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Archive: Growth Spotlight

Broken Hill Prospecting (BPL) Offers Secure Cobalt Supplies as Demand Rises

World demand for cobalt is increasing with technological advances in products such as rechargeable batteries and superalloy metals, and yet more than 60 percent of world cobalt supply comes from countries with high levels of political and technical risk. ASX-listed … Continue reading

BioPower Wave Technology on Track for Pilot

Ocean energy company BioPower Systems is on track to deliver the key milestone of installing its innovative bioWAVE technology off the Victorian coast next year. Sydney-based BioPower Systems has used “biomimicry” – the emulation of nature in science and engineering … Continue reading

Why The Best New Ventures Take Off

First look at the founder and the CRRC factor Wholesale Investor has asked me to write about the characteristics of high-growth ventures. It is a worthy idea but, alas, no checklist can ever adequately explain high-growth ventures and their founders. … Continue reading

Diamond Energy: How Technology and Consumer Sentiment is Leading the Renewable Energy Charge

Australia’s renewable energy landscape may be clouded by political uncertainty, but Tony Sennitt believes that it is technology which will win, at the end of the day, over politics. Sennitt is the founder and chief executive of unlisted Melbourne-based Diamond … Continue reading

Making Sweet Strides

After producing and exporting its sugarcane-based dietary fibre for more than six months now, Queensland based KFSU is now planning a new facility which is twenty times larger than the current one. Rod Lewis, KFSU commercial director, says the current … Continue reading

New Tea Making Technique to Launch in US

The tea bag has been the pinnacle of tea making technology for more than 100 years, but now an Australian invention could be set to take tea into the 21st century. Tstix is a new infusion technique which performs the … Continue reading