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31st August 2015

Leaf Resources driving the development of green chemicals

A breakthrough in the cost of making “green chemicals” has the potential to spur growth in the bio-manufacturing sector.

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Disruptive technology for biobased  products

Biomass can replace petroleum-based feedstock

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Sustainable Green Chemicals

Innovating for a low carbon future 

The newly released report “Back to the laboratory: are global chemical companies innovating for a low-carbon future?” is the latest in this research series by CDP which takes a sector-by-sector look at key emissions-related metrics which, taken in aggregate, could have a material impact on a company’s earnings. Read more>>


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Prescient Therapeutics has Two New Patents Granted to Protect Lead Asset

31st August 2015, ASX Announcement

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX:PTX), a clinical stage oncology company, has substantially bolstered its intellectual property portfolio with two new US patents granted to protect its lead asset PTX-200.

The first patent, US Patent 9,101,641, covers Prescient’s method for treating patients with tumours that overexpress AKT kinase, a key molecule in the oncogenic AKT signaling pathway.

Prescient’s lead drug PTX-200 is a novel small molecule that works by blocking the AKT pathway, and inhibiting tumour growth.

High AKT expression is associated with a poor prognosis, resistance to chemotherapy and shortened survival times in a range of cancers. Trials of PTX-200 are currently underway in the United States in patients with breast and ovarian cancers.

Further expanding the company’s IP portfolio is granted US Patent No. 9,115,162, which covers a propriety method for identifying and treating cancer patient with enhances sensitivity to PTX-200 through a direct measurement of AKT levels in the patients’s tumour. This patents further strengthens Prescient’s focus on “personalised medicine” whereby patients are selected based on their tumour blueprint and treated with a specific drug that targets such blueprint, hence increasing likelihood that a patient will respond to the drug. Personalised or tailored medicine is the way of the future, breaking the “one size fits all “approach to drug treatment that has seen many failures in the past.

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TFS’ Full Year Profit and Cash EBITDA Ahead of Guidance and Financial Report

31st August 2015, ASX Announcement


  • Net Profit After Tax of $113.0m, up 37% on FY 14 (guidance: at least 90m)
  • Cash EBITDA of $57.5m, up 12% ( guidance: up 10%)
  • Cash revenues of $151.2m, up 12%
  • Cash flows from operations, up threefold to $24.6m
  • TFS’s direct and indirect ownership of plantations up 10% to 3,493 hectares
  • Final dividend of 0.3 centres per share, fully franked
  • Guidance for continued growth in FY16, with cash EBITDA to increase by between 5% and 10% on FY15

TFS Corporation Ltd (“TFS”, “the Company”, ASX:TFC), the world’s largest owner and manager of commercial Indian sandalwood plantations, has recorded a Net Profit After Tax of $113.0 million for the year ended 30 June 2015. Cash EBITDA was $57.5 million, up 12% on the prior year. Both NPAT and Cash EBITDA exceeded the Company’s previous guidance.

TFS’s record financial results were supported by a 12% increase in cash revenue to $151.2 million (FY14: $135.1 million), which was driven by an increase of 35% in sandalwood product sales and an increase of 29% in lease and management fees relating to plantations managed by TFS. Revenue from establishment fees of new plantations was broadly inline with FY14.

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YPB Commences Supply of Anti-Counterfeit Solution to Chinese National Bank

28th August 2015, ASX Announcement

  • YPB has started to supply its invisible tracer and scanners for the protection of deposit certificates for one of China’s 15 national banks
  • Approximately 300 million certificates issued by the bank annually
  • YPB’s anti-counterfeit solution was selected after a detailed approval process

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Limited (ASX : YPB) has started supply of tracer and scanners to one of China’s national banks, it being the largest in terms of footprint with 77,000 branches accross China.

This is YPB’s first acceptance of its anti-counterfeit solution by a national bank in China and could lead to many further applications within China’s banking system. The bank chose YPB’s solution because it provides high security at a low cost per application, protecting the bank and its customers against possible counterfeit with an initial focus on deposit certificates.

Research indicates there are approximately 15 national banks plus more than 30 provincial banks across China including approximately 800,000 branches. With the first bank to commence using YPB’s anti-counterfeit solution, there is a strong opportunity for more banks to follow this adoption.

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APN Property: Asian capital flows a two way street

28th August 2015, APN Property Group

You only need to look around Melbourne’s skyline to see the influx of Asian capital into Australia with multiple high rise and high density residential towers being completed or approved. One of these offerings, developed by Singaporean group Hiap is Australia 108.On completion Australia 108 will be Melbourne’s tallest building eclipsing Eureka tower by 25 metres, and according to CBRE is over 80% sold to buyers based in China and South East Asia.

Attend most home auctions in the inner Eastern suburbs particularly around leading high schools and you are likely to find the marketing spiel produced in both English and Mandarin with Feng Shui commentaries even available on some properties. China Investment Corporation’s recent victory over local rivals for the$3.1 billion1 Investa office portfolio shows the appetite is not limited to residential property, with a number of Chinese institutions setting up offices in Sydney and Melbourne to provide them with a local platform from which to deploy capital into Australia.

Based on all of this you would be forgiven for thinking it is one way traffic as far as the direction of capital flows into property.

However, recent and not so recent initiatives increasingly shed light on the Australia Asia partnership with growing opportunities being accessed in both southerly and northerly directions.

Platinum Capital is the most recent Australian firm to establish businesses or products to enable Australian investors to access Asian property and other opportunities which are gaining in appeal as investors look to Asia for its attractive growth profile (particularly relative to domestic economic trajectory), rapidly establishing markets, better than expected governance and appealing investment returns. Overlay the recent normalisation of the Australian dollar and the returns have been impressive.

APN’s Asian REIT Fund has delivered 19.53% total return per annum since inception2 and is the only way investors can access Asian listed commercial property through a dedicated strategy in Australia. The fund has been insulated from recent volatility in Chinese equities markets (which have fallen approximately 30%) with the fund returns flat over past months reflecting its real asset backing through a portfolio of underlying institutional grade office, retail and industrial properties. The fund is unhedged and offers investors daily liquidity and a running yield of circa 5%.

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SUDA Announces Peer-Reviewed Clinical Publication Of ArTMist In Scientific Journal

27th August 2015, ASX Announcement

SUDA LTD (ASX: SUD), a leader in oro-mucosal drug delivery, today announces that a third peer-reviewed article describing ArTiMist™ clinical data has been published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (AAC), which is a journal of the American Society for Microbiology. The AAC is one of the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals for preclinical and clinical data on novel anti-malarial treatments.

The article, which is titled, ‘Efficacy of a novel sublingual spray formulation of artemether in African children with falciparum malaria’, sets out the results from SUDA’s two clinical efficacy studies of ArTiMist™ including the Phase III trial in children with severe, complicated or uncomplicated malaria, but who were unable to tolerate oral medication.

In both studies, the efficacy of sublingual ArTiMist™ was compared to the standard-of- care intravenous (iv) quinine. There were 31 children in the Phase II study and 151 children in the Phase III trial. Patients were randomised to receive either ArTiMist™ or iv quinine. The primary endpoint was parasitological success, defined as a reduction in parasite count of ≥ 90 % of baseline at 24 hours after the first dose. In the Phase II study, there was 93% parasitological success with ArTiMist™ versus 67% for iv quinine. In the Phase III study, 94% of ArTiMist™-treated patients compared to 39% of patients treated with iv quinine had parasitological success (p < 0.0001). Indicators of parasite clearance were also significantly superior for children treated with ArTiMist™ than those treated with iv quinine.

SUDA’s CEO, Mr Stephen Carter, commented: “We are delighted to have a third manuscript published in the prestigious AAC journal . It confirms the importance of the clinical data and the high level of interest in ArTiMist™ amongst the scientific community in the field of malaria. The results from the two clinical efficacy studies clearly demonstrate that treatment with ArTiMist™ leads to superior parasite clearance and clinical recovery compared to intravenous quinine. We are working with our advisers as well as groups such as the Medicines for Malaria Venture to bring ArTiMist™ to the market at the earliest opportunity. This publication provides further endorsement of the product and supports our strategy for registration and partnering.”

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Martin Aircraft Company FY15 Financial Statements

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Director’s Report

The Directors have pleasure in presenting the financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2015.

The principal activity of Martin Aircraft Company limited is the continuing development and commercialisation of the Martin Jetpack products.

The Director’s report that the group’s loss after tax for the year ended 30 June 2015 was NZ$5.2 million.

No dividends or bonus issues were declared during the period.

Director movement for the year was as follows:

  • Dennis Chapman resigned from the Board with effect 22 July 2014 and John Diddams joined the Board 22 July 2014 as Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee with effect from 22 July 2014 .
  • David Hunter resigned from the Board with effect 14 August 2014 and Richard Lauder resigned from the Board with effect 9 October 2014.
  • Peter Coker joined the Board as Managing Director with effect from 17 October 2014.
  • Dr Ruopeng Li and Dr Yangyang Zhang joined the Board with effect from 24 February 2015.
  • Glenn Martin resinged from the Board with effect from 2 June 2015.

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Charter Hall Property Portfolio

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Charter Hall Group has grown, since its launch in 1991, to become one of Australia’s leading property groups, with a total property portfolio of $13.6 billion.

Funds under management: $13.6 billion

Number of properties: 276

Occupancy: 97.8%

Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE): 7.9 years

Weighted Average Rental Review: 3.7%”

Charter Hall Group is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated property groups with over 23 years’ experience managing high quality property on behalf of institutional, wholesale and retail clients. Charter Hall has over $12.7 billion of funds under management across the Australian office, retail and industrial sectors. Charter Hall was API Fund Manager of the Year in 2014.

Charter Hall Direct, part of Charter Hall Group, has a strong track record managing unlisted property funds and syndicates since 1995 for investors, including SMSFs and high net worth individuals. Our products are consistently highly rated by external research groups and we are Australia’s leading direct property fund manager, with $1.7 billion of real estate assets under management.

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Folkestone’s FY15 Financial Results, Presentation and Investor Review

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Key Highlights

  • Net profit after tax of $7.0 million, up 122.6% on FY14
  • Earnings per share of 1.1 cents, up 57.1% on FY14
  • Net asset value per share of 17.5 cents, up 21.5% on FY14
  • Funds under management of $917 million, up 12.8% on FY14
  • Successfully raised $42 million from a Placement and Entitlement offer
  • Launched the Folkestone Truganina Development Fund
  • Folkestone Social Infrastructure Trust merged with the Folkestone Education Trust
  • Acquired interests in three new development opportunities
  • Secured strong pre-sales across the active developments
  • Completed development of Stage 1 at Millers Junction and entered into JV for Stage 2

Folkestone’s Managing Director, Mr Greg Paramor said “the strong result in FY15 was driven through the focused execution of our strategy to deliver real estate wealth solutions by growing our funds management platform and undertaking quality residential and non-residential developments on our balance sheet.”

Given the growth in our recurring income, our strong balance sheet and assuming no material change in market conditions, we are pleased to announce that Folkestone expects to pay a fully franked dividend of at least 0.5 cents per share in respect of FY16.

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FY15 Annual Report, click here.

Bulletproof FY15 Annual Financial Report and Presentation

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

FY15 Results: Clear Leadership in Cloud Services 


  • Full year revenues up 59% to $29.2m
  • Underlying EBITDA up 45% to$4.2m
  • Reported NPAT $4.4m, including revaluation of Class B Performance Shares
  • Underlying NPAT $548k, up 22%


  • Rapid growth in Managed Public Cloud to 37% of reoccurring revenues
  • Once-off revenues up 146% year on year, including from Pantha acquisition
  • Market leading end to end service offering with Consulting, Delivery and Support
  • Significant enterprise client growth

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PTX-200 Phase 1b/2 Clinical Update Trial

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

  • Novel cancer drug PTX-200 shows evidence of safety and antitumor activity when combined with weekly paclitaxel in advanced cancer patients
  • Expansion Phase enrollment to shortly commence at Montefiore Medical Center
  • Moffitt Cancer Center will now join the study under lead investigator Dr Heather Han

Clinical stage oncology company Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX), today announced encouragingly early clinical data arising from their ongoing Phase 1b/2 clinical study of novel cancer drug PTX-200 trial in breast, lung and esophageal cancer.

The study is currently being conducted as an Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) under the lead of Professor Joseph Sparano, Professor of Medicine & Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medecine and Cancer Center, and has been partially funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

Professor Joseph Sparano said PTX-200 was a highly promising oncology compound and prior studies had yet to fully exploit its potential anticancer activity “In phase 2 study that will begin upon completion of the expansion cohort, we will determine the pathologic complete response rate after PTX200 plus paclitaxel therapy in patients with locally advanced breast cancer- this model has been used in other trials to identify promising new agents and advance their development in a rapid and efficient manner.”

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YPB to Acquire nTouch to Leverage Outstanding B2B Consumer Engagement Opportunity

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement


  • YPB to acquire proximity marketing & B2C engagement technology company nTouch with high profile investors including cricket hall of fame inductee Steve Waugh
  • Excellent product and path to revenue synergies
  • nTouch to provide additional distribution channels within Australia, India & USA
  • $4.5 million scrip acquisition based on YPB share price of $0.35

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB)has signed a letter of intent to acquire all the issued shares of proximity marketing technology company nTouch Holding Pty Ltd (“nTouch”).

Under all the scrip acquisition nTouch will be issued $4.5 million in fully paid ordinary shares of YPB at $0.35 per share. The newly issued shares will be subject to voluntary escrow on term to be agreed.

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SUDA Takes Full Control of ArTiMist

26th August 2015, ASX Release

SUDA LTD (ASX: SUD) (SUDA), a leader in oro- mucosal drug delivery, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 20% minority shareholding in SUDA’s subsidiary company, Malaria Research Company Pty Ltd (MRC), which was owned by UK-based ProtoPharma Ltd (PPL) and its parent London Pharma Ltd (LPL).

MRC owns the rights to SUDA’s novel sublingual anti-malarial spray, ArTiMist™. PPL is selling its 20% shareholding in MRC to SUDA for A$1.2 million. This payment is in full and final settlement of all outstanding liabilities between the two companies. In addition, PPL and LPL have agreed not to compete with MRC’s ArTiMist™ spray. This acquisition is an important step towards SUDA’s objective to commercialise ArTiMist™ through a collaboration or trade sale.

SUDA originally licensed commercial rights to ArTiMist™ for certain territories from PPL in 2006. Under a subsequent agreement, which was signed in November 2013 between SUDA and PPL, all of the intellectual property and global rights in relation to ArTiMist™ were put into the newly incorporated Australian company, MRC. SUDA owned 80% of MRC with PPL owning the balance. Both companies retained obligations in relation to the development, registration and commercialisation of ArTiMist™.

Since SUDA took control of the development of ArTiMist™ in November 2013, the Company has taken significant steps forward, including:

  1. i. setting up a Clinical Advisory Board;
  2. ii. initiating discussions with the Medicines for Malaria Venture, the World Health Organisation, the Gates Foundation and other philanthropic groups;
  3. iii. progressing partnership discussions with the pharmaceutical industry;
  4. iv. expanding the market opportunity for ArTiMist™ to include its use in the pre- referral setting of malaria; and
  5. v. resolving quality issues that had been the responsibility of PPL.

As a result of this acquisition, SUDA will own 100% of the ArTiMist™ asset with no further payment or royalty obligations to PPL. The payment to PPL is being made from SUDA’s existing cash reserves, and the Company remains in a strong cash position as it negotiates with various parties regarding ArTiMist™ and its other lead clinical projects.

“We are delighted to be buying out ProtoPharma’s minority stake in ArTiMist™ which brings to a close a tenuous relationship,” noted Mr Stephen Carter, Chief Executive Officer of SUDA LTD.

“The purchase followed a request from ProtoPharma who wanted to refocus all their resources into non-malarial products and SUDA was able to negotiate favourable terms. Simplification of the ownership structure of ArTiMist™ alleviates a variety of issues including tax implications on the commercialisation of the project.

Furthermore, the acquisition eliminates any counterparty risk; gives SUDA full control of commercial negotiations without referring to ProtoPharma; and, importantly, ensures that SUDA receives 100% of anticipated deal proceeds.” To listen to an audio broadcast of Mr Carter discussing the transaction, please copy the following details into your web browser:


To download the full document, please click on the link below.

Charter Hall Grows OEPS by 8.7% and FUM by 18% to $13.6 Billion

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Charter Hall Group (ASX:CHC) (Charter Hall or the Group) today announced its full year results for the 12 months to 30 June 2015.

Full Year Financial Results Summary:

  • Statuary profit after tax of $117.9 million, up 43.6%
  • Operating earnings of $98.8 million, up 21.7%
  • Operating earnings per security of 27.5 cents, up 8.7%
  • Distribution per security of 24.2 cents, up 8.5%
  • Net Tangible Assets per security of $2.76, up 16.0%

Operational Performance:

  • 18% growth iAustralian funds under management (FUM) to $13.6 billion
  • Secured $1.7 billion of gross equity inflows
  • Completed $2.6 billion of property transactions
  • Co-invested a further net $187 million into property funds
  • Property Funds Management EBITDA margin increased from 36.2% to 40.1%

To read the full announcement, please click here

Charter Hall FY15 Annual Financial Report and Presentation

26th August 2015, ASX Announcement

This financial report has been prepared and issued by Charter Hall Limited (ACN 113 531 150) and Charter Hall Funds Management Limited (ACN 082 991 786, AFL 262861) (CHFML) as Responsible Entity of the Charter Hall Property Trust (ARSN 113 339 147) (together, the Charter Hall Group or Group). The information contained in this report has been complied to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and to assist the recipient in assessing the performance of the Group independently and does not relate to, and is not relevant for, any other purpose.

This report is not intended to be and does not constitute an offer or a recommendation to acquire any securities in the Charter Hall Group. The receipt of this report by any person and any information contained herein or subsequently communicated to any person in connection with the Charter Hall Group is not to be taken as constituting the giving of investment, legal or tax advice by the Charter Hall Group, its related bodies corporate, its directors or employees to any such person. Each recipient should consult their own counsel, accountant, and other advisers as to legal, tax, business, financial  and other considerations in relation to the Charter Hall Group.

To read the full Financial Report, please click here.

To see the Financial Presentation, please click here.

Crowd Mobile Executes Term Sheet for Debt Financing

25th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Crowd Mobile (ASX : CM8 & FWB-XETRA : CM3) is pleased to announce that it has executed a term sheet with a European-based finance company regarding the provision of senior debt financing for purpose of funding the Track Holdings (“Track”) acquisition.

Whilst the detailed terms of the facility are confidential, the key points are summarised below:

  •  Initial Facility amount is for EUR 9m [AUD $14.5m]
  • Facility is 3 year and revolving in nature, providing a flexible funding base for the business

Commenting on the executed term sheet, Chief Executive Officer Domenic Carosa said:
” We are pleased to have executed a highly flexible and competitively priced financing package. This is a significant step forward as Crowd Mobile moves closer to finalising the Track acquisition.

“We are continuing to review a number of other proposals for additional funding options, and will provide further updates to the market at the appropriate time.”

 To read the full announcement, please click here

Opal is on its way

Welcome Opal Biosciences shareholders.

First stage subscription shares and options have been issued.

Great News

This month we were offered the chance to check BDM-I’s effect against more bacterial germs resistant to existing antibiotics. These US studies will add to the results we already have. As there are results from this work we will keep you updated.

Progress Update

We have commenced Opal’s new intravenous formulation development and the program’s preliminary Safety Screening and Cytotoxicity profiling

Want to invest in new antimicrobial development?

Opal’s capital raising is still underway, allowing prospective sophisticated investors with the opportunity to gain a stake in our technology at this pivotal time.

More Information

Dongfang Modern Agriculture Term Sheet: Initial Offering


A leading agricultural food producer in the world’s largest market 

Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Limited (“Dongfang”, ASX:DFM) is a highly profitable agricultural food producer supplying the world’s largest agricultural market, China.

Second largest citrus fruits harvester in China and Strong balance sheet

Since inception in 2009, Dongfang has grown to become the second largest company in China harvesting citrus fruits. In 2014, the company produced over 200,000t of tangerine (mandarin), pomelo, navel oranges and camellia seed and fruit products on over 7,976 hectares of farms. Dongfang has been a successful aggregator of small plantations that have provided high revenue and earnings growth in the PRC’s tax- exempt agricultural food sector.

FY2014 revenue A$133.2m, EBITDA A$56.6m

The ASX IPO will allow timely access to new capital (A$39m minimum and A$50m maximum subscription and bigger acquisition) for the Company’s expansion plans and  will augment A$56m in current cash and expected A$75m earnings in calendar 2015. Dongfang has no debt and has a transparent financial and operating history.


Issuer: Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Limited (ASX: DFM)

Transaction: Initial Public Offering (“IPO”)

Security type: New fully paid ordinary shares

Issue price: A$1.00

Subscription: Minimum of A$39 million, maximum of A$50 million

Application minimum: A$2000.00

Purpose of the Issue: Fund growth initiatives including the acquisition of new plantations

Lead Manager: Paradigm Securities Limited

Corporate Advisor: Austra Capital

Legal Advisor: Piper Alderman

Investigating Accountant: PKF Corporate Finance (NSW) Pty Ltd

Applications:  Application for shares can only be made pursuant to the Prospectus issued by the Company and available from the Company’s website (www.dongfangmodernagriculture.com.au), the Lead Manager, Paradigm Securities and from the ASX website.

To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

Invest with Avenir Capital

In light of the recent dramatic moves in global equity markets, we are busy looking for opportunities to put our capital to work and invite you to make an investment or top-up an existing investment with Avenir.

While it may seem counterintuitive to seek additional funds to invest in declining markets, as Buffett has said many times: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” This is simple in concept but hard to put into practice. That is why we are here to do it on your behalf – let us do the sweating for you.

We have new investors coming on board 1st September and, with a little less than a week to go until then, now might be a good time for those who have been considering an investment to take action.

There is no perfect time to invest and plenty of reasons not to invest at any point in time. Markets have run up and I have missed it. Markets are declining and I don’t know where the bottom is. But, with the ASX All Ordinaries down 16% from its highs, the Dow Jones down over 13% and the S&P 500 down 10% over the last 5 trading days alone, now presents an opportune time to act.

As observed in the Wall Street Journal today, the great speculator Bernard Baruch had a name for what sort of person manages to buy at the bottom and sell at the top of the market: a liar. We are going to go about putting funds to work prudently, patiently and selectively in compelling opportunities for long-term bargain hunting. While we have a cash balance, we have deployed some of this cash reserve and are keen to retain some ammunition for future opportunities.

Should you wish to take advantage of the current market weakness to commence or add to a long-term investment program, we recommend acting this week as we approach the 1st September dealing date for investment in the Avenir Value Fund.


APN Property Reports Net Profit of $12.6 million

24th August 2015, ASX Announcement


  • Statutory net profit of $12.6 million, up 69% from 7.4 million in the prior comparative period
  • Operating earnings (after tax) and MI up to $2.0 million to $6.9 million or 3.05 cents per share (cps)
  • Diluted earnings per share up 1.65 cents to 5.58 cents
  • Funds under Management (FuM) at $2.2 billion, up 10% from June 30 2014
  • $30 million of new equity issued at $0.37 to support existing funds and further growth initiatives
  • Fully franked final dividend of 0.25 cps declared, delivering 1.5 cps fully franked for FY2015

APN Property Group Limited (ASX : APD) is pleased to announce a statutory net profit attributable to equity holders of $12.6 million for the year ended  30 June 2015, up from $7.4 million in the prior comparative period (pcp). Diluted earnings per share increased to 5.58 cents and the Directors are pleased to introduce a fully franked final dividend of 0.25 cps, bring the total for the year to 1.50 cps.

Mr Tim Slattery, Executive Director said “This result reflects the continued strong performance from the APN AREIT Fund, Generation Healthcare REIT and our Direct Funds division. We are pleased to report our reucurrig income represented 75%of our total net income in FY2015 and that operating earning after tax increased 41% while costs were broadly flat versus the previous year.

To read the full announcement, please click here

To read the FY 2015 Results Presentation, please click here

SGX Small Cap Corporate Access Session September 2015 – Presenting Companies

On Friday September 4th, Wholesale Investor and SGX we will bring together Fund Managers, Private Bankers, Family Offices, Brokers and Wealth Managers for the next exclusive SGX Small Cap Corporate Access Session September 2015.

This unique event will showcase 6 SGX-Listed companies in the Technology, Mining, Property and Financial Services Industry.

The Showcase provides an opportunity for Fund Managers, Brokers, Private Banks, Family Offices and Wealth Managers, the opportunity to meet, network, invest and create strategic long-term relationships with the SGX-Listed companies.

You will be able to hear live presentations, and then sign up to speak one-on-one with the C-level executives about their business, gain information straight from the source and discover unseen opportunities.


iFAST Corporation Ltd (SGX:AIY) – SGX-listed internet-based investment products distribution platform operating across Asia

iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“iFAST Corp”) is an Internet-based investment products distribution platform. Listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard, iFAST Corp provides a comprehensive range of services, including investment administration and transactions services, research and trainings, IT services and backroom functions to banks, financial advisory firms, financial institutions, multinational companies, as well as investors in Asia. The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. iFAST Corp has two main business divisions, the B2C business with its Fundsupermart.com transactional website and a B2B business catering to over 150 banks, FAs and financial institutions using its platform.


AsiaPhos Ltd (SGX:5WV) – Mineral resources company mining high-grade phosphate in Sichuan PRC

AsiaPhos is a Singapore-headquartered mineral resources company that is engaged in mining phosphate in Sichuan PRC and producing phosphate-related chemicals. In July 2015, it announced the completion of a significant acquisition (LY Resources, ‘LYR’) from its existing cooperation partner. The acquisition of LYR is expected to (a) immediately improve the company’s cash flows from its 2 existing mines (via removal of a profit share agreement), and (b) to drive long-term growth from a neighbouring third mining exploration area (‘Fengtai’) which is approximately 18 sq.km, almost 5x the combined size of its existing 2 mines.


CNMC Goldmine Holdings Ltd (SGX:5TP) – First Catalist-listed gold producer with production of over one metric tonne of gold bullion

CNMC Goldmine Holdings Ltd is the first Catalist-listed gold producer on the SGX. The Company together with its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the business of exploration, mining of gold and the processing of mined ore into gold dores. The Group is currently focused on the development of its flagship project – the Sokor Gold Field Project which is located in the State of Kelantan, Malaysia. The Group achieved its first gold pour in 2010 and its gold production has since been increasing steadily. As of July 2014, production had exceeded one metric tonne of gold bullion.


SingHaiyi Group Ltd (SGX:5H0) – Fast growing, diversified real estate company focused on property development, investment and management services

SingHaiyi Group Ltd is a fast growing, diversified real estate company focused on property development, real estate investment and property management services. With strategic support from its major shareholders, the Group is led by a board and management team with deep insights and strong connections that provide access to unique investment opportunities. The Group also holds a diversified portfolio of income-generative assets in the commercial and retail sectors, with geographical reach into USA and widening exposure in Asia. The Group’s exposure to various segments of the real estate sector in multiple countries stands as a testament to its calculated diversification strategy, which is designed to provide stable and visible earnings and deliver value to shareholders.


LHN Group Ltd (SGX:41O) – Experienced real estate management services group focused on space optimisation with over 4.5m square feet of net lettable area  

Established in 1991, LHN Group is a real estate, facilities and logistics management services group focused on space optimistion. Taking unused, old and under-utilised industrial, commercial and residential properties, we enhance and transform them into thoughtfully designed and highly usable space. The company manages over 40 industrial, commercial and residential properties in Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar with a total net lettable area (NLA) of over 4.5 million square feet. In 2012, LHN Group launched their GreenHub brand of suited offices in Singapore to provide ready-to-work, premium fitted and energy efficient offices.


Pollux Properties Ltd (SGX:5AE) – Listed property developer engaging upmarket real estate projects

Pollux Properties Ltd is a listed property developer since 2000 in Singapore with an exclusive focus on the development of residential and commercial properties. The Group actively engages in the business of developing upmarket real estate projects, with the key aim of creating homes reflecting the philosophy of lavish and modern living. The company is committed to developing the best residential as well as commercial properties.


If you would like to register your interest to attend this exclusive event, please click on the “Registration of Interest” button below for more details. 

Note: This event is ONLY for Fund Managers, Private Bankers, Family Offices, Brokers and Wealth Managers.


Date: Friday 4 September 2015

Event Details: Singapore. More details to be provided once your registration is confirmed

Event Restrictions: Due to limited seating, this event is only for Fund Managers, Private Bankers, Family Offices, Brokers and Wealth Managers.

Acure Funds Management Ltd Launches its Latest Property Trust

Acure has launched its 5th Fund and the latest in a series of income focused property funds, the Industrial Trust No 1.

Acure is seeking to raise $33m to acquire three strategically located industrial properties in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.  

The Key Investment Highlights of the trust include:

Fully Underwritten

The Underwriters have committed to invest up to $27m via the Underwriting, and have indicated a willingness to maintain an investment of $13.25m as a cornerstone investment allowing other investors to co invest via this offer.

Attractive investment returns

  • Year 1 Distribution Forecast: 9.5%
  • Average 5 year Distribution Forecast: 10.4%
  • Projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 11.8%

Quarterly Distributions Weighted Average Lease expiry (“WALE”) of 9 years Triple Net Leases Strategic locations and Geographically Diversified

  • Currumbin Waters  QLD
  • Somerton VIC
  • Naval Base WA

Last month we purchased Somerton property in Victoria and are receiving rent. This means investors will immediately start receiving a pro-rata return.

Long term leases Suitable for High Net Worth Investors, Family Offices and Self-managed Superfunds


APN August Monthly Newsletter: Rising opportunity for the savvy – Asia’s fast growing urbanisation drives demand for real estate

August 2015, APN August Newsletter

The rapid emergence of Asia’s middle class will bring far-reaching changes and commercial real estate is well-positioned to benefit.

According to an OECD estimate, the global middle class¹ will grow to 4.9 billion people by 2030, from 1.8 billion in 2009. Two-thirds of these people (3.3 billion) are expected to reside in Asia, up from 28% in 2009. The expansion of service industries and ongoing urbanisation will see Asia housing 21 of the world’s 37 mega-cities by 2025. With urbanisation, comes the rising demands of middle class consumption, that in turn drives the need for real estate.

The APN Asian REIT Fund has already been a beneficiary of the growth in Asia,delivering an impressive total return of 19.53% pa² since inception.

In this month’s newsletter we look at Asian REITs and how they can enhance a diversified portfolio. We also summarise the benefits of the new Singapore REIT rules and how the changes will impact the REIT market in Singapore.

Why Asian REITs? Opportunity through growth and urbanisation

Asian REITs are one of the best ways to participate in the growth and urbanisation of Asian economies. The region has become a major global economic growth engine. Click here to read the full article.

New REIT rules in Singapore to consolidate the low risk features of the market

The authority that has jurisdiction over Singapore’s REIT code – the Singapore Monetary Authority (SMA) recently released some likely changes to the code.

In this article we summarise some of the changes and comment on the positive impact they will have on the REIT market in Singapore. Click here to read the full article.

Investment opportunities – register your interest

APN is currently working towards launching a number of new investment opportunities.

To register your interest in these and other opportunities, please click here.

Product performance updates

For an overview of APN’s Real Estate Securities funds please click on the links below:

 To read the full newsletter, please click here

Proteomics Investor Presentation August 2015

20th August 2015, ASX Announcement

 About Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd 

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (PILL) (ASX: PIQ) is an emerging life science company focused on the area of proteomics, the industrial scale study of the structure and function of proteins. Proteomics is a key component of the biotechnology and life sciences industries and plays a vital role in understanding disease and biological systems, and the Company is recognised as a global leader in the field.

Its business model is based on its proprietary technology platform which operates across three synergistic business units in massive growth markets: analytical services, diagnostics and therapeutic drug discovery. The Company listed on the ASX in April 2015 after raising $3m in an IPO and the funds raised will be used to expand each business unit.

If you would like to read their Investor Presentation, please click here

Crowd Mobile launches CrowdButler.com

19th August 2015, ASX Announcement


  • Crowd Mobile launches CrowdButler.com – on-demand concierge SMS service
  • Global application with an addressable market of 1.3 billion users in 11 different languages
  • A complementary service that leverages Crowd Mobile’s global m-payments platform
  • Strategically adds new revenue stteams to Crowd Mobile through leveraging existing networks and capabilities

Crowd Mobile (ASX: CM8 & FWB:XETRA : CM3) is pleased to announce the launch of its CrowdButler.com SMS concierge service targeted at a market of 1.3 billion global users. The move signals the next phase in Crowd Mobile’s strategy to leverage its global footprint and m-payments platform to increase its revenue steams.

Crowd Butler stage one launch in Hungary was successfully completed in July and the service will be launched in the UK market in late August. Australia and the rest of Europe is expected to come online by the end of the year.

This unique concierge service is free to the end user and enables them to make requests via SMS on their handheld mobile device. Crowd Butler has trained operators (Butlers) standing by 24/7 to answer requests and a team of specialists to carry out each request accordingly.

To view the presentation for Crowd Butler, please click here.

To read the full announcement, please click here.  

YPB technology chosen by Beijing Palace Museum

19th August 2015, ASX Announcement

 Key points:

  • YPB’s anti-counterfeit technology has been selected to protect the entry permit of staff for Beijing’s Palace Museum
  • Palace Museum staff permits are supplied by the Sandun Card Limited of China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) First Research Institute
  • The Palace Museum, located in Beijing, is China’s largest museum, and houses a collection of one million invaluable art works.

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group (ASX: YPB) is pleased to announce that it’s counterfeiting technology solution has been chosen to be applied for the Beijing Palace Museum’s anti-counterfeit project, and has commenced opertation protecting entry permits of Museum staff.

Up to 80,000 visitors per day visit the Palace Museum’s 1.1 million square meters of priceless antiques predominatley from the Ming and Qing dynasties, and a significant number of precious cultural relics dated B.C.

The details of the anti-counterfeit measures supplied by YPB remain strictly confidential.

To read the full announcement, please click here


Yuuzoo Buys Key Assets From Leading Chinese Mobile Game Developer

18th August 2015, Yuuzoo Corporation

 YuuZoo Corp has purchased 11 top-selling Chinese mobile games from Camigo Media LLC including the MeWantBamboo franchise, which reached the number 1 position in China in the iOS appstore

The acquisition gives YuuZoo access to more than 26 million new registered users, the Camigo brand, and distribution and payment relationships with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, DoMob, LiMei and AliPay

Singapore-listed YuuZoo Corporation (“YuuZoo SGX: AFC), a leading global third generation social e-commerce company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the key assets of Camigo Media LLC (“Camigo”), a leading mobile game developer based in Shanghai, China, including user data for over 26 million users, 11 leading mobile games and the Camigo brand.

Camigo is a leading developer and distributor of mobile games in the world’s largest market – China. The company was started in 2010 by three partners, including Chinese superstar singer and actor Wilber Pan, whose awards include Most Popular Male Artist, Best Asian Singer, and Best Leading Actor in a Television Series. During five years of operations, Camigo has built a user base of over 26 million users, with 60% of all downloads from China.

The Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) for games in China reached 32.36 US$ in Q1/2014, with the Chinese US$ 3B gaming market about to overtake the US market, according to research company Superdata.

Three of Camigo’s mobile games have reached the number one position in the iOS Appstore in China, and reached 5.4 million monthly active users. Camigo’s bestselling game is MeWantBamboo, which in addition to iOS also is available on several Android Appstores in China. The game reached over 1 million downloads in the week of its launch. YuuZoo has acquired the entire MeWantBamboo franchise, which includes 4 launched games, with a total userbase of over 19 million, and one brand new game under development.

The Camigo games acquired by YuuZoo also include seven educational games targeted at young children. These games, which teach mathematics and reading, will be integrated into the YuuKids platform, which YuuZoo plans to launch in China in 2015. YuuZoo will also benefit from Camigo’s distribution and payment relationships that include China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, DoMob, LiMei and AliPay.

The full payment will be made in YuuZoo shares in accordance with the Company’s share issue mandate granted at the Company’s 29 May 2015 AGM. At the time of this announcement the shares used for the payment represent less than one half of 1% of the issued shares of YuuZoo Corporation.

Says YuuZoo Chairman & CEO Thomas Zilliacus: “The acquisition of Camigo’s games, users and partnerships add significant value to YuuZoo in many ways. Games are a key revenue generator in social networking worldwide. Games provide major stickiness to social media. YuuZoo has recently launched a new gamified e-commerce experience, where consumers can earn discounts from playing mobile games. In addition to further developing the now acquired games and growing the both the registered and active user base, YuuZoo will be able to market its new gamified social e-commerce platform to the now acquired user base of over 26 million. The founders of Camigo, have built a hugely successful game franchise in China. The brands, users and network in China hold significant value in a market where ARPPU for mobile games has reached 32.36 US$ and where YuuZoo is growing rapidly”, he concluded.


Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Camigo is a leading developer and distributor of mobile games in China. The company has built three games that have reached the number 1 position in the China iOS Appstore. Titles acquired by YuuZoo include MeWantBamboo I and II, CandyCount and CandyCount Advanced, Where Do I Go? And Where Do I Go? Advanced.


Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access before the Camigo acquisition to over 90 million registered users in 164 countries, YuuZoo uniquely combines social networking, e-commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login. All networks are localized for each market as comes to language as well as merchandise and design. To see the networks, log into: www.yuuzoo.com. For more information about YuuZoo, please log on to: www.yuucorp.com


Charter Hall Funds Acquire $140 million of Assets and the Group Underwrites a New Retail Syndicate

19th Augsut 2015, ASX Announcement

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) (Charter Hall or the Charter Hall Group) today announced a multi-asset transaction with Australia’s largest automotive retailer, the ASX listed Automotive Holdings Group.

Extending the Group’s focus on partnering with high quality tenants that enjoy strong market share within their sector, Charter Hall has acquired three high profile retail properties to seed a new $100 million retail syndicate. The syndicate has been underwritten by the Group and a Product Disclosure Statement will be registered for the reatil equity raising.

The new syndicate, called Charter Hall Direct Automotive Trust (DAT) will, upon settlement on 20 September 2015, own three retail assets summarised below:

To read the full announcement, please click here

New listing of S$100,000; S$1m investment into Capital Match; new feature for investors

18th August 2015

S$1m investment into Capital match and team update
Thanks to you, our loyal lenders, it feels like we are achieving new milestones every other day. We are glad to announce that Capital Match has received an additional investment into the company led by Innosight Ventures. Our paid-up capital will now be in excess of S$1 million. The funding will allow us to serve you better while expanding our product offerings and improving the services we provide.

You can find a longer article on this development here.

We have already taken the first steps to serve you better by expanding our team at Capital Match, which can be viewed here.

New feature (in beta): Statement
We have just introduced a new feature called “Statement” where you can view all the transactions that occurred on your Investor account. You can download it in a CSV format for your own records.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s still in a beta version – we will improve it over the next few weeks. The things that we will make better for you include:

  • Better sorting
  • Clean up of some historical dummy transactions – “Cumulative debit” and “Cumulative credit” might not be correct right now for some of the users, but “Account balance” correctly reflects your current balance
  • More visible download feature
  • Better summary of the transactions

New Listing : S$100,000 with 2.4% monthly interest
We have just introduced a new 12-month listing of S$100,000 with 2.4% monthly interest. The company is wholesale distributor specializing in the marketing and distributing range of seafood. Their clients in Singapore include major restaurant chains and supermarkets (total of 200 active clients).

Log in onto the platform to find out more about it!

LZOC Marine: Offer acceptance at 80% funding
You may have noticed that the facility #00020 was accepted by the borrower when it was 80% funded at S$120,000 (out of the initial amount of S$150,000). The borrower decided they would like to promptly access the funding and decided to accept the offer earlier but still in accordance with our T&Cs.

Facility #00021 :Private placement offer

You may have also noticed that there is an additional facility (#00021) that is fully funded on the platform. This facility was a private placement offer to a small group of investors. Due to some characteristics of the facility we could have only offered it up to 50 persons to comply with MAS regulations. The selection criterion was purely based on the size of past investments.


High-Growth Mobile Media Tech Company with Blue-chip Clients – Seeking Funds for Acquisition Opportunity

An established Asia-Pac Technology company boasting clients such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, Unilever, Adidas and HSBC now seeks to acquire a competitor in a first-mover consolidation to become the largest specialist mobile advertising technology company in Australia and New Zealand.

The publicly listed company has received the support from a sovereign backed Chinese technology fund to subscribe for 40 per cent of the capital raising as a cornerstone investor, plus further funding to support the company’s expansion plans into China.

1P Capital Advisors, as financial advisor to the company is requesting interested parties to participate pro-rata with the Chinese fund across the equity placement of $6 million and Convertible Note offering of $10 million to fund the company’s acquisition.

With existing offices in Jakarta and Singapore and the support of a credible local partner in China that has government backing, growth is anticipated to accelerate across Asia.

The business has shown consistent growth over the past 5 years, outpacing the industry average to reach Revenues and EBITDA of circa $25 million and $2.5 million respectively for last twelve months.

The mobile ad market in which the company operates across Asia and the Asia-Pacific region is estimated by eMarketer to more than double in size within three years to reach close to $60 billion.

To receive an offer please click on the button below.



SEERA first to release SFIA v6 global standard

Sydney, Australia and London, England: Global Unified Talent Management software provider, SEERA, has today announced their platform will support the global Skills Framework for the Information Age, SFIA, Version 6 immediately.

SEERA will be the first company in the world to support both SFIA version 5 and SFIA version 6, while also providing customers with an automated and seamless migration path.

Quote from Brad Birchall, CEO, SEERA: “This will save many large organisations hundreds of hours mapping the two versions of SFIA and updating employee documents. SEERA is a disruptive platform that is changing how organisations measure and manage their employees. SEERA provides everything from talent acquisition to succession planning for a fraction of the cost of traditional software platforms.”

Key points:

  • To date, SFIA version 5 has been the fastest growing framework for IT professionals, and is now used in more than 30 countries.
  • Many large multinational and government organisations such as DHL and Caltex have adopted the SFIA framework to improve employee engagement, standardise position descriptions and reduce the risk profile of their business.
  • Companies use SEERA because for the first time the CEO and senior management have visibility of key metrics and competencies across their entire oraganisation.
  • The transition to competency based measurement and management is not only being adopted in IT but across the enterprise. Why? The skills required by organisations are changing faster than ever before as the web/new technologies and disruptive business models accelerate the pace of change.
  • SEERA also support many of the other leading competency based frameworks. SEERA also supports customer specific frameworks which are gaining popularity around the world.


To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

Wholesale Investor and KOTRA to host the Australasian Life Science and Healthcare Showcase 2015 in Korea

Wholesale Investor has joined forces with Kotra, Korean Government’s trade and investment promotion agency, and Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (KPMA) to host our very first Life Science and Healthcare focused event based in Korea, the Australasian Life Science and Healthcare Showcase 2015 – Korea.

Korea’s “going out” strategy and their objective to diversify, innovate and grow by investing in foreign countries, is creating a strong demand to invest overseas amongst Korea’s private investors, institutions and asset managers.  Further demonstrated by the Korean government’s Five-year Comprehensive Plan for the Support and Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry and has therefore made nation-wide efforts to increase investments, raise private funds, develop a talent pool and enhance infrastructure efficiency.

This exclusive event will showcase up to 12 Emerging Growth companies in the Life Science and Healthcare Sectors. The event provides a platform to strengthen the capital links and transaction opportunities between Korean and Australian investors and innovative companies.

Special Event Offer:

  • Showcase your company to up to 100 strategic corporate and professional investors and fund managers.
  • Opportunity for one-on-one meetings facilitated by Kotra
  • Translation services included in the package
  • A day trip to Chungbuk Free Economic Zone
  • 2 nights accommodation available 
Limited Presenting Opportunities Available! 

If you are interested in participating as a presenting company, please click on the button below to express your interest. Please note, due to exclusive nature of this event presenting opportunities are limited.

Please note, due to exclusive nature of this event presenting opportunities are limited. If you are interested in participating as a presenting company, please click on the button below to express your interest.



Date: Tuesday 3 November 2015
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, 176 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea
Cost: This is an exclusive event for Strategic Corporate, Professional Investors and Fund Managers.


Prescient Shareholder Newsletter August 2015

12th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX), a clinical stage oncology company, provides the following market update via a shareholder newsletter.

About Prescient Therapeutics 

Prescient Therapeutics is a clinical stage oncology company developing novel compounds that show great promise as potential new therapies to treat a range of cancers that have become resistant to front line chemotherapy.

Lead drug candidate PTX-200 inhibits an important tumor survival pathway known as AKT, which plays a key role in development of many cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer, as well as leukemia. This highly promising compound is now the focus of two current clinical trials. The first is a Phase 1b/2 study examining PTX-200 in breast cancer patients at the prestigious Montefiore Cancer Center in New York. A Phase 1b/2 trial of the compound in combination of current standard of care is also underway in patients with recurrent or persistent platinum resistant ovarian cancer at Florida’s Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. These trials have been funded in part by grants from the U.S. Government, including the U.S. National Cancer Institute. In addition, Prescient is planning a Phase 1b/2 trial evaluating PTX-200 as a new therapy for acute myeloid leukemia in 2015.

To read the full newsletter, please click here.

SUDA Investor Initiative and Road Show Presentation

Perth, Australia, 14 August 2015

SUDA LTD (ASX: SUD), a leader in oro-mucosal drug delivery, today announces an initiative to broaden the Company’s investor base in Australia and Asia. This initiative includes raising awareness of SUDA with high-net-worth private investors as well as sophisticated investors.

As part of the initiative, Mr. Stephen Carter, Managing Director and CEO, presented at the Wholesale Investor – Asia-Pacific Emerging Company Expo 2015 in Singapore on 13 August 2015.

Mr. Carter and Mr. Nick Woolf, Chief Business Officer, are also meeting with institutional funds, family offices and retail brokers in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney on 18-21 August 2015. The management team will discuss recent milestone events and highlight key anticipated news flow for FY2016. The road show presentation follows.

To download the document, please click on the link below. 

Dongfang plans to list on the ASX

14th August 2015

A leading food producer operating in the world’s largest agricultural market is headed to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Limited (“DFM”) has recently lodged its prospectus to raise up to A$50 million by way of an initial public offering (IPO) on the ASX.  Funds raised will augment A$56 million in current cash, enabling the company to fund growth initiatives including the acquisition of new plantations in China’s premier fruit growing region, Ganzhou City region in the Jiangxi Province.

Founded in 2009, DFM has since grown to become the second largest company in China harvesting citrus fruits.  The company’s strong growth has come on the back of two key trends in China; firstly, the sustained increase in household disposable income; and secondly, the growing preference for fruits and nuts in modern Chinese diets, which is seen as a healthy choice.

Last year, the company produced in excess of 200,000 tonnes of tangerines (mandarins), pomelos, navel oranges and camellia seed and fruit products on nearly 8,000 hectares of farms.  This led to revenues in excess of A$133 million, and net profit of A$67 million for FY2014.   Importantly, the company has a clean balance sheet with no debt, and expects the year ahead to be even more prosperous.

The tax exempt status of agricultural food production, which was initiated in 2008 to offset the production shortages caused through the rapid drain of farmers to the cities in China, has allowed the company to reinvest over RMB560 million (over A$100 million) from 2012 in acquisition of plantations.

Board and management team with proven track record

DFM is led by chief executive officer Mr Ming Sing Barton Tso, who has broad experience in successfully operating within China.  He previously was chief financial officer for HK-listed diversified telecommunication and resources company China Fortune Holdings.  Also on the board is prominent former Queensland politician and parliamentary secretary for Natural Resources, Water and Energy and Trade, Mr Michael Choi.

The IPO is supported by lead manager Paradigm Securities. At the issue price of A$1.00 per share and assuming the maximum subscription, the company will have a market capitalisation in excess of A$400 million upon listing.

Commenting on the listing, CEO Mr Tso said, “We are excited to progress the company’s IPO, and look forward to trading on the ASX shortly.

“DFM provides investors exposure to the massive and growing Chinese agribusiness sector, and we are ideally positioned to continue expanding the business and rewarding our shareholders.

“Produce output has grown from just 75,000 tonnes since 2012 to over 200,000 tonnes in 2014.  We think acquisition of more plantations will increase our market share, presence and profitability.”

DFM Chairman HongweiCai added, “The company has recognised a great opportunity in the aggregation of plantations and has been able to successfully bring modern cultivation, tree husbandry and harvest distribution together to achieve a high margin business that has strong long term growth.

“The continuing growth in the Chinese market place and the highly fragmented plantation sector underpins a long term strategy of market leadership through operational excellence and adoption of astute marketing programs.  A better quality product, delivered in large volume, is exactly what the Tier 1 Chinese cities demand.  That is what we provide.”

Mr Cai indicated that the long delays accessing the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges made it difficult for even successful companies like DFM to gain listings and access capital in China.  “Many investors in Ganzhou and other parts of China have wanted to support DFM, so the ASX listing will achieve that and offer a speedier process and more transparent system of corporate governance, which should allow the company to be better rated in international equity markets.”

The Australia China Free Trade Agreement should help pave the way to more successful Chinese companies coming to ASX and providing investment opportunities not usually available to Australian investors.

Lead Manager Paradigm Securities’ Chairman Barry Dawes was pleased with the interest in DFM: “I have been travelling to China since 1982 and have seen dramatic changes in the cities and in the rural areas.  The opportunity of investing in a fundamental industry such as citrus plantations that has a very large, growing and increasingly sophisticated market is simply unavailable in Australia’s small market.   Investing in DFM is participating in that agricultural market expansion in China without involving export transportation or chasing expensively marketed niches.”

The IPO shares are expected to commence first trading on the ASX in September 2015.

To download the full announcement, please click on the link below. 

DeClout Delivers High Earnings Growth In The First Half Of 2015

Singapore, 12 August 2015


  • 3 year CAGR of 110%, delivering $121 million in revenue for 1H2015
  • Reversed loss trend in half year results, with a profit for the first time in 1H2015
  • Vertical Domain Clouds segment remains a stable and positive contributor to the Group

SGX-Catalist listed DeClout Limited (“DeClout” or the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) has announced its half year financial results for the half year ended 30 June 2015 (“1H2015”).

The Group continues its high growth in the third consecutive year, posting a 165% increase in revenue year-on-year to a record $ 121 million for 1H2015. This was the result of the Group’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as organic growth which had borne fruit across the IT Infrastructure Services and Vertical Domain Clouds (VDC) segments.

EBITDA jumped more than six-fold over the six-month period to $6.2 million. Gross profit increased by 142% to $29.1 million, with gross margin of 24% in 1H2015.

The Group’s focus on aggressive expansion has meant that the synergies from its M&A and cost rationalization have yet to kick in. Profit before tax, however, showed a full turnaround for the first time, recording a $1.7 million profit in 1H2015 from a $2.0 million loss in 1H2014. Profit after tax increased to $0.8 million in 1H2015, an improvement from a net loss after tax of $2.1 million in 1H2014. Profit attributable to shareholders turned positive in 1H2015 from a loss of $2.3 million to $0.1 million in profit.

The Group’s balance sheet remains strong with net asset value increasing by 41% to $83.8 million, and net current assets increasing by 42% to $34.0 million, from 31 December 2014 to 30 June 2015. Furthermore, net asset value per share increased by 8% to 15.14 cents as of 30 June 2015. Basic earnings per share (EPS) turned to a positive 0.03 cents in 1H2015 from a negative 0.74 cents in 1H2014.

To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

SEERA Launches New “Project Resourcing Module” Service For CIOs

12th August 2015

Unified Talent Management and Online HR platform, SEERA has today launched a new ‘project resourcing module’ specifically designed for CIOs wanting to effectively manage, control and report on workforce and labour planning for IT projects.

The SEERA Project Resource Module allows CIOs, IT Managers, and Project Managers to improve visibility, management and resource modelling for projects.

The SEERA Project Resource Module offers customers the ability to:

1. Identify the right resources for any project based on resource competency and skills matching
2. Search and allocate resources quickly and cost effectively
3. Improve organisation wide visibility of all projects through dashboards and reports
4. Analyse the resource impact and cost of the project to the organisation;
5. Manage resources from other parts of the organisation that can be deployed on projects, minimising organisational waste
6. Plan multiple projects at a time and understand the impact of each project on the organisation, in terms of both cost and skills mix
7. Create automated org charts with clear reporting lines
8. Cost effectively manage IT projects from $3 per resource per month.

According to Brad Birchall, Co-Founder and CEO of SEERA: “The SEERA Project Resource Module is a world leading capability that is designed for IT departments and CIOs to effectively manage people decisions for company projects.”

“This new module provides companies with greater insights and control over their project resourcing, reducing project risk and improving the effectiveness of resource allocation across the organisation.”

Photo opportunity: SEERA attending SFIA Sydney Conference on Thursday 13th August – Brad Birchall will be attending this conference and will be available to meet with media for interviews and photos.


ISEC’s 2Q2015 Results and Latest Presentation

Unaudited Financial Statement and Dividend Announcement For the Second Quarter Ended 30 June 2015 

ISEC Healthcare Ltd. (the “Company”) was listed on Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST “) on 28 October 2014. The initial public offering of the Company (the “IPO”) was sponsored by PrimePartners Corporate Finance Pte. Ltd. (the “Sponsor ” or “PPCF”).

This announcement has been prepared by the Company and its contents have been reviewed by the Sponsor for compliance with the SGX-ST Listing Manual Section B: Rules of Catalist. The Sponsor has not verified the contents of this announcement.

This announcement has not been examined or approved by the SGX-ST. The Sponsor and the SGX- ST assume no responsibility for the contents of this announcement including the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any of the information, statements or opinions made or reports contained in this announcement.

The contact person for the Sponsor is Ms Keng Yeng Pheng, Associate Director, Continuing Sponsorship, at 16 Collyer Quay, #10-00 Income at Raffles, Singapore 049318, telephone (65) 6229 8088.


ISEC Healthcare Ltd. (the “Company”) was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore on 2 January 2014 under the Companies Act (Chapter 50) of Singapore as a private limited company. The Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) were formed pursuant to a restructuring exercise (the “Restructuring Exercise”) prior to listing on the Catalist of the SGX-ST on 28 October 2014. Please refer to the Company’s offer document dated 14 October 2014 for further details on the Restructuring Exercise.

On 22 September 2014, ISEC Eye Pte. Ltd. (“ISEC Eye”) (which was a standalone entity then) acquired the entire businesses of Lee HM & Co Pte. Ltd., Singapore Lasik Hub Pte. Ltd., Perfect Vision Eye Centre Pte. Ltd. and Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre Pte. Ltd. (collectively, “LHM Companies”), each wholly-owned by Dr Lee Hung Ming, as part of the Restructuring Exercise to streamline the Group’s business operations.

On 26 September 2014, the Company completed the acquisition of the entire issued and paid up share capital of ISEC Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiaries, by way of pooling-of-interest, and ISEC Eye, by way of acquisition accounting. Accordingly, ISEC Eye became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and the Group consolidated the results of ISEC Eye with effect from 26 September 2014. As such, the comparative results of the Group for three months and six months ended 30 June 2014 were presented in a manner with the inclusion of ISEC Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiaries then only.

To download the full document and presentation, please click on the links below. 

Leaf Resources signs MOU with Norske Skog

11th August 2015, ASX Announcement

The Directors of Leaf Resources advise that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Norske Skog Industries Australia Ltd to work together to evaluate yields from the Radiata pine using Leaf Resources’ GlycellTM process.

The work will investigate the suitability for conversion of softwood, Radiata Pine, to cellulosic sugars, and the subsequent conversion of those sugars to biomass derived chemicals.

Leaf Resources and Norske Skog will work together to demonstrate the performance of the GlycellTM process on Radiata Pine and the possible future uses of this technology.

Leaf Resources has data from preliminary work with softwood and will further develop this, in the work stages of testing of the GlycellTM process using Radiata Pine at Andritz’s testing facility in Springfield Ohio. (Andritz’s is a leading global supplier of plant, equipment and services for pulp and paper making and other industries).

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Avenir Capital Investment Theses: Clear Media Write-Up


Company: Clear Media (HKSE:0100)
Exchange: Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Date: June 18 , 2015
Current Price: HK $9.53
Shares Outstanding: 541 million shares
Market Cap: HK$5,162
Net Debt: HK$-1,049.6
Enterprise Value: HK$4,112
Target Price: HK$17.00
Upside: ~80%

*All amounts in HKD ($) unless otherwise noted

Clear Media (HKSE:0100) is a leading outdoor media company in China and is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company is the largest bus shelter advertising panel operator in China with a market share of 90% in top-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, and Shenzhen) and 60% share in many 2nd and 3rd tier cities. Clear Media has created a standardized bus shelter network covering regions across China with over 41,000 display panels.

Clear Media has a market capitalisation of HK$5.2Bn (US$670M) and net cash of 20% of the market capitalisation giving an enterprise value of HK$4.1Bn (US$530M). Despite achieving revenue and EBITDA growth of 13% and 12% per annum respectively over the past 10 years and with net cash equal to 20% of market cap, the company trades at 5.9x 2014 trailing enterprise value-to-EBITDA and approximately 5.4x enterprise value to our estimate of 2015 EBITDA.

The company is highly profitable and cash generative and has been able to self-fund its solid growth while throwing off excess cash. Clear Media has paid over HK$1.3Bn (US$167M) in ordinary and special dividends over the past four years while keeping net cash balances constant and growing revenue and EBITDA by 40% and 49% respectively over the same period.

Year Dividend Amount Total:
2011 Final HK$0.05/share HK$26.4M (US$3.4M)
2012 Final HK$0.15/share HK$79.3M (US$10.2M)
2013 Final HK$0.15/share HK$80.4M (US$10.3M)
2013 Special HK$1.32/share HK$708.4M (US$91.3M)
2014 Final HK$0.15/share HK$80.6M (US$10.4M)
2014 Special HK$0.56/share HK$300.9M (US$38.2M)

Clear Media is growing solidly, its market position is strengthening and it is converting its increased scale and improved market position into an increasing return on invested capital that is approaching 20% having increased, on average, by 2 ppts per annum from 11% in 2010.

Despite these attributes, the company trades at a significant discount to peers with leading global comps such as JCDecaux, Clear Channel Outdoor, Outfront Media and Lamar Advertising trading at 12-15x trailing EBITDA.

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Avenir Capital: Featured in The Manual of Ideas-Berkshire Hathaway Issue


The Manual of ideas asked some of their members to share one or two things they have learned from the great investors at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway over the years. Adrian Warner, the Managing Director of Avenir Capital, shared his thoughts on his influences:

During the 18 years I worked in the private equity industry, my colleagues and I spent most of that time patting ourselves on the back for how clever we were for operating in the inefficient private market compared to those who toiled away in the vain hope of beating the extremely efficient public market. I maintained the view that institutional public market investing was essentially closet index investing for which l had zero personal passion and even less belief in it as a worthwhile undertaking. While I had been aware of Buffett for many years, and had even seen him speak in person as a student at Harvard Business School, it was not until I felt the private equity industry had become overly competitive and institutionalized, and was looking for the next evolution in investing, that I decided to take a closer look at what Buffett had to say.

After almost 20 years of investing, Buffett’s teachings opened my eyes, anew, to the world of opportunity in the public market. He provided a framework for investing that allowed me to realize that while the public market is, indeed, very efficient, one only needs to find a select few inefficiently priced opportunity.

He also emphasized to me that a history of private equity investing provided a very sound backdrop to investing in the public market. In private equity we learnt to focus on identifying valuable investment opportunities through deep fundamental research at the company specific level. We learnt to worry about the downside first and exercise extreme selectivity in allocating investment capital. We learnt to focus on absolute, not relative or benchmark driven returns. We learnt to invest with a long term orientation and think of investing as buying a stake in a productive business rather than simply buying a piece of paper with a price attached. While I had seen each of these concepts as central to private equity investing, a closer review of what Buffett had been espousing for so many years highlighted that they were equally applicable to investing in the public market. Despite having spent many years deeply embedded in the world of private equity investing, this revelation allowed me to view the opportunity provided by the public market in an entirely different light and to appreciate the extraordinary potential of applying private equity style investing to the public market.

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SEERA hires SFIA Expert

12th August 2015

Unified Talent Management and Cloud HR platform provider, SEERA has appointed industry leading Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) expert, Ksenija Catic, as the company’s Head of Customer Delivery.

Catic is one of a handful of SFIA accredited consultants in Australia and is well known and respected in the market for her work with the SFIA framework. Prior to joining Seera, Catic was working for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) where she worked with some of Australia’s leading organisation’s to implement SFIA.

As Head of Customer Delivery, Catic’s role is to head up SEERA’s support team and she is responsible for ensuring SEERA’s customers receive exceptional service and support every step of the way.

According to Brad Birchall, CEO of SEERA: “At SEERA, we value Ksenija’s experience working with a large number of clients on SFIA implementations and being part of their change management journey . She is very customer focused and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the delivery team”

Commenting on why she joined SEERA, Catic said; “When I saw SEERA for the first time I was blown away by what it could do AND how easy it was to use – I knew immediately it would be a game changer. I am really excited to join Seera and look forward to working with our customers to deliver an outstanding customer experience.”

“As more and more organisations recognise the need to improve their approach to skills management, and the benefits of using competency frameworks, SEERA is well positioned for global growth and I am really excited about being involved in our customer’s success, added Catic.”

Photo opportunity: SEERA attending the SFIA Sydney Conference on Thursday 13th August -
Ksenija Catic will be attending this conference and will be available to meet with media for interviews.


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Altech raises $1.3M for detailed design phase of HPA project

10th August 2015, ASX Announcement


  • $1.3 million raised for detailed design phase
  • $1.0 million placed with strategic Malaysian cornerstone investor (Melewar)
  • Melewar is a diversified Malaysian industrial firm with steel, energy and eninerring interests
  • Proceeds to use commence detailed design, corporate costs and working capital

Altech Chemicals Limited (Altech/ the Company) (ASX:ATC) is pleased to announce that it will raise a total of $1.130 million via share placement, for the commencement of detailed design work for the Company’s high purity alumina (HPA) project and for corporate and general working capital purposes. The Company will issue a total 19,144,068 full;y paid ordianry shares at $0.059 per share, representing a ~10% discount to the 5 day VWAP of the Company’s shares as traded on the ASX on the date on which the placement price was set.

The majority of the placement ($1.0 million) will be to Malaysian cornerstone investor Melewar IIC Limited (Melewar). Melewar is a diversified Malaysia industrial firm with steel, energy and engineering businesses, and as a result of the placement Melewar will become the second largest shareholder of the Company, holding approximately 12.9% shares on issue. The Company has invited Melewar to nominate a Malaysian based non-executive director to join the Altech Board, this will provide the Company with invaluable insight into the Malaysian business and operating environments as it progresses the development of its HPA plant.

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Avenir Capital June 2015 Quarterly Investor Letter & July Performance Update

The Avenir Value Fund has returned +7.5% net of fees YTD and +3.3% for the month of July 2015.

Please click the link to view the Avenir Capital June 2015 Investor Letter which includes:

  • Announcement of our selection as a fund manager for the Future Generation Global Investment Company: Fact Sheet
  • Adrian Warner’s interview with The Manual of Ideas – The Berkshire Hathaway Issue
  • Avenir’s Clear Media thesis which was judged as a top 3 investment idea by SumZero

Please click the link to view the Avenir Capital July 2015 Performance Update.

If you would like to discuss how Avenir Capital can complement your investment portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Opal Biosciences’ antimicrobial product Opal-I development underway; Capital raising still open

7th August 2015

The development of Opal Biosciences’ antimicrobial product Opal-I (an injectable solution) is now underway.

As you are aware, we recently established Opal to allow outside investment in the project to help fast track the development of our promising BDM-I program (now called Opal Technology). Opal is developing two products:

  • Opal-I, an injectable product,
  • and Opal-T, which can be applied to skin.

We have now commenced the formulation program of Opal-I so it can be used in preclinical studies, the precursors to human studies. We will update you as we progress. Antibiotic-resistant illnesses and superbugs are emerging as one of the biggest health threats of our time, so the need for products such as Opal’s cannot be underestimated.

Our goal is to trade sale or partner the technology into the US market within the next 2-3 years. The US has attractive incentives for antimicrobial product development and resources which are either not available or far more suitable than currently available in Australia.

To read the full announcement, please click here.

Opal Capital Raising still open!

Opal’s capital raising is still open, allowing prospective sophisticated investors with the opportunity to gain a stake in our technology at this pivotal time.


Julie Phillips, CEO to present at Wholesale Investors’ Asia-Pacific Emerging Company Expo 

Next week in Singapore Julie Phillips will be meeting local investors to introduce Opal Biosciences and seek further investment. She will also be presenting the Opal technology at Wholesale Investors’ Asia-Pacific Emerging Company Expo 2015 – Singapore.

The event will feature Australia’s, Singapore’s and New Zealand’s most innovative emerging growth companies and will be attended by around 500 investors, brokers, fund managers, media and industry participants.

To register your place, please click here

Charter Hall’s CPIF Acquires Chullora Fairfax Site

7th August 2015, ASX Announcement

Charter Hall Group (ASX:CHC) (Charter Hall or the Group) today announced that its Core Plus Industrial Fund (CPIF) has acquired the landmark former Fairfax print and distribution facility in Chullora, New South Wales, for $45 million.

The property, located on a high profile 10.3 hectare corner site within the established Chullora industrial precinct,. has been acquired with vacant possession and is a strategic land holding with extensive street frontage to the Hume Highway and Woth Street. The acquisition extends CIPF’s ownership of core holdings in land constrained Sydney industrial precincts.

CPIF Fund Manager, Paul Ford said the acquisition was consistent with the Group’s strategy of acquiring properties in land constrained areas, with the ability to unlock value and leverage off existing customer relationships.

“The Chullora acquisition presents a strategic site acquisition in which CPIF can increase the floor space and capture strong tenant demand that exists for space within prime Sydney industrial precincts. This acquisition increases the Prime Sydney weighting of CPIF and extends the Group’s industrial platform beyond #3 billion.”

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SUDA Receives Positive Response From FDA Regarding SUD-001 Development Plan

6th August 2015, Perth Australia, ASX Announcement

SUDA LTD (ASX: SUD), a leader in oro-mucosal drug delivery, is pleased to announce that it has received a written response from the US FDA regarding the development plan for the Company’s SUD-001 sumatriptan oral spray for the treatment of migraine.

SUDA submitted a Type C meeting briefing package to the FDA on 13 June 2015 containing details of the proposed pivotal study of SUD-001 and other activities intended to support a New Drug Application in the USA. SUDA’s FDA briefing package was accompanied by a series of questions relating to the development plan.

The FDA acknowledged SUDA’s proposed development strategy and requested only minor justifications to the study design. Furthermore, the agency had no comments regarding SUDA’s plans for chemistry, manufacturing, controls and non-clinical studies of SUD-001. The FDA also requested that SUDA submit a paediatric study plan in migraineurs aged 6-17 years who could benefit from SUDA’s first-in-class oral-spray migraine therapy.

SUDA designed the proposed pivotal trial of SUD-001 with its Clinical Advisory Board, US regulatory agents and experts in pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. The development strategy is intended to accelerate registration of SUD-001 by utilising a PK approach thus not requiring clinical efficacy studies in migraine patients. Instead, SUDA’s two-part pivotal study will assess the PK parameters of SUD-001 (eg: the plasma concentration of
sumatriptan) compared to the currently approved formulations of sumatriptan in approximately 70 healthy subjects.

Mr Stephen J Carter, CEO commented: “We are delighted that the FDA has broadly accepted our development plan, which is designed to support the submission of a New Drug Application in the USA by the end of 2017. Under this plan, we expect to save significant time and capital by avoiding the need to conduct costly efficacy studies prior to registration of SUD-001 in the USA. The FDA’s constructive responses keep us on track to commence our pivotal PK study of SUD-001 in early CY2016 and, importantly, will strengthen our negotiating position with prospective pharmaceutical partners in the USA, Europe and elsewhere by quantifying the cost and time to get to market.”

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Folkestone– Best Performing A-REIT Manager For The 2015 Financial Year

6 August 2015

Folkestone Maxim Asset Management is pleased to advise that the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund (“the Fund”) was the best performing A-REIT securities fund in the Morningstar Australian Institutional Sector Survey of A-REIT managers for the 2015 financial year. The Fund delivered a return of +21.4% (pre-fees, pre-tax) to its investors compared to the median manager return 1 of +19.8% and the benchmark return of +20.3% .

Over the period, the Fund benefited from Folkestone Maxim’s disciplined high conviction investment process, combined with it’s in depth fundamental research realising higher exposure to securities in the real estate related social infrastructure sector, investment manager/developers sector and an exposure to A-REITs outside the S&P/ASX A-REIT 300 Index.

Mr. Winston Sammut, Managing Director, Folkestone Masxim Asset Management said “Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund’s number 1 ranking confirms our view, that a high conviction active investment approach can add value, given the composition of the Index and the strong inflows from equity managers and global hedge fund managers chasing the yields from the larger market cap A- REITs. This has created some mis-pricing opportunities which the Fund has been able to take advantage of during the year”.

The returns from the A-REIT sector have been attractive and looking ahead, with the current low level of interest rates and equities prices, A-REITs and commercial real estate continue to be well supported. The upcoming reporting period is likely to deliver higher asset values flowing through to higher NTA’s for the A-REITs, as a result of cap-rate compression off the back of increased demand from offshore/local investors for quality assets.

Mr. Sammut said “we continue to favour those A-REITs with exposure to the industrial and social infrastructure sectors, and those securities with quality management and relative attractive yields that have the ability, based on active management of their portfolio, to drive income growth. We believe yield will continue to remain relevant as an investment attribute in the year ahead.“

Managing Director
Folkestone Maxim Asset Management

About Folkestone
Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with more than $870 million under management, offers listed unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activit ies focus on value add and opportunistic (development) real estate ‐ investments.

About Folkestone Maxim
Folkestone Maxim Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Folkestone and specialises in the management of A-REIT securities.

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Crowd Mobile enters licensing agreement with AdsMetric

5th August 2015, ASX Announcement

  • Crowd Mobile enters exclusive agreement with Australian-based content developer AdsMetric Group to license and distribute premium social messaging platform “Krafty”
  • License deal demonstrates Crowd Mobile’s strategy of broadening its content offering and leveraging its global m-Payment platform
  • Agreement is expected to generate an additional source of revenue for Crowd Mobile

Crowd Mobile (ASX:CM8, FWB-XETRA : CM3) is please to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with AdsMetric Group Pty Ltd (AMG), and Australian based content developer. The agreement allows Crowd Mobile to license and distribute AMG’s new premium social messaging platform “Krafty” through the Crowd Mobile platform, leveraging its global m-Payments capabilities.

Commenting on the agreement, Crowd Mobile Chief Executive Officer Domenic Carosa said:
“We are very excited about the AMG licensing agreement and being able to distribute  new content to our customers. By leveraging our existing customer network and global m-Payments capabilities, we are adding an additional revenue source for the business.

Krafty has the power to seamlesly convey trending social media conversations and topics with a single moving image via SMS which can be forwarded to other friends, subsequently creating a ‘viral loop’ to rapidly increase the product’s user base”

To read the full announcement, please click here

Quickboats signs agreement to manufacture in Taiwan

Sunday August 9, 2015

West Australian company, Quickboats Holdings Pty Ltd, has today announced the signing of a Manufacturing Agreement with Taiwanese company Wang-Chi Enterprises Co Ltd. Wang- Chi is already the Taiwanese sales distributor for Quickboats’ advanced composite folding boat.

Wang-Chi will have the exclusive rights to produce Quickboats for the Taiwan market for a period of 5 years and the exclusive rights to produce boats for the global market for 3 years (with non-exclusive rights to produce for the global market after the initial 3 years).

The Agreement, says Quickboats MD Deryck Graham, resulted from the need to manufacture more Quickboats to meet a growing local and international demand, notably from the Taiwanese market.

“From Wang-Chi’s frustration of not being able to get sufficient stock to meet the Taiwanese domestic demand has come the commitment of Wang-Chi Enterprises to build a purpose- built facility, just for Quickboats manufacture” said Mr Graham. “This facility will become the global Quickboat manufacturing hub.”

“The state-of-the-art facility provides us with scalability of production, and production capacity, to take our engagement with the North American and North Asian markets to a new level. It also means that for our customers in Australia we can now provide a delivery date for their new Quickboat in early 2016.

The Taiwanese Quickboat Facility

The A$3.45 million manufacturing plant will have the capacity to build 2,500 Quickboats each year, with room for further expansion as demand increases. Located just 20 minutes out of Taichung, the facility will include the latest of CNC machines, ovens, clean rooms, and testing facilities necessary for manufacturing an advanced composite product like the Quickboat.

Spokesman for Wang-Chi, Mr Tsai said “We are very pleased to be both the manufacturer of Quickboats for the global market, as well as the distributor for Taiwan. We believe the Quickboat to be a revolution in water adventure that will at last enable people in big cities to have their own boat and explore the waterways of the world.”

“We have engaged the Plant Manager, who will establish the plant, and manage its start up and ongoing operation”. He is a highly skilled production specialist with 25 years’ experience at Taiwan-based Giant Bicycles, which manufactures 6.3 million bicycles per year.”

The Agreement is seen by both parties as the dawn of an exciting new era for Quickboats.

About Quickboats 

Quickboats Holdings Pty Ltd is the owner and designer of the world’s most advanced folding boat. It is a privately held Perth, West Australian, company with 38 shareholders.

The Quickboat itself is an advanced composite folding boat for the water adventure market of the developed world. The Quickboat breaks the barriers holding millions of people worldwide from owning a small boat – storage, transport and costs. Like a standup paddle board (SUP) or a kayak, a Quickboat can also hang on a garage wall or that of an apartment storage room.

The Quickboat has numerous international patents, and has received many awards, including:

• Finalist in Good Design Awards 2014
• Powerhouse Museum Good Design Award Selection
• WA Innovator of the Year Finalist
• Chosen by National Art Gallery of Victoria as an example of Australian Industrial Design
• Indigogo Crowd funding site’s “Best 12 (products) of 2012”

More information: 

Deryck Graham
Managing Director
Quickboats Holdings Pty Ltd

Completion of acquisition of ViroXis and Santalis by TFS

4th August 2015, ASX Announcement

TFS Corporation Limited (“TFS”, ASX:TFC), the world’;s largest owner and manager of commercial Indian sandalwood plantations, today advised that the acquisition of its pharmaceutical developments partners, ViroXis Corporation and Santalis Pharmaceuticals, announced to ASX on 18 June 2015, has successfully completed.

The transaction consideration includes and a minimum consideration of US$23.4 million consisting of US$1.5 million in cash and $US21.9 million in TFS shares (comprising of 15.38 million shares at an issue price of AU$1.85 per share.

The initial 12.68 million of these shares will be issued today, with the remaining 2.7 million shares to be issued between 10 September 2015 and 31 July 2016. Of the 12.68 million shares issued today, 9.5 million will be subject to escrow provisions, ranging from 6 months to 30 months from date of issue.

To read the full announcement, please click here

iFAST Financial (HK) Limited Received Approval To Carry On Type 9 Regulated Activities

3rd August 2015, iFAST Corporation

The Board of Directors of iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary iFAST Financial (HK) Limited “iFAST HK”, has received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”) to carry on Type 9 regulated activities (Asset Management), subject to additional license conditions proposed by SFC.

The approval will allow iFAST HK to provide Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (“DPMS”) in Hong Kong.

iFAST HK is now planning to launch online DPMS through Fundsupermarket Hong Kong this week.

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Booodl: What Facebook’s “Moneypenny” means for users

The whole Booodl team has been working incredibly hard on a new release that we will be pushing live this week. I have written a blog post about the exciting changes made and the Booodl journey so far, which I’ll share with you once the new app is live. Stay tuned.Following on from our “app-as-assistant” video a couple weeks ago, below is a short piece looking at how Facebook is getting involved with this trend. It’s great to see a global giant showing interest in this space, albeit in a different way. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

In other news, we held our first Booodl Retail Bash recently, which was a great success. Every few months we’ll be getting together retail professionals and thought leaders in Sydney to discuss the latest tech trends, who’s doing what, and how we can make Booodl the best possible product for retailers. You can read about the first one here.

I’ll be in touch again later this week when the latest Booodl version is live and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

George Freney
Booodl Founder & CEO

To watch the video, please click on the image. 

What I learnt about culture from doubling headcount in 12 months: Bulletproof founder Anthony Woodward

Published 31 July 2015, BRW by Anthony Woodward

Technology companies are often seen as fanatical in fostering and scaling their workplace culture.

They often start with just a few people in an apartment. From there they tend to secure venture capital funding (and can suddenly afford nice offices and to hire more people), or get widespread adoption and become profitable enough to invest in people. Essentially, they scale rapidly.

To be able to cope with that change, they need to have a great culture that enables individual development allowing them to grow, while retaining talent in a highly competitive market. Just look at the starting salaries of software engineers in Silicon Valley and you’ll get a feel for why company culture is important for attracting the best talent — it’s the best differentiator.

But what can every other business learn from this obsession?

At Bulletproof, we have grown our team rapidly from around 60 to over 120 over the past 12 months. Along the way we’ve had to consider how our company changes and adapts to the larger size, and how to keep the core elements of the company culture that made us so successful.

To read the full article on BRW, please click here

YPB bolsters team with Global COO appointment

3rd August 2015, ASX Announcement

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) has appointed Mr Jens Michael as Global Chief Operating Officer (COO), to be based in the recently announced YPB regional hub in Bangkok, Thailand.

With extensive experience across Southeast Asia, Australia, NZ and Europe, Mr Michael has been involved in a broad range of senior management roles including sales, marketing and general management with experience spanning the healthcare and consumer industry, market expansion and distribution.

Most recently Mr Michael served as Pan-ASEAN Regional Vice President for a US$1.7 billion revenue multinational medical technology company. Prior to that he was Contry HEad for CHF5 billion revenue market expansion services businesses.

To read the full announcement, please click here

Over 27,500 products added on Booodl

The Booodl app is designed to enable beautiful local shopping and connect users with nearby stores via instant messaging. We are experiencing great traction at present, with users having added in excess of 27,500 products to their lists. Booodl has also had a total of 4,625 messages sent between users and stores, reflecting the popularity of peer-to-peer instant messaging.

Other notable numbers include:

  • Over 8,000 notifications sent to users in Sydney reminding them to buy products that were in the vicinity
  • Over 1,500 supported Sydney stores
  • Over 160,000 products on Booodl

Martin Aircraft Announces Formation of Joint Venture with KCS

31st July 2015, ASX Announcement

Martin Aircraft Company Limited (Martin Aircraft), (ASX:MJP) is pleased to announce that KuangChi Science Limited (KCS) and MJP have incorporated a new joint venture, named KuangChi Martin Jepack Limited (KCMJ) for the purpose of undertaking sales and distribution of Martin Jetpack products in Hong Kong and China, and pursuing advanced research and development on the Martin Jetpack following its commercialisation.

The formation of the joint venture company is consistent with the intentions previously disclosed by Martin Aircraft at the time of its IPO and listing on ASX in February 2015.
KCMJ is incorporated in Hong Kong with KCS and Martin Aircraft owning a 51% and 49% interest respectively. KCMJ will establish a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China which will provide additional regional opportunities to the group in a number of areas.

The research and development activities of KCMJ are proposed to include:

  • applying for appropriate early-stage and research and development (R&D) grants from ap[appropriate Chinese authorities;
  •  accessing R&D capabilities developed by KCS, and sharing technical developments;
  • accessing new materials developed by KCS that may benefit the development of the Martin Jetpack; and
  • accessing appropriate state of the art test facilities owned by KCS, to assist with the development of the Martin Jetpack.

To read the full announcement, please click here.

Avenir Capital Selected for Future Generation Global Investment Company

Avenir has been selected as one of the fund managers for a new global listed investment company (LIC) launched in Australia and currently expected to be listed on the Australian stock exchange in September this year. The LIC is the brainchild of Geoff Wilson (Wilson Asset Management) and is called Future Generation Global Company (FGG) and is an internationally focused LIC that “offers investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to Australia’s most prominent global fund managers…”.

There are 17 fund managers selected to provide funds management to FGG but most are very large and established offshore or Australian based international fund managers such as Nikko Asset Management ($163Bn), Neuberger Berman ($250Bn), Eastspring Investments ($128Bn), Magellan Asset Management ($37Bn), Cooper Investors ($10Bn) etc. Avenir Capital is the only ’boutique’ fund manager selected with assets under management of less than $100 million who has been chosen to participate amongst an elite group of fund managers. We are very pleased to have been selected and believe it is testament to our background, the quality of our research and the differentiated investment exposure we provide for our investors.

To download the fact sheet on FGG for further information, please click on the link below. You can also visit their website at www.futuregeninvest.com.au. 

Investors Central set to boom on national stage

A small investment firm established in Townsville five years ago is on track for record growth nationally heading into the new financial year.

Investors Central which posted gross profit of over $1.7 million in the January to March quarter 2015, experienced a 44 per cent increase in investors in the 12 months to June 2015 and things aren’t slowing down according to Managing Director Jamie McGeachie.

“The state of Australia’s credit and investment markets have really created the perfect platform for the business to boom.

“Australia’s decreasing rates market, talk of a housing bubble, the volatility of global shares on the back of the Greek debt crisis, have all combined to create the perfect consumer market for our business,” he said.

June saw the Australian share market fall 6.2 per cent, the biggest monthly loss this financial year, and a decline in international share markets saw global indices fall 2.5 per cent.

While Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens has said he does not anticipate any direct impact for Australia from the Greek debt problem, McGeachie acknowledges the wider implications for the European Commission are weighing heavily on investor sentiment.

“In Australia we have a growing number of high net worth individuals and since the GFC a strong culture of private and national saving.

“This has led to a greater interest in investments with less exposure to risk,” he said.

An unlisted public company that raises capital to invest exclusively in the national automobile loans market, Investors Central is immune to rate cuts and has achieved strong growth in both revenue and profit on the back of sustained growth in national vehicle financing since 2010.

McGeachie credits a decreasing rates market to helping fuel the growth of the business and he isn’t alone.

A recent IBISWorld report suggests funds management services are set to boom in 2015-16 on the back of low interest rates, with Australian banks accessing wholesale funding at cheaper rates pushing customers away from traditional Fixed Term Deposit accounts.

According to McGeachie, the typical first time investor with Investors Central is depositing $25,000 – $100,000 for a term of 3 years with 98 percent of those investors rolling over into a second term.

“As part of a diversified portfolio, investors are attracted to our fixed term investments ranging from 12 to 60 months with fixed returns of between 9 and 16 per cent.

“Our strict no fees or charges policy is also setting us apart in the investment industry,” he said.

The fixed term deposit preference shares available through businesses like Investors Central provide benefits that other asset classes don’t, including certainty and a guaranteed interest rate over that period.

The highest advertised fixed rate investment for $25,000 over a three year period with an authorised deposit taking institution likes banks, according to Canstar is currently 3.3 percent compared to 11 per cent with Investors Central.

Suda granted African patent for Airmist anti-malarial spray

31 July 2015

SUDA LTD (ASX: SUD), a leader in oro-mucosal drug delivery, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a patent in Africa for its novel ArTiMist™ anti-malarial spray. The patent was issued by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), which is an intergovernmental organisation for cooperation among African states in intellectual property matters. ARIPO comprises 19 member states, including the major countries in malaria-endemic Sub-Saharan Africa.

The patent covers the pharmaceutical composition of ArTiMist™, the route of delivery, the device and methods for the treatment of uncomplicated and complicated malaria. The patent number is AP/P/2013/006,997 and it expires in 2026.

ArTiMist™ was developed with a child in mind, particularly a child living in a challenging environment where healthcare facilities are far away and in many circumstances not fully equipped to treat paediatric malaria. The Phase III trial in severe paediatric malaria was successfully completed in Sub-Saharan countries. The results overwhelmingly demonstrate the superiority of ArtiMist™ to intravenous quinine. SUDA is currently in dialogue with the Medicines for Malaria Venture, the World Health Organisation and philanthropic groups regarding expanding the opportunity for ArTiMist™ to include its use as an early interventional treatment for malaria in the pre-referral setting.

Mr Stephen J Carter, CEO commented: “This new ArTiMist™ patent further strengthens our intellectual property in key malaria-endemic countries in Africa. The claims in this patent are extremely broad and, hence, ensure our proprietary ownership of artemether delivered in an oro-mucosal spray for the treatment of malaria. We are delighted to add this patent to our ArTiMist™ estate as we advance our discussions with the pharmaceutical industry and other major stakeholders in the field of malaria.”

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YPB strengthens position in Government document security

31st July 2015, ASX Announcement

Specialist security consulting business Intellectual Property Protection Co Ltd (IPP), a wholly owned subsidiary of anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) (“YPB, the Company”) , has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with Foilmakers Australia Pty Ltd (FMA) for the production, marketing and sales of three IPP products.

Under the new deal two of the three products, VariSec Foil and Mul-T-Gram (MTG), will be manufactured FMA with IPP responsible for the marketing and sales of the products. The third product, Bi-Component Security Thread, will also be marketed by IPP with manufacturing to be completed by fiber technologies.

This IPP technology has been adapted into more than 100 million e-Passports worldwide to date, generating approximately $2.5 million in revenue to date.

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Folkestone Real Estate Outlook – July 2015 Paper and Presentations

Folkestone is pleased to provide a copy of its six monthly Real Estate Outlook white paper – “This Time It’s Different – Is It Really?” which summarises Folkestone’s outlook for the non-residential, residential and A-REIT sectors. Please click the link below to download a copy of the paper.

“This Time It’s Different – Is It Really?”

Folkestone has partnered with MacroPlan Dimasi for its July 2015 Investment Forum. Greg Paramor, Managing Director of Folkestone provided around the grounds update on the State of the Real Estate Markets in the Year Ahead, whilst Brian Haratsis, Executive Chairman of MacroPlan Dimasi provided a thought provoking presentation on the Big Picture Trends – Ageing and  Health, Technology and Globalisation that will impact the real estate markets over the next 10-20 years.

Please click the links below to download a copy of the presentations from Greg Paramor and Brian Haratsis.

Greg Paramor’s Presentation

Brian Haratsis’s Presentation

What do Lego and Leaf Resources have in common?

  • Both are committed to producing sustainable products from waste biomass

Well known companies like Lego and Coca-Cola are recognising the potential that biomass offers for the production of biobased chemicals and are working towards creating solutions to switch their products from oil derived chemicals.

Lego is working on building a better brick….
Review the report by ‘The Australian’ here>>

  • Leaf Resources announces research agreement with a major Agricultural group

Creating valuable bio-products from agricultural waste

Leaf Resources announced yesterday, that it has signed a research agreement with a major Agricultural group to create valuable bio-products from underutilized waste biomass
Read more>>

  • Leaf in the News

Negotiating the ‘chasm of death’
AusBiotech Feature -
Ag and food biotech in the spotlight

Leaf says fossil fuel era is ending
Business Environment Network

  • Queensland, investing in a renewable future

Could QLD be next to implement legislation to advance the biomanufacturing industry?
Read more>>

  • Proud to be a Top 5 Finalist in the Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award

Leaf Resources secured a top 5 finalist position for the Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award and Chief Operating Officer, Alex Baker presented to a panel of judges in Montreal.

Alex Baker said “The Sofinnova award top 5 presentations were all of a high standard and the competition was close. While disappointed we did not win, we were very pleased to be a part of the award process and the opportunity to profile Leaf’s innovative technology at the BIO World Congress.”

Read the summary of the awards here
Sofinnova Partners
Bioplastics magazine

Prescient Therapeutics June 2015 Appendix 4C

Melbourne, 30th July 2015, ASX Announcement

Prescient Therapeutics Limited (“Prescient or the Company”) provides a the following Appendix 4C in relation to the quarter ended 30 June 2015.

During the quarter, Prescient secured agreement from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to transfer sponsorship to Prescient of the Investigational New Drug (IND) – PTX-200, the company’s lead product.

Prescient also announced highly encouraging data from a pre-clinical trial of its novel compound PTX-100 in multiple myeloma at a prestigious U.S. oncology conference. Moffitt Cancer Care scientists examined the effect of Prescient’s small molecule compound PTX-100, a GGT-1 inhibitor that targets one of the RAS signaling pathways, in a mouse model highly relevant to multiple myeloma. They found the compound significantly decreased the percentage of multiple myeloma tumors within the bone and also offered a substantial improvement on mouse median several times.

During the quarter, Prescient appointed an internationally regarded pharmaceutical executive as Chief Medical Officer, Dr Terrance Chew, who will oversee clinical development and regulatory strategy for Prescient’s two novel oncology candidates now in mid-stage clinical trials at leading US cancer centres.

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Universal Biosensors Shareholders Communication July 2015

Thursday 30 July 2015

  • UBI earns 4th milestone payment under Siemens collaboration.  To access the link, please click here.
  • UBI 1HY 2015 Results Update.  To access the link, please click here.
  • Half Yearly Report and SEC Form 10Q for Q2 2015.  To access the link, please click here.
  • No drawdown of additional funds under Athyrium loan.  To access the link, please click here.
  • Half Year Financial Results Webcast.  To access the link, please click here.

Alternatively, all the releases are also available on our web page www.universalbiosensors.com.

DeClout’s Corous360 Launches PLAYe

Singapore, 28 July 2015

Game Changing Platform For Hobbies and Entertainment

  • PLAYe – a 3-in- 1 online-mobile-offline (OMO) platform that redefines the Asian play experience through curated content, on-demand concierge and interactive experiential centres
  • PLAYe to ride on booming US$43. 1 billion games and collectibles market in Asia-Pacific to target one million premium users and US$200 million sales by 2016
  • PLAYe to be an integral part of Corous360’s e-commerce Vertical Domain Coud

Corous360 Pte. Ltd. (“Corous360”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Catalist-listed firm, DeClout Limited (“DeClout”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), has today unveiled “PLAYe” – its new 3-in- 1 online- mobile-offline (OMO) platform that will transform the way games and collectibles will be marketed, distributed and consumed in Singapore and the region.

PLAYe is a single, intuitive platform combining the best ways for consumers to enjoy their games and hobbies — all in one place, 24/7!

Among its many key features, PLAYe serves as a digital personal assistant to the consumer showing the latest range of collectibles and gadgets and offering information on the newest games and products at the push of a button. PLAYe also allows the consumer to engage with fellow enthusiasts and experience that toy or game before purchasing.

PLAYe aims to combine one of the largest and most diverse collections of entertainment brands in Asia with specially curated content to engage fans across different platforms – on PC, tablet or mobile as well as physical games stores which will be transformed into experiential centres to satisfy the touch-and- feel demands of hard-core enthusiasts.

“We all love fun and entertainment and the new PLAYe platform puts an incredible experience at every fan’s fingertips,” said Mr Kelvin Tay, Corous360’s CEO.

“The many ways people like to enjoy their games or hobbies have come together in one mobile application (app) – a revolutionary and secure service that is real- time and accessible online, mobile and offline – in an exciting way for fans to connect with each other, enjoy curated content and to get that dream toy or game that they treasure without hassle or frustration.”

Aside from benefiting the consumers, PLAYe is also good news for game retailers as it offers a new business model for products to be created and distributed. Through an alliance with strategic retailers, traditional retail stores can sign on partnerships with Corous360 to expand their sales through PLAYe’s innovative platform.

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iFAST Corp reports a Year-on-Year increase of 35.2% in 1H2015 net profit

29th July 2015, iFast Corporation

Net profit rose 24.6% YoY to S$3.28 million in 2Q2015, while the Group’s net revenue grew 26.0% YoY and Assets under Administration (AUA) grew 14.7% YoY in 2Q2015

• Net profit rose 35.2% in 1H2015 to S$6.29 million
• Net revenue rose 26.0% YoY to S$11.38 million in 2Q2015 and 22.2% YoY in 1H2015 to S$21.24 million respectively
• Assets under Administration (AUA), a key indicator of the Group’s business performance, rose 14.7% YoY to S$5.71 billion but declined compared to the 31 March 2015 level of S$5.75 billion due to volatile market sentiment related to issues in China and Greece
• The Group’s operation in Malaysia turned around in 2Q2015, delivering a net profit after tax of S$0.03 million in 2Q2015 and S$0.01 million in 1H2015 respectively
• The Group’s larger operations in Singapore and Hong Kong continue to grow in terms of profit after tax in 2Q2015 and 1H2015

iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“iFAST Corp” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) reported its financial results for the second quarter ended 30 June 2015, with net profit, net revenue and assets under administration (“AUA”) all showing year-on-year (“YoY”) growth.

In 2Q2015, the Group reported a YoY increase of 24.6% in its net profit to S$3.28 million, while net revenue rose 26.0% YoY to S$11.38 million. Year-to-date to 30 June 2015, the Group’s net profit rose 35.2% YoY to S$6.29 million in 1H2015, while net revenue rose 22.2% YoY to S$21.24 million in 1H2015.

AUA rose 14.7% YoY to S$5.71 billion as at 30 June 2015, but declined compared to the 31 March 2015 level of S$5.75 billion. Net sales in 2Q2015 stood at S$96 million and contributed to AUA growth, but volatile market sentiment over issues in China and Greece negatively affected the valuation of the Group’s investment products.

The Group’s revenue model continues to have a high reliance on recurring net revenue sources. Over the period from 2011 to 1H2015, recurring net revenue contributed to approximately 82% of the Group’s net revenue.

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Leaf Resources enters research agreement to use agricultural waste for bio products

29th July 2015, ASX Announcement

A major agricultural group and Leaf Resources have signed a research agreement to create valuable bio-products from agricultural waste.

Many thousands of tonnes of agricultural waste from crops ends up as underutilised biomass in Australia. Should the research programme be successful, making use of this biomass will help generate addiontal revenue for farmers and processors and potenially boost regional employment through new industry development.

The research agreement funded by the other party contemplates testing the agricultural waste with Leaf’s GlycellTM process and if successful, aims at working towards a feasibility study for a commercial operation using the GlycellTM process in Australia. The identity of the other party has not been disclosed at this time sue to the confidential nature of the agreement.

Key to the programme’s success is Leaf Resource’s innovative GlycellTM process.

The unique, Australian-developed technology uses glycerol as a catalyst to make cellulosic sugars – the key component in bio-products – from biomass, such as agricultural waste. And it does so for a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies currently used as alternative to fossil fuel-based industry processes.

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Charter Hall sells 684 La Trobe Street

28th July 2015, ASX Announcement

Charter Hall Group (ASX:CHC) (Charter Hall or the Group) today announced it has completed the sale of its interest of the development site at 685 La Trobe Street, Docklands, Melbourne for $ 31.5 million (with CHC realising $15.75 million for its 50% share).

The sale price represents a premium to the book value at 30 June 2015 and the proceeds will now be invested to generate operating earnings generated from Property Investments.

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APN announces establishment of APN Steller Development Fund

28th July 2015, ASX Announcement

APN Property Development Group Limited (ASX:APD) and Steller Pty Ltd (Steller) today announced the establishment of the APN Steller Development Fund, which has been established to undertake six inner Melbourne medium density apartment developments on behalf of sophisticated investors.

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Record Revenues for Big Un Ltd in June Quarter

28th July 2015, ASX Announcement

 Big Un Limited well funded and strategically positioned to accelerate growth 


  • Successful completion of $3 million capital raise, significantly oversubscribed with strong interest from existing and new investors.
  •  Revenues and sales pipeline continue solid growth – 8,000 merchants in the sales pipeline at the end of Q2 2015 (33% up on Q1 2015) with cash revenues for the quarter totaling $232,000 an increase of 164% on Q1 2015
  •  Strategic partnership agreement with CDM Direct Communication Services executed to provide Big Review TV with external sales and marketing capabilities for its rapidly expanding operations
  • Distribution channels expanded through partnership agreement with Site Tour, connecting clients with out-of-home advertisers and providing Big Review TV with third party advertising revenue opportunities
  • Operations expanded into the U.K., U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Big Un Limited  well funded and strategically positioned to accelerate growth and meet increased demand

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Completion of Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) by Altech Chemicals

24th July 2015, Altech Chemicals

Our Vision

To be a world leading producer of high purity alumina (HPA)

Sapphire Gemstone

  • Sapphire & Ruby – natural form of high purity alumina (HPA)
  • Formed by mother nature like diamonds
  • Colour from impurities
  • Extremely hard – no. 9 on Mohs scale
  • Third hardest mineral behind diamond
  • Scratch-resistant artificial sapphire glass made from HPA

What is HPA? 

  • Purified alumina (Al2O3)
  • Greater than 99.99% (4N) purity
  • Maximum allowable impurities of 100ppm
  • Smelter Grade Alumina (SGA) ~ 99.5% (5,000 ppm impurities mainly sodium)
  • Bayer Process uses sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Sodium impurity is problem for electronics industry

SGA – Smelter Grade Alumina

To read the full presentation, please click here

Investor Relations July Update from Martin Jetpack

July 2015, ASX Announcement

Marketing Update 

A month has passed since the Paris Airshow and progress continues to be made. At the show we flew the public and potential customers in the simulator with over 500 sorties flown. The Jetpack certainly attracted attention and we featured in the Show press. We had a number of very useful meetings and we are now following up on those.

Our announcements of the Alliancing Agreements between MACL and M2K in India and Martin sro in the Czech Republic were a major step forward in our marketing strategy. Since the show our VP Sales & Marketing has been working with our Czech partners on the marketing model we will test. We will also display the Static at the Czech Airshow at Hradec Kralove on 5th and 6th September and have the simulator available for key potential customer meetings that we already have in place.

We have also been in discussion with Beijing Flyingman and AVIC over the next steps and our focus is setting up the marketing section of our KuangChi Martin Jetpack Joint Venture to allow that business environment to take the lead in moving to supply contacts from the interests we have in China.

We have also announced that following further discussions we have progressed from a Letter of Intent with Avwatch to a Memorandum of Understanding to negotiate delivery of 3 manned and unmanned Jetpack, simulator and support. Subject to successful negotiation these Jetpacks will be used for demonstration as part of the Avwatch capability. Avwatch provides services to a number of Government Agencies and Departments that are within the First Responder community.

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Angeion Acquisitions Announced

We are excited to report the following acquisitions have been made:

  • Angeion Group has acquired an existing Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) for its Investment Services business, TurnKi Portfolio Services;
  • Angeion Group have secured an option agreement to purchase a Mortgage Originator business with over $100M in loans; and
  • Angeion Group have commenced negotiations on a $700M Mortgage Manager business

DON’T FORGET the pre listing price is at a significant discount of up to 20% based on the listing value. Please note this offer is on a first come first served basis.

Applications close Friday 24th of July at 5pm Sydney time. Don’t delay, INVEST TODAY!

Mason Stevens Adds the Folkestone to Managed Account Service

23rd July 2015, Folkestone

Mason Stevens today announced the launch of a new managed account – the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Portfolio (the Portfolio), which is managed by Folkestone Maxim Asset Management Limited, on its Managed Account service.

Investors will benefit from Folkestone Maxim’s high conviction approach to investing delivered through a transparent, separately managed account structure. The Portfolio adopts a standalone strategy available only in an SMA format, rather than replicating an existing managed fund.

Folkestone Maxim utilises a disciplined investment process combining in-depth fundamental research with disciplined portfolio construction and risk controls to add consistent value over time. The basic premise of Folkestone Maxim’s investment philosophy is that there is a close relationship between the real estate market cycle and the economic cycle.

Managing Director of Mason Stevens Adviser Services, Thomas Bignill, said “Mason Stevens is committed to providing our clients with access to leading investment solutions and best of breed investment managers.” “The depth of experience across Folkestone’s real estate funds platform is remarkable. We’re excited to be able to add the Portfolio to the Mason Stevens Managed Account service,” said Mr Bignill.

To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

What’s driving the real growth of the AREIT sector?

July 2015, APN Property Group

A spotlight on the outlook for earnings growth and asset pricing

As we continue to move down the long, slow path of “lower for longer”, (ie. low inflation, low growth and low rates for longer) optimum asset allocation remains the burning question for many investors. In this article we study a fundamental question that is central to the asset allocation debate – growth. The defensive nature of commercial property underpinned by a stable growth profile is an attractive combination. This article puts the spotlight on the facts as they relate to the outlook for AREIT distribution growth, the likely performance of the underlying assets and conclude with a reminder about the fundamental features of property.

To download the full document, please click the link below. 

Real Estate Agents Who Love Conveyancers

14th May 2015, Legal Practice Intelligence

Conveyance Genius is a new software app used by conveyancers to keep clients and other parties up to date during a conveyancing matter.

Included in the video below is an important reminder about why a conveyancer will be loved by real estate agents simply by keeping them in the loop. That love has to turn into more referrals.

The pricing for the app will be released soon. Legal Practice Intelligence understands that the price is likely to be under $10 per conveyance.

 To read the full article, please click here

Booktrack Pulls In Another $5 Million To Put Audio To E-Books

22nd July 2015, By Christine Magee, TechCrunch

Booktrack, a startup out of New Zealand that creates soundtracks to accompany e-books, has raised another $5 million in funding to make sure that reading is no longer a quiet activity.

Led by COENT Venture Partners and Sparkbox Ventures, the Series B round bringsBooktrack’s funding total to $10 million. Previous investors include Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and filmmaker Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Productions.

Booktrack launched its first two tracks on the app store four years ago, and today the company offers a library of 15,000 titles to its 2.5 million users.

Each booktrack — think movie soundtrack for your book — consists of music, ambient audio and sound effects that automatically sync with your reading pace as you tap through the pages of an e-book.

Book publishers can either create their own soundtracks, or pay Booktrack around $1,000 per novel to create the track for them. According to founder Paul Cameron, around 50 publishing companies including Harper Collins and Random House are using the platform to generate a new revenue stream from both old and new titles.

To read the full article, please click here

Solid Business Effects a 40% Increase in Activity for Investors Central

Finance One experienced record growth in June, after the introduction of a new product Economy Motors, covering motor vehicle lending from $2500 to $8000.

Approved loans were boosted by 40%, smashing industry lending trends nationwide.

Our continued strong performance in an increasingly competitive lending market speaks volumes about the value we offer every day Australians.

As a result of this formidable growth, we are seeking to expand our Investor group. If you are considering increasing your investment or introducing new investors, now is the perfect time.

We will present our Annual Report and Prospectus 2015 on the following dates:

Townsville: 17th September at Jupiters

Brisbane: 18th September at Victoria Park

Sydney: 24th September at Hilton

Melbourne: 25th September at Quay West

Please contact Lynn to add to the invitation list, being aware that seating is limited.

Invitations will be sent in August.

Thank you for your valued ongoing business and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Contacts: jamie@investorscentral.net.au or lynn.moodie@investorscentral.net.au

Initiation of coverage by Edison Investment Research

20th July 2015, ASX Announcement

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) advises of the initiation of coverage by Edison Investement Research. The report is available on the investor page of the YPB website at http://www.ypbsystems.com/investor/ under the heading YPBJuly 2015 Company Analysis.

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Martin Aircraft Signs MoU with US-based AvWatch

20th July 2015, ASX Announcement

Martin Aircraft Company Limited (Martin Aircraft) (ASX:MJP) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with US-based AvWatch,Inc. (AvWatch) to demonstrate airborne technology capabilities for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Defense, and other U.S. federal, state, and local agencies.

The MoU marks a significant step forward  for Martin Aircraft in the all-important North American market, as it moves towards commercialisation of the Jetpack.

The signing of the MoU builds on the strategic relationship developed with AvWatch during the previous 12 months under an existing Letter of Intent between the parties. The MoU involves the parties working towards negotiating the future delivery of a Martin Aircraft package with an initial tranche of 3 manned Jetpacks, 3 unmanned Jetpacks and a simulator. It wwill also include initial training services and aftrersales support.

To read the full document, please click here

Castle Point Quarterly Investment Commentary – July 2015

The investment team spend a lot of their time thinking about individual stocks, markets and all sorts of other related (or often unrelated) topics. These get filtered through the quarter with the (hopefully) more interesting ones making it into our quarterly commentaries. These can be found below – we hope you find them interesting reading.

July 2015:

  • Sometimes, the higher the better
  • Is the future electric?
  • A question from one of our investors
  • Solving Japan’s financial problems
  • New Zealand’s QE problem
  • Our two drachmas on Grexit

This quarter we kick off with a look at high multiple stocks, followed by a look at how electricity may play an even more important role in the future. We then answer a highly relevant investor question, talk some more on how Japan could solve its debt issue and finish with a couple of short articles on New Zealand and Greece.

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1Above Investor Update July 2015

1Above is pleased to report its launch in USA and Canada is progressing better than expectation.  1Above’s initial retail launch partner, OTG, has agreed to accelerate the roll out across four new key airports based on the metrics being achieved.

In addition to Newark, Minneapolis and Toronto airports, 1Above will be launching in La Guardia, JFK, Washington DC and Philadelphia airports; commencing from later this month and three months ahead of the initial agreed plan with OTG.

Of the $4m being sought, 1Above has raised $3m.  Oversubscriptions may be accepted at the discretion of the board of directors.

Qotient Investor Update July 2015

Qotient is a cloud based sales acceleration platform which is accessible from any device, anywhere and anytime. In June, there were a number of exciting developments for Qotient, including:

  • Partnership announced with an Indonesian based telco that is entering the New Zealand market.
  • Engagement drawing to a close with a large global pharmaceutical company
  • Positive feedback from existing tech sector clients in NZ, reporting a 400% increase in proposals delivered into the market for their managed services offering.

Qotient is raising $1.25 million to fund additional product development, increase sales and marketing and prepare for a US market entry, with $450,000 already committed.

To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

Opal Biosciences Ltd CEO Interview

With the rise in antibiotic resistance, new effective treatments have the potential to be life-saving.Opal Biosciences Limited (“Opal”) is an innovative player in infectious disease treatment. Opal is an Australian biotechnology company committed to tackling a serious global health threat. Our technologies target human infection: a high growth, commercially attractive market segment.

The unmet need for new anti-infectives is due to increasing resistance to existing antibiotics, more widespread and common difficult-to-treat infections, and the paucity of upcoming new treatments. This need has spurred the EU and US to introduce significant financial incentives to encourage development of new anti-infectives.

Our commercial objective is to outlicence or sell our products to a larger pharmaceutical company for final clinical trials and marketing (or beforehand). The growth in number and value of acquisitions of anti-infective technologies internationally is driven by larger companies being drawn back to the anti-infectives market segment by its growing attractiveness, and the need to buy innovation with their own R&D pipelines dry. The most recent was the acquisition of Cubist Inc by Merck & Co in November 2014 in a deal reported as $US8.4bn.

Please listen to Opal Biosciences’ Managing Director, Julie Phillips below. 

Opal’s technology presented at the Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting

Melbourne, 16th July 2015

Australian infectious disease therapy and vaccine development company BioDiem Ltd and its subsidiary company Opal Biosciences, is pleased to announce a presentation on Opal’s technology at the annual Australian Society for Microbiology conference in Canberra on the 13th July.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student Mr Michael Radzieta presented the poster “Investigating the Mechanism of Action of the Novel Antimicrobial BDM-I” for which he won a best poster prize. Mr Radzieta, under the supervision of A/Professor Slade Jensen, has been investigating the mechanism of action of BDM-I against priority disease causing “superbugs” Vancomycin- resistant Enterococci (VRE) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

This exciting work is continuing at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and University of Western Sydney.

To download the full document, please click below.

Proposed Acquisition Of 30.0% Interests Of vCargo Cloud

July 10th 2015


The board of directors (the “Directors” or the “Board”) of DeClout Limited (the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) wishes to announce that the Company had on 10 July 2015 entered into a sale and purchase agreement (the “Agreement”) with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Corous360 Pte Ltd (“C360”) and the shareholders of vCargo Cloud Pte. Ltd. (the “Target”), pursuant to which C360 will acquire 999,900 ordinary shares in the capital of the Target (the “Sales Shares”), representing 30.0% of the issued and paid-up share capital of the Target from the existing shareholders of the Target (the “Vendors”) (the “Proposed Acquisition”) on the terms and subject to the conditions of the Agreement.


The Target was incorporated in Singapore on 20 February 2013. As at the date of this announcement, the Target has an issued and paid-up share capital of S$3,333,000 comprising 3,333,000 ordinary shares. The Target is primarily engaged in the business of providing e-trade services and cargo cloud solutions which enable a myriad of stakeholders in the trade, logistics and supply chain industry (such as shippers, freight forwarders and consignees) to converge and leverage on a unified and secured platform.

Based on the unaudited management accounts of the Target for the financial year ended 31 December 2014 (“FY2014”), the net tangible liabilities value was approximately S$403,000 and the net loss after tax was approximately S$1,106,000. In addition, based on the unaudited management accounts of the Target for the period from 1 January 2015 to 31 May 2015, the net profit before tax of the Target was approximately S$42,000. No
independent valuation was conducted on the Target.

To read the full story, please click here

Issuance Of New Shares Pursuant To The DeClout Performance Share Plan

July 10th 2015

The board of directors (the “Board”) of DeClout Limited (the “Company”) wishes to announce that, on 10 July 2015, the Company has allotted and issued an aggregate of 300,000 new ordinary shares in the capital of the Company (the “New Shares”), to an employee of the Company pursuant to the vesting of the share awards granted under the DeClout Performance Share Plan.

The New Shares rank pari passu in all respects with the existing shares of the Company. The New Shares are expected to be listed and quoted on Catalist on or around 14 July 2015, and trading of the New Shares is expected to commence with effect from 9.00 a.m. on the same date.

Following the allotment and issuance of the New Shares, the total number of issued and paid-up share capital of the Company has increased from 455,100,030 to 455,400,030 ordinary shares.

To read the full document, please click here

Leaf Resources in top 5 for global renewable chemistry award

15th July 2015, ASX Announcement

Pioneering Australian company, Leaf Resources, was selected from an international field of 38 companies to be one of the five finalists for the Sofinnova Chemistry Start-up Award.

The award is being held in conjunction with BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Montreal, Columbia from 19-22 July 2015.

Leaf Resources has developed a unique new process that promises to revolutionise bio manufacturing on a global scale, and nudge fossil fuel-based chemicals and plastics out of the market.

Leaf Resources’ Glycell process uses glycerol as the main reagent in their process to make cellulosic sugars – the key component in bio-chemicals and bio-plastics – from biomass such as waste from agriculture. And it does so for a fraction of the cost of technologies currently used as alternatives to fossil fuel-based industry processes.

To read the full announcement, please click here.  

Update on Track Holdings acquisition by Crowd Mobile

15th July 2015, ASX Announcement 

  •  Negotiations continuing for additional debt and mezzanine funding options
  • Financial Due diligence now complete
  • European m-Payment  expansion now complete
  • Record Message Volume of over 700k in June 2015

Crowd Mobile Limited (ASX : CM8) is pleased to provide an update regarding its proposed acquisition of Netherlands-based Track Holdings BV (Track Concepts).

As part of the initial round of funding for the acquisition of Track Concepts, Crowd Mobile has received an indicative term sheet for US$10 million (AU$13 million)  of debt funding. Negotiations are continuing with a number of traditional debt and mezzanine funding providers in Europe, Asia and Australia, and the Company remains on track to complete the acquisition in August 2015.

Commenting on the funding, Chief Executive Officer Domenic Carosa, said: “We remain confident in our ability to close out additional funding negotiations that will ensure the successful completion of the Track Concepts acquisition.”

Deloitte Netherlands has now completed its financial due diligence  report on Track Concepts for the Company, with no significant matters of concern having been identified, and Crowd Mobile’s legal counsel is working on the preparation of the Share  Purchase Agreement.

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NewActon East Property valuation increase

15 July 2015

The NewActon East property (“the Property”) has increased in value by $2.15 million to $47.25 million, since Placer Property acquired it less than a year ago.

Mr. Mario Papaleo, Joint Managing Director of Placer Property, the Responsible Entity of the NewActon East Property Fund (“the Fund”), said: “We are very satisfied with the performance of the Fund. The first year’s income return of 7.75% is forecast to increase to 8.60% in FY2016. The increase in the Property value reflects the solid underlying performance of the Property and Placer’s ability to drive net income growth.”

The valuation of the Property was completed by Knight Frank, Australia. Following the completion of the valuation, the Net Tangible Asset Backing of the Fund increases by 9.2% from 87 cents to 95 cents per unit . The Fund’s gearing reduces from 49.3% to 46.0%.

Mr. Shane Dudley, Head of Distribution, said: “Since the Fund was launched late last year, there have been many positive developments:

• the property is 100% leased;
• interest rate hedges have been put in place to September 2019; and
• the forecast distribution rate has increased by 11% to 8.60% for FY2016.

“The property valuation increase is another positive outcome for investors who are able to buy into an iconic and award winning building and precinct.”

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Opal Biosciences takes on the superbugs

July 13th 2015, By Sarah-Jane Tasker, The Australian

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are becoming one of the biggest health issues of the 21st century, and Opal Biosciences, a small Australian biotech company, believes it has a drug that can tackle the rapidly worsening problem.

The US is interested in the company’s drug, BDM-I, with the US army keen on using it as a potential counter to biological warfare and the National Institute of Health researching the drug.

Associate Professor Slade Jensen, of the Ingham Institute and the University of Western Sydney, who is studying BDM-I to determine how it works, said bugs were becoming more resistant to the antibiotics available. He said that was combined with the fact that over the past decade big pharmaceutical companies stopped investing in antibiotic discovery because it was no longer profitable.

“We need new drugs now more than ever because some bacteria are becoming pan-­resistant,” Professor Jensen said.

The World Health Organisation’s 2014 report on global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance revealed that antibiotic resistance was no longer a prediction, but was happening now. The report found that without urgent, co-ordinated action, the world was heading towards a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries, which had been treatable for decades, could once again kill.

Opal Biosciences hopes to raise $3.5 million to develop its drug, which has demonstrated activity against a wide range of human disease-causing germs and has the potential to combat dangerous superbugs.

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Capital Match have S$125,000 committed within 18 hours

Within 18 hours already S$125,000 was committed… hurry up to participate in the listing with 2.2% monthly interest

On the listing we have introduced 18 hours ago S$125,000 out of a total of S$200,000 was already committed. The company harvests, manufactures and sells bird’s nest as well as other traditional Chinese medicine. Hurry up to participate in the listing!

Best wishes,
Pawel Kuznicki

Director | Capital Match


iFast Propose Subscription Of 694,400 New Ordinary Shares

July 14th 2015, iFast Corporation 

1. Introduction 

The board of directors (the “Directors” or the “Board“) of iFAST Corporation Ltd. (the “Company“, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group“), refers to the announcements released on 6 July 2015, 7 July 2015 and 9 July 2015 in relation to the proposed subscription of 694,400 new ordinary shares in the capital of iFAST Corporation Ltd. (the “Subscription Shares“) at the issue price of S$1.44 for each subscription share (the “Previous Announcements“).

2. Receipt of Approval In-Principal 

2.1 Further to the Previous Announcements, the Board is pleased to announce that the SGX-ST has today given its approval in-principle (the “AIP“) for the listing and quotation of the 694,400 Subscription Shares on the Official List of the SGX-ST.

The following announcement has been uploaded onto iFAST Corporation Investor Relations website:

YPB commences supply to Chinese table salt packaging industry

14th July 2015, ASX Announcement


  • YPB supplying invisible tracer and scanners for the protection of up to one billion salt packages for China National Salt Industry Corporation (CNSIC)
  • A$325,000 per annum potential revenue
  • Approximately 126 million labels already completed

Anti-counterfeiting technology company  YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) (“YPB, the Company”) has commenced supply of its tracer technology to China’s largest salt label printing company with an initial focus on provincial table salt manufacturers.

Under the supply contarct with the label printing Company on behalf of China National Salt Industry Corporation (CNSIC) one billion labels will be printed with YPB’s anti-counterfeiting technology per annum. To date YPB has already has already completed 126 million labels.

YPB estimates potential revenue from the contract to be A$325,000 per annum and it expects to reach this in CY2016. In addition, the Company expects this supply contract will run for three (3) years.

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DeClout Investor update July 2015

10th July 2015, DeClout 


Led by a dynamic team of IT veterans, DeClout aims to be the leader in next generation technology driven services, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that will make us the partner of choice for leading companies. Listed on the Catalist Board of the SGX-ST in 2012, the Group operates two core business segments – IT Infrastructure Services and Vertical Domain Clouds (VDCs) – out of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, US, UK and the PRC. The IT Infrastructure Services segment comprises businesses in data centre hardware and maintenance, cloud computing and systems integration, and telco and network solutions. Our VDC segment draws on the expertise and synergies from our IT Infrastructure Services to capitalise on exciting opportunities, starting with the online games and e-commerce industries.

The following announcements have been uploaded into DeClout website:


New listing of S$200,000 at 2.2% p.m. for Capital Match

We have just introduced a new 12-month listing of S$200,000 with 2.2% monthly interest. The company harvests, manufactures and sells bird’s nest as well as other traditional Chinese medicine. The company has 2014 revenues of S$3m. Log in to find out more…

In addition, we are proud to inform you that Capital Match will be surpassing the S$1 million mark with this new loan and will also be bringing on the first “return” borrower soon.

Best wishes,

Pawel Kuznicki
Director | Capital Match

Asian tech start-ups form plan for Australian invasion

July 14th 2015, By Matthew Smith, AFR 

The favourable treatment enjoyed by start-ups in Singapore and Malaysia will play into the hands of Australian investors as a wave of south-east Asian technology companies are understood to be lining up to hit the Australian Securities Exchange.

Up to a dozen Asian tech companies are preparing to make their ASX debut, with about six likely to reach initial public offering stage before Christmas, according to sources working on the possible listings.

The soon-to-be ASX debutants may be small, both in terms of market capitalisation and revenue, but they have high expectations for growth based on the emerging technology habits of the region’s 630 million population.

Spanning e-commerce, entertainment, fintech and software, these Asian start-ups – all of which have developed within tax-free and government co-funded environments – continue to eye the ASX and Australian investors ahead of their own country’s boards.

“The ASX is now looked upon as the listed VC [venture capital] market for south-east Asia,” said Kin-Wai Lau, chief executive of Fatfish Internet Group, the ASX-listed technology company with duel head offices in Malaysia and Melbourne.

Fatfish partners with both the Malaysian and Singapore governments to co-fund start-ups. Singapore, through its Media Development Authority, invests up to $S1.5 for every $S1 that Fatfish invests in an early-stage company.

To read the full article on AFR, please click here.

mm2 Asia CEO Interview

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Asia is a producer of movies and TV/online content. As a producer, mm2 Asia provides services that cover the entire filmmaking process including securing financing, producing and distributing as well as securing advertising and sponsorship.

In addition to Singapore, mm2 Asia also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the PRC through its group of companies and/or strategic working partnerships. mm2 Asia has co-produced and/or distributed in excess of 20 movies across Asia since 2008 including co-producing well-known films such as the ‘Ah Boys to Men’ series; and distributing titles such as Malaysia’s ‘The Journey’ and Taiwan’s ‘Café.Waiting.Love’.

Please listen to Mr Melvin Ang, CEO of mm2 Asia below. 

Universal Biosensors Annual General Meeting Presentation

ASX Announcement, 9th July 2015

Key Highlights: last 12 months

Acceleration in revenues from blood glucose monitoring 

  • Quarterly Services Fees up to $2.9m in Q1 FY’15 (up 142% on pcp)

First strip manufacturing revenues from blood coagulation monitoring

  • CE Mark and launch of Siemens Xprecia StrideTM Coagulation Analyzer
  • Xprecia StrideTM wins international Red Dot Design Award and Australian Design Award
  • Cumulative revenues from PT-INR strip manufacturing of $288K (to 31st March 2015)

Continued leveraged investment in new product development 

  • Around 70% of R&D investment (last 12 months) funded by partners and R&D Tax Rebates,
  •  Progressing the expansion of our product portfolio;
    - UBI-owned PT-INR test for decentralised and home use
    - Further POC coagulation tests for Siemens
    - Demonstration  of immunoassay platform capability

Revenue growth driving improved financial performance 

  • Two product revenue streams now in play
  • Increasing contribution from Product & Services
  • Cash breakeven in sight

To read the full presentation, please click here.

BioDiem and Griffith University secure grant to continue world class research

10th July 2015

Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics in collaboration with BioDiem have been awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage grant of $241,564, to investigate the role of the Biodiem’s (BDM-I) technology in fighting infections.

The project’s researchers Prof Yaoqi Zhou, Dr Joe Tiralongo and Dr Yuedong Yang aim to uncover the molecular targets of BDM-I, a novel antimicrobial candidate owned by BioDiem.

BioDiem Chief Executive Officer Julie Phillips said the exploration of BDM-I’s mechanism of action in certain infections would assist in development of BDM-I products and add to its commercial attractiveness.

“The grant is a tremendous endorsement of the BDM-I technology and a wonderful opportunity to work with Griffith University, one of Australia’s leading research universities,” she said.

Institute for Glycomics Director Professor Mark von Itzstein said the grant enhanced the Institutes focus and commitment to ground breaking research.

“It also reflects the translational focus of our Institute and demonstrates our capacity to engage with industry partners such as BioDiem Ltd,” he said.

This particular project, titled ‘Novel antimicrobial target discovery by an integrated approach’, plans to show the first computational method to integrate target and ligand similarity for proteome-scale target and off-target discovery, which will advance the global fight against drug-resistant microorganisms.

Prof Yaoqi Zhou, lead investigator on the grant, said he was delighted with the award and is confident that he and his collaborators will significantly advance the understanding of how BDM-I targets microbial infections.

The BDM-I anti-infective technology is being developed, through BioDiem’s subsidiary, Opal Biosciences, to develop products targeting serious human infections.

To download the full document, please click below. 

Aussie Startup Troozi Aims Cupid’s Arrow at Choosy Singles in India’s Growing Online Dating Market

Thursday 9 July 2015, By Denham Sadler, Startup Smart

Two former RSVP.com.au executives have teamed up to create a new online dating venture tailored specifically to the booming Indian market.

Australian-based startup Troozi was developed by Lija Wilson and Nikhil Jain, who met in 2005 while working for Fairfax on RSVP.com.au, Australia’s biggest dating website. Wilson says the pair gained an appreciation for online dating during that time, and wanted to explore the enormous opportunities on offer in India.

“We both have a passion for startups and digital growth businesses, and we couldn’t shake our passion for the online dating space,” Wilson says. “India is currently one of the most exciting startup markets in the world.”

Troozi is primarily an online dating site, with an app and a mobile version. The pair, along with fellow co-founder and investment advisor John Wilson, funded the initial development of the product and technology themselves.

They then launched a proof-of-concept phase and quickly hit 100,000 members. Wilson says they’ve so far targeted marketing to just Mumbai and Delhi, but about 28% of users have been gained organically through word-of-mouth.

A small seed round of funding was completed in order to validate the proof-of-concept in marketing. Wilson says they were able to prove their assumptions, and that they could grow the user base rapidly.

“We got where we needed to in a much shorter space of time than we thought,” she says.

Troozi opened for Series A funding in May, with the intent of using the funds to ramp up marketing and user acquisition. Wilson says so fair they’ve raised about 40% of their target for the round.

“We’ve road-showed in Australia and Singapore, and did a trip to India to meet with potential backers,” she says.

“We have a lot of open conversations at the moment.”

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UBI Receives Cash Payment of $8.2M Under the R&D Tax Incentive

ASX Announcement, 9th July 2015

Universal Biosensors, Inc. (ASX:UBI) today announced it has received $8.2M in cash under the research and development tax incentive relating to the Company’s FY14 research and development expenses.

The research and development tax incentive is one of the key elements of the Australian Government’s support for Australia’s innovation system. It was developed to assist businesses to recover some of the costs of undertaking research and development. The research and development tax incentive provides a tax offset to eligible companies that engage in research and development activities.

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Sterling First Limited Launches the Sterling Income Trust

Sterling First has rebadged and expanded its Rental Management Investment Trust and relaunched it as the Sterling Income Trust (“SIT”).

The original Rental Management Investment Trust was established in 2012, and has consistently paid quarterly distributions equating to 9.25% pa. These distributions are now 100% tax deferred. The expansion of the trust has allowed Sterling First to incorporate a number of income focused investment unit classes, which will assist Sterling First in funding the construction of houses for the Sterling Seniors Property Trust.

The Sterling Income Trust has four investment classes of units:

a. Income Units – these are the former ordinary units of the Rental Management Investment Trust. All rights associated with the units and the distributions remain the same, with the trust distribution historically being 9.25% pa* and 100% tax deferred.

b. First Mortgage Units – as the name suggests a mortgage backed investment. All funds raised will be loaned on a first mortgage basis to assist in the construction of houses for the Sterling Seniors Property Trust. Funds are loaned on a maximum 65% LVR and the units have a target distribution rate of 12% pa*.

c. Development Units – These are like the First Mortgage Units, but are second mortgage secured. All funds raised will be loaned on a second mortgage basis to assist in the construction of houses for the Sterling Seniors Property Trust. Funds are loaned on a maximum 85% LVR and the units have a target distribution rate of 20% pa*.

d. Blended Units – these units have a spread investment, covering 25% in each of the above units, plus 25% in shares in the holding company Sterling First Limited. The target distribution yield is 10.3% pa* plus any dividends paid by Sterling First Limited.

Distributions are made by the SIT on a quarterly basis.

The minimum investment term in each class of unit is 12 months, after which unit holders can apply for redemption at anytime, with redemptions being paid quarterly.

Please find attached a copy of the Sterling Income Trust summary for your consideration.

The Product Disclosure Statement is available upon request.

* Disclaimer: Investors should note that any reference to past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Any reference to target distribution rates are based on the interest rates payable under loan agreements for loans to be advanced by the Sterling Income Trust (“SIT”), the estimated operating costs of the SIT and its investments and the historical performance of the underlying investments. This material has been prepared by Sterling Corporate Services Pty Ltd (ACN 158 361 507) (“SCS”). SCS is appointed as Investment Manager of the Sterling Income Trust (ARSN 158 828 105) by the Responsible Entity, Theta Asset Management Limited (ACN 071 807 684, AFSL No 230920) (“Theta”). SCS is appropriately authorised to perform this function as a Corporate Authorised Representative (Number 444776) of Theta. This material relates to the Sterling Income Trust Product Disclosure Statement dated 18th May 2015 (“PDS”), under which the offer of Units is made.
The information in this update is general information only. It is not financial product advice and has been prepared without taking into account your investment objectives, financial circumstances or particular needs. To make an investment in the SIT, prospective investors should read the PDS in full, seek appropriate independent professional financial advice on any legal, stamp duty, taxation or accounting implications, and how these will apply to you personally and then complete the application form attached to the current PDS.

To download the SIT Fund Flyer, please click on the link below. 

Altech Commences Permitting for Meckering

ASX Announcement, 7th July 2015


  • Altech has commenced permitting its proposed kaolin mining operation and beneficiation plant at Mecking, Western Australia:
    -Project  application accepted by Department of Environment Regulation (DER)
    -DER confirms the next and final stage permitting prior to construction is Works Appeal
  • Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) approval also underway:
    -Mining lease application submitted
    -A Mining proposal and a mine closure plan are well advanced
  • Overall, permitting for both mining and beneficiation is relatively straightforward

Altech Chemical Limited (ASX: ATC) is pleased  to announce that it has submitted a project application with the Western Australia Department of Environment Regulation (DER) as part of the permitting requirements for its proposed aluminous clay (kaolin) mine and associated beneficiation plant, at Meckering, Western Australia (the Project).

The DER has confirmed acceptance of Altech’s project application and confirmed that the next and final permitting requirement for the Meckering beneficiation plant as a Works Approval application, which will also be assessed by the DER. Once the Works Approval is granted, construction of the beneficiation plant can commence. Also, under DER regulations, based on the beneficiation plants processing rate of less than 50,000 tonnes per annum (tpa), the plant may only require registration post construction rather than an application for an Operating License.

To read the full announcement, please click here

Booodl CEO Interview

Booodl is an app that simplifies local shopping by; making it simple to list products you want to buy, locating local stores through geo-notification push reminders and location-based search, instant messaging with stores, and in-app purchasing.  It creates value for retailers by increasing foot traffic to stores, providing a new way to communicate with customers, increasing sales and giving insight into consumer behaviour.

Booodl plans to be the ubiquitous global app for locating local stores that stock products people want, instant messaging with retail stores about products and purchase from them in-app.  If it achieves this ambitious goal it will become an integral part of the retail ecosystem and have significant value.

Please listen to Mr George Freney, the CEO of Booodl below.

Universal Biosensors (ASX:UBI) CEO Interview

Universal Biosensors (ASX:UBI) is a specialist medical diagnostics company developing and manufacturing test systems for point-of-care (POC) medical professionals and home use.

UBI’s core technology is a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which uses its proprietary electrochemical sensor to rapidly and accurately measure biomarkers in the blood.

The first product developed by UBI with LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson company) is a blood glucose measurement device and is on the market and generating revenues for UBI. The second product developed by UBI in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare has also been launched.

The global point-of-care diagnostics market is estimated to be worth nearly US$17 billion a year and growing.

Please listen to Mr Paul Wright, the CEO of Universal Biosensors.

Financial Statements And Related Announcement From iFast

July 7th 2015

The Board of Directors of iFAST Corporation Ltd. ( the Company ) wishes to inform that the Company will release its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended 30 June 2015 before market trading hours on 29 July 2015.


iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“iFAST Corp”) is an Internet-based investment products distribution platform. Listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard, iFAST Corp provides a comprehensive range of services, including investment administration and transactions services, research and trainings, IT services and backroom functions to banks, financial advisory firms, financial institutions, multinational companies, as well as investors in Asia. The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

The following announcement has been uploaded onto iFAST Corporation Investor Relations website:

Proposed Subscription Of 694,400 New Ordinary Shares In The Capital Of iFast Corporation

6th July 2015

The initial public offering of shares and listing of iFAST Corporation Ltd. on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited was jointly sponsored by DBS Bank Ltd. and RHB Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd) as joint issue managers, bookrunners and underwriters (“Joint Issue Managers, Bookrunners and Underwriters”). The Joint Issue Managers, Bookrunners and Underwriters assume no “responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“iFAST Corp”) is an Internet-based investment products distribution platform. Listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard, iFAST Corp provides a comprehensive range of services, including investment administration and transactions services, research and trainings, IT services and backroom functions to banks, financial advisory firms, financial institutions, multinational companies, as well as investors in Asia. The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

The following announcement has been uploaded onto iFAST Corporation Investor Relations website:

Footfalls & Heartbeats Raises New Capital From Existing Investors

-New external capital raising launched with 2/3 of target already committed by eager investors-

Smart textile business Footfalls & Heartbeats has launched a new round of external capital raising, after securing 2/3 of its $1 million initial target capital from existing investors.

Footfalls & Heartbeats Managing Director, Dr Roland Toder, says securing 2/3 of the initial NZD$1m target from existing investors is a clear validation that Footfalls’ initial investors remain confident in the direction of the business and are eager to see – and fund – more growth:

“To have over two thirds of our initial $1m target already secured from our existing seed investors puts Footfalls in a strong position to go out and seek new investors in this external raise. Our internal raise took place over just one month, and our investors were keen to put additional capital into the business because the results speak for themselves. We can accept up to $2 million of new investment in total through over-subscriptions so there is plenty of opportunity for new investors to participate.”

Footfalls & Heartbeats’ directors, including the Managing Director, are also investing in the business in the current capital raising round 2.

Toder says; “After securing our first global licensing agreement earlier this year, we are now in negotiations about numerous additional licensing deals, and we are also building our internal leadership team. All of these activities and tangible results send very favourable messages to the investor market.

“With two thirds of our initial target committed, we are now looking to engage with new investors, many of whom will be interested in having a stake in a business that is leading the way in the rapidly growing smart textile industry. The industry is worth over $1b globally, and Footfalls is a powerful platform that provides the underpinning technology for many applications of smart fabrics. “From wearable technology, to medical uses, to high performance sportswear and even public transport, there are many diverse applications of Footfalls & Heartbeats’ IP and technology, so we are excited about the next phase of growth for this world-leading company.”

With three new letters of intent signed in recent weeks from global operators, building on the exclusive licensing agreement Footfalls signed with medical compression company Medi earlier in the year, Footfalls & Heartbeats will use the new capital to propel its growth and expansion into new licensing markets and applications.


Atlantic Navigation Holdings Ltd (SGX:5UL) CEO Interview

Atlantic Navigation Holdings (Singapore) Limited (“Atlantic”) is an investment holding company with a vertically integrated offering of marine logistics services as well as ship repair and maintenance services. It owns, operates, and charters its fleet of 16 offshore support vessels, comprising of a variety of AHT, AHTS, jack-up accommodation barges, barges, tugs vessels and supply vessels, to leading offshore oil and gas companies primarily in the Middle East, India and Africa. It also manages the sourcing and cross-chartering of third party vessels to match customers’ requirements where necessary. Additionally, the Group provides ship repair, fabrication, maintenance, and other services at its workshop facility in Sharjah, UAE. The Group was established in the UAE in 1997, and is listed on the SGX Catalist upon the completion of a reverse acquisition on 30 July 2012.

Over the years, Atlantic has established strong and stable relationships with various leading oil companies, contractors, survey companies, ship owners, ship yards and charterers in the region. The Group support and provide services to national oil and gas companies, oil majors and other clients in the offshore oil and gas sectors. Its majot clients include Abu Dhabi Marine operating Company (ADMA-OPCO)), Saudi Aramco, Qatar Gas, Qatar Petroleum, Bunduq Oil Company, Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Hyundai Heavy Industries (hhi), Hyundai Design Engineering and Construction (HDEC), J Ray Mcdermott M.E Inc. amongst others.

 Please listen to Atlantic Navingtion Holding’s CEO, Mr Bill Wong. 

FY15 Earning Outlook- Solid Performance Delivered

ASX Announcement, 7th July 2015

  • Full year revenue expected to be in excess of $28m
  • Normalised EBITDA expected to be around $4.0m
  • Performance B Share conversion expected to be 13,333,336 ordinary shares

Bulletproof is pleased to announce that it expects its Full Year FY15 revenue to be in excess of $28m, with normalised EBITDA of around $4.0m.

Bulletproof’s CEO, Anthony Woodward, said “While we have not yet undertaken the formal audit for the Company for the financial year, we are pleased to have closed the year with record revenues, and have a reasonably clear line of sight to the full year EBITDA result. The Company has delivered an excellent performance for the full financial year, and we are looking forward to carrying this momentum into FY16″.

The company has now fully integrated the Pantha Corp business, which was acquired in December 2014. As a result of the acquisition, Bulletproof extended its specialist Professional Services offerings alongside Managed Services. The company continues to see widespread demand from customers for assistance with developing, executing and delivering on their cloud strategy – to transform their business.

To read the full document, please click here

AsiaPhos to acquire China resource group for $36.8m

Singapore July 6th, By Ann Williams, Straits Times

Catalist-listed mineral resource group AsiaPhos announced on Monday that it will acquire the entire issued and paid-up capital of LY Resources (LYR Group) for $36.8 million from Mr Luo Yong, who owns half of the equity interest in Mianzhu Dashan Mining Co Ltd (Dashan), the group’s cooperation partner in China.

AsiaPhos said the acquisition will allow it to acquire the economic benefits of an existing cooperation arrangement presently accruing to its partner Dashan.

It will also facilitate the ownership of a 55 per cent equity interest in Deyang Fengtai Mining Co Ltd, a company incorporated in China, which holds the FengTai licence – an exploration licence for barite rocks in an area situated in the vicinity of the group’s existing mines in China’s Sichuan province.

AsiaPhos CEO Dr Ong Hian Eng said the LYR acquisition will improve the group’s operating cash flows as Dashan’s share of profits from the cooperation arrangement which are recognised as AsiaPhos’ production costs need not be payable to Dashan after the completion of the transaction.

To read the full story, please click here

YPB hits milestone with A$275k invoice to China customer

ASX Announcement, 6th July 2015 
  • First material invoice issued to Shensaier for YPB’s invisible tracer products & T2 scanners
  • Ongoing orders expected from Shensaier imminently under exclusive five-year contract
  • Invoices delivered to additional clients pre 30 June

Anti-counterfeiting technology company YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) has delivered its first material invoice to Shenzhen Shensaier Limited (Shensaier) one of it’s recently signed high volume China contracts, for the provision of YPB’s invisible tracer products and T2 scanners.

Now issued, the invoice for approx. A$275,000 is expected to be the catalyst for recurring orders under the contract signed with YPB on 12 January 2015 for its unique anti-counterfeit products. The contract, which runs for an exclusive five year period, is worth a potential US$12.2 million (76 million RMB, AU$16 million) based on projected revenues over this period.

Shensaier is one of China’s largest suppliers of high quality UV printing ink and paints to the liquor and tobacco industries. It will include YPB’s tracer in inks used on tobacco and liquor packaging for major Chinese brands.

“The commercial relationship between YPB and Shensaier is off to an excellent start as evidenced by this significant invoice,” said YPB Group CEO John Houston.

“We expect this to be an important milestone in the journey to supply our tracers and scanners to Shensaier on a consistent basis and realise the revenue potential as a result.”

The invoice also marks a vital step in the ramp up period required before annualised volumes projected by Shensaier are reached. This is expected to culminate in annual revenues of more than US$4.58 million (AU$6 million) for YPB.

The Company expects it’s high volume tracer contracts to continue to ramp-up over coming quarters and deliver significant ongoing revenues over the course of the 4 and 5 year terms.

Prior to 30 June 2015 YPB also issued additional invoices relating to other parts of the business. The company expects to provide the market with an update regarding revenue and financial performance for Q2 in the coming weeks.

YPB CEO, John Houston said:

“June has been the strongest revenue month in YPB’s short listed history and represents a defining moment for the Company plus provides validation of our business model. Having now successfully secured our first acquisitions, bedded down our two high volume scanner-tracer contracts and relaunched the brand reporter business, the foundations have been laid for the Company to generate significant ongoing revenues and deliver shareholder value.”

To read the full document, please click here

MyWave earns $50m valuation as it looks to ride PDA boom

July 3rd 2015, By Cris Keall, NBR

“Personal assistants are the next hot thing. The world’s moving from going online and typing in search to having an intelligent digital assistant who brings things to you based on what your preferences are and your needs.”

So says MyWave founder, chief executive and 51% shareholder Gerlandine McBride, whose company has created a personal digital assistant called Frank.

Frank has competition, from Apple’s Siri to Microsoft’s Cortana to other startups like IPSoft (with Amelia) and XAI (with an assistant who can appear on your smart device as either Amy or Andrew).

Even Google is getting in on the act with Google Now, an assistant that will anticipate your needs and serve up information unrequested (Google still dominates web searches but the company is mindful consumers are spending more and more time in apps and on their phones).

Ms McBride settled in Queenstown after a high-flying career that saw her land top roles with SAP and Dell in the US.

When NBR checked in this time last year, Ms McBride has secured $2.5 million funding and the assistant known as Frank was still in the works.

Now, companies are piloting Frank with customers across Australasia. The chief executive won’t name them but she says they include major retailer, a bank,  a tourism operator and a car company.

Shortly after talking to NBR, she headed to New York where she is currently closing a series B funding round that values MyWave at $US35 million ($50 million).

Ms McBride says her company has $300 million of work in its pipeline.

The three-year startup has had money coming in the door since its first year. “We went from nothing to hundreds of thousands; we’re now in millions; and we’re rapidly moving into tens of millions,” she says.

The company is losing money but could move into the black if it took its foot off the expansion pedal, she says.

To read the full article, please click here.

AsiaPhos to Acquire LYR Group

SINGAPORE – 6 July 2015

AsiaPhos Limited (“AsiaPhos” or the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), a Singapore-headquartered mineral resources company focused on exploring and mining phosphate with a vertically-integrated business model, today announced that it will acquire the entire issued and paid-up share capital of LY Resources Pte. Ltd. (“LYR”) from Mr. Luo Yong (罗勇), who holds a 50% equity interest in 绵竹市大山矿业有限责任公司 (Mianzhu Dashan Mining Co., Ltd) (“Dashan”), the Group’s co-operation partner in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”).

This follows the LYR Group (comprising LYR and its subsidiaries) achieving a valuation of approximately RMB 266,580,000 based on an independent valuation report dated 26 June 2015 issued by Jones Lang LaSalle Corporate Appraisal and Advisory Limited. With this valuation, the condition precedent stated in the option agreement between LYR and AsiaPhos (“Call Option”) that the LYR Group be valued at no less than RMB 250,000,000 is met.

The acquisition, for a consideration valued at $36.8 million, will allow AsiaPhos to acquire the economic benefits of an existing co-operation arrangement (“Dashan Arrangement”) presently accruing to its co-operation partner, Dashan. It will also facilitate the ownership of a 55% equity interest in 德阳市峰泰矿业有限责任公司 (Deyang Fengtai Mining Co., Ltd.) (“FengTai”), a company incorporated in the PRC, which holds the FengTai Licence – an exploration licence for barite rocks (重 晶石) in respect of an area situated in the vicinity of the Group’s existing mines in the Sichuan Province of the PRC.

To view the full announcement please download the document below.

Qotient Group Ltd CEO Interview

Qotient is a cloud based sales conversation intelligence (QCI) platform that enables, delivers, measures and evolves the conversations that sales people have with their prospects and customers.

Qotients’ unique way of combining key components of big data metrics, sales playbook and cognitive learning techniques into one platform, enables sales people to be more effective in their customer interactions. Qotient is available anytime, anywhere form any device making sales enablement attainable across the whole team with BYOD benefits.

Qotient enables sales management to measure and evolve the success of their sales teams through analytics to measure the effectiveness of the sales conversation process. Successes are leveraged across the sales team instantly, bridging the gap between high and low performing sales staff. Qotient gives C-Level executives instant clarity on the ROI of the sales process across teams or departments.

Marketing managers can instantly measure effectiveness and ROI on new and existing marketing messages as content is used out in the field. Testing and refinement of messaging results in superior messages getting to market that are backed by live data.

To find out more about Qotient please listen to Founder and CEO, Mr Justin Wright.

APN Property Group Ltd (ASX:APD) CEO Interview

APN Property Group Limited (APN) is a specialist real estate investment manager that actively manages real estate funds on behalf of institutional and retail investors.

Established in 1996, APN is listed on the ASX (ASX code: APD) and manages $2.1 billion (as at 31 December 2014) of real estate and real estate securities in 12 funds.

Focused exclusively on real estate funds management and with a core philosophy of “property for income”, we seek to establish and actively manage a suite of real estate funds to provide annuity style income and wealth creation opportunities for retail and institutional investors. This philosophy remains central to APN’s investment offerings across Property Securities, Managed Funds, Private Direct Property Funds and Listed Property Funds.

APN has a longstanding commitment to investment performance and outstanding service. We deliver this through our highly disciplined investment approach, our deep understanding of commercial real estate and our dedicated in-house customer service and registry team.

APN has a market capitalisation of approximately $120 million and delivered a total return to shareholders in excess of 40% over the 12 months to 31 March 2014.

To find out more about APN, please listen to  CEO, Mr Michael Doble.

Castle Point Ranger Fund Update- July 2015

The Ranger Fund monthly Fact Sheet is now available.
The Ranger Fund is a high conviction portfolio of New Zealand and Australian listed companies. The Fund’s objective is to provide equity-like returns over the long run while minimising exposure to extreme share market fluctuations. During periods of market stress, the fund will seek to preserve capital by preserve capital by holding significant amounts of cash and bonds, shorting individual shares, selling index futures contracts and/or buying index put options. The Fund will not be levered or net short.

Performance Commentary:
Our June return was up 1.74%, given the backdrop of falling share markets, this was a really encouraging outcome. For example the NZX50 and the ASX200 were down 2% and 5% respectively.

During the month, Macmahon Holdings announced that it had settled an outstanding dispute in Mongolia for $80m, this left the company with effectively no debt and cash in the bank. We had increased the position to 5% prior to this announcement and made healthy gains from the subsequent 40% increase in its share price. There was also a solid contribution from Boom Logistics which announced that it was continuing to reduce debt and progressing towards a return to profitability. The other news in the Fund was the potential takeover of A2 Milk Company and while this also helped the Fund it was to a lesser degree given it was only a 1% position.

The only real negative contributor was Corporate Travel Management, this appears to be the impact of general share market weakness as the company released no new information to the market, during the month.

To read the full story, please click the button below. 

Capital Match Updates on Listings and Introduces New Product Type

Listing #14: First payment transferred on time

The first payment for listing #14 (travel company) has been settled on time (it is now reflected on the platform). We apologize for the slight delay – most of the time there is a delay from our bank in processing the GIRO deduction. We are working towards improving this process.

Listing #16: Changes and partially re-opened for new investors

While processing the legal documentation for listing #16 (construction company) we discovered that the company has another loan of S$1m from private lenders with an outstanding amount of S$429,000 that was not disclosed to us before. Having performed additional due diligence, we have decided that the borrower is still creditworthy and shall continue with the loan (but with an increased interest rate of 2.5% per month – from 2.2%). However, we gave an option to existing investors to opt out from the loan given changed factual situation and, as of now, 4 people decided to opt out for a total amount of S$9,000.

We have updated the loan request sheet on the platform and you can again commit funds.

We are always investigating all types of financial commitments and bank accounts that the potential borrowers might have (and in a number of cases we have uncovered information that was not disclosed to us in the first place). In this particular situation, however, the liability and the bank account holding it were not disclosed to us, nor were there any inter-bank transactions. Your capital safety is always our top priority so we will continue to remain transparent when it comes to any of such situations.

New product: “Restricted” loans

We understand that many of our users are looking for more lending opportunities. As such, we are introducing a new product type called “Restricted” loans for borrowers that may not meet some of our regular requirements. “Restricted” loans will be characterised by a slightly higher interest rate and individual lenders may only commit up to S$5,000 per loan. The business prospects for borrowers under this product line are more uncertain. “Restricted” loans will be clearly identified by a warning icon on the platform.

Connexion Secures First Retail Sales for Flex

3 July 2015, Melbourne, Australia
  • Connexion expands availability of Flex to the Australian retail market
  • Negotiations underway to make Flex available in retail stores nationwide
  • Expansion to the International retail market to follow
  • $44k retail sales already generated in June

Connexion Media Limited (ASX:CXZ) is expanding availability of its proprietary Flex integrated vehicle management system to the retail market, and has secured its first retail sales in Australia.

The interest from relevant retailers has provided Connexion with a new and exciting market to sell the Flex product.

Initial revenues of $44k have been generated in June, with further retail sales anticipated to grow as the pipeline of retailers expands.

Connexion is actively in discussions with local and international partners which will increase the penetration of the Flex product. More importantly, the new retail market opportunity will provide Connexion with a potentially large and lucrative ongoing revenue stream.

“Identifying a new market opportunity is always exciting. Generating first sales in such a short timeframe is hugely encouraging for us,” said George Parthimos, CEO of Connexion.

“We continue to aggressively explore new market opportunities both locally and abroad, leveraging from our long-standing relationships with some of the largest multinationals in the world.”

Connexion is also in discussions with some global companies in pursuit of its major objective of building international sales of the Flex product.

Singaporean Firm Invests US$10m in New Zealand Cricket Tech Company

16th June 2015, By Gerard Hutching, Stuff 

Wellington-based CricHQ has scored funding worth $14.3 million (US$10m)  from a Singapore private equity firm to expand into a global operation.

Founder and CEO Simon Baker and director and former Black Cap Stephen Fleming announced at a press conference in Singapore that Tembusu Partners would invest in the cricket technology company.

Tembusu Partners manages funds worth more than $300m and CricHQ will be the second investment by Tembusu Growth Fund III – which has a target size of S$150 million.

Baker said the company, which was launched five years ago, was in expansion mode and was not yet making a profit. He expected that phase to continue for another 12-18 months.

The funding would allow the privately-owned company to take on double the staff in India over the next 18 months, from 40 to 80 personnel. They would work on development, sales and marketing in the world’s largest cricketing nation.

In Wellington CricHQ employs 15 people but there are no plans to add to that number.

Baker said there was no other company which covered the gamut of what CricHQ did.

“It’s hard to find a comparative competitor. There are other companies which do different aspects of what we do – for example we do a lot of what Cricinfo does, but our company does administration of national bodies which Cricinfo does not,” Baker said.

So far CricHQ managed the administration of two test countries – New Zealand and Sri Lanka – and was negotiating with others. It has 41 of 106 national governing bodies using its services from club level upwards.

Although it had not yet partnered with English test cricket administration, it was being used by 10 per cent of other English cricketing bodies.

To read the full story, please click here.

Bulletproof Steps Up Cloud Play with New Professional Services Arm

30th June 2015, By Julia Talevski, ARN

ASX-listed Cloud services provider, Bulletproof (ASX:BPF), has launched its new Professional Services unit into the market.

The new unit, which will be led by Bjorn Schliebitz, will provide its channel partners and clients with a range of consulting capabilities including Agile and DevOps enablement, Cloud infrastructure and automation, strategy and innovation, experience and marketplace, integration and API.

In a statement, Bulletproof said it was the first specialist provider in the Australian market to offer a complete suite of end-to-end Cloud services from the initial strategy through to consultation and design, deployment and support of the final hybrid or public Cloud.

Bulletproof co-founder and CEO, Anthony Woodward, said the Professional Services offering formed part of the company’s overarching strategy to help companies take advantage of the evolution in computing.

“We’ve worked closely with our customers to deploy and support their Cloud strategies, leveraging our expertise in this space, but we wanted to engage with them earlier in their journey to ensure they were making the right decisions to take full advantage of the Cloud,” Woodward said.

Bulletproof paid $800,000 cash to Pantha Corp, from existing cash reserves of around $5 million back in December.

The acquisition brings approximately $4 million of annualised existing revenues to the company, with $400,000 of current run-rate EBITDA.

To read the full story, please click here

Universal Biosensors Wholesale Investor Presentation

Universal Biosensors (ASX:UBI) is a specialist medical diagnostics company developing and manufacturing test systems for point-of-care (POC) medical professionals and home use.

UBI’s core technology is a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which uses its proprietary electrochemical sensor to rapidly and accurately measure biomarkers in the blood.

The first product developed by UBI with LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson company) is a blood glucose measurement device and is on the market and generating revenues for UBI. The second product developed by UBI in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare has also been launched.

The global point-of-care diagnostics market is estimated to be worth nearly US$17 billion a year and growing.

UBI is now extending its platform technology to new POC applications.

To view the UBI’s latest presentation from the Wholesale Investor Sydney Capital Expo and Small Cap Showcase 2015 please click here

Sun Biomedical Tapping into US$11B Kidney Disease Sector

June 30th 2015 by Proactive Investors

Sun Biomedical (ASX:SBN) is proceeding with the acquisition of platform drug discovery and clinical stage biotechnology company Dimerix Bioscience after satisfying all conditions precedent.

The transaction is now unconditional and should be completed by the close of business on 3rd July 2015.

Dimerix is currently recruiting in to Phase 2 clinical study for its lead therapeutic product DMX200 that is targeted at patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

CKD affects over 26 million people in the U.S. alone. The market in exceeds $11 billion in sales per annum and continues to grow.

Dimerix’s initial strategy is to pursue an orphan indication, Nephrotic Syndrome, and subsequently partner the development of programs in larger disease indications.

It is engaged in research collaborations with top pharmaceutical companies using its proprietary GPCR (G protein coupled receptors) drug discovery platform.

To read the full story, please click here.

All Conditions Satisfied for the Acquisition of Dimerix Bioscience

ASX Company Announcement, 30th June 2015

The Board of Sun Biomedical Limited is pleased to advise that all of the conditions precedent to the completion of the acquisition of Dimerix Bioscience have been satisfied.

The conditions were set in the formal sale agreements dated 13 May 2015 between Sun Biomedical and Dimerix Bioscience and are as follows:
• Sun Biomedical obtaining all necessary shareholder approvals;
• All of the Dimerix Shareholders entering into acquisition agreements with Sun Biomedical in respect
to their shareholdings in Dimerix;
• Sun Biomedical receiving firm commitments and cleared funds for the full amount of the Capital
Raising; and
• No material breach of the warranties given in the implementation agreement having occurred.

With the conditions precedent being satisfied, the Board advises that the transaction is now unconditional and the acquisition of Dimerix Bioscience should be completed by close of business on July 3, 2015 upon issuing the placement shares to sophisticated investor clients of Forrest Capital Pty Ltd, vendor shares, transaction options and associated corporate advisor options.

About Dimerix
Dimerix Bioscience Limited is a public unlisted company developing a new therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease that is currently recruiting for a Phase II trial being conducted in Melbourne. In addition Dimerix owns a patented drug discovery technology that is able to identify new applications of previously approved drugs and develop them for new medical indications with high unmet need. Since previously approved drugs
have extensive prior clinical use, the clinical development pathway for Dimerix’s therapies will be significantly shorter.

To download the full document, please click on the link below. 

Surga Central Introduces Virtual Data Room and Expanded Role for Real Estate Stacking Plans

Adept Business Systems has released version 3.1 of Surga Central – a vertical SaaS software solution for marketing and sales of commercial real estate. Using Surga Central, commercial agencies can now email property brochures that give enquirers the ability to immediately access property-related documents held in a virtual data room or a website. In addition, Surga Central has delivered a new form of viewing occupancy at industrial parks and retail centres via the mechanism of an expanded stacking plan.

“When considering commercial property for lease or purchase, enquirers often need instant access to information such as floor plans, contractual terms or an Information Memorandum,” said Steve Clark, CEO of Adept Business Systems. “Rather than waiting for an agent or administrator to service the request, enquirers can now self-serve directly from the PDF brochure to access documents held in a virtual data room or a website,” added Clark.

Surga Central’s interactive stacking plans have proved a popular way of viewing occupancy at multi-storey buildings such as high rise offices. Now, Version 3.1 extends this capability beyond office buildings to single-storey sites, such as industrial parks or retail centres. Using Surga Central’s Expanded View Stacking Plans, a property agent can easily reveal details of occupancy to prospective tenants or investors using an interactive tool available on desktop browsers or an iPad.

Other features of Version 3.1 include a personalised homepage, streamlined processing of partial leases and property photos plus faster entry of contact details.

Z-Filter Pty Ltd Wholesale Investor Presentation

Z-Filter Pty Ltd. is an award-winning company, developing the Z-Filter, filtration technologies and operating contracting services, to clean and separate waste streams from: iron ore, to coal, septic tanks, to tailings dams, and canals.

These technologies are universal with applications in many industries, patented/pending, low cost, light weight, simple, energy efficient, high volume and essential to a high standard of living and a clean environment.

The company recently announced an R&D Collaboration with Monash University and a Technology Evaluation Plan with Fortescue Metals Group.

To view the Z-Filter’s latest presentation from the Wholesale Investor Singapore Capital Expo and Small Cap Showcase 2015 please download the document below.

Bankable Feasibility Study Confirms Altech’s High Purity Alumina (HPA) Project

ASX Announcement, 29th June 2015


  • Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) successfully completed three months ahead of schedule
  • Compelling financial and technical results:
    -Capital cost estimate US$76.9 million (A$98.6million)
    -Payback period 3.8 years
    -Estimated pre-tax NPV of US$326.1 million (A$362.4 million) (@ 10% discount)
    -Highly attractive IRR of 30.3%
    -Long-term sale price forecast of US$23,000/tonne (A$25,560/tonne) for 99.99% (4N) product
    -Cost of goods sold US$8,140/tonne (A$9,050/tonne)
    -EBITDA of US$59.4 million (A$66.0 million) per annum
  • Altech will now proceed to the funding phase of the project

Altech Chemicals Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC) is delighted to announce the positive results of its Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for the development of a 4,000tpa high purity alumina (HPA) processing plant at Tanjung Langsat, Johor, Malaysia and an associated kaolin beneficiation plant at Meckering, Western Australia to provide feedstock for the HPA plant (the Project).

The financial and technical outcomes from the BFS are particularly compelling and it is now the Company’s intention to move to secure the required equity and debt funding that will enable it to rapidly transition the Project to final design and development.

Total capital costs for the Project are estimated at US$76.9 million (A$98.6 million), assuming a USD:AUD exchange rate of 0.78.

Annual revenues at full production (4,000tpa of HPA) are forecast at US$92.0 million (A$102.2 million), with an assumed long-term selling price of US$23,000 (A$25,560) per tonne of HPA, FOB Malaysia. Total annual operating costs, including mining, beneficiation, shipping and processing are estimated at US$32.6 million (A$36.2 million) or US$8,140 (A$9,050) per tonne of final HPA product at full production, resulting in an impressive gross margin of ~65%.

Earnings before interest, tax and depreciation (EBITDA) are expected to be US$59.4 million (A$66.0 million) per annum at full production, the pre-tax Net Present Value (NPV) of the Project is US$326.1million (A$362.4 million) at a discount rate of 10%, and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is ~30.3%. Payback of capital is 3.8 years.

The Project presents a robust and attractive business case that delivers high margins, strong cash flows, and the rapid payback of a relatively modest capital investment. Having considered the results of the BFS, the Company will now proceed to secure the required funding and continue with detailed design, permitting and approvals, and subject to funding, commence the ordering of long-lead items, initiate site clearances and then commence construction.

Altech’s managing director Mr Iggy Tan said, “ The BFS was completed three months ahead of schedule, which is testament to the hard work and commitment from our BFS team”.

“The results from the BFS have confirmed the Company’s belief that the unique qualities of its Meckering kaolin deposit, combined with HCl processing to produce high purity alumina, is a technically viable and commercially attractive business case – a potential “company maker”. Subject to successful funding, the development schedule will see campaign mining commence at Meckering around Q4-2016”, he concluded.

To read the full document, please click on the link below. 

Richard Stacker Speaks About High Yield Investment Opportunities to Sky News

18th June 2015

Richard Stacker conducted an interview with Helen Dalley on Sky News Business today where he spoke about the high yield investment opportunities in commercial property, as an alternative to other investment classes.

Click here to watch the interview


Charter Hall Group is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated property groups with over 23 years’ experience managing high quality property on behalf of institutional, wholesale and retail clients. Charter Hall has over $12.7 billion of funds under management across the Australian office, retail and industrial sectors. Charter Hall was API Fund Manager of the Year in 2014.

Charter Hall Direct, part of Charter Hall Group, has a strong track record managing unlisted property funds and syndicates since 1995 for investors, including SMSFs and high net worth individuals. Our products are consistently highly rated by external research groups and we are Australia’s leading direct property fund manager, with $1.7 billion of real estate assets under management.

Folkestone Market Update – June 2015

Folkestone is pleased to provide an update on key activities across the Group.

  • Folkestone West Ryde Development Fund
  • Folkestone Truganina Development Fund
  • Direct Property
    -Millers Junction Business, Altona North
    -Millers Junction Retail, Altona North
    -Potters Grove, Officer
    -Potters Northside, Officer
    -Commercial Development, Knoxfield
    -North-West Sydney
  • Pipeline

Please click on this link to read the ASX Announcement.

About Folkestone

Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with $870 million under management, offers listed and unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activities focus on value-add and opportunistic (development) real estate investments.

Glycerol Recycling Reduces Cellulosic Sugar Cost to $47/tonne

23rd June 2015, Australian Securities Exchange Announcement


  • Leaf Resources’ cost of producing cellulosic sugars is now $47/tonne.
  • New glycerol recycling process recovers 95% of the glycerol used with higher purity and higher value.
  • This low cost opens up markets for GlycellTM sugars as a cheap, clean feedstock for bio-based products, replacing:
    -Sugars derived from grain and
    -Raw sugar
  • Cellulosic sugars at $47/tonne significantly increase the number of bio-based products that can economically replace petroleum derived products

Leaf Resources is pleased to announce that its GlycellTM process can now achieve a minimum sugar-selling price (MSSP) of $471 per tonne for a plant of 210,000 bone dry tonnes per annum. By way of comparison the market price for raw cane sugar is currently around $280 per tonne.

On May 6th we announced a cost of $151/tonne for GlycellTM sugars produced from a larger plant (based on the assumptions used by the NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the USA). Our main competition in pretreatment processes, dilute acid, had a cost of 363/tonne2under the same NREL assumptions.

The cost reduction announced today has come about because we have now shown that we can recover 95% of the glycerol input into the GlycellTM process at a higher purity than that input. Higher purity glycerol has a higher value so, in effect, glycerol now becomes an additional co-product delivering a fourth revenue stream to our process (the others being cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin). This significantly improves the commercial viability of GlycellTM cellulosic sugars as a feedstock for bio-based products.

We have again used ResourceInvest Pty Ltd to undertake an analysis of the benefit of this result on the minimum sugar-selling price (MSSP) of the cellulosic sugars produced by the GlycellTM process. We decided to use a smaller scale plant to reflect potential uses of the GlycellTM process in the renewable chemicals markets. ResourceInvest calculated that GlycellTM process produces cellulosic sugars at a MSSP of $47 per tonne on a fully costed basis (i.e. after capital and a return on capital).

To read the full document, please click on the link below. 

DomaCom Ltd Pre-IPO Investor Roadshow Dates Announced

DomaCom Ltd will soon be commencing a pre-IPO capital raising roadshow, consisting of a series of investor briefing sessions around Australia and in Singapore. This is an opportunity to hear directly from the CEO, Arthur Naoumidis where he will be provide an insight into:

  • The DomaCom business model, key drivers and growth strategy and how it significantly differs from other property crowd funding models;
  • An update of recent milestones achieved including key partner agreements, distribution and product development;
  • Details of the current investor opportunity and IPO strategy.

The dates of the upcoming investor events are provided below. Feel free to register via the links provided or email daniel@axstra.com.au to register for one of the briefing sessions.

An Information Memorandum will be available to interested investors at the event.

DomaCom Private Investor Briefings:

Sydney, 1st July:
Two sessions available. 12 noon to 1:30pm & 6 to 7pm. Spaces limited to 10 persons per session.
Venue: Axstra Capital Offices – Suite 701, Level 7, 60 Pitt St, Sydney.

Melbourne, 30th June:
Two sessions available. 12 noon to 1:30pm & 6 to 7pm. Spaces limited to 10 persons per session.
Venue: DomaCom offices – Level 6, 99 Queen Street.

Brisbane, 2nd July:
12 noon-1:30pm.
Venure: Cliftons Brisbane – Level 3, 288 Edward Street.

Adelaide, 6th July:
Venure: 12 noon-1:30pm. Aurora Building “Skydeck” – Level 13, 147 Pirie Street.

Perth, 7th July:
12 noon-1:30pm – DomaCom investor briefing session.
Venure: Frasers Restaurant, Kings Park – 60 Fraser Avenue

Singapore 8th July: 
Two sessions. 1:30pm  & 3-4pm.
Venue: Level 37, Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place

In addition, CEO Arthur Naoumidis will be speaking at the following presentations:

Sydney, 25th June 6-8pm:
Axstra Capital Client Showcase. Register your attendance here.

Sydney, 15th July:
12 noon-2pm Wholesale Investor Sydney Investor Showcase. Register your attendance here.

Melbourne, 24th July:
12 noon-2pm – Wholesale Investor Melbourne Investor Showcase. Register you attendance here.

Capital Match Latest Listings Completed in 24 hours; New Online Repayment Tool Now Fully Functional

24th June 2015

Two latest listings completed in 24 hours (#00015) and 4 days (#00016)

We are pleased to inform you that our latest listing #00015, which went live on Friday 19 June, was fully funded in 24 hours. Listing #00016 was fully funded in 4 days! We thank you for your support and look forward to providing you with more proposals in the future. A few more requests are also coming up (next one still this week).

We will also soon bring a new category of borrowers with even more attractive, but still manageable, interest rates.

New feature for all Investors: Repayment Schedule

We are glad to announce that the new “Repayment Schedule” feature is fully functional (you can find it under grey “calendar” icon). You can now monitor past and future repayments of all the listings on the Platform with ease. We will still slightly improve the way the information is presented on the screen and soon add additional features (e.g. your individual commitment in the list of open requests).

Updated Terms & Conditions and other updates

As part of our effort to improve your experience using our services, we are updating the Capital Match Terms and Conditions. We want to take this opportunity to notify you about these updates.

Terms &  Conditions

Privacy Policy

The updates will take effect immediately. If you continue to use our services, you agree to the updated terms. If you do not agree, you can choose to discontinue the use of the services and close your Capital Match account within 7 days. If you are a Capital Match Platform user, you will also be notified of them again on the Log In page.

Leaf Resources Investor Update June 2015

23rd June, 2015

The Glycell Process
Glycerol recycling reduces cellulosic sugar cost
Leaf Resources announced today that our proprietary GlycellTM process, can now achieve a cellulosic sugar cost  of $47 per tonne down from the previous $151 per tonne.
Review the full announcement here

The Glycell Process, Investor Presentation
On the 13th May 2015, Leaf Resources Managing Director, Ken Richards attended the Sydney Capital Expo and Small Cap Showcase. This exciting event produced by Wholesale Investor, Bloomberg, DLA Piper, PwC, SGX, NZTE, AusBiotech and OzForez, was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney.

The business case for the GlycellTM process was presented by Mr Richards. The full presentation can be reviewed here.

Leaf Resources up for Soffinova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award
Leaf Resources have been added to the public vote list for the Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award.
Vote here

Changes in Interest of Director at iFast Corporation

June 22nd 2015

The initial public offering of shares and listing of iFAST Corporation Ltd. on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited was jointly sponsored by DBS Bank Ltd. and RHB Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd) as joint issue managers, bookrunners and underwriters (“Joint Issue Managers, Bookrunners and Underwriters”). The Joint Issue Managers, Bookrunners and Underwriters assume no responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


iFAST Corporation Ltd. (“iFAST Corp”) is an Internet-based investment products distribution platform. Listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard, iFAST Corp provides a comprehensive range of services, including investment administration and transactions services, research and trainings, IT services and backroom functions to banks, financial advisory firms, financial institutions, multinational companies, as well as investors in Asia. The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

The following announcement has been uploaded onto iFAST Corporation Investor Relations website:

Environmental Site Assessment Approved For Altech’s Malaysian HPA Plant

ASX Announcement, 19th June 2015


• Preliminary Site Assessment (PAT) approval by Department of Environment

• Confirmation that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the HPA plant is not required

• Next step in the environmental approvals process is equipment approvals and registration

Altech Chemicals Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC) is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the Department of Environment, Johor (DOE) of its Preliminary Site Assessment (colloquially referred to as a “PAT”) for the construction and operation of its proposed high purity alumina (HPA) processing plant at Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia.

In general, the approval of the PAT confirms that the proposed location of the HPA plant at Tanjung Langsat and its proposed activity are compatible with gazetted structure and local plans, surrounding land use, provision of set-backs or buffer zones and waste disposal requirements.

The DOE, in its response to the Company’s PAT also advised that an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) will not be required for the HPA plant, as the processing capacity of the plant will be less that 100 tonnes per day. This is a positive outcome for the project which further simplifies the permitting and environmental approval process.

The next stage in the environmental approvals process is the approval and registration of air pollution control systems, chimneys and fuel burning equipment of the HPA plant, which is required under various Malaysian environmental quality regulations. These approvals processes are relatively straightforward and the Company will continue to work with its local environment consultant (Daya Eco Techno Sdn Bhd) to satisfy the requirements.

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New Listings and Insights On Capital Match’s Borrower Assessment Process

The past few weeks have been really exciting here at Capital Match and we pleased to inform you that we have just introduced not one… but two listings on our platform!

Listing #15 – S$100,000 for 6 months at 2.5% interest:

The listing amount is S$100,000 for 6 months at an interest rate of 2.5% per month. The borrower’s core business involves the designing, manufacturing and distribution of corn starch based bioplastic (disposable tableware, bags and packaging). The company was set up in 2008 and is currently the leading producer and supplier of corn starch products in Singapore.

Listing #16 – S$200,000 for 12 months at 2.2% interest:

The listing amount is S$200,000 for 12 months at an interest rate of 2.2% per month. The borrower is a construction company that specializes in steel structures. The company was set up in 2010 by a veteran with 40 years of experience in the industry. NOTE: This company is different from listing #11 which was eventually not accepted by the borrower.

1Above Launches “Jet Lag” Flight Drink in North America

PR Newswire via BevNet, New York, June 18, 2015

Flying takes a heavy toll on Americans’ performance: according to results released today from a 1Above survey conducted online in May by Harris Poll among over 2,000 U.S. adults, 81% of U.S. fliers (Americans who’ve ever flown) whose most recent flight was an hour or longer say they need one full day or more to recover after a flight. Yet results show poor hydration and flying habits abound – factors that greatly exacerbate jet lag symptoms and health risks long after each flight. 1Above, the New Zealand brand behind the flight drink designed to help people combat jet leg and arrive ready, is releasing these findings as they launch in North America this week.

Already popular across Australia and New Zealand, 1Above is now launching in the United States. Founder Roger Boyd’s mission is to introduce a healthier approach to flying to America – a market where, despite the fact that conditions on most flights are drier than the Sahara desert, people are not hydrating. Results show that 71% of U.S. air travelers whose most recent flight was at least one hour long1 did not adequately hydrate2 on their last flight. In fact, the longer the flight, the less people tend to drink.

“Flying takes its toll on our bodies, resulting in a set of symptoms that collectively most of us know as ‘jet lag.’ Yet whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, most of us are expected to arrive at our destination ready to operate at 100%,” said Roger Boyd, founder of 1Above. “1Above was developed to dispel the misperception that jet lag is an inevitable side-effect of flying, and to help people feel better from take-off to landing and beyond. 1Above is about bringing back the love of flying, and our North American expansion brings us just another step closer to making that a reality.”

The effects of flying and jet lag can be far reaching: from fatigue, low concentration and irritability to swelling in the extremities, headaches and dry skin, nasal and throat membranes. On top of that, the risk of DVT (venous thrombosis) more than triples on long flights, and studies show you are five times more likely to catch the flu or other illness. Dehydration exacerbates these risks, as cabin air at 35,000 feet creates conditions drier than the Sahara. Yet research shows U.S. travelers remain woefully unprepared and dehydrated when flying. Consider these stats:

  • We don’t even realize the cause. Only 11% of Americans believe they experience dehydration when flying, putting the cause of their negative symptoms down to other factors. Yet 71% of air travelers whose most recent flight was at least one hour long1 did not drink sufficient liquids (all drinks excluding alcohol) on their last flight.
  • The longer the flight, the less we drink. On their last flight more than a third of air travelers said they did not drink any water (37%). Instead, many drank beverages that actually cause further dehydration (e.g., coffee, alcohol, soda). In fact, fliers are drinking more of these dehydrating fluids than water.
  • Eighty-one percent of American air travelers whose most recent flight was less than an hour said they need at least one day or more of recovery time after a flight before operating at their best again, and a recent Loughborough University study showed those driving dehydrated commit as many mistakes as those over the legal drunk driving limit3.

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Altech Chemicals – Gold Coast Investment Showcase Presentation

ASX Announcement, Thursday 18th June

Altech Chemicals Limited is aiming to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of a high-value product, 99.99% (4N) high purity alumina (HPA) (Al2O3). HPA is the major source material for scratch-resistant artificial sapphire glass, which is used in the next generation of smartphones as well as a growing range of high performance electronic applications such as LED’s, semi-conductors, and phosphor TV screens. The global HPA market is approximately 19,040tpa and is expected to double over the coming decade.

To view their Gold Coast Investment Showcase Presentation, please click on the link below. 

Booodl’s Lowdown on Facebook’s “Free” Beacons

Facebook made an interesting announcement last week that they were rolling out “free” beacons to US retailers, coinciding with an upgrade to their Place Tips technology. Retail beacons are a sought-after bit of tech right now, there’s no denying that. So should retailers be jumping on the free beacon bandwagon? That’s the topic of this week’s video.

Invitation to Xyec Holdings’s FY2015 Results Briefing

Xyec Holdings Co., Ltd., an established integrated engineering and IT services provider for major manufacturing industries in Japan, cordially invites you to its FY2015 results briefing for the financial year ended 31 March 2015.

The management – Mr Manabu Kobayashi (Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer) and Mr Takeshi Hosaka (Financial Controller) will be present to review the results and give an update on the latest corporate developments.

The Group’s financial statement was released on the SGX website on 22 May 2015.

Details of the briefing are as follows:

Date: 29 June 2015, Monday
Time: 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Venue: August Consulting 101 Thomson Road #30-02 United Square
RSVP: Please RSVP to Dinesh Dayani
Email: dineshdayani@august.com.sg

By 23 June 2015

To download the invite, please click on the link below. 

Avenir Capital Investor Update May 2015

17th June 2015

The Avenir Value Fund returned +4.5% net of all fees and expenses in May 2015.

                                                          Net Return*
Calendar YTD:                                        8.7%
Trailing 12-months:                                 4.7%
Cumulative return since inception:        77.3%
Annualised return since inception:        16.1%
* Net of all fees and expenses

Please click this link to view the Avenir Capital May 2015 Performance Update.

If you would like to discuss how Avenir Capital can complement your investment portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Opal Biosciences’ anti-infective technology profiled at 2015 Bio International Convention

Biodiem Ltd, Melbourne, 17 June 2015

BioDiem CEO, Julie Phillips will profile the anti-infective technology of its new wholly-owned subsidiary, Opal Biosciences (Opal) at the 2015 BIO International Convention (BIO) from June 15 -18.

BIO is the world’s largest biotech event and attracts more than 2,500 CEOs and 15,000 attendees. It covers a wide range of life science innovations, providing the ideal global stage to raise funds.

Julie will speak about the next generation of health challenges and will also introduce potential investors to Opal’s promising next generation antimicrobial, Opal Technology.

Resistance to antibiotics is growing rapidly across the world, creating an urgent need for new treatments. Opal is currently developing two Opal Technology antimicrobial products, based on BioDiem’s BDM-I technology:

• Opal-I, an injectable product, and
• Opal-T, which can be applied to skin.

Opal was established to help fast-track BioDiem’s promising BDM-I studies and hold the BDM-I technology to allow outside investment in the project.

The Company is currently undertaking a capital raising of up to $4 million to attract external investment in the technology. This investment will help expedite Opal’s studies and Opal-I and Opal-T will be developed for commercialisation through sale of the technology to a larger company, potentially within two to three years.

The capital raising is open until 15 May 2016 and the incentives associated with early investment close on July 15, 2015. BioDiem shareholders will retain a stake in the BDM-I technology through BioDiem’s shareholding in Opal. Those deemed to be “sophisticated investors” are also eligible to purchase more shares under the offer.

To read the full announcement, please click on the link below. 

Strategic Acquisition Opportunity – Established, High Margin Business with Genuine Barriers to Entry & Strong Growth Prospects

Key highlights of the opportunity include:

  • Proven, established and highly profitable business available for sale
  • Largest provider of services and products in their industry throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Established for over 5 years, they have a market leading position with genuine barriers to entry
  • Strong relationships with several National brand name clients, on long-term contracts
  • Runs under management with extensive investment in IT systems to support future growth
  • The company is 100% debt free
  • EBIT of $3M+ in 2014 FY and consistent net margins of circa 30% over the last 4 years
  • Potential to double revenue to ~$20M in next 24 months by executing identified growth plan
  • The business is fully prepared for sale, allowing acquirer speed of execution

Information Memorandum available on request to interested parties.

To enquire about this Acquisition Opportunity, please contact Daniel Coombes on 0414 137 212 or email daniel@axstra.com.au

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Jonathan Shellabear Ioins Sirona Capital as Head of Corporate Advisory

Perth, 16th June 2015

Perth-based private equity and advisory firm Sirona Capital has appointed Jonathan Shellabear to head the company’s Corporate Advisory business.

Mr Shellabear will work closely with managing directors Kelvin Flynn (Head of Private Equity) and Matthew McNeilly (Head of Real Estate), who combined have more than 50 years experience in proprietary investment, corporate finance and investment banking, to provide financial and strategic advice to clients in the natural resources industries.

“We are delighted to welcome Jonathan to the firm. He is a highly experienced resources industry professional with a distinguished career as both a senior investment banker and corporate executive. His understanding of the industry and his extensive global relationships within the sector will provide clients with unsurpassed knowledge and insights. The appointment of Jonathan further establishes Sirona’s expertise in the corporate advisory space and we know that our clients will greatly benefit from his advice,” said Mr Flynn.

Sirona Capital’s Advisory Business is focused on providing mergers and acquisitions, strategic, restructuring, financial solutions and other corporate finance advisory services to corporates, financial institutions and government. It advises in situations where stakeholders require trusted, experienced, independent advice and leadership and where capital needs to be maximised or is at risk.

Mr Shellabear said Sirona Capital was an excellent platform from which to provide truly independent corporate advisory services. “Sirona’s distinguished reputation as a specialist private equity and corporate advisory firm is well-deserved and I am looking forward to being part of a close knit team that is well positioned to grow the business. Both Kelvin and Matthew share my passion and commitment to provide world-class and uncompromised advisory services to clients to assist them achieve their long-term corporate objectives.”

Jonathan has held senior investment banking roles with NM Rothschild & Sons, Deutsche Bank and Resource Finance Corporation and was previously the Managing Director of Dominion Mining Ltd which was acquired by Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd in February 2011. He has extensive capital markets and advisory experience in the resources sector that includes public market takeovers, acquisitions and divestments, restructuring, strategic advice and equity and debt financing. He has advised on numerous transactions to companies including AMP, Anglo American, AngloGold, Areva, LionOre Mining, Mitsubishi, Normandy Mining, Rio Tinto, Shell and WMC Resources.

He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geology and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.

About Sirona Capital

Sirona Capital is a specialist independent private equity, corporate advisory and merchant banking firm with a focus on the Real Estate, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas and Agriculture sectors based in the global natural resources hub of Perth, Western Australia.

The firm was established in 2009 with a particular focus on special situations and multi-strategy opportunistic investing and high value strategic advice.

Sirona provides a fully established funds management platform with an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and currently has a team of 10 dedicated professionals.

APN Property Group | Introducing The Little Book of BIG Property

We would like to introduce you to our new educational booklet. “The Little Book of BIG Property” is designed to help investors understand how commercial property investment works.

To download a copy of the book, please click here.

If you would like to order a hard copy or hear more about investing in commercial property, please contact APN Investor Services on 1800 996 456 weekdays between 8:30am and 5:30pm or email us on apnpg@apngroup.com.au

We hope you enjoy our little book and welcome your feedback.

Yours sincerely,
APN Property Group


APN Property Group Limited (APN) is a specialist real estate investment manager that actively manages real estate funds on behalf of institutional and retail investors.

Established in 1996, APN is listed on the ASX (ASX code: APD) and manages $2.1 billion (as at 31 December 2014) of real estate and real estate securities in 12 funds.

Focused exclusively on real estate funds management and with a core philosophy of “property for income”, we seek to establish and actively manage a suite of real estate funds to provide annuity style income and wealth creation opportunities for retail and institutional investors. This philosophy remains central to APN’s investment offerings across Property Securities, Managed Funds, Private Direct Property Funds and Listed Property Funds.

APN has a market capitalisation of approximately $120 million and delivered a total return to shareholders in excess of 40% over the 12 months to 31 March 2014.

NewActon East – FY16 Distribution Forecast Increase to 8.60%

Placer Property, 10th June 2015

Placer Property is pleased to announce the NewActon East Property Fund (“Fund”) forecast distribution for FY16 has increased to 8.60% p.a.

Placer Property Joint Managing Director, Mario Papaleo said, “Since acquiring the property, we have been able to implement operational improvements to achieve cost savings and realise additional income earlier than forecast. Proactive asset management by Placer Property in achieving 100% occupancy earlier than anticipated as well as extracting operating expense savings, have resulted in the FY16 net operating income budget exceeding the initial forecast.

Importantly, the 8.60% forecast distribution is fully covered by the property’s budgeted operating cash flow.”

This is the second increase to FY16 forecast distribution rates announced by Placer Property. Savings achieved from entering interest rate hedging arrangements to September 2019 provided an initial lift in the FY16 distribution forecast, which was announced in April this year.

David Omond, Joint Managing Director said, “NewActon East Property Fund continues to exceed our initial expectations. The higher FY16 forecast distribution rate of 8.60% p.a. compares even more attractively to the current low cash deposit rates on offer.”

The Fund is still accepting new investment applications.

About the NewActon East Property Fund

NewActon East is located at 21-23 Marcus Clarke Street, NewActon, Canberra, and is only three kilometres from Parliament House. NewActon East is a modern mixed-use building comprising retail, offices, 32 residential apartments on the upper levels and 176 car parking spaces. The Fund has acquired the commercial part of NewActon East.

Key investment highlights:

• 8.60% FY16 Forecast Distribution
• Commonwealth Government tenant, ACCC, provides 80% of the property income
• The property is now 100% leased
• Fund gearing is 49%, and interest rate exposure is 100% hedged
• SMSF friendly investment

About Placer Property

Placer Property Limited holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 442806) by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

As a specialist property fund manager, the primary objective of Placer Property is to facilitate quality property investment opportunities, such as NewActon East Property Fund, for investors seeking regular and reliable income derived from the ownership of commercial property.

Placer Property draws on the skills and knowledge of senior management who are specialists in unlisted property funds management and the extensive experience of its Directors.

Placer Property is focused on Australian property investment opportunities, primarily in the office and retail sectors.

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Folkestone Real Estate IQ – Demand for Non-Residential Property Drives Returns

Real Estate IQ provides our insights on real estate to assist you to navigate the world of real estate investing and enable you to make more informed investment decisions.

Please see below for our latest research paper.

We all know Sydney house prices are making headlines but non-residential property has also been delivering strong returns. Adrian Harrington shows how property has recovered after the GFC and while he likes the prospects, there are risks to watch for.

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Folkestone (ASX:FLK) is an ASX listed real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Folkestone’s funds management platform, with $870 million under management, offers listed and unlisted real estate funds to private clients and select institutional investors, while its on balance sheet activities focus on value‐add and opportunistic (development) real estate investments. www.folkestone.com.au