when it is immobilised in a crash.

GM had decided to embed a SIM card in most of its 2015 range in the US and it will also meet the European requirements.

The other method is called “bring your own device”, where the driver carries a mobile phone or a tablet computer into the vehicle. This device then links up to the car with Bluetooth or a cable and communicates over the Internet through the device.

Several companies are doing this already, including GM’s MyLink and Ford’s Sync, while Toyota is using the RACV’s Connect service, which is suitable for iOS and Android phones.

Mr Parthimos said that estimates by the GSM Association, which represents global mobile telephone companies, indicate that the number of cars connected to the Internet will reach 140 million by 2018 and 600 million by 2025, after which time all new vehicles will be connected.

The value of the services component of this market has been pitched at $24.5 billion, he said.

At the Telematics Detroit conference, Connexion will also be touting its Transcoding Media Service, which improves the quality of service of streaming media in the car and reduces the cost of data usage.

“One of the biggest challenges that auto makers have today is that, when you are on the Internet, the switching between mobile phone towers means the quality of service sometimes becomes a bit dodgey.

“Our solution shrinks the data usage of Internet radio services. What that means is it works on crappy networks and it is cheaper to run.”

He says it’s not quite a compression service.

“It’s like a funnel. You have a pile of data coming in, but our software changes it so that a thin, steady stream of data comes out the other end.”

“It minimizes signal drop-outs for live media streaming,” Mr Parthimos said.

And it has attracted the attention of some people in Detroit.

“We have a lot of interest from auto makers to explore it. All the major auto makers want to come and see us next week in Detroit.”

Importantly for backseat passengers, the Transcoding Media Service will be applicable to video streaming.

Mr Parthimos will not be going to Detroit because he has to stay in Australia to finalise plans to list Connexion Media on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company is awaiting final approval of its prospectus from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Lamb busts through 20,000t mark

Source: Stock Journal; Published: Wednesday, 4 June 2014

AUSTRALIAN lamb exports in May surpassed the 20,000 tonne mark for the third time on record – dominated by shipments to the United States and China.

Meat and Livestock Australia chief economist Tim McRae said the 20,528t (shipped weight) was up 3 per cent year-on-year and 27pc higher than the five-year average.

This historically high level is now the second highest monthly lamb export volume on record, after October 2013.

Mr McRae said May shipments were largely underpinned by a 9pc year-on-year increase to China (3854t) and a 12pc year-on-year increase to the US (3659t).

Volumes to the UK experienced a 50pc increase in May compared to last year, at 1062t, while demand from Japan continued to strengthen with exports up 20pc year-on-year, at 1165t.

Although smaller export markets, Mr McRae said Korea and Canada had both shown considerable growth in demand for Australian lamb over the past five years.

He said shipments to Korea during May have not only increased 92pc year-on-year, but tripled the five-year average, at 648t.

Volumes to Canada totalled 588t during the month – 23pc higher than the corresponding month last year, and 57pc higher than the five-year average for May.

On the other hand, Mr McRae said lamb shipments to the Middle East and South East Asia during May experienced 12pc and 20pc year-on-year declines, to 5241t and 950t, respectively.

Australian mutton exports during May came to 13,059t – down 23pc year-on-year.

Volumes to the Middle East (3711t) and China (3309t) were back 14pc and 42pc, respectively, while shipments to South East Asia (2262t) lifted 12pc on the corresponding month last year.