eNurses Secures Content Partnership Deal with John Wiley & Sons

eNurse has just secured a large education content deal with an international publisher, John Wiley & Sons. This significantly enhances the eNurse membership value and online CPD offerings. Membership is expected to grow rapidly, which will have a flow on effect to all other areas of the site.

Wiles has recently announced the launch of Nursing Open as part of the Wiley Open Access publishing program. The journal is one of the first open access journals to span the entire breadth of the nursing field.


RIU Sydney Resources Round-up

Australia’s Leading Corporate Mining Investment Forum

The RIU Sydney Resources Round-up has built its reputation over the past 11 years by not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of its attendees at what is now considered one of the leading mining investment conferences in Australia. To complement this reputation, for the first time this year, three equity stock broking firms, Bell Potter Securities, Blue Ocean Equities and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management will share the position of Joint Stock Broker Sponsors.

This large contingent of stock broking sponsors, together with high quality private investors, provides the ideal conference environment to greatly assist in forming new relationships between investment groups and resources executives.

Where: Sofitel Wentworth, Philip St, Sydney 2000
When: May 13 – 15, 2014

This year we have 50 presentations and the 52 booth exhibition area is close to sold out with only 2 remaining.

To register online please visit http://www.riuconferences.com.au/conferences/srr2014/delegate.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE EASTER AND ANZAC DAY HOLIDAYS THERE ARE LIMITED BUSINESS DAYS TO REGISTER FOR THE EARLY BIRD RATE WHICH CLOSES ON MONDAY APRIL 28. If you require more information please visit www.verticalevents.com.au  or contact Doug Bowie on +618 9388 2222 or doug@verticalevents.com.au

If you are a bona fide retail investor (NOT EMPLOYED IN THE RESOURCES INDUSTRY) please contact Prue McPharlin at prue@verticalevents.com.au to arrange your investor pass.

If you are a broker or fund please contact Jaxon Crabb to arrange your broker pass at jaxon@verticalevents.com.au .

Also if you have any queries regarding media or gaining a media pass please contact Tony Dawe or PPR at Tony.Dawe@ppr.com.au .

Presenting organisations include:

Alkane Resources Ltd
Aspire Mining Ltd
Australian Bauxite Ltd
Blackham Resources Ltd
Blue Ocean Equities
BNP Paribas (China) Ltd
Breakaway Research
Bullabulling Gold Ltd
Cabral Resources Ltd
Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Ltd
Cassini Resources Ltd
Celsius Coal Ltd
Chalice Gold Mines Ltd
Colonial First State Asset Management
Cullen Resources Ltd
Encounter Resources Ltd
Evolution Mining Ltd
Gold Road Resources Ltd
Investigator Resources Ltd
Iron Road Ltd
Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd
Kingsrose Mining Ltd
Kula Gold Ltd
Lion Selection Group Ltd
MacPhersons Resources Ltd
Mincor Resources NL
Musgrave Mining Ltd
Mutiny Gold Ltd
Noah’s Rule
Orbis Gold Ltd
Orinoco Gold Ltd
Peel Mining Ltd
Pioneer Resources Ltd
Redstone Resources Ltd
Renaissance Minerals Ltd
Resource Information Unit
Rox Resources Ltd
Royal Resources Ltd
Rutila Resources Ltd
Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd
Sirius Resources NL
Stanmore coal Ltd
Talga Resources Ltd
Trade & Investment, New South Wales
Under the Radar Report
Xanadu Mines Ltd
YTC Resources Ltd

TFS Corporation Limited – CEO Interview

TFS is the global leader in sustainable Indian Sandalwood plantation cultivation, management, processing and sales & distribution. Founded in 1997 (ASX listed 2004) TFS is a vertically integrated Indian Sandalwood company.

From a strong financial base and via diversified revenue streams TFS is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the demand / supply imbalance in the global sandalwood market.
Indian sandalwood is one of the world’s oldest traded commodities, deriving multiple products (heartwood and oil) each of which is highly sought after in multiple markets.
Stable demand growth rates – and the cultivation of new markets by TFS – coupled with falling supply levels has seen significant price increases (~15%+ pa) over the past 20+ years.

Please listen to Duncan Caldwell, General Manager.

Seeds of hope for cancer victims

QBiotics – Seeds of hope for cancer victims

Source The Australian, Published: Saturday, April 12, 2014

VICTORIA Gordon holds in her hands the chance at life that she had to deny her cancer-stricken sister: a potential breakthrough drug that “eats” tumours.

Dr Gordon and her husband, fellow scientist Paul Reddell, discovered the compound in a north Queensland rainforest and have spent nearly a decade developing the drug and dem­onstrating its effectiveness in ­animals.

Hundreds of horses, dogs, cats, even a Tasmanian devil had life-threatening tumours reduced to harmless sludge by the experimental drug, EBC-46, produced from the seed of the common blushwood tree.

Now, at last, it is to be tested on people battling advanced melanoma and notoriously difficult to treat head and neck cancers. Clinical trials are set to get under way in a number of hospitals by September.

Dr Gordon and Dr Reddell realised something special was happening when they saw hungry rat kangaroos spit out fallen berries from the blushwood tree, which grows only in the tropical rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns.

The chemical responsible for this “feeding deterrent’’ turned out to be EBC-46, propelling Dr Gordon to her moment of truth with her dying sister, Cheryl.

The 61-year-old chef begged Dr Gordon to toss away the rule book and let her have the experimental drug before she succumbed last December to liver cancer. “I couldn’t,’’ a tearful Dr Gordon says, for the first time telling her story of scientific discovery and its anguished denouement with her older sister.

“Basically, the question Cheryl asked was, ‘Do you believe EBC-46 could help me, and can I have the drug?’ Factually, I said to her we were unsure of the role EBC-46 would play in liver cancer and, even so, this is a drug that has not yet been approved for human use. And, as such, no, she could not use the drug. I just had to be … cold and clinical with that. It was heartbreaking.’’

Dr Gordon and Dr Reddell have been reluctant to speak in detail about EBC-46 until now, with the clinical phase I/II human trial in sight. If all goes to plan, the program will begin within months with about 30 cancer patients, all of them “at the end of the line’’ with conventional treatments.

Turning down her sister was the hardest thing Dr Gordon has had to do. “We are asked almost on a daily basis for access to this drug,’’ she says. “I am sincere when I say this … as much as I would dearly love to help those in need, it’s simply not an option. The regulators and the rules are there to protect patients. Yes, we have very good results in the animals. But if we have not proven this drug is a safe drug to use in people, there is no way we should be making it available.’’

Atherton vet Justine Campbell, one of the first to treat pets with the drug, said she was approached by a client who had terminal melanoma. “He was desperate,’’ she said. “He had heard about EBC-46 and asked, ‘Can you treat me?’ And I had to say to him, to his face, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t.’ It’s just awful.’’

Years of research into the drug’s effectiveness in animals have been submitted for publication in an international scientific journal by Dr Gordon, Dr Reddell and scientists from Brisbane’s QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

The head of the institute’s Cancer Drug Mechanism Group, Glen Boyle, said the drug broke down tumours within hours of being injected into them. Human melanoma grown on the skin of laboratory mice began to swell by the time the animals were returned to their cage, a sign the powerful response triggered by the drug was choking off the tumour’s blood supply. Minutes later, the growth was a bruised purple, a sign the cancer cells were dying.

“A couple of days after that there is a scab where the tumour used to be,’’ said Dr Boyle, the lead author of research paper.

Veteran medical scientist Peter Parsons said fieldwork with cancer-struck animals outside the laboratory increased his confidence that the drug would work on most tumour types — and in people.

QBiotics, the company established by Dr Gordon and Dr Reddell, both 54, says the drug destroyed all traces of tumour or shrank them by more than half in 78 per cent of the 344 companion animals treated by vets, including Ms Campbell.

Dr Gordon insists “it’s time, we need to get this into people’’.

For her, the clock is ticking in a personal sense. In addition to losing her sister to cancer, both her parents and grandparents died of a disease that will kill more than 44,000 Australians this year. “I have already lost loved ones. I’m sure that more of my family will present with cancer, as my sister did. I wasn’t ready for her. So I have some incentive, real incentive, to get this drug through.’’

Totus Alpha Fund Performance Summary – March 2014

The Totus Alpha Fund has turned two this month. When the fund was established the commitment we made to our investors was simple:

The fund would be performance focused with equal attention paid to both capital growth and capital preservation.

  • The fund would invest only in listed and liquid securities in developed markets in industries that we understand.
  • The manager and investors would be highly aligned via a significant personal (and reputational) investment in the fund as well as a commitment to reinvest post tax performance fees into the fund wherever possible.

To date we have made a solid start on that commitment. Founders Series units were up 1.4% (post fees) in March, the ASX 300 (including dividends) rose 0.2%. Over the 2 years since inception Founders Series units have risen 70.6% net of all fees equating to an annualised net return of 30.6%, almost twice the total return of the ASX 300 index (including dividends) over the same period.

That performance has been delivered with consistently low (usually negative) beta (-0.02) and correlation (-0.015) to equity markets, high alpha generation (32.2% annualised), a high information ratio (sharpe 1.94) and an excellent ratio of up months vs. down months (sortino 7.08). The fund is diversified across a number investment themes and geographies with 89 positions as at the end of march. The average market cap of stocks in the portfolio is $18.020 billion.

With organic growth and inflows firm assets under management has grown from less than $500,000 at launch to well over $15,000,000 at this time. Totus Capital now has 2 full time investment professionals, 2 part time operations staff and has engaged best in class partners for core functions such as prime broking (Bank of America), Audit (Ernst & Young), Administration (TMF Group) and middle office support (QRMO). The fund is open to Wholesale Clients.

To read the full performance summary please download the document below.

CricHQ IPL Launch – Teams up with Nokia in India

CricHQ (crichq.com), the New Zealand-based cricket technology company, is set to expand its reach into cricket-mad India after inking a deal with mobile handset giant Nokia.

The new deal will see CricHQ’s cricket-scoring technology co-developed by Nokia and CricHQ and then integrated into the Nokia X, Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha range of phones in time for the upcoming Indian Premier League next month.

CricHQ chief executive Simon Baker said the timing of the deal could not be better for Indian cricket fans with Nokia handsets in their pockets. “The highest profile cricket tournament in the world is getting under way in India at the same time as we’re launching a cricket app on Nokia’s new series of phones.”

Baker said Nokia presents CricHQ with an opportunity to massively increase user numbers in India where there are more than 900 million mobile phones.

“Nokia has a huge loyal user base in India and we’re confident the many cricket lovers among its users will be impressed with what CricHQ has to offer, especially as IPL fever sweeps through the nation in April,” he said. “If we do a good job of capturing this audience through our cricket-specific technology, we believe CricHQ has the potential to become a household name in India.”

Nokia and CricHQ will co-operate in marketing campaigns and the CricHQ app will be featured in the Nokia app store and across the mobile company’s digital platform. “Nokia’s vast technology ecosystem is one of the most powerful marketing channels in the world,” Baker said. “We’re looking forward to working with the Nokia team, we love working in India and we’re really excited about the potential of the deal.”

About CricHQ

Founded in 2010, CricHQ initially developed a popular smartphone application for cricket scoring. Today its products are used in more than 120 countries, providing the global cricket community with live scoring and competition management via cloud and mobile technology. CricHQ investors include cricketers Ravi Ashwin, Albie Morkel, Faf Du Plessis, Stephen Fleming, Brendon McCullum, Graeme Swann and Mike Hussey.

Lokaway locks a partnership with AIPU, China’s largest safe manufacturing company

Lokaway is pleased to announce a partnership with AIPU, China’s largest safe manufacturing company.

AIPU has been building safes since 1991 and became China’s number 1 manufacturer in 2005. They currently manufacture over 100,000 safes per year and export all over the world including USA, Europe and Australia. With 4 factories and 1 technology research institute, APIU is a serious player in the global safe manufacturing market. They are the preferred supplier to some the largest names in safes including CHUBB, Liberty, Amsec, Asa Abloy and Stack on to name a few.

They offer Lokaway access to over 8,000 franchise safes outlets in mainland China in addition to quality safe distributors and retail stores in the United States and European markets. In addition to this, the VP of Sales has gone on record to say that it was a mistake to not jump on the Lokaway Swing’n'SlideTM opportunity 2 years ago. They are now looking to catch up on lost time and are working full steam ahead to commence production within the next 3 months.

Ai-Media Launches International Autism Pilot

MEDIA RELEASE, 9 April 2014

Speech-to-text innovator Ai-Media today launched an international schools pilot to test its new Ai-Live autism (ASD) application, with independent evaluation to be provided by the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education (GSE).

The service will be piloted in participating school clusters in the UK, Australia, Singapore and Dubai, with multiple teachers, for around 3 hours per week for 12 weeks. The new release of Ai-Live supports teachers by providing a teaching and learning diagnostic tool, tailored to the communication styles of students with special needs.

Autism impacts people’s perception and understanding of language and communication. The pilot delivers accurate simplified text of what the teacher has said, directly to the student’s iPad or tablet, within seconds. The transcript is also available after the lesson as a study aid for students, and as a reflection tool for teachers.

Ai-Media also announced the appointment of Eileen Hopkins as an expert consultant in the development of applications for its Ai-Live technology to support people impacted by ASD. Ms Hopkins is a former Executive Director of the UK’s National Autistic Society, and autism adviser in policy and practice for UK autism research charity, Autistica.

Ms Hopkins said, “Based on results from preliminary pilots, I believe this technology will support students impacted by ASD by reducing anxiety and improving attention. By reading what it is the teacher is saying, in a simplified form, the students can focus on the content that matters, thus improving confidence and participation.”

“It is not about running Ai-Live every single lesson”, said Ai-Media Chief Executive Officer Tony Abrahams, “Teachers choose the most appropriate three hours each week to use the service.”

“A key tenet of all the work we do is independent evaluation. We are delighted to extend our relationship with the University of Melbourne GSE, who now add autism to the independent evaluation being performed for the deafness and teacher improvement applications of Ai-Live. Teachers’ use of the product during this pilot phase will inform product development ahead of planned commercial release.”

University of Melbourne GSE Associate Professor, Janet Clinton, will lead the evaluation team, together with Professor John Hattie, Associate Director of the Science of Learning Research Centre. “We know from our 2011-13 work in Australian classrooms that real-time captioning provides benefits beyond deaf and hard of hearing students,” said Professor Clinton.

“In the UK we are now examining the impact of the service on teacher improvement. By now exploring how it supports students on the broad autism spectrum, we are beginning to understand this technology as an education support for each student.”

Professor Hattie added, “Real-time captioning can bring alive many of the principles behind Visible Learning by facilitating deeper connections between teacher, learner and content.  Autism is a key focus area for many educators, and we are delighted to focus on autism in this international pilot.”

Autism Spectrum Australia estimates 1-in-100 Australian children are impacted by ASD.

Ai-Media is seeking expressions of interest for participation in the pilot, from schools in Australia, Dubai, Singapore and the UK.

 April is World Autism Awareness Month

Expressions of interest:

Australia: Daniel Abrahams +612 8870 7700  Daniel.Abrahams@ai-media.tv
UK: Beth Abbott / Denise Bob-Jones +44 207 953 7442 Denise.Bob-Jones@ai-media.tv
Dubai and Singapore: Eileen Hopkins +44 7909 990 040 Eileen.Hopkins@ai-media.tv

The Sabre and The Cutlass, quickly becoming the gin drinker’s favoured companion

In the first months of 2014, The West Winds Gin by The Tailor Made Spirits Company is rapidly becoming the flavour of the year for judges, critics, premises, distributors and most importantly drinkers.

Handcrafted in small batches and distilled using triple-filtered pristine Margaret River water and a blend of native Australian botanicals, both “The Sabre” and “The Cutlass” gins have these unique attributes as the foundation.  This unique character has contributed to the drinks’ growing number of worldwide accolades.

The Cutlass – Champion Gin

Following on from their multiple awards in San Francisco and London, The Cutlass was awarded Champion Gin Gold winner at the inaugural Australian Distilled Spirits & Liqueurs Awards.  The Cutlass, the company’s super-premium gin, is gaining steam worldwide.

Company’s CEO and Chief Distiller, Paul White said “This is another great result for our work.  It proves again we are creating gins that people enjoy and want to drink.” Not to be ignored, The Sabre claimed the Silver medal position, locking up both top spots in the awards for Australian distillers.

The Australian Go-to Gin

Total sales since launch have exceeded 45,000 bottles and growing month-on-month.  The West Winds Gins are now served by more than 900 bars, nightclubs and restaurants in all states of Australia.  Mr White talks about this approach as part of its national sales strategy. “We have found that bartenders and restaurant owners have been ambassadors of West Winds because it is a premium Australian-made product they trust and want to be associated with.  This in turn drives sales in the off-premise trade.”

Since launching with Dan Murphy’s at the turn of the year 4,000 bottles have been sold in 200 stores.  The company has a National Sales Manager in place overseeing the network that the Company’s existing business development team is reaching into.

Global Reach

The domestic market represents a small part of the wider global story.  International distribution is crucial to the company’s long term aims.  “Gin is a $5 billion market worldwide with over 45 million cases consumed worldwide.  With no dominant premium gins with a global footprint we can occupy this space with strategic growth in key territories.”

West Winds gins have been exported to New Zealand for over a year and have started exporting to Canada and Singapore. The first orders from Europe – 3,000 bottles from La Maison De Whisky – highlighting the demand for the multi-award winners.

Fulfilling the Strategic Growth plan

“Every indicator demonstrates we are on target to reach our sales and growth benchmarks.  The aim is to have a compelling brand with recognition worldwide that’s also profitable.  The international alcohol companies are continually looking for premium brands to add to their stable to keep hold of their market share.”

Famous exponents of Gin like Winston Churchill favoured the magic tonic for its medicinal qualities. Today, a growing number of drinkers and experts worldwide have the sophisticated West Winds gins as their go-to brand.

Footfalls and Heartbeats features on NewScientist

Clothes with hidden sensors act as an always-on doctor

NewScientist, Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014

The next generation of wearable technology aims to embed sensors in your clothes, so you only need to get dressed to start monitoring your health.”Wearable electronics are great but the only way they are going to take off is if you stick them on something people have to wear every day,” says Simon McMaster of Footfalls and Heartbeats, a company in New Zealand that is developing smart fibres with sensors knitted straight into the fabrics.

With conductive or optical sensors woven into T-shirts, shorts and underwear, smart clothes will be able to pick up a greater range of body signals, at much higher sensitivities, than rigid sensors.

“You can put the sensor wherever you want,” says McMaster. “Using conductive yarn you can control the structure and the conductivity in that area and make it more or less conductive, measure compressive force, tensile force, temperature,” he says.

CricHQ Latest Media Releases

Latest Media Releases:

  • 4 April 2014 – Simon Baker, CricHQ’s CEO interviewed on Sky News Business (Australia) by Nigel Freitas on 4 April 2014 (Soon to be released)

<<More CricHQ | Articles - www.crichq.com/about/press_releases>>


Freeflow Pipes Limited – CEO Interview

Freeflow has a unique, patented, aluminium product that is demonstrated to be the most effective, cost effective, strongest, best looking and most durable downpipe in production.

The $A70 million Australasian downpipe market is the company’s initial target with a view to market leadership within three years. Freeflow Pipes has won 10% of the New Zealand Market in its first year with sales to every major group housing builder plus retirement villages. The next phase of growth is targeting universities, prisons and Australian group home builders.

Please listen to Peter Barrett, Managing Director.

RAW Capital Partners: March 2014 Monthly Report

Please find attached our Monthly Report for March 2014

The Fund gained 2.82% in March, lifting all share classes since inception to new all-time highs. Commodities led the way this month, followed by Fixed Income and then Equity Indices, while Currencies incurred a minor loss.

Positive performance in Agricultural Commodities was led by investments in Lean Hogs, Ethanol, Cotton, and Wheat, all higher on the month as a result of a series of supply impairments.

Within Equities, gains in Italy, South Africa, Portugal and India slightly offset losses from Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. Starting the month at highs, most Equity Indices fell for the first 3 weeks of March due to geo-political tensions caused by President Putin’s sudden and unexpected annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine. Equities finished the month strongly however.

Adverse moves in Natural Gas and the Australian Dollar contributed the most to negative monthly performance attribution.

At month end, investment allocations were highly diversified and indeed very similar to early March.

To read the full Report, please download the document below.


OfficeBox delivers Voice platform with Intelligent IP Communications

Press Release, 5 April 2014, by Steve Robinson, Chief  Executive Officer

A significant milestone has been reached in the ongoing development of Cloud DC’s flagship product, OfficeBox. In partnership with Intelligent IP Communications, Cloud DC has facilitated the first known fully enable voice offering within a cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform, using Intelligent IP’s hosted voice platform.

This development partnership brings two innovative and culturally aligned organisations together with a common goal. That goal is to deliver a simple, easy to manage ICT solution that can be seamlessly deployed anywhere, any time and on any device. The two parties have already identified that their Web Administration Portals for each technology platform are very similar and cross integration will result in a powerful solution that will deliver to the market a product that has significant applications.

“Intelligent IP Communications is a pioneer in providing corporate voice solutions to its clients across Australia & New Zealand with on-site, hosted and now virtual telecommunication services. Intelligent IP is a 100% subsidiary of BigAir Group Limited (ASX: BGL), a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. BigAir is the leading provider of fixed wireless broadband solutions for business and campus environments across Australia and the solutions that Intelligent Communications and Cloud DC bring together allow a complete bundled ICT solution for every business”, Steve Robinson, CEO of Cloud DC said.

OfficeBox will transform the way ICT is delivered to the business and its users. No longer will it be a highly complex technical challenge that requires highly trained, highly paid IT personnel, but rather it will become an easy to manage web procurement exercise that any general administrator can perform. The integration of Intelligent IP’s voice, and in the near future full unified communications, including video, presence and instant messaging, makes Officebox a complete technology solution for business.

Doug Childress, Executive Director at Intelligent IP Communications said, “OfficeBox is a great platform that has at its core a simplistic way to deliver ICT services, and even infrastructure, to a business on a monthly ‘pay as you go’ basis. We recognise that Cloud DC and it flagship product OfficeBox is the perfect vehicle to position our hosted Soft PBX voice product and we are excited about the market opportunities that this now allows us to secure”.

About Intelligent IP Communications
The company was founded in 2005 with a vision to build a licensed carrier that provided Unified Communications. Intelligent IP Communications (IIPC) has successfully achieved this and has shown its clients that ‘There are no boundaries’ to effective communications anywhere in the world. Our model operates equally well for a 1,000 person business as it does for a sole proprietor. Unlike other Internet based solutions, IIPC provides a model which is secure and delivers voice calls, voice mails, faxes and other applications wherever you are, as if you’re in the office.

About Cloud DC
Cloud Data Centre Ltd (Cloud DC) is focused on delivering ‘the next generation of business computing’ to meet the market demand for cloud based solutions. Cloud DC’s aim is to be the cloud service provider of choice to the SMB/SME market that delivers the entire IT environment for our clients. The OfficeBox solution now delivers an enterprise level of service that traditionally has been out of reach for most SME’s because of the cost. Cloud DC’s go to market strategy is through a network of resellers whose customers should be able to focus on doing what they do well in their business and not be burdened with maintaining the IT resources it requires.

KFSU Investor Update

KFSU sells natural products to the global food industry.  The proprietary manufacturing process involves minimal processing to preserve naturally occurring phytonutrients and are in increasing demand.  KFSU products offer a range of competitive advantages to food marketers including cost reductions and health benefits that are actively sought by the food industry and its consumers.

KFSU was established 7 years ago and has invested $7,500,000 to date in product development, IP generation and protection, production facilities, International marketing and staff.  A further of 2,500,000 is being raised via an Information Memorandum for growth, which will supplement grant funding of $2,000,000 from the Australian Federal Government.

Financial projections have been produced in conjunction with sales agents in Australia, Japan and the USA.  Revenue projections for 2015 are $9,000,000 and 3 year projections are $30 Million pa.

Rod Lewis

Independent Reserve confirms Banking Partner

Dear Investor,

Quite a lot of exciting developments have happened since our last update in January!

Here is our news:

  • Last time we mentioned that we have submitted to ASIC the documentation required for an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).  Since then, we have been in frequent communication with ASIC regarding what we are doing, and we have sent them a lot of documentation about how we will comply with the regulations and our business processes.  Earlier this week, they asked for some final documentation regarding the individual roles of the Responsible Managers, which we have sent today.  They have advised that after reviewing the documentation we sent them today, the final decision is expected shortly.
  • In our previous update, we noted that we were tentatively speaking with banking partners.  I’m pleased to announce that we now have a banking partner in Australia that we are very happy with, and a partner that is fully aware of our business as a digital currency exchange and excited to work with us.  In addition to this, we also have established foreign currency accounts in several different countries around the world, to make it easier for clients to transfer funds.  These accounts are now completely operational.
  • The development of our exchange has progressed significantly further than we had in January, and we now have an almost fully-functional user interface.  We have developed a trade simulator, and have been simulating hundreds of thousands of trades on our exchange this month, identifying any potential issues and giving us an opportunity to tune performance.  As of this week, our exchange is now in a position that we have been able to conduct working demonstrations with several potential investors, allowing them to see the user interface and initiate trades.  We have received very positive feedback in this regard.
  • We are now 80 % complete in the configuration of our production environment, having sat down with AWS architects in Sydney and working with them to deliver a very robust and secure environment.  We have over 30 servers with AWS, spanning multiple data centres.  This solution provides enormous scalability, as well as redundancy in the event any of these servers should fail.  Adrian is doing a remarkable job with this.
  • We have had some very interesting discussions both with fund managers in Australia, as well as some high-profile Australian investors.  We are working very closely with these people to get a great result for Independent Reserve and its shareholders.  These types of partnerships will be able to supply a great amount of liquidity to our young exchange.
  • Later this month will see the switching-on of our corporate telephone lines, another step on the way to a production ready system.

As I review our systems every day, it’s quite exciting to look at everything we’ve built and see everything working together, knowing that it will be live very soon!  We still have things to do, and some tweaks to the user interface to make it easier to use, but I can tell you it’s looking really great now!  Thanks again for everyone’s support to get us where we are today.

MediKane taking on the global diabetic market

MediKane sells medical products into the global diabetic market and future products will expand the range to other medical conditions. MediKane products have been shown to perform well against pharmaceutical medications for diabetes and are effectively free of adverse side-affects.  The products are registered as Foods and are a first entry to this market by a scientifically produced food product.

MediKane products have undergone controlled trials by independent medical bodies that have shown a high efficacy and this supports the ample scientific evidence that has been collected over the past two years.  Current sales demonstrate the high margin the products generate.

Financial projections for Australia are $7,000,000 in 2015 and 3 year projections are $37 Million pa.  Funds are being raised to re-launch the products in Australia in 2014 and export in 2015.

Rod Lewis


NTA features on Switzer

Bridging the working capital and commercial funding gap for SMEs

Switzer Daily, Published: Thursday, March 27, 2014

“It is estimated that the commercial lending market is valued at $9 billion per year. However, the SME market is severely underserviced representing under 10% of this figure. Banks that spend millions on capturing new business customers are failing existing customers by not approving lending.

An East & Partners survey of SMEs has revealed what every small to medium business owner suspected – 44% of SMEs that applied for new credit were unsuccessful, and the 6 out of 10 that were the lucky ones suffered interest-rate increases while personal home loan rates dropped to the floor.

Lindsay Kirschberg, Director at NTA Securities highlights the growing customer problem “Business owners I’m in direct contact with complain of risk-adverse lenders with inexperienced staff who only know how to check boxes. As the banks have centralised their systems they find they have no direct relationship with the business owner, and it is the businesses that suffer as a consequence”.

  • Capitalising on SME credit demand
  • A Modern Approach to Credit Management
  • Market and investor demand

Bridging the working capital and commercial funding gap for SMEs

Source Switzer Daily, by Steve Torso

It is estimated that the commercial lending market is valued at $9 billion per year. However, the SME market is severely underserviced representing under 10% of this figure. Banks that spend millions on capturing new business customers are failing existing customers by not approving lending.

An East & Partners survey of SMEs has revealed what every small to medium business owner suspected – 44% of SMEs that applied for new credit were unsuccessful, and the 6 out of 10 that were the lucky ones suffered interest-rate increases while personal home loan rates dropped to the floor.

Lindsay Kirschberg, Director at NTA Securities highlights the growing customer problem “Business owners I’m in direct contact with complain of risk-adverse lenders with inexperienced staff who only know how to check boxes. As the banks have centralised their systems they find they have no direct relationship with the business owner, and it is the businesses that suffer as a consequence”.

Capitalising on SME credit demand

NTA Securities provides specialist working capital and debt finance to Australian small-to-medium enterprises. Head of Investments, Anthony Simpson is bullish about opportunities in the Australian commercial lending environment “NTA Securities is a startup ready to exploit the funding gap between banks and business.  The main aim to sufficiently capitalise the company for significant growth. We launched a $5M debenture as there is pent-up demand in the SME market for lending. Feedback we have received from our broker network is that this could be placed very quickly with high quality borrowers at low risk”

A Modern Approach to Credit Management

Through providing working capital to companies who need it NTA Securities can help where banks refuse, offering unique opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to grow. Mr Simpson continued “Our rigorous risk management policies ensure the funds distributed are to suitable candidates who meet our lending criteria and the money is used and distributed effectively by way of monitoring the borrowers bank accounts. All debt is secured as a first ranking security registered under the Personal Property Securities Register mitigating any default risk.”

Market and investor demand

The demand for income producing assets in business has never diminished but the opportunities for borrowers have. IBISWorld anticipates that capital expenditure is expected to increase in 2014 through to 2017, representing an opportunity for lenders like NTA Securities.

This has been supported by strong interest received from around the country since listing its capital raising offer on Wholesale Investor. Interest has been received from investors locally as well as China, Malaysia and the Middle East. “The demand for this kind of product is self-evident. With a three year term paying 11.75% per annum in quarterly instalments investors want exposure to a secure investment that is asset backed.”

“In addition, to the current $5M initial funding round, we are planning to raise another debenture in June bring our funds under management to $10M. The aim is to reach $25M by end of 2015 and there is demand to sustain this investment.” The outlook for 2014 is that SMEs now have the opportunity to capitalise on these new funding lines and contribute to the engine room of society.

Cloud DC secures $1M in Funding

Press Release, 27 March 2014, by Steve Robinson, Chief  Executive Officer

A private consortium has made a cornerstone investment of $1M in Cloud DC, as a part of the current series ‘A’ capital raising exercise. This will provide Cloud DC with working capital to continue on the path of becoming the market leader in Cloud delivered ICT as a Service (ICTaaS) office solutions via its flagship product OfficeBox.

This investment validates that Cloud DC has a unique market offering and should please the existing ‘seed investors’ that their faith in Cloud DC and the journey we are undertaking has now been shared with other, more seasoned investors.

OfficeBox will transform the way ICT is delivered to the business and its users. No longer will it be a highly complex technical challenge that requires highly trained, highly paid IT personnel, but rather it will become an easy to manage web procurement exercise that any general administrator can perform.

The roadmap of future developments within OfficeBox will soon see the launch of what we believe to be the world’s first fully integrated soft pbx (voice platform) within a cloud hosted ‘Desktop as a Service’. In addition, Cloud DC will launch an OfficeBox Lite version specifically for the residential and small office home office (SOHO) user. Both of which are currently in our Beta trial environment.

“It is game on for Cloud DC now, we are starting to get the investor backing that this technology deserves. OfficeBox is a disruptive game changer, and consumers of ICT have always had to accept the way ICT has been sold to them. Now they have a choice, have your office ICT delivered to you as an enterprise grade of service, anywhere, any time and on any device on a ‘pay as you go’ model at a price that can be easily afforded ”, Steve Robinson, CEO of Cloud DC said.

The series ‘A’ capital raising is still underway with Cloud DC talking to a number of other serious investors.


About Cloud DC

Cloud Data Centre Ltd (Cloud DC) is focused on delivering ‘the next generation of business computing’ to meet the market demand for cloud based solutions. Cloud DC’s aim is to be the cloud service provider of choice to the business market (B2B) that delivers the entire IT environment for our clients. The OfficeBox solution now delivers an enterprise level of service that traditionally has been out of reach for most because of the cost. Cloud DC’s current go to market strategy here in Australia is through a network of resellers whose customers should be able to focus on doing what they do well in their business and not be burdened with maintaining the IT resources it requires.


For further information contact:
Steve Robinson
Cloud DC
+61 412 433 297

PharmAust bringing a new first-line treatment, PPL1, for tumour cancer patients worldwide

Worldwide cancer accounts for over 10 million deaths per year.  In Australia alone, 3 in 10 deaths are due to this cause.  Treatments have advanced considerably in the last decade but the majority of therapies are highly toxic, untargeted and inadequate for late stage cancer patients.

A new breakthrough drug, PPL1 from PharmAust, offers a potential first-line treatment for many of the predominant cancers and can change the treatment landscape with its non-toxic, highly targeted solution.  This drug appears to offer a “new class” of anticancer drug with potential to, not only have activity itself but to also to be used in conjunction with standard of care.

Dr Roger Aston, CEO of PharmAust outlined the potential for this treatment, “This year about 1,470 Australian women are expected to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer alone. With lack of early screening and a high mortality rate, the prognosis is not good for patients.  In our preclinical studies to date, PPL1 indicated it would be highly effective for this kind of cancer and would be a viable treatment option offering these women new hope”.

Standalone cure, compelling partner, or both?

An interesting effect of PPL1 is that  when used in conjunction with existing chemotherapy treatments, PPL1 increases a drug’s potency by up to 100 times with no increase of toxicity.  This is a notable development as the dosage of existing cancer drugs may be reduced by a 100-fold lower and potentially maintain the same efficacy.  Dr Aston continued “PPL1 is exciting as it can open the market to drugs whose activity would be too toxic for certain kinds of cancer”.

As a standalone treatment, PPL1 was effective with no apparent toxicity.  “Naturally we are also excited at the prospect of PPL1 as a potential cure for both human and veterinary applications.”

Accidental Discovery, Strategic Opportunity

86 years ago, Alexander Fleming stumbled upon a wonder drug that would advance mankind forever.  The discovery of an anti-bacterial mould that led to the breakthrough agent Penicillin.  In the same vein, Professor David Morris, a highly regarded cancer surgeon at St George Hospital, Sydney stumbled onto something where he least expected it

“While on working on my farm I gave an anti-parasitic drug to some sheep.  As the drug was well received there was plenty of the drug leftover.  I took some into the lab for analysis and the findings were quite staggering.  Its ability to destroy tumour cells demonstrated it would be a viable anti-cancer treatment.  Seeing this first hand makes me quietly confident that results in animals and our forthcoming human trial will support these findings.”

Veterinary and Human Trials

Testing for veterinary purposes has been approved commencing shortly.  Testing and trials on humans has also been scheduled for this year.  “With human trials it is expected that we’ll be treating patients who have failed with other treatments and whose life expectancy is limited.  It is with these terminal ovarian cancer cases that we’ll be looking for a breakthrough.”

Long-term human safety studies are less likely to be required for drug compounds that have previously been approved by regulatory authorities for other indications. Particularly considering the new applications revolve around late stage or terminal cancer therapies.

Investors to date have backed PPL1 oversubscribing a recent fundraising.  “In our view, the start and completion of the ‘first in man’ study of PPL1 will provide significant upside as it will open the doors for major cancer applications with large pharmaceutical companies. This should see our investors rewarded for helping us through the challenging early phase of the drug’s life.”

On-Line Electric Vehicle – the new paradigm for the future of transport

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, and with structural issues such as peak oil and climate change affecting the ongoing cost of traditional petroleum transport systems, governments and companies are seeking the next generation transport solution.  However, existing transport solutions from trams to trains and electric buses require substantial capital expenditure, considerable changes to infrastructure, and take many years to rollout.  The only viable solution for the future is the OLEV (On-Line Electric Vehicles) Zero Emission Public Transportation Solution.

A next generation technology

OLEV delivers an environmentally sustainable transport solution with vastly lower energy consumption.  Rikesh Venay Ram, Managing Director of Australian Electric Infrastructure and Transport Company (AEIT), explains the strategic advantage of the world-first ‘In-Motion’ wireless power transfer technology, “OLEV is a new ultra-light transport system with no need for overhead or permanent on-ground infrastructure.  OLEV buses are 70% less expensive to operate than Diesel and Gas buses with no emissions. This is a breakthrough technology for electric vehicles.”

The technology works with road-embedded electric power strips providing electro-magnetic power, wirelessly, to electric vehicles charging an onboard battery and powering the electric motor.  By powering an onboard battery this allows the vehicle to leave the network temporarily so it is the only technology that provides continuous operation on both dedicated and semi-fixed route transit systems.

Proven in the market, Global potential

The first OLEV vehicles went into operation in Korea providing the shuttle bus service across the KAIST Daejon campus in 2009. Travelling a 3.7 km circuit around the campus, the shuttle buses are powered by two 5m embedded charging strips, one at each end of the circuit, and one 50m strip on the road.

Mr Ram explains the potential evident in the market, “Based on this initial proof of concept and many other rollouts in Asia, Time Magazine named OLEV one of the World’s Best 50 Inventions, and the World Economic Forum names OLEV Technology as one of ten emerging technologies.”  The OLEV technology has been exclusively licensed to AEIT in Australia for an initial period of 40 years for commercialisation.

Australian rollout

AEIT is focused on winning government and major tenders with its advantages over bus operators for routes.  AEIT will offer managed services to mitigate against financial and operational risks.  This has led key initiatives that are currently in the pipeline.

Griffith University on the Gold Coast has indicated OLEV would be a viable campus shuttle.  This would be extended in 2018 for the Commonwealth Games as a transportation solution for officials and delegates to and from venues.  OLEV will also link up with train stations providing seamless connection with Brisbane Airport.

Discussions with Brisbane Airport Corporation are also advanced for a transport system to transfer passengers between domestic to international airports, as well as linking all Terminals, Car Parks, and other existing businesses and leisure centres in close proximity.

Strategic Growth Plan

This activity has been supplemented with a robust growth strategy to finance its initial projects and provide a working capital runway as new projects fall into place.  OLEV is positioned to capitalize on the demands for new transport solution in all the major cities in Australia.

NTA Securities – Bridging the working capital and commercial funding gap for SMEs

It is estimated that the commercial lending market is valued at $9BN per year.   However, the SME market is severely underserviced representing under 10% of this figure.  Banks that spend millions on capturing new business customers are failing existing customers by not approving lending.

An East & Partners survey of SMEs has revealed what every small to medium business owner suspected – 44% of SMEs that applied for new credit were unsuccessful, and the 6 out of 10 that were the lucky ones suffered interest-rate increases while personal home loan rates dropped to the floor.

Lindsay Kirschberg, Director at NTA Securities highlights the growing customer problem “Business owners I’m in direct contact with complain of risk-adverse lenders with inexperienced staff who only know how to check boxes. As the banks have centralised their systems they find they have no direct relationship with the business owner, and it is the businesses that suffer as a consequence”.

Capitalising on SME credit demand

NTA Securities provides specialist working capital and debt finance to Australian small-to-medium enterprises.  Head of Investments, Anthony Simpson is bullish about opportunities in the Australian commercial lending environment “NTA Securities is a startup ready to exploit the funding gap between banks and business.  The main aim to sufficiently capitalise the company for significant growth.  We launched a $5M debenture as there is pent-up demand in the SME market for lending.  Feedback we have received from our broker network is that this could be placed very quickly with high quality borrowers at low risk”

A Modern Approach to Credit Management

Through providing working capital to companies who need it NTA Securities can help where banks refuse, offering unique opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to grow. Mr Simpson continued “Our rigorous risk management policies ensure the funds distributed are to suitable candidates who meet our lending criteria and the money is used and distributed effectively by way of monitoring the borrowers bank accounts. All debt is secured as a first ranking security registered under the Personal Property Securities Register mitigating any default risk.”

Market and investor demand

The demand for income producing assets in business has never diminished but the opportunities for borrowers have.  IBISWorld anticipates that capital expenditure is expected to increase in 2014 through to 2017, representing an opportunity for lenders like NTA Securities.

This has been supported by strong interest received from around the country since listing its capital raising offer on Wholesale Investor.  Interest has been received from investors locally as well as China, Malaysia and the Middle East.  “The demand for this kind of product is self-evident.  With a three year term paying 11.75% per annum in quarterly instalments investors want exposure to a secure investment that is asset backed.”

“In addition, to the current $5M initial funding round, we are planning to raise another debenture in June bring our funds under management to $10M.  The aim is to reach $25M by end of 2015 and there is demand to sustain this investment.”  The outlook for 2014 is that SMEs now have the opportunity to capitalise on these new funding lines and contribute to the engine room of society.

Acoustic 3D’s new audio hologram is the shape of sound to come

The music market has continually evolved responding to new technologies. Vinyl, cassette, compact disc, and mp3 formats have all cycled in and back out of usage.  However, one piece of tech that has kept the same build for five decades is the humble loudspeaker.  Companies such as JBL, Bose, Sony and many others release new loudspeakers every year, but they are all based on the same premise – the powerful black box.

This is a $4BN per year global market that has succeeded through market necessity; people need to hear their music, and has gotten by on little innovation. In the early 90s, Joe Hayes, decided to challenge the status quo.   A highly experienced Sound Engineer and Acoustician, Joe made a ‘game-changing’ scientific breakthrough in audio amplification and discovered how to generate an audio hologram.

“This audio hologram is not an extension of existing audio technology but a totally new method of generating sounds,” said Mr Hayes.  “Our patented A3D sound, forms the basis of our first product line – the Emergence Loud-Speaker system, producing an uncoloured, distortion free, immersive three-dimensional sound experience.  It is unlike anything else in the marketplace.”

Getting ready for a global rollout 20 years and $2M in development costs later, Acoustic3D Holdings Ltd, is Joe’s company ready to go global by wholesaling to major retail brands worldwide. “The past 12 months have been devoted to ensuring the supply chain is able to accommodate our initial demand.  Our speakers aren’t black boxes.  They were conceived from the ground-up and have a futuristic design quality.  This design has meant investment into our tooling has been crucial. Our infrastructure will be able to accommodate production of 500,000 units per year.”

This supply chain implementation is the latest execution phase from the last round of investor funding and government grants.  “At a retail price of $995 for a state-of-art home theatre sound system unlike anything ever heard before, we are quietly confident that we can hit all of our sales benchmarks and provide strong returns to our shareholders who invested in the creation of our IP and our market potential.”

Acoustic3D has patent protection in all its key target markets and across a number of applications.  “A licensing deal with a major headphone brand is imminent, this demonstrates that the technology can scale down with no loss in sound performance.  It is our vision that the A3D sound can be heard on every iPhone and Android device.  It is a truly disruptive technology in the audio market.”

Funding the future of sound creation Acoustic3D has raised 80% of its initial round with investors which has seen the company rapidly implement its operational program as well as make advances with its licensing deals.   “This should get the company to a point where market traction can create an uplift in the value of the company. There are many companies that would benefit from this intellectual property.  Sony, Bose, Apple, Google, any company with a stake in the audio market can gain an immediate advantage with this technology in their arsenal.”

The audio hologram promises to alter the way loudspeakers are designed turning an entire room into an audio sweet spot.  With this kind of value proposition to customers, Acoustic3D can become the go-to audio brand for the next generation.

NTA has successfully raised $1.25M

Please read below the latest update from NTA:

  • In the past few weeks NTA has successfully raised $1.25M out of the $5M for the first debenture; set to close by 30 April 2014 - to allow more investors to take part in the 11.75%pa return
  • Since inception in 2012 till February 2014; 157 loans have been transacted by loan value of $17.5M, with 0$ bad debt and 100% enforcement collect success rate
  • Here’s examples of a few companies have already been funded via NTA securities debenture:
    • Equipment Hire company - $750K
    • Labour Hire company - $1.5M
    • Traffic Control company - $1M

Receipt of R&D Tax incentive payment

Melbourne, 20 March 2014: The Directors of BioDiem Ltd (“BioDiem”, or the “Company”) are pleased to announce that the Company has now received AU $359,022 in cleared funds in relation to expenditure in the 2013 financial year under the R&D Tax Incentive program following lodgement of the company’s Income tax return. 

BioDiem’s CEO, Julie Phillips commented, “The R&D Tax Incentive program plays a vital role for small Australian biotech companies such as ours. The program offsets some of the costs in conducting the important research and development activities which are needed to bring new medicines and vaccines to market. The BioDiem portfolio includes vaccines and therapies in development which are potentially life-saving. The support this federal government program provides allows us to extend and accelerate the amount of R&D which we can undertake in Australia.”

The proceeds of these funds will be used to fund the Company’s main programs developing and commercialising vaccines and infectious disease therapies.

Yours faithfully,

Julie Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
BioDiem Ltd
Phone +61 3 9692 7240
Email jphillips@biodiem.com


Métier Medical Limited – CEO Interview

Needlestick injury and reuse is an endemic problem throughout the developed and developing world and never has there been such an awareness of the financial and human cost as in recent times. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health estimates between 600,000 to 800,000 needlestick injuries every year in the USA alone and the figures in Australia are rising every year.

Please listen to Jan Wayland, Director.

Point of Pay – CEO Interview

Point of Pay has developed a ‘one system does all’ payment solution – PoP-Net, a secure global payments network for on-line cardholder present transactions, together with Verosecure, a consumer payment device integrated into mobile devices.

The solution redefines the standards for card transaction security with no requirement for merchants to update or modify existing IT infrastructure.   The technology is proven in the market and funding is required for rapid expansion.

Please listen to Nic Nuske, Market Development.

Five reasons New Zealand companies should consider raising capital in Australia

Source NZTE. By Angela Traill, NZTE Investment Manager, Australia.

Since 2008, most of the world has been in an investment downturn with low levels of investment relative to GDP. The Australian picture has been very different, with an investment boom, particularly in the private sector[1].

We’re well acquainted with our closest neighbours in the Trans-Tasman investment context. Australia is by far New Zealand’s largest investment partner for both inward and outward investment.

Australian investment in New Zealand accounts for over a third of New Zealand’s total foreign investment. Of the NZ$315.5 billion foreign investment in New Zealand in the year ending 31 March 2013, NZ$110 billion was from Australia[2].

Based on the above, here are five good reasons to consider raising capital in Australia.

1.    The huge size of the Australian investment funds sector

The Australian investment funds sector is a behemoth compared to New Zealand’s. Australia’s pool of funds under management is the third largest in the world, and the largest in Asia[3]. Superannuation funds underpin the growth of this sector: the mandated retirement savings scheme saw total superannuation assets reach AU$1.75 trillion as at 30 September 2013.[4]

2.    The flow-on effects of these funds into the Private Equity and Venture Capital sectors

The investment funds mentioned above are not all invested in domestic assets; there is a big flow-on effect into the local investment community. Angel investing, retail investment on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) sectors are all beneficiaries of Australia’s compulsory superannuation scheme.

The Australian VC industry has raised over AU$2 billion in funds over the last decade, and it’s PE industry, over A$25 billion. Last year PE & VC made total investments of AU$2.7 billon, into 133 companies[5]. This compares with New Zealand PE and VC investment in 2012 (most recent stats available) of NZ$111.4 million, spread across 62 deals[6].

3.    It’s not necessarily all about the big deals

The capital markets in Australia aren’t all about the private equity firms at the big end of town.

There are other options for companies looking to raise capital in the $500,000 – $5 million range. These include platforms to access Australia’s significant number of ‘high net worth’ individuals numbering around 207,000, worth about US$625 billion [7]. Other opportunities includeWholesale Investor and ASSOB, along with private wealth managers and boutique corporate advisory firms.

There are many avenues for companies looking for capital in Australia, and NZTE can help you find the right niche.

4.    New Zealand companies are on the radar

Anecdotal reports from contacts in the capital markets sector in Australia are that New Zealand companies represent great value. We are seeing more and more Australian companies visiting New Zealand on the lookout for investment opportunities.

The AVCAL 2013 yearbook confirms this trend, noting that New Zealand-headquartered companies grew their share of PE & VC investment by Australian funds in 2013. Of the AU$2.7 billion investments made in 2013, New Zealand investments accounted for AU$97 million (four percent of total) represented by 10 companies (eight percent of total). Year-on-year, investment amounts grew from $59 million to $98 million, with the number of companies obtaining investment rising from four to 10.

5.    We have similar cultures and lifestyles

We’re both relatively small population countries, separated by a mere 2,250km. We enjoy good-natured (usually) rivalry on and off the sporting field and debate ownership of certain national treasures. We have similar cultures and lifestyles and some would say that we’re the two best places in the world to live. Australia is our closest neighbour and largest trading partner, so it makes a lot of sense to look to Australia for expansion capital.

Australian-New Zealand alliances really do work, especially when it comes to trade and investment. And as far as good neighbours go, there is a lot of opportunity on the other side of the ditch.

Contact NZTE to help determine the best fit to meet your capital needs.

dZhON’s Technology Now Tested Over APCO25 Networks

The dZhON Mobile Workforce Platform, which encompasses hazard layers on the integrated GIS map and emergency push notification has now been tested on APCO25 standard trunked radio networks ahead of an upcoming technology presentation to government agencies. This testing has been the last major risk factor in bringing the dZhON technology to emergency services on a global scale.

“My vision for the dZhON technology has always been to see it used in emergency services to facilitate the protection of life and property” Sandra Roggeveen – CEO – dZhON.

By gaining the interest of Australian emergency services it immediately opened discussions with trunked radio manufacturers. Since this latest round of testing was carried out in a development lab of the worlds largest provider of trunked radio networks, we are confident with the level of support that we have received thus far, and will continue to pursue other avenues to market in parallel.

For more information regarding the safety aspects of the dZhON Mobile Workforce Platform, download the collateral or email enquiries@dzhon.com for a full demonstration.

Carnegie Wage Energy provides update on the Perth Wave Energy Project

Join Carnegie Wave Energy’s CEO, Dr Michael Ottaviano in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth, where he will provide an update on the Perth Wave Energy Project as it moves towards commissioning phase.  Venue capacity is limited.

For enquires or registration please contact Krystle Thein, by email kthein@carnegiewave.com

Tuesday, 25th March, 2014 – Brisbane
12.30pm-1.30pm: Hilton Brisbane
190 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane QLD

Wednesday, 26th March, 2014 – Sydney
12.30pm-1.30pm: Intercontinental Sydney
117 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW

Friday, 28th March, 2014 – Melbourne
12.30pm – 1.30pm: The Westin Melbourne
205 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Friday, 11th April, 2014 – Perth
3.00pm – 5.00pm: Carnegie Wave Energy Research Facility
21 North Mole Drive, Fremantle, WA

To view the Roadshow Presentation please download the document below.

RAW Alpha Systematic Fund I: February 2014 Monthly Report

Please find attached our Monthly Report for February 2014.

  • The Fund gained 6.96% in February, marking the successful completion of the Fund’s first year of trading. All share classes closed the inaugural twelve month period above par, ranging from +0.83% (GBP share class) to +3.88% (AUD share class).
  • The Fund began February with no Equity exposure. However, the Fund initiated exposure to Equities early in the month and also added to Commodity positions. This systematic response to the changing economic landscape served investors well. Gains were spread across all asset classes and all sub-sectors. Commodities led the way with Lean Hogs narrowly outperforming Natural Gas as the most profitable trade. Within Equities, gains were equally spread across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Currencies were a little more mixed, as gains in the New Zealand Dollar and Swiss Franc outweighed a loss in the Australian Dollar. Small gains were posted in the Fixed Income asset class.
  • Fund performance over the first 12 months has been handicapped by largely choppy or trendless markets outside of Equities.  Without obvious investment opportunities beyond Equities, the diversified investment approach adopted by the Fund has been at a disadvantage versus pure equity strategies.  Until now, that is.  What has been noticeable in the first weeks of the year are the re-emergence of broader themes, particularly in areas such as Energy and Agricultural Commodities. The Fund has benefited, for example, from significant non-correlated (to Equities) trends in areas such as Natural Gas, Coffee, Cocoa, Wheat, Soybeans, Corn and Lean Hogs. A reduction in correlation across asset classes is traditionally a positive for Global Macro Funds such as ours. We look forward to further positive performance, in aggregate, over the next 12 months.

To read the full Report, please download the document below.

The Tailor Made Spirits Company – latest updates

Please see below the list of the key milestones they have hit in the last 3 months:

  • The West Winds Gin The Cutlass was awarded Champion Gin and a Gold medal at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.
  • The West Winds Gin The Sabre was awarded a Silver medal in the gin category at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.
  • The Tailor Made Spirits Company has now sold in excess of 50,000 bottles since launch
  • The Tailor Made Spirits Company has added Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) to their list of wholesalers. Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) is a broad range liquor wholesaler supplying over 15,000 hotels, liquor stores, restaurants and other licensed premises throughout Australia.
  • The Tailor Made Spirits Company has added Coles to their list of wholesalers.

Folkestone (ASX: FLK): half year result

Folkestone (ASX: FLK) today announced its half year result for the six months ended 31 December 2013.

Key Highlights

  • Net profit after tax of $1.6 million
  • Successfully raised $25 million from a Placement and Entitlement Offer
  • Strong growth in funds under management to $700 million
  • Two new unlisted funds closed oversubscribed
  • Australian Education Trust successfully raised $45 million and acquired 31 early learning centres
  • Secured first exposure to Sydney residential development market
  • Continued strong sales at the Officer residential land subdivision
  • Pre-sold the Stage 1 retail development at Altona North to a new Folkestone fund

Please follow the links below to read more:

Bright idea saves on energy bills

Source: The Australian Financial Review


Old engineering school chums and now Melbourne-based entrepreneurs Chris Duffield and Danny Bishop (left) have a simple plan to save plenty on lighting bills.

Their start-up Organic Response is a wireless lighting control system based on a sensor device, smaller than the size of a matchbox, integrated into light fittings.

As the sensors detect human presence within a building, an infrared signal is sent to nearby devices, allowing the lights to adjust to occupancy levels, saving energy.

The sensors communicate directly with each other, avoiding the need to install and wire a separate control system.

“Existing lighting control systems use a wired network and have high levels of complexity,” Mr Duffield said. “That results in high costs and requires large amounts of skilled labour to install and maintain.”

The system has already been installed successfully across 13 sites in Australia and three in Europe, including in major commercial and public buildings.

The devices rely on high-tech “flocking” algorithms which mimic the way decisions by individuals in a group lead to collective decisions and behaviour.

The business plan is just as clever, based on forming strategic alliances with lighting manufacturers, who have existing channels to market.

Under the guidance of Deloitte, the partners are looking to raise $5 million in ­capital to scale up their operations, with an eye to hitting sales of $221 million, or 6.5 million units, within four years.

Deloitte partner Xander Alpherts said Organic Response “disrupts” the lighting control industry based around installing a costly, separate system.

“The market opportunity is large. These guys have the first-mover advantage in that space and they need to capitalise on that.”

Co-founder and technical director Danny Bishop is the brains behind the smart devices. Already he has an eye on the appeal of the innovation for “big data” players, who are eager to get access to ­connected places and spaces.

“What we do is place a large number of sensors quite densely around the built environment,” he said.

“They share information and create an occupancy information cloud. That information has an incredibly real value ­proposition to other services like the building management service.”


Poppin Pods – Poised to grow distribution to 60 stores

“Things are moving ahead very fast.  The sales figures, customer feedback and press have all been fantastic. After great success at David Jones and Norton St Grocer Stores, Poppin Pods is now poised to grow from 2 to 60 stores within two months and then onward depending on cash flow/investment. All the growers and channels are in place and they are moving forward.

This is a huge opportunity, that has now been supported by the above especially customer feedback, sales figures and retailer uptake. Currently, in need of a partner who can work with us, to invest and expand Poppin Pods. See highlights and progress report in the attached document.” – Adam Stott, CEO at Poppin Pods.

Acquisition of Online Homewares Store – Your Home Depot (yourhomedepot.com.au)

  • A transformational acquisition that significantly enhances Shoply’s scale and expands the Company’s existing online shopping offering into the complementary Homewares and Home Appliances segment
  • YourHomeDepot.com.au generated $12.9 million in revenue and $1.0 million EBITDA in FY13

Shoply Limited (“Shoply” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Heads of Agreement with Your Home Depot Pty Ltd (“YHD”) for a proposed acquisition of the key assets of the YHD business (“the Transaction”).

The Transaction:

Shoply will pay all-cash consideration of $2.85 million for the assets of YHD on a debt-free basis. The primary assets of YHD include:

• the domain name and website assets associated with yourhomedepot.com.au which generated close to $12.9 million in revenue in FY13 with an EBITDA of $1.0 million;

• a database of approximately 130,000 retail and commercial clients;

• stock on hand to the value of $1.5 million; and

• a recently fitted out leasehold warehouse facility of around 2,300m2 located approximately 24km north-west of Sydney’s CBD.

To read the full ASX Release please click on the document below.

D H Flinders Equity Fund January Performance Report

The D H Flinders Microcap Equity Fund continues to out perform the market benchmark, posting an annual return of 18.87 % in the year to 31 Janaury 2014.

A combination of sector allocation and stock selection contributed to the return with companies such as emerchants, Webster, Titan and Capitol Heath contributing toward performance.

Top 10 Australian M&A Predictions for 2014


Written by David Ryan and Lyndon Masters DLA Piper

The results are in – 2013 was another tough year for the Australian M&A market overall. However, despite a sluggish first half of 2013, we saw increased M&A activity in the second half of the year (with three of the biggest M&A deals of the year commencing in that period) with commentators expecting this increased confidence to flow through to 2014.

Set out below are our top 10 Australian M&A predictions for 2014:


Arguably, the time is now right for growth through acquisition, which means we can expect to see more transformative deals going forward. We expect the technology, real estate and mining sectors to drive the growth in M&A in 2014.

There are a number of key drivers of M&A activity prevalent in the market which indicates to us that the Australian M&A outlook for 2014 will be stronger. These include:

  • Stronger balance sheets and excess cash that will need to be used or returned to shareholders.
  • Interest rates being low with acquisition financing appearing readily available.
  • The Australian equity market, whilst still being somewhat volatile, is strong.
  • The new Coalition Government declaring Australia open for business and its commitment to removing “red tape”.

Companies that have been focussed on low risk strategies of core business focus, smaller acquisitions and divestments of non-core assets, are now coming out of that cycle and are looking for bigger M&A opportunities to materialise.


With the softening of the Australian dollar, the strengthening of the US, UK and Japanese economies and the prospect of the free trade agreement with China being finalised sometime this year, we predict that foreign buyers will continue to contribute heavily to Australian public M&A deal flow in 2014.

The Federal Treasurer’s recent foreign investment decision in respect of Archer Daniels Midland’s proposed acquisition of GrainCorp and the relaxing of conditions that will allow the Chinese SOE Yanzhou Coal to wholly own its listed subsidiary Yancoal have left some commentators in the market scratching their heads. Whilst the GrainCorp decision should not be perceived as a deterrent for future foreign investment in the agribusiness sector (or other sensitive sectors), it highlights the fact that having an effective FIRB strategy (taking into account the political undertones that drive these decisions) will continue to be of critical importance to the success of inbound M&A investment into Australia.

Whilst investment in Australia’s agribusiness sector will continue be a key driver of Australian M&A activity in 2014, the GrainCorp decision along with the planned lowering of FIRB thresholds for foreign investment in Australian land and agribusiness, is likely to result in an increase in agribusiness M&A transactions being structured as strategic acquisitions of minority interests (with joint venture like implications), rather than as 100% or controlling stakes.


As a result of the continuing tough market to obtain finance for greenfield projects, in 2014 we expect to see more strategic acquisitions of small-cap companies, or their assets, by established and well capitalised buyers through friendly transactions. For many small-cap companies (particularly in the resources sector), this will be merger by necessity, rather than choice.


Whilst in 2013, cash was the consideration of choice in the majority of public M&A deals, as bidder balance sheets and share prices improved, there was a re-emergence of the use of scrip consideration (either 100% scrip or partial scrip) in proposed transactions. We anticipate this re-emerging trend will continue in 2014. In addition, we could see the re-emergence of “earn-out” type instruments, such as the contingent value rights used in Yancoal’s acquisition of Gloucester Coal in 2012, or other creative consideration mechanisms. Nervous bidders may seek refuge in these instruments which ensure the seller remains partially on risk.


While we expect to continue to see recommended offers, as confidence continues to build we can expect to see increasingly competitive bids for strong assets, resulting in diminished advantage to first movers. Prime examples are the competitive bids for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company and Commonwealth Property Office Fund.


Given increased bidder competition, there will be continued emphasis on deal protection measures such as exclusivity, matching rights and break fees. However, the comments of Farrell J in the Federal Court in respect of deal protection measures in the Cape Alumina Ltd scheme of arrangement in late 2013, in which her honour expressed the view that that target directors need to carefully consider whether accepting arrangements which fetter their ability to exercise their fiduciary duties as part of deal protection measures are consistent with their fiduciary duties, sends a warning that greater legal scrutiny is likely to occur in respect of these arrangements in 2014.


There was a decline in the use of strategic bear hugs by bidders in 2013, as against previous years. Whilst bear hug tactics will remain in the arsenal, we believe that the general strengthening of target company balance sheets, coupled with the increasing trend of competition for strategic assets, will result in a continued decline in their use.


Equity swaps will likely remain a feature of the public M&A landscape in 2014. The Virgin Australia Holdings decision by the Takeovers Panel, in which DLA Piper played a key role in acting for Etihad Airways, indicates that neither the Panel nor ASIC currently see a need to take a hard-line or lay down new guidance in respect of the use of cash settled equity derivatives in transactions with potential control implications. Provided that bidders comply with existing guidance in respect of the use of swaps, we predict that they will continue to be an effective tool used in M&A deals in 2014.


Shareholder activism in control transactions will become a feature in the 2014 Australian M&A landscape. Shareholder interest groups (or individual shareholders backed by those groups) are becoming far more bold in respect of control transactions, including in respect of Takeover Panel applications. The Virgin Australia Takeovers Panel application serves as a reminder that even shareholders with a comparatively small interest in a target company have standing to bring Panel proceedings and are willing to exercise that right when they consider the circumstances warrant it.


Given the focus of the Federal Government on budget and economic issues, we do not expect to see much in the way of takeover regulatory reform emanating from the Government in 2014. Whilst on-going regulatory consideration will be given to the abolishment of the 3% creep provision and the implementation of a UK style “put-up or shut-up” rule, we do not expect any new material developments in the takeovers law, at least for this year.

With increasing activity and improving confidence we believe that 2014 will provide an attractive M&A market for our clients. If you have any questions or queries about an M&A transaction, market trends or strategies, please contact David Ryan, Lyndon Masters or your established DLA Piper corporate lawyer. 

Offshore funder invests $40m in Pilbara development


The Newman Estate development, a 244-lot residential land subdivision in the key Western Australian iron ore mining town of Newman, announced it had secured over $40m of offshore funding. Veronica Macpherson, MD of MACRO Realty Developments, confirmed to Wholesale Investor that the development had attracted strong interest from domestic and Asian retail investors, with “purchasers particularly impressed by the 10% rental yields and the strong, underlying demand drivers of the Newman property market.” 

While unable to confirm the identity of the offshore hedge fund, Veronica told Wholesale Investor that “MACRO is pleased to be partnering with one of Asia’s leading hedge funds that has deep, residential development experience in the Australian property market.”

Land settlements for single dwellings lots are expected in late 2014, with over 100 presales contracts signed in the last nine months. A presales campaign for the development’s high yielding apartment product is due to commence in the next few months.

Perth based firm Wormall Civil has been appointed as the civil contractor for the development, and negotiations with several builders for both the houses and apartments are underway.

December 2013 – Company Update

Dear Investors,

Happy New Year, and welcome to the fifth edition of the Independent Reserve newsletter.

What a year it was for Bitcoin!  It’s worth recapping some of last years’ highlights as there are a lot of new people who have joined us for the first time this year.

2013 was the year Bitcoin went mainstream, here’s what happened:

  • Early 2013: The Winklevoss twins (of Facebook fame) invest $11m into a new Bitcoin fund.
  • March 2013: An unusual catalyst in the form of the Cypriot Financial Crisis,  triggered the first massive price rise in Bitcoin, springing the digital currency from $10 to $250 in a matter of weeks, and for the first time grabbing the attention of the world’s mainstream media.
  • August 2013: A United States court ruled Bitcoin to be legal tender.
  • August 2013: The German government legitimises Bitcoin, declaring digital currencies to be a unit of account.
  • September 2013: The infamous Silk Road website, using Bitcoins to trade illegal merchandise was shut down by the FBI in the United States. Rather than cause a market collapse as sceptics had predicted, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed as it was evident the majority of transactions were legitimate and Silk Road was a relatively small player in the Bitcoin economy.
  • September 2013: Merrill Lynch called Bitcoin a potential “major means of payment for e-commerce and may emerge as a serious competitor to traditional money transfer providers”
  • November 2013: Head of US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke publically declared that Bitcoin “may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system”
  • November 2013: A United States Senate hearing on Bitcoin strongly weighed in favour of digital currencies, with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network declaring Bitcoin to be innovative, useful and cautioned that premature regulation could stifle Bitcoin innovation.  They also pointed out to detractors that any illegitimate use of Bitcoin was insignificant compared with the USD 1.6 trillion in “global criminal proceeds” in 1999.
  • November 2013: Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson announced on CNBC that his commercial space flight venture will accept Bitcoin as payment.  He called it “a new exciting currency”.  It has already accepted its first payment worth approximately USD 250,000.
  • November 2013: Bitcoin ATMs first appear in Canada, then later in the United States and more recently Australia.
  • December 2013: One of Elon Musk’s (PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity) Tesla Model S cars was sold in the US for the first time using Bitcoin.  The value was approximately USD 103,000.
  • 2014 begins with Bitcoin now regularly trading at over USD 1,000.
  • January 2014: Singapore government pro-actively set out tax regulation for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.
  • January 2014: South Korean government sponsor local digital currency exchange.
  • January 2014: Finland have officially recognised Bitcoin as a commodity.

It’s fair to say that this is an exciting time for Bitcoin…

2014 is panning out to be even bigger. This will be the year in which Bitcoin continues its path to maturity, with new innovations and a more stable regulatory environment making Bitcoin more accessible to the masses.

Independent Reserve are in the thick of it. We are currently 80% complete in building what will be the best Bitcoin exchange in the marketplace, and are just a couple of months away from our April  launch.

We have secured partnerships with all of the key partners and vendors needed for launch, and we have worked to build a strong executive team, with a broad skillset in the fields of Technology and Finance.

Our first round of capital raising is now well behind us, but we continue to seek out strategic and equity partners to make Independent Reserve the most successful exchange in Australia, and the world.

If you’re just idly curious or unsure about Bitcoin, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share with you some more details of what we’re doing.

Our Information Memorandum available for download on our website.

A small number shares remain unallocated in Round 2.  If you were considering a Round 2 investment, please contact eitherAdam TepperLasanka Perera or myself .

Kind Regards,

Adrian Przelozny
Chief Technical Officer

OfficeBox signs on in Far North Queensland

Press Release, 23 January 2014, by Steve Robinson, Chief  Executive Officer

Cloud DC are delighted to announce that Evolve Equipment Management in Cairns, Queensland, has signed on as the first regional Reseller for Cloud DC’s flagship solution OfficeBox.

With the new year having only just begun and after a successful Beta trial of OfficeBox, Cloud DC have only recently launched the full commercial version to a small handful of Metro based resellers.

“Evolve Equipment Management are one of Cairn’s most successful office equipment businesses and only recently have been looking at how they can leverage their existing customer base by offering additional services such as IT. The business owners, Warren Dunn and Laurence Cristante recognise that there is significant opportunity to bundle aligned services with their existing range and increase the average revenue per customer. This in addition creates a ‘sticky customer’ with a number of bundled services that can all be billed by the one supplier on one invoice”, Steve Robinson, CEO of Cloud DC said.

OfficeBox will transform the way IT is delivered to the business and its users. No longer will it be a highly technical challenge that requires highly trained, highly paid IT personnel, but rather it will become an easy to manage web procurement exercise that any general administrator can perform.

OfficeBox will become to the traditional supplier of IT, what Amazon was to book stores ten years ago. It will empower those non-traditional suppliers of IT who have a trusted relationship with their customers to deliver IT services and capture that revenue spend without having to commit to significant infrastructure or human capital.

Warren Dunn, Co-Director of Evolve Equipment Management said, “We have been very impressed with the simplicity of the OfficeBox platform and what it can deliver. This will allow us to increase the value of our existing customer base without any additional overhead costs. What Cloud DC has developed is the future for IT delivery and we can see it becoming a very strategic play to the growth of our business”.

Cloud DC’s “Office Box” provides you with all the tools needed to deliver your entire Office IT environment anywhere, anytime and on any device.

About Cloud DC
Cloud Data Centre Ltd (Cloud DC) is focused on delivering ‘the next generation of business computing’ to meet the market demand for cloud based solutions. Cloud DC’s aim is to be the cloud service provider of choice to the SMB/SME market that delivers the entire IT environment for our clients. The OfficeBox solution now delivers an enterprise level of service that traditionally has been out of reach for most SME’s because of the cost. Cloud DC’s go to market strategy is through a network of resellers whose customers should be able to focus on doing what they do well in their business and not be burdened with maintaining the IT resources it requires.

Cloud DC Soft Launch of OfficeBox

Press Release, 18 December 2013, by Steve Robinson, Chief  Executive Officer

After a successful OfficeBox Beta trial, Cloud DC has quietly launched their full commercial offering with a rollout to a pilot site for a potential end customer.

Given the time of year and the run up to the Christmas and New Year shutdown period Cloud DC has taken a soft launch approach as any momentum built up would be lost over the break.

Steve Robinson, CEO of Cloud DC said, “We are excited by the commercial launch of OfficeBox and are planning a full launch of the platform in late January, early February when we can build up some serious marketing momentum and take that right the way through 2014. Cloud DC has a number of resellers and distributors signed up and they have already been given access to the commercial OfficeBox platform.”

Cloud DC’s “Office Box” provides you with all the tools needed to deliver your entire Office IT environment anywhere, anytime and on any device.

With the “Office Box” App Store you can tailor your IT environment right down to the individual employee. The App Store allows you to ‘pick and choose’ different software apps for different staff and bundles it all into one ‘cost per seat’ per month.

Cloud DC will be delivering a full hosted PBX Voice solution to OfficeBox in the first quarter of 2014 and believes that it will be the first ITaaS (IT as a Service) solution that fully integrates voice as well.

All of the team at Cloud DC wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We have been very excited with our developments throughout 2013 and we hope your 2014 is going to be as action packed and successful as ours is going to be.

About Cloud DC

Cloud Data Centre Ltd (Cloud DC) is focused on delivering ‘the next generation of business computing’ to meet the market demand for cloud based solutions. Cloud DC’s aim is to be the cloud service provider of choice to the SMB/SME market that delivers the entire IT environment for our clients. Cloud DC’s customers should be able to focus on doing what they do well in their business and not be burdened with maintaining the IT resources it requires.

Tyndall MD Interview

The Tyndall Australian Share Concentrated Fund (Fund) is a highly concentrated Australian share portfolio, investing in 15-25 stocks. It is designed to provide a total return, with a bias towards income. The Fund is constructed on a benchmark unaware basis and as such performance may vary significantly from the benchmark over the short term. We believe the Fund will deliver superior returns over the long term (seven years).

Mike Davis, Managing Director at Tyndall AM on how an accountant transitioned into investment management and the drive to deliver value to investors.

Seymour White secures $62M in additional Queensland Projects

ASX Announcement, 17 January 2014

Infrastructure engineering and construction group Seymour White Limited (ASX: SWL) is pleased to announce award of $62M in additional works within the Queensland market.

Seymour White, together with join venture design partner Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd, have won the design and construct contract for the Smith Street / Olsen Ave Interchange Project, awarded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

To read the full announcement, please download the document below.

dZhon releases new IM with recent technology breakthroughs

Due to recent technology breakthrough’s, dZhON has released a new IM providing a strong value proposition for potential investors.

Investment Highlights Include:

Proof Of Concept with Clear Growth Pathway: dZhon has developed a proprietary mobile workforce solution focused on business intelligence for enterprises proven in the field for seven months with Service Stream, Visionstream and the NBN

Disruptive Business Model: A turnkey solution that can be rapidly scaled globally to any vertical. SaaS pricing model provides increased revenue certainty, and is priced competitively against other solutions

Pent-up Demand & Growing Sales Pipeline: From no outbound marketing, dZhon has received many expressions of interest from top tier companies and is anticipated to generate immediate sales from its formal launch in March 2014

Considerable Market Potential: The global business intelligence software market is anticipated to reach $17.1 billion in revenue by 2016. Company research indicates that over 140,000 small, medium and large enterprises represent the addressable market in Australia alone

Growing Intellectual Property Position: dZhon has devoted over 10 years and funds to R&D and have developed considerable proprietary software, systems and functionality. This represents a valuable asset positioned to scale globally

Experienced Team: Executive team with deep domain knowledge of telecommunications industry, expertise in field, with strong relationships and influence in the industry in Australia

Solid Financial Fundamentals: Year 5 benchmark revenue of $60.9M and EBITDA of $42.5M with many uplift factors demonstrate the viability and potential of the business

Strong Exit Candidate: Business Intelligence is among the most active M&A technology markets globally making dZhon a potential candidate for a high value exit

For more information on investment opportunities, email investor@dzhon.com for the current investment documents.

D H Flinders Microcap Fund – November Performance

Despite a weak equity market in November the D H Flinders Micrrocap Equity Fund continues to out perform its benchmark.

The Fund has returned 25.39 % over the 12 month period to 30 November 2013 compared to a negative return of -13.62% for the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index.

Sector and stock selection contributed to the return with the Fund currently overweight cash, financials and telco stocks and underweight materials and energy companies.

dZhON Technology now delivered over radio communications

Due to customer requirements, the dZhON Mobile Workforce Platform is set to be delivered over mobile radio in January 2014.

At the request of a potential government client, the dZhON field mobile solution is to be considered as part of an network to streamline information exchange between the various emergency services and provide real time information to and from emergency workers. This opens up the global opportunity to offer the dZhON mobile Workforce Platform to all public services using modern radio equipment for communications.

“We are extremely excited by this opportunity. It really is a game changer to offer our technology to those organisations and services that don’t have access to standard data and telephony communications. To my knowledge, no one has ever been able to offer real time data over a traditional radio network” Sandra Roggeveen CEO, dZhON.

Historically, the dZhON technology has been optimised for low bandwidth, sporadic coverage networks and applies equally as well to the modern trunked mobile radio equipment used by public safety operators the world over. Proceeding to a proof of concept in early 2014 as part of the upcoming bushfire season will position dZhON as a solution provider to these public safety networks both in Australia and abroad.

As the dZhON principles have come from both the vendor and carrier side of the communications arena, we will now be looking to capitailise on this technology break trough by a targeted and succinct campaign to existing local and overseas relationships in the early stages of 2014.

Simultaneously, Australian operations will be expanded to allow for rapid growth into multiple markets and as such we are looking for investors who would like to share in the excitement of offering real time data capture over traditional radio communications.

For more information on investment opportunities, email investor@dzhon.com for the current investment documents.

Long Pipes CEO Interview

Long Pipes has developed the Fluid HighwayTM. This is a light, efficient and durable, impermeable, (does not leak gas), pipeline technology that is manufactured at a rapid rate in the field with no joints or welds required. The composite pipe is strong, flexible and able to withstand extreme temperature variations and high pressure.

For over 100 years, industry has been using steel pipelines as their primary pipeline solution and this is considered the incumbent technology. Industry and government has been looking for a continuous (no joints), fully thermoplastic, lined, non-metallic pipeline that can be manufactured on site, in or beside the trench and yet attain high operating pressures of +100 Bar.

The Fluid HighwayTM is a demonstrated, cost-effective technology that has the potential to challenge the global steel, high density polyethylene and fibreglass pipeline industries and become the material of choice for oil, gas, water slurry and hydro transportation networks.

The Long Pipes Offer closes Wednesday, December 18

5Star4Less Limited – CEO Interview

5Star4Less is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with its eCommerce online portal that allows suppliers of luxury accommodation properties to sell their unsold rooms as they become available, and at the same time give consumers access to 5 Star accommodation deals at affordable prices. On offer are some of Australia’s most exclusive island resorts, outback stations, safari-style camps, luxury lodges, boutique hotels and chic city 5 star properties.

Maxiwealth Capital Limited – CEO Interview

Maxiwealth Capital recognised a space in the market to accommodate the burgeoning Self – Managed Super Funds demand for individual property investments. Free standing new homes on Torrens title are currently not available to SMSF’s, and ostensibly the construction of a dwelling with progress payments is not permitted under the Superannuation Industry Supervision ACT.

Acoustic3D Holdings Ltd – CEO Interview

Ceo Interview with Joe Hayes, Executive Chairman of Acoustic 3D.
Acoustic3D will change the way people listen to sound with a patented, game-changing discovery in audio amplification – the audio hologram. Holograms produce 3D sound of unprecedented clarity and depth, uncoloured and almost 100% distortion-free, recreating the original room acoustics for the listener.

BASF Provides Support to Long Pipes

BASF is the world’s largest chemical company employing 113,000 people with a turnover of $118B and operating in 200 countries; with an extensive range of products that could be of benefit to the Long Pipes Fluid Highway Program.

We are pleased to work with Long Pipes on the Fluid HighwayTM Program as it may be a “World Winning Solution” to the age old problem of transportation of fluids from one place to another . The Long Pipes Fluid HighwayTM appears to be an elegant, simple and continuous solution to replace the complex difficult, discontinuous, assembly and joining of pieces of pipe that has been the basic method of pipe line construction for hundreds of years.

We at BASF – The Chemical Company” have a proud tradition of innovation and the support of entrepreneurial development of products to suit customer requirements.

We are therefore proud to support Long Pipes through R&D and guidance in product development in this endeavor.

We look forward to working with Long Pipes as we see the Fluid Highways rolled out globally.

Reef Pharmacaeuticals to select CRO for HIV antibody pre-clinical trials

Source http://www.mergermarket.com/services/intelligence/ , by Davide Schiappapietra

Reef Pharmaceuticals, the Australian drug development company, is looking to select a contract research organization (CRO) for pre-clinical studies for its patent-pending polyclonal antibodies designed to prevent HIV transmission, CEO David MacInnes said.

Reef aims to select an international CRO in 1Q14, after completion of the current AUD 1.3m financing round, which will add to the already-spent AUD 12m in research and development, he said. The company is already in talks with a number of CROs but wishes to receive further approaches from outside Australia before making a final decision, he told this news service on the sidelines of the Wholesale Investors event in Sydney.

The ongoing financing round will fund the development of process capabilities for the production of the company’s compound, which is collected from colostrum, the first milk of dairy cows after calving.

Reef wishes to develop and commercialise a low-cost female-controlled topical microbicide, the CEO said. Reef’s technology consists of antibodies that coat the mucosal layers and bind to them for 24 hours. These antibodies provide a barrier to HIV transmission and can be complemented by contraceptives, he said.

The concept was designed and tested in vitro at the University of Melbourne, the CEO said, adding that in vitro results to date have demonstrated its efficacy.

Reef aims to focus its future clinical studies in getting US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval , a task for which the company will require another AUD 20m financing round after completion of pre-clinical studies, the CEO said. Clinical studies are expected to start within two years, he said

The CEO, alongside the founder and developer of the product concept Damian Purcell, own the majority of the company and aim to an exit in three years, with a trade sale seen as the preferred option.

Damian Purcell is associate professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Melbourne.

Publication of Research in Journal of Virology

Announcement, Melbourne, 5 December 2013

BioDiem Ltd is pleased to announce the acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the prestigious peer-reviewed Journal of Virology. The manuscript describes research which is relevant for the development of new vaccines for mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, Murray Valley encephalitis and Japanese encephalitis among others. The manuscript can be found online at jvi.asm.org/.

The causative agent of these diseases is a group of viruses known as flaviviruses. The increasing incidence of mosquito-borne disease is a major health concern worldwide as climate change expands the range of the carrier mosquitoes, exposing larger human populations. According to the World Health Organisation, the incidence of dengue fever has increased 30-fold during the past five decades. Dengue fever affects now between 50 and 100 million people a year, and the incidence is still increasing. Although only a small percentage of cases are fatal, non-fatal cases can be extremely debilitating. Dengue fever currently has no existing vaccine, and control methods include attempts to address mosquito populations with varying effectiveness.

In June 2012, BioDiem announced the acquisition of an exclusive licence from the Australian National University to commercialise a novel vaccine technology based on flaviviruses. The research was conducted at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in liaison with the University of Canberra involving Assistant Prof. Michael Frese, Prof. Ian Ramshaw and Associate Prof. Mario Lobigs, among others. International patents have been lodged which describe this technology.

The manuscript describes the successful creation of a virus which produces interferon-beta, a drug used to limit viruses spreading within the body and stimulate the immune system to assist in dealing with the infection. This finding is significant for the design of safer vaccines. Some vaccines use a live, albeit weakened virus to generate immunity in patients to protect them from diseases caused by that virus. There is always some risk about the disease-causing potential of vaccines based on live viruses.

This work describes the possibility of engineering vaccine viruses to reduce unwanted disease-causing potential of the live vaccine while maintaining or even stimulating desirable immune responses. This discovery could be useful for designing a range of novel vaccines with enhanced safety.

BioDiem is seeking collaborative partners for the development of this technology in different indications including dengue fever.

About BioDiem Ltd
BioDiem is an unlisted public biopharmaceutical company developing vaccines and antimicrobials targeting treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and related cancers. The lead technology is the LAIV (Live Attenuated Influenza Virus) vaccine used for seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines and which is given intranasally. BDM-L, a therapeutic hepatitis vaccine project targeting liver diseases is underway at the University of Canberra. BioDiem’s antimicrobial, BDM-I, is in preclinical development for fungal and bacterial diseases. The SAVINE (scrambled antigen) technology is in development for tuberculosis and also EBV-related disease including nasopharyngeal cancer. BioDiem’s retinal product, BDM-E, being developed for retinitis pigmentosa is available for outlicence.

For additional information, please visit www.biodiem.com

Julie Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, BioDiem Ltd
Phone: +613 9692 7240

A3D Offer Document goes live on the Wholesale Investor Platform

Acoustic3D will change the way people listen to sound with a patented, game-changing discovery in audio amplification – the audio hologram.  Holograms produce 3D sound of unprecedented clarity and depth, almost 100% distortion-free, recreating the original room acoustics for the listener.

A series of low cost, audiophile-quality consumer and studio systems are production-ready.  Acoustic3D will be ideal in concert halls, airports and railway stations.  Funding is required to bring the final products to market and cash flow the business through this launch phase.

The Offer Information Statement (OIS) for investing in Acoustic3D Holding Ltd was today lodged with ASIC.

The download the OIS, please click here.

The Martin Jetpack – Prepared for Launch in 2014


Has there been a more iconic James Bond moment than Sean Connery making his famous jetpack getaway in Thunderball?  A blast on the ignition and he flies to adrenaline fuelled safety.  Since that moment in 1965 pop culture has mythologised the jetpack with generations of children turning adults waiting for the moment for the jetpack to become a reality. 

From Dream to Reality – The Martin Jetpack

While the world wondered, Glenn Martin worked night after night in his garage in Christchurch, New Zealand.   Years of research and development followed to get to the Eureka moment and the first test rigs.  Glenn’s intrepid wife Vanessa become the jetpack’s first test pilot of an early prototype a decade later. 

Over the course of 30 years, the Martin Jetpack inched closer to reality with the project substantially derisked as each technical milestone has been reached.  Today, Prototype 12 of the Martin Jetpack has been authorised for manned test flights and the early manned flights have been completed.  With safety the priority, the technology is in its final stages of being a commercial reality.

“Unmanned tests to 5,000ft and speeds up to 50kph have already taken place which has created the final technical roadmap that puts the Martin Jetpack on the brink of commercialisation,” said Mr Peter Coker, CEO of Martin Aircraft. “Once these refinements are made, the final manned test flights in a controlled environment will lead to a public launch and first sales commercial sales can be made”.

Global Demand, Multiple Industries

With the arrival of a commercial jetpack imminent, is the demand only from James Bond enthusiasts?   “The initial Jetpacks will be targeted at the worldwide ‘First Responder’ Government and Agency markets worldwide.  These include potential customers such as the fire service, search & rescue, disaster recovery and border security,” said Mr Coker.  “Eventually, Martin Aircraft will have a build capacity of 500 jetpacks per year which will bring significant revenue to the company if fully utilised”.

Martin Aircraft has engaged in no active marketing to date but the level of demand from all corners of the globe has been considerable indicating that build capacity will need to be expanded.  An unnamed Fire Service has indicated potential demand for 900 jetpacks to be deployed countrywide.  Military departments are making enquiries with the possibilities of factoring the jetpack into their budgets in the coming years.  A sub contractor to the US Coast Guard has requested a proposal for the Jetpack and simulator capability.  The mining and resources sector has looked to Martin Jetpack as a possible solution to service inhospitable terrains in a cost effective way.

Technical and Cost Advantage

“Given the Martin Jetpack is a personal aircraft, we are a tenth of the cost of even the cheapest light helicopter used in the field.  It will be simpler to operate with less compliance restrictions and training compared to helicopters.   The size, weight and speed ensures that it can operate in very restricted spaces that helicopters could not access,” said Mr Coker a veteran of the Royal Air Force with over 5,000 flying hours to his name. “There is no other aircraft operational with the same characteristics.  The Martin Jetpack can create a new paradigm for industry”. 

But what of the rest us, is our first jetpack trip still just a dream?  “One area of demand is from Tourism and Hospitality markets. People can live their dreams firstly with the Jetpack Simulator to give people a taste of jetpack flight, and then the full Jetpack Experience where people’s long-lived dreams can become a reality”.

The company’s progress had rapidly gained momentum with its Pre-IPO fundraising promoted through Wholesale Investor gaining traction.   Investors can join the current team who have backed this company from its earliest days at the company’s journey to commercialisation and IPO in 2014.

Ground shakes as the tech bulls run

Huge returns from many emerging ASX-listed stocks

By Tony Featherstone

Nobody really knows if the tech sector is in the middle of the next great bull run or already in bubble territory. The only certainty is that capital-raising conditions for public and private tech companies are the best in a decade — advisers are clamouring  for deals, and investors are snapping up quality offers.

The US Nasdaq Composite index has soared 36 per cent from its 52-week low this year as investors have re-rated tech stocks, and there is a boom in merger-and-acquisition and float activity. Twitter soared on listing this year and Facebook, after a rocky start, has almost doubled since mid-July.

Australia’s tech sector is also booming. Shares in micro-jobs site Freelancer has soared almost threefold from its issue price within weeks of listing. Accounting software provider Xero, dubbed the “Apple of accounting” by one investment bank, has soared six-fold this year for a $3.85-billion capitalisation.

The accompanying table shows huge returns in many emerging ASX-listed tech stocks, albeit off a tiny share-price for several companies.  Moko Social Media has returned 875 per cent over one year; Mobile Embrace has delivered 686 per cent; SmartTran Holdings is up 352 per cent; and Facilitate Digital Holdings is up 350 per cent.

Dominet Digital Corporation CEO Domenic Carosa believes there is a much more substance to this tech boom compared with the last bull run in the late 90s. “There’s a lot more focus on sustainable revenue and profit growth, rather than all the focus on outdated metrics such as site traffic. Also, launching a minimum viable technology product costs about a tenth of what it did a decade ago.”

Carosa believes the tech sector has much further to run. “I believe we’re still in the early to middle stages of the boom. History tells us boom sectors usually run for at least a few years. The mining sector, for example, was hot for several years, and I expect the same for tech stocks”.

Booming sentiment towards the tech sector is aiding capital raising, says Carosa. “We’ve always received lots of calls from tech companies wanting to raise capital. In the last two months, my phone has run hot from corporate advisers wanting tech assets brought to market through Initial Public Offers or backdoor listings. There’s very strong interest now in emerging tech stocks from sharemarket investors.”

Carosa adds: “This is the best time in years for technology companies to raise capital, especially with the broader IPO market booming. It’s no longer just a matter of whether quality tech companies will get the money, but who are the right strategic investors to get that capital from.”

As a leading investor in tech start-ups, Carosa has an obvious interest in promoting the sector. Wholesale Investor’s analysis of a selection of established and micro-cap tech stocks shows many still trade on low Enterprise value/Revenue multiples, a commonly used financial metric to compare relative value in fast-growth companies locally and globally.

Enterprise Value/ Revenue shows how many times investors would have to pay for the company’s revenue stream. A multiple below 2 is often considered low for fast-growth tech companies, although investors should recognise this metric is only one of several valuation indicators.

Several stocks in the Wholesale Investor table trade on an EV/revenue multiple below two. By comparison, REA Group has an EV/(FY13( revenue multiple of 6.3 times; Seek trades on 5.3 times and Carsales.com is on 9.4 times, the October 2013 KPMG Monthly Technology Sector update shows. Facebook trades on an EV/revenue multiple of 18, and LinkedIn Corporation is on 22.5 times.

Micro-cap tech stocks should trade on substantially lower EV/revenue multiples than established profitable tech companies, given the high risks. But this simple analysis shows there is scope for a further re-rating of promising tech stocks in the next few years, provided they can engineer rapid revenue growth and deliver on the promise of the next great Bull Run in the tech sector.

-          Tony Featherstone is a former managing editor of BRW and Shares magazines. The column does not imply any stock recommendations. Readers should do further research of their own or talk to their financial adviser before acting on themes in this article. All prices and analysis at November 28, 2013. 

-          Domenic Carosa is a shareholder/director of Wholesaleinvestor, shareholder/director of Adeffective, shareholder in Energy One and recently sold DrivemyCarRentals to Qanda Technology

Practical Jetpacks (Finally) Take Off

Source www.forbes.com, by Matthew Stibbe

Jetpacks have been a staple of science fiction and movies for decades. Remember James Bond’s flight in Thunderball? However, these older designs had a number of drawbacks: they couldn’t fly very far or very long and they were difficult to control. If you wanted a jetpack, you’d be better be a daredevil stunt pilot. Until now.

The Martin Jetpack, developed by a plucky 13-employee company in Christchurch, New Zealand has built and tested a practical jetpack.It is much easier to control and heralds the age of a practical everyday jetpack.

The company is equipping its existing prototype with an improved engine and building a second prototype to accelerate testing. The company has received authorisation from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority to carry out manned flight tests and has classified the jetpack as a Class 1 microlight aircraft.

Instead of using dangerous hydrogen peroxide fuel, the Martin JetPack uses twin ducted fan engines powered by more a conventional V4 two-stroke engine generating 200 horsepower.

When the design is fully mature it promises an endurance of more than 30 minutes, at speeds up to 74 km/h and altitudes about 800 feet. It does come with one James Bond-style feature: a parachute for emergencies.

Start-up senses opportunity with smart fabric

Source www.stuff.co.nz- © Fairfax NZ News

Technology start-up Footfalls & Heartbeats is on the verge of closing its fundraising round, having secured the $1.5 million it was after to commercialise its smart fabric.

The company had initially sought only $1m but gave itself the ability to take an extra half million more.

Managing director Brent Ogilvie, himself an investor, said $1.2m was already committed, and it looked likely the remaining $300,000 would be secured within days.

The company has developed a technology that essentially weaves conductive fibres so that they can act as sensors.

The fabric has multiple potential uses in the medical, sports/recreational, and military sectors.

Already the company has signed a licensing deal with US medical equipment company Carolon, which is launching a smart sock in January using Footfalls technology. The sock, which will be used in the treatment of venous ulcers, a form of ulcer treated using pressure. It will allow precise monitoring of pressure levels, Ogilvie said.

Footfalls put out an offer document for the fundraising under the little-used venture capital exemption system, which allows small start-ups to avoid having to put out a costly prospectus when raising money. The offer document claims the “medical compression” market alone is worth over US$2 billion.

But the main opportunity could lie in creating clothing able to measure functions like heartbeats, temperature and respiration.

Future possible applications include comfortable clothing monitoring infants’ heartbeats, as well as clothing which allows information to be gathered on the performance, for example, of sportspeople or soldiers on deployment. Ogilvie said there was also a growing market known as the “quantified self” market, where individuals keep tabs on their own health and performance through 24/7 monitoring of their vital signs.

Ogilvie specialises in raising capital for technology start-ups through his company, Pacific Channel. He said Footfalls, which was founded on technology developed by UK-based Kiwi scientist Simon McMaster, has been pleased with the calibre of shareholders it has signed up.

They include Dr Gary Pace, a director of several listed medical companies offshore and Forsyth Barr chairman Sir Eion Edgar. Also among the shareholders is Jeremy Collins, who built the Selecon lighting company and sold it to giant multinational Phillips in 2009. Existing investors include Wellington’s Sparkbox Ventures and the government-backed New Zealand Venture Investment Fund.

The business model Footfalls is pursuing is one of licensing its technologies to others, said Ogilvie, rather than trying to develop, manufacture and distribute products itself.

It will earn its revenue stream through royalties and other fees. It’s hopeful that once those royalties start kicking in next year that it will be able to support its expansion without any further funding rounds.

In the offer document to investors, Footfalls identifies 14 potential global markets with a combined market size of more than US$45b. “That’s too many for us to go after as manufacturer or marketer,” said Ogilvie.

The royalties model, backed by patents, gives the company a viable means of getting products to market as well as establishing itself with possible trade buyers which could eventually give shareholders an exit.

Ai-Media raising 80% complete

Ai-Media has now opened the second round of our capital raising, following receipt of $1.9m by the Priority Close in July.

In light of positive business and market developments, the Ai-Media Board has resolved to raise up to a further $2.1m under the Second Close of the Offer (which includes $1m in oversubscriptions).  Following strong early investor interest, the IM raising is now 80% complete, and is due to close shortly.

The updated information and forecasts reflecting the winning of the Nine Network Australia contract, completion of the acquisition of Bee Communications in the UK, and progress on a UK-funded pilot of our Visible Classroom initiative.

November 2013 – Company Updates

Dear Investor,

Let’s wind the clock back exactly one year to November 2012.  The price of one Bitcoin was approximately USD 11 at that time, and almost completely overlooked by mainstream media.

The infrastructure surrounding Bitcoin was, and still is, crude.  I liken it to the Internet in the early nineties… before Google (Search, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, YouTube), before Internet Explorer and Firefox, before Outlook, before Skype… it’s interesting to recall how rudimentary the Internet was in the early nineties.

Like those early Internet days, there is opportunity on every corner.  We started floating some ideas about the best products and services we could provide around Bitcoin and unanimously decided that before future services could be delivered with any confidence, people need to be able to trade Bitcoins securely and reliably on an exchange.

Three months later in January 2013, something began to happen.  The price of Bitcoin began to rise from its humble USD 11 price, all the way up to USD 250 by May!  Over 2,200 % price rise in the span of three months.  Millionaires were made almost overnight, and the mainstream media came alive – everyone knew what Bitcoin was now!

We quickly gathered momentum, and in June, we officially registered our company asIndependent Reserve.  This is about the time I met many of you receiving this newsletter.

With Bitcoin now in the media almost daily, it received quite a lot of publicity both good and bad (see the most recent news on our web site).  The founders of Facebook had notably invested eleven million dollars into Bitcoin and investment was being poured into Bitcoin all over Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.  There were some notable cases of Bitcoins being traded in pubs and clubs and most recently Bitcoin ATMs opening up in Canada.

One of the more notable criticisms of Bitcoin over the past twelve months is that Bitcoin was predominantly used for trading illegal goods and services on the Internet using the infamousSilk Road web site.  They say any publicity is good publicity, but after much controversy the founder of Silk Road was finally caught by the FBI last month and Silk Road was shut down.  After a brief dip in the price of Bitcoin, the price has now risen to an all-time high of over USD 300, and just this morning peaked at a remarkable USD 391.  This follows the news of Silk Road’s closure, as well as a surge of market activity in China, as it became clear that Bitcoin was not only traded on the black market as many had claimed, but as a currency of legitimate purpose.

During this flurry of activity worldwide, Independent Reserve has not been idle, thoroughly occupying ourselves preparing for our 2014 product launch.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so for the technical amongst you, let me share this screen shot of our system dashboard that reveals a fully operational integrated development environment covering 17 core subsystems, another dozen auxillary services and a 109 point health check…

(a full screenshot is available here for those interested)

Since June, we have scaled up our Independent Reserve team to eight. Two full-time executives, two of the world’s leading specialist Bitcoin developers, and four other full-time Software Engineers.  We have reached out to all partners we require to launch, including two-factor security partners, identity verification partners, banking partners, legal counsel, software vendors and data centres.  In all cases we have begun integrating with the necessary third party systems, with some integration already complete.  We have commenced development on every system component required for launch, including a secure customer support system.  Critically, one of the more complex tasks of Bitcoin network integration is largely complete and currently in functional testing phase.

Many of the key questions asked in June such as, How will Independent Reserve verify customers?  How will Independent Reserve accept customer payments?  How will Independent Reserve fit into the Australian regulatory landscape? …we now have firm and precise answers and are well underway of turning it into a reality.  Bitcoin itself has never been stronger, with the entire Bitcoin economy flourishing, leaving behind the uncertainty earlier in the year.

Opportunities are still open for investment, at the same price offered in our June prospectus, but now with so much more momentum behind both Bitcoin and Independent Reserve.  If you missed out at buying Bitcoin when it was 10c or $10, consider becoming a founding investor in the Bitcoin exchange that will bring Bitcoin to even greater heights.

Investment packages are very affordable catering to many different types of investors.  If you’re just idly curious or unsure about Bitcoin, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share with you some more details of what we’re doing.

Our Information Memorandum available for download on our website.

Adam Tepper (LinkedIn)
Chief Executive Officer
Independent Reserve
+66 809 092 206
Skype: atepper

New director of engineering for Martin Aircraft Company

Media Release | 28 November 2013

Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft Company has appointed Ulrich Bergler as Director of Engineering.

Bergler holds a BE equivalent engineering degree in precision engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He also has a MSc in Applied Psychology.

Bergler has been running his own consultancy business for the past six months and prior to that he was with Design Line and Dynamics Control.

Martin Aircraft Company’s CEO, Peter Coker, said that he was pleased to welcome Bergler to the company’s management team.

“Ulrich’s background in product testing and reliability fits well with Martin Aircraft Company’s current focus on refining our jetpack prototype and advancing to commercial production,” he said.


For further information, please contact:

Peter Coker
Tel: +64 (0)3 377 8584
Email: peter.coker@martinaircraft.co.nz

Secura Funds delivers excellent returns for investors

Secura Funds select mortgage investments have paid 9.5% (Secura1) &  18.0% (Secura2) to Sophisticated Investors for the month of November:

Secura Funds paid excellent returns on two investments; 9.5% p.a and 18.0% p.a, both pre paid for 12 months to investors whom opted in on our Secura1 Bossley Park and Secura2 Bankstown investments. (This is an effective rate of 10.5 % p.a  and 21.9% p.a for the first 12 months based on simple interest in arrears.)

Secura Funds’ latest investments include

1.     Interest 9% prepaid for 12 months

  1st mortgage: $900K loan for “as is” land at Toorak Road, Hawthorn East Melbourne Vic). LVR 65%. Planning permit is in place, waiting pre-sales and construction preliminaries. take out from combined land and construction facility.

Funds required December 2013.

2.     Interest 15% p.a. payable monthly in arrears.

         2nd mortgage: $160K loan for working capital for development site at Boneo (Mornington Peninsula, Vic) “Over 55” village next to caravan park. LVR 65% (combined 1st and 2nd). Take out from combined land and construction facility on completion of all preliminaries. Funds required December 2013.

3.     Interest 10% p.a Loan 1; 14.0% p.a. Loan 2 – prepaid 6 months, then monthly

         Layered 1st and 2nd mortgage: $1.37M combined loan (Loan 1: $1.05M; Loan 2 $320K) for development site at Nicholson St, North Fitzroy (Melbourne Vic). Combined LVR 67%. Permit in place for townhouses and apartments. Take out from combined land and construction facility on completion of pre-sales, preliminaries and construction financing. Funds required December 2013.

ASIC formally approved Spondo’s Offer Information Statement

A copy of RIVUSTV LTD’s (ACN 123 741 613) (“Company”) Replacement Offer Information Statement dated 19 November 2013 lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) on the same day can be obtained by clicking below. This document replaces the Offer Information Statement lodged with ASIC on 11 November 2013.

To read the document, please click here.

Spondo Wins Red Herring ‘Top 100 Global’ Award

Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1602649

SANTA MONICA, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 21, 2013) - Spondo (http://spondo.com), a world leading social broadcasting platform, was today announced as the winner of the 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Global Award. Widely recognized as one of the industry’s highest distinctions, the Red Herring Global Award honors the best private technology companies from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“We are honored to be recognized as a leading company by Alex Vieux and the rest of the Red Herring Team,” said Chris Adams, CEO of Spondo. “It is a privilege to have presented alongside so many exciting and innovative startups from around the world these last three days, and as the only Australian company to win this honor, we share it with all Aussie companies in the hope that it encourages us all to strive further.”

Winners are announced at the Red Herring Global conference, a culmination of a year-long search for the world’s most promising privately held companies. Since 1996, The Red Herring Top 100 List has been a respected authority in discovering and endorsing these ventures. The chosen 100 are selected based on criteria that examines every aspect of the company.

“Choosing the companies with the strongest potential was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “After rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed our list down from hundreds of candidates from across Global to the Top 100 Winners. We believe Spondo embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. Spondo should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was the strongest it has ever been.”

About Spondo

Spondo is a social broadcasting platform with video-streaming, PPV, VOD, Subscription and Ad-Supported revenue-generation capabilities that empower anyone with a website, WordPress Blog or Facebook Page to become a commercial broadcaster. Think of us as: ‘eBay meets Google AdWords for video.’ Affiliates (from Studios and Networks to SMEs, charities, schools, and bloggers) can create playlists from content (ours or theirs) then market to their communities to generate revenue from viewings. Content owners upload their content to Spondo’s marketplace where it can be chosen, curated and broadcast . The benefit of the Spondo platform is that it turns anyone with a website, Facebook Page or blog into a commercial broadcaster.

About Red Herring

Red Herring is a global media company, which unites the world’s best high technology innovators, venture investors and business decision makers in a variety of forums, including print, online and exclusive events worldwide. Red Herring provides an insider’s access to the global innovation economy, identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs. Its Red Herring 100 awards for North America, Europe, Asia and Global have recognized more than 5,000 companies in their early stages, including Baidu, Google, eBay, Skype. For more information please go to: http://www.redherring.com/events/

Ai-Media, Nesta and University of Melbourne Join for UK Teacher Improvement Project

MEDIA RELEASE, 26 November 2013

A new education technology project, led by the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education with industry partner Ai-Media and UK innovation champion Nesta, will help lift teaching quality by providing teachers with transcripts to better analyse their lessons and build their performance.

The technology will be trialled in eight English primary schools from January to September 2014, with £366,030 (A$625,300) in funding from the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).

The project will use Ai-Media’s Ai-Live speech to text technology to capture teachers’ spoken lessons in real time. After every lesson, teachers will receive a full transcript of their lesson along with visual indicators for high level improvements. Participating teachers will also receive extensive professional development and support throughout.

Lead researcher Associate Professor Janet Clinton said the project team is excited about the potential for this technology to lift teaching quality.  “The potential impact of this technology is huge,” she said. “Providing useful feedback for teachers in real time, based on sound educational pedagogy, empowers them to adjust their own practice and work with colleagues to continuously improve.

“Also, from a research perspective, building a database of lesson transcripts gives us a huge resource for conducting educational research, particularly into the impact of how teachers talk in the classroom. It’s really exciting.”

Tom Kenyon, programme director of Nesta’s education in a digital environment programme said: “We’re excited to be working with one of the world’s leading educational research teams and Ai-Media’s innovative technology to help UK teachers and students”.

Ai-Media’s Chief Executive Tony Abrahams said: “We are delighted to be working with committed educators, the EEF, Nominet Trust, Nesta and the University of Melbourne. In our project, teachers can review the text of their lessons using Ai-Live and we will test how they adjust and enhance their delivery and improve their classroom skills as a result. Our experience in Australia was that teachers really liked it, and change happened quite quickly.”

The UK’s Education Endowment Foundation and Nominet Trust announced the Ai-Media project as one of several they will fund to test whether new technology – including iPads, texting parents and online preparation for lessons – can help less advantaged pupils achieve better results. The outcomes could lead to new curriculums to assist students and teachers.

Further information:

Janet Clinton, Associate Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne +61 3 9035 3697

Tony Abrahams, CEO, Ai-Media +612 8870 7700


Nesta is the UK’s innovation foundation. Nesta helps people and organisations bring great ideas to life by providing investments and grants and mobilising research, networks and skills. Nesta is an independent charity and its work is enabled by an endowment from the National Lottery.
Nesta Operating Company is a registered charity in England and Wales with a company number 7706036 and charity number 1144091. Registered as a charity in Scotland number SC042833. Registered office: 1 Plough Place, London, EC4A 1DE. Please visit: www.nesta.org.uk  

The Education Endowment Foundation was founded in 2011 by lead charity The Sutton Trust, in partnership with Impetus, with £125m funding from the Department for Education. The EEF is a major grant-making charity dedicated to raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils in English primary and secondary schools. Their vision is to break the link between family background and educational achievement, ensuring that pupils from all backgrounds have the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and make the most of their talents. For more information: www.educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk

The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education is home to a number of internationally recognised education experts, and was ranked world number 3 in education in the QS World Rankings by Subject 2013. Please see: www.education.unimelb.edu.au

Ai-Media is an Australian and UK-based for profit social business that provides high quality speech-to-text solutions for broadcast, government and education clients. Ai-Live uses a microphone on the original speaker, then the spoken words are sent live to a trained stenocaptioner or “re-speaker”, who uses software that converts speech into text that is sent back over the internet to screens read by the client in the originating classroom or meeting room. Learn more: www.ai-media.tv  and www.ai-live.com

Poppin Pods to launch with longer lasting fresh herbs

A new range of fresh herbs – Poppin Pods – is set to launch in selected David Jones and Norton Street Grocer stores across Sydney on Thursday 5 December 2013, providing a longer-lasting alternative to pre-cut herbs which are prone to premature wilting and discolouration.

Poppin Pods is a modular system that lets you choose up to three ‘pods’ of living herbs to display in a stylish yet compact window unit. There are five display options to choose from – rustic, galvanized and white tin, eco bamboo and timber. The pods are designed to be enjoyed then replaced, giving the customer the flexibility to mix and match in accordance with their preferences and usage.

Each pod of herbs is a fully-grown living plant – with the roots still in tact. The clever pod design retains water, keeping herbs happy and healthy for longer, no green thumb needed. Although they are still living, Poppin Pods herbs are mess-free – thanks to the absence of drip holes, combined with gridded feet and a topsoil surface mesh for spill prevention.

Adam Stott, Chief Executive Officer at Poppin Pods says “we’re delighted to announce the launch of Poppin Pods in a bid to overcome the pain points commonly experienced with pre-cut and potted herbs – such as premature wilting and spoilage as well as unwanted mess.

“We’re confident that the stylish design of Poppin Pods offers something for every taste – from the rustic farmhouse to the contemporary kitchen. Not only does Poppin Pods make a great Christmas gift, it also ensures the goodness of living herbs is always at your fingertips”, Stott said.

Madeleine Taylor, David Jones General Manger for Food and Home said “the introduction of Poppin Pods to our product line-up demonstrates our commitment to offer the very best in gourmet produce in our Food Halls. We are incredibly excited to be bringing such a fresh and exciting concept to our customers”.

The launch range will include ten popular culinary herbs – Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Dill, Thyme, Sage, Chives, Rocket (Arugula), with Tarragon launching shortly after. Poppin Pods will be available from exclusive grocery stores including David Jones Market Street as well as Norton Street Grocer Bondi Junction, from 5 December 2013. Further roll-out is planned for the new year.

For more information, please visit www.poppinpods.com.au

Investor Enquiries
Adam Stott
Chief Executive Officer
Poppin Pods Pty Ltd

BIP announces new reseller agreement with Home Depot and European Distributor

Home Depot Reseller Agreement


BIP Company, LLC. announces a new reseller agreement with Home Depot.  Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer with over 2,200 stores across the USA, Canada and Mexico.  BIP products will be stocked in all stores.

BIP Company, LLC., manufactures and distributes rebar support chairs, tilt-up chairs, extensions, round post fence brackets, and other building products.  The company has established itself in the market by creating and inventing “better mouse traps” that help the contractor optimize job performance.

For more information contact: BIP Australia at www.bipaustralia.com.au, or 1300-977-235, or BIP Company, LLC. (USA), at www.bipclipcompany.com, or 503-764-1860. 


European Wholesale Distributor


BIP Company, LLC. is finalising the appointment of a European Wholesale Distributor.  The distributor is one of the European Union’s largest supplier of concrete reinforcing steel to the construction industry throughout the EU.

BIP Company, LLC., manufactures and distributes rebar support chairs, tilt-up chairs, extensions, round post fence brackets, and other building products.  The company has established itself in the market by creating and inventing “better mouse traps” that help the contractor optimize job performance.

For more information contact: BIP Australia at www.bipaustralia.com.au, or 1300-977-235, or BIP Company, LLC. (USA), at www.bipclipcompany.com, or 503-764-1860.


Australian Electric Infrastructure and Transport (AEIT) Company Pty Ltd – CEO Interview

Australian Electric Infrastructure and Transport Company Pty Ltd (AEIT) has been established to commercialize the OLEV (On-Line Electric Vehicles) Zero Emission Public Transportation Solution in Australia. The OLEV technology delivers an environmentally sustainable transport solution with vastly lower energy consumption.

New NZ-based equity funds to hit market

Friday, 15 November 2013, 
Press Release: Castle Point

A new joint venture, involving the ex-Tower Investments equity team, is launching two New Zealand funds targeting Trans-Tasman equities.

Castle Point will launch the Castle Point Ranger Fund and Castle Point Trans-Tasman Fund to meet growing New Zealand demand for diversified investment opportunities as KiwiSaver schemes expand and capital markets deepen.

The new boutique fund manager is headed by Richard Stubbs and Stephen Bennie and includes equity analysts, Jamie Young and Gordon Sims. This represents the entire equity team from Tower who have a top-quartile three-year track record recognised by this year’s finalist placing in the INFINZ Fund Manager of the Year awards.

Castle Point is backed by an equity stake taken by the principals of NZAM, the 22-year Absolute Returns global investment specialists. Capital backing is provided by RAW Capital Partners, a Guernsey-based asset manager whose principals include Richard Avery Wright and Dennis Stoller.

To read the full release please click here.

For more press coverage please click here on www.stuff.co.nz or here on www.radionz.co.nz.

Ai-Media Leads with International Quality Standard for TV Captions

19 November 2013

Speech-to-text and education technology innovator Ai-Media today announced it has adopted the leading internationally recognised quality standard for captioning services to benefit the company’s clients and consumers.

Ai-Media has chosen the NER quality model as devised by Dr Pablo Romero-Fresco from the University of Roehampton. The model was recently adopted by the UK’s independent regulator for communications, Ofcom, and is used in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and within the UN.

Ai-Media Chief Executive Tony Abrahams said: “Quality is front and centre of everything we do at Ai-Media. We will apply the NER model across Ai-Media’s full suite of captioning solutions – including our broadcast, government, education, and corporate services in Australia and the UK. With captioning quality standards now legislated, it is important that we be transparent about how that quality is measured.”

Ai-Media earlier this year became the first captioning provider to appoint an independent auditor to measure captioning quality across all its services.

Ai-Media’s independent auditor, Mr Robert Scott, said: “We have chosen the NER model because it is anchored in robust independent consumer research and produces quantitative scores that are consistent with viewers’ quality perceptions.” NER stands for Number, Edition error and Recognition error. The NER model measures the speed of captions, the delay between speech and caption text, and the number and types of errors to produce a score and an assessment.

Further information:
Tony Abrahams, Ai-Media CEO +612 8870 7700

Spyre Group Secures Landmark Brisbane Development Site

Brisbane based property developer Spyre Group is pleased to announce contract exchange on its latest project in Highgate Hill. The site is currently approved for 39 apartments, with the potential for an additional 12 apartments looking favourable through a Permissible Change Development Application amendment that will be lodged with Council.

The key to acquiring the Highgate Hill site was the great working relationship that was established with the vendors, allowing mutually favourable settlement terms to be negotiated and underlining the win-win approach that has underpinned Spyre Groups successful development track record over the past 5 years.

“Highgate Hill is shaping up to be a fantastic project both from a developer perspective and for end purchasers of the apartments. The location has all the elements that appeal to both owner occupier and investor being within 5km of the CBD and a stones throw from the popular cosmopolitan cafe precinct of West End.” says Group Managing Director Daniel Laruccia. “We are looking forward to bringing this project to market and early feedback from local agents indicates there should be strong level of buyer interest for this type product in this location.

“Securing Highgate Hill caps off a successful 2013 for Spyre Group as it continues to build its brand in the Brisbane market. With its roots based in residential land subdivision, the Group has transitioned seamlessly into urban infill development, targeting popular “city fringe” suburbs close to desirable amenities and transport links. Spyre has recently commenced construction on an 11 luxury townhouses project in the high end suburb of Ascot, with sales results to date exceeding feasibility study gross realisation figures.

“Our vision for Spyre Group is to be a new generation of developer with an approach based on integrity and transparency and a strong focus on risk mitigation” says Laruccia.

“The majority of investors that have joined us over the past 5 years have reinvested their funds over multiple projects. They seem to appreciate being able to pick up the phone at any time for a chat and also that their investment returns are preferential, meaning they get paid before we do as Directors.”

With its current pipeline of projects, Spyre Group is well placed to capitalise on the confidence returning to the market and is currently inviting new investors to participate in what is set to be an exciting phase in the company’s growth.

To download the Highgate Hill offer document click here.

Broadway Leasing announces the appointment of DH Flinders

Broadway Leasing has today announced the appointment of DH Flinders Melbourne office to assist in the management of capital initiatives on their behalf. Broadway’s Managing Director John Dear, stated that the demand for lease financing products had been exceptionally strong for the first quarter of the new 2014 financial year and put added pressure on the company to maintain suitable cash reserves to meet market demand. Additionally Mr Dear stated that he believes the growth for small ticket financing will be sustained over the next 5 years as Australian SMEs emerge from the GFC and start to reinvest in their businesses. All the economic signs suggest that recent events have given confidence to small business to expand.

The initiative which is designed to build the company’s shareholder base and foundation capital will be headed up by Grant Carman, Director of Capital Markets for DH Flinders in Melbourne.

Broadway Leasing has quickly proven that strong demand exists for operating leases and equipment rental contracts and is moving to fund this growth with additional shareholders and fresh capital.

A current Information Memorandum detailing the company’s business  plans for 2014 year is available from Grant Carman of  DH Flinders, Melbourne gcarman@dhflinders.com or from John Dear Broadway Leasing jd@broadwayleasing.com.au

SmartWard successfully completes trial of their hospital ward management system

SmartWard announced that it has completed the trial of its innovative new system for hospital ward management.  Researchers from Deakin University’s Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research and RMIT’s Health Innovations Research Institute are currently analysing the results, which should be available by the end of November.  Pending their formal report, we are pleased to advise that informal feedback is that:

  • The trial has demonstrated SmartWard is effective and reliable on a real ward managing real patients,
  • Nurses in a live clinical setting like SmartWard and find it easy to use,
  • Incidents of missed care were reduced
  • SmartWard creates a far more accurate and comprehensive record of care,
  • Participating nurses said that it saved them time and enabled them to deliver better care

In addition, SmartWard demonstrated flexibility and adaptability to changing hospital clinical needs when the team was able to respond to 57 separate requests for additions or changes to the system made during Stages 1 and 2 of the trial.  The changes were all implemented while Stages 1 and 2 were completed and rolled out for Stage 3.  Stage 3 proceeded with zero defects.

This adaptability is a key competitive advantage for SmartWard and is based on a proprietary system for generating software code based on business rules.  Changes to most hospital IT systems are both time-consuming and expensive, which is a key complaint from hospitals about current vendors.

With the completion of the clinical trial, SmartWard has initiated commercial discussions with a number of hospitals.

SmartWard automates nursing records and manages nursing workflow, while improving the quality of care.  Software coupled with smart sensors helps nurses to schedule and record activities much faster than conventional means, while creating a record of care of unprecedented accuracy and depth. SmartWard thus refocuses nursing care on patients.

SmartWard is currently undertaking a capital raising.  The target is $3 million, of which over $2.5 million has already been secured.

Martin jetpack earns Popular Science award

Media Release | 13 November 2013

The Martin Jetpack has been selected for Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New Awards” this year.

Cliff Ransom, Executive Editor of the magazine said “For more than a quarter century, Popular Science has devoted its December issue to the year’s most remarkable innovations. The Best of What’s New Awards is our magazine’s top honor, and the 100 awardees are selected from a pool of thousands. Each winner is handpicked and revolutionary in it’s own way. Whether they’re poised to change the world or simply your living room, the Best of What’s New awardees challenge us to the see the future in a new light.”

Developed by the Martin Aircraft Company in Christchurch, the Martin Jetpack has continuously attracted the attention of media worldwide none more so than when it revealed details of its latest prototype, known as the P12, in August this year.

Martin Aircraft Company’s CEO, Peter Coker, said that the company was thrilled to be recognized in this year’s awards.

“Popular Science Magazine is such a well-known name worldwide and it really gives our team a boost to receive this kind of recognition ,” said Mr Coker.

Martin Aircraft Company intends to target the first responder market for initial sales of its jetpack as it advances to commercial production next year.

Mr Coker indicated that the company is continuing its flight testing schedule with an upgraded engine soon to be fitted allowing the flight envelope to be expanded even further.


For further information, please contact:

Peter Coker
Tel: +64 (0)3 377 8584
Email: peter.coker@martinaircraft.co.nz

AEIT finalises Joint Venture negotiations

AEIT this week has finalised negotiations with a Brisbane based Bus Operator to establish a Joint Venture Subsidiary Company where AEIT will hold 75% equity share.

The JV Company will become the Public Transport Operating Arm where it will be able to:

  • Tender to provide (Zero Emission) Public Transport Bus/Tram Services
  • Provide end to end (Supply, Install, Operate) Public Transport solution for clients (e.g. Airports) looking to implement ZERO Emission transport.
  • Manage Maintenance Contract for OLEV Vehicles

JV Partner is an experience public transport operator and their contribution in the new company would assist AEIT to further its commercialisation strategy by having the ability to provide end to end solution to local councils and State Governments to reduce their Green House Gas Emissions and meet their emission targets by 2020.

Folkestone commences stage 1 at Millers Road, Altona North and announces new income fund

AXS Announcement, 12 November 2013

Folkestone Limited (ASX:FLK) is pleased to announce the commencement of Stage 1 of the Millers Road, Altona North development and the sale of the development to a new unlisted fund – the Folkestone Real Estate Income Fund at Altona North (“the Fund”).

The 21,500 square metre large format retail centre (“the Centre”) will be anchored by Bunnings and includes Officeworks, together with JB Hi-Fi, Repco, PETstock and petVet. Folkestone is also pleased to announce that it has entered into a contract of sale of 8,063sqm of land to Aldi Stores adjoining the Centre for a 1,600 square metre supermarket.

The Fund has a forecast annualised distribution yield of 8.5 per cent per annum in FY14 and FY15 with distributions to be paid quarterly. The Offer opens on 12 November 2013 and is scheduled to close on 9 December, 2013.

To read the full ASX announcement please download the document below.

D H Flinders Microcap Fund posts impressive October results

The D H Flinders Microcap Equity Fund has continued to produce solid investment retruns.

For the 3 months period to 31 October 2013 the Fund generated a return of 24.64 % compared to the S&P/ASX Emerging Company Index total return of 10.15 5.

Over the one year period to the end of October the return was 23.34 % compared to the benchmark return of -13.53 %.

dZhON Launches its New Company Logo and Brand Identity

New Brand Symbolises dZhON’s focus and technology leadership in field mobility.

Melbourne, Victoria, 8th November 2013: dZhON, an emerging powerhouse in field mobility, has uncovered its new branding to cohesively reinforce a vibrant and consistent message across web, print and all forms of communication.  The updated brand reflects a focus on dZhON’s strengths in delivering advanced field mobility solutions.  A range of primary messages have been established that  reinforce the truly mobile solution that dZhON provides.

The word “ON” is prominent throughout the messaging, from being highlighted in the capitalisation of the company name through to secondary elements such as ”ON> The Move” and “Always> ON”, which help support the overall positioning of the brand.  Words such as InformatiON, ConnectiON ProductiON, CreatiON, ActiON and VisiON will feature throughout all outbound communications and presentations.

“We are proud to finally uncover what has been several months of hard work by both ourselves and our branding company, Canyon, and believe the consistent messaging will reinforce dZhON’s position as a leader in field mobility”, said Sandra Roggeveen, CEO.  ”One of dZhON’s strengths is we make advanced technologies simple to operate and use, and our new branding supports this with clear and succinct messaging”.

The new branding is already live on www.dzhon.com and throughout our collateral and products.

dZhON provides a comprehensive solution to making enterprise applications truly mobile, highly efficient and provides users with a secure, seamless experience no matter their location or job function, making our customers more competitive and responsive to their customers.  dZhON’s solution is currently in production with a number of national construction and utility providers in Australia and in active discussion with dozens of prospects who each have expressed interest in taking advantage of dZhON’s capabilities.

dZhON is presenting at the Wholesale Investor Melbourne Showcase Lunch on November 15th, 2013.


dZhON Secures 20% Subscription to it’s Funding Round

dZhON has secured new external shareholders and currently has achieved 20% subscription to it’s current funding round, and welcomed recognised industry veterans into the shareholder pool.

Melbourne, Victoria, 8th November 2013: dZhON has secured new external shareholders and currently has achieved 20% subscription to it’s current funding round.  ”We are pleased to receive subscription to 2% of the 10% shares we have on offer”, stated Sandra Roggeveen, dZhON CEO.  ”Along with receiving validation of our solution from prospects representing a who’s who list of field services organisations across Australia and New Zealand, this shareholding commitment provides external validation of our model and go to market strategy.  dZhON’s shareholders now include a number of well respected industry veterans from major Australian and multi-national corporations who each bring their own experience and capabilities to the organisation”.

dZhON provides a comprehensive solution to making enterprise applications truly mobile, highly efficient and provides users with a secure, seamless experience no matter their location or job function, making our customers more competitive and responsive to their customers.  dZhON’s solution is currently in production with a number of national construction and utility providers in Australia and in active discussion with dozens of prospects who each have expressed interest in taking advantage of dZhON’s capabilities.

dZhON is presenting at the Wholesale Investor Melbourne Showcase Lunch on November 15th, 2013.

TFS gets $49m to establish new plantation

From The West Australian, by AAP

Sandalwood producer TFS Corporation has received about $49 million from a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund to plant 595 hectares of Indian sandalwood at a new plantation in the Northern Territory.

It is the fourth investment by the Middle Eastern wealth fund in TFS’s sandalwood plantations.

“TFS welcomes the positive and ongoing support of our foundation Middle Eastern investor as the company transitions to being a major global producer of Indian sandalwood with over 7,600 hectares now established across Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland,” TFS chief executive Frank Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said the investment coincides with the start of the first harvest from TFS’s earliest plantation of just over 100 hectares, which was established at Kununurra in Western Australia in 1999.

TFS shares were 1.75 cents lower at 77.25 cents at 12.06pm.


Renewed investor confidence in Medical Devices sector according to PwC’s BioForum report

By Sara Foale, PwC | Communications Manager

The Ex- major Medical Devices sector has emerged as the stand-out performer in this edition of BioForum – seeing 67 per cent growth in the last year and up 14.1 per cent for the quarter – suggesting renewed investor confidence in this previously volatile sector.

This is the key finding of PwC’s 45th edition of BioForum – a report on the listed Australian pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices markets and the broader Life Sciences industry.

In other Q4, FY13 results:

- Life Sciences Index up 7 per cent
- Nasdaq Biotech up 20.7 per cent
- Nasdaq Composite up 10.8 per cent
- Life Sciences Index ex Majors up 15.4 per cent
- ASX All Ordinaries up 9.3 per cent

For more information please download the document below.